Eat Off My Body

No taboo phone sexI want t be your personal plate, your yummy sexual meal that you have no choice but to indulge in and enjoy immensely! Eat your food off of me and make sure you lick up every last crumb! I know that food on my body can tend to get pretty damn messy but that’s okay, the messier that you want to get me, the better! I love feeling sauces and crumbs drip and fall all over me, especially when they creep into my pussy and ass crack! Lick me up from head to toe, make me moan from the touch of your tongue rimming my nipples and chomping down on my clit as you scrape off all the delicious food that you’ve covered me in. How about a thick and juicy steak, sounds fucking delicious to me! Spread my legs open wide and drip that A1 sauce all over my pussy! Use your tongue to clean me all up! It’s so fucking hott to be your dinner plate, now eat my dirty cunt like the delicious dessert that I am!

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