Aurora the Cum Kitty

furry friends phone sexJust when I think things can’t get any kinkier here at the truck stop a new customer comes in and teaches me a thing or two. This guy came in today with a butt plug that had a furry tail like a pussy cat. You already know that I love having my ass played with so I was all about him turning me into his furry pet. He put that big butt plug in my tight little-puckered ass and then I had a tail. Next, he pulled out a pair of cat ears and had me put them on. He had me crawl around on all fours and meow just like a kitty. He even had a water and food bowl that he wanted to watch me use, but instead of putting water in it. He pissed in the bowl. I slurped that piss right up. After he watched me do that his cock was throbbing hard and ready to fuck. He mounted me from behind and spanked my ass if I stopped purring or meowing. He told me to back my ass up on his cock just like the whore kitty in heat that he knew I was. After he came he pulled off the condom and dumped it in the food bowl. He said he knew his kitty was a cum whore and he wanted to watch me suck all of his cum out of the bowl. This kitty doesn’t want milk. Aurora prefers your warm creamy cum.

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