Whoever Scores Highest, Scores

cum dumpster

It’s a great night for some game playing and I know just the game I want to play. I want all the guys that are here at this party with me to gather round and listen to the rules. You each need to whip out those cocks and show me what you have. I’ll take a quick look and feel and we’ll go from there. Whichever of the top three of you have the nicest package, you get to come with me. You’re going to get a number and then use my tight little wet cunt like I’m a glory hole, but I’m going to know who is who and judge each one of you based on your ability and performance. I want you to use my pussy and my ass to get yourselves off hardcore, but I also want you to get me off bigtime. And whoever makes my cunt cum will certainly get a little constellation gift, but if you can make me squirt, that gets the ultimate prize. Maybe this will give you a little incentive… satisfy my white pearl and I’ll gladly share the black pearl.  I have enough for both of us to be high for days, but like I said, you need to show me you deserve it. Show me how good you can do me, and I’ll show you the world, one Climax at a time.

Let’s do this, Sweet Stuff….

Memphis  xoxoxoxo

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