Facial Showers

Cum Guzzling SlutI love it when guys cum all over my face especially when its a large load. I had my dealer come through because I needed to score. Of course, he brought some company but when he came to the door I made sure I answered the door naked just like he liked it. As soon as the door shut I dropped to my knees and begin to suck his dick while playing with his homeboys. Sucking so good that his friend begin to moan so I swapped and started sucking his dick while massaging his. From then I tried to put both dicks in my mouth at once and sucking hard long deep strokes making sure I gag every time because he likes it when he thinks I’m choking. I keep going and going as I am also fingering his ass. He begins to moan so I go harder and begin to finger his friend ass as well. They both begin to cum all over my face. Come on over and give me a facial.

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