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Phone Sex Line for Perverts

phone sex lineI have a phone sex line for perverts. My favorite calls involve P men and mommy lovers. Incest is a way of life for me and my family. Seriously, I don’t get vanilla families. I have a new addition to our family. A Nubian princess my husband brought home from an Africa trip. We have legally adopted her, and she has already earned the cost of her adoption. Our daughters are whores, but they are spoiled whores. They don’t live a life in shackles or in fear like sex slaves. They are spoiled and pampered and living in a home they can come and go from as they please. Even our newest addition knows she has it made here. She was excited to be a gangbang whore last night for daddy and some of his friends who wanted to help break in a sweet tender age black princess. Her skin coloring is perfect. She has blue eyes, which is very rare in black girls, so she has a very exotic look that commands money. She may be a whore, but I am going to raise this sweet young thing to understand her worth. She took numerous loads of cum in her chocolate little cunnie. I know because her creampie loving new sisters licked her clean. I think my girls have jungle fever. They said her pussy was the best thing they have ever eaten. I didn’t get jealous, I just helped clean up our little cum dump. They were right, her pink cum filled pussy tasted wonderful. I guess that saying the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice is true. Even after hours of being fucked, our new addition, still found time to fuck her brothers who wanted some sloppy seconds, and their chance to try out their new sister. She is a natural whore and a wonderful addition to our clan of sexy prostitutes.

Fucked the waiter

cum filled cuntI shouldn’t have maxed out my credit card but I did. I knew I was going to have trouble paying the tab when I went out but assumed I was going to get away with the bill giving the waiter a blowjob. That’s the first thing my mind went to when he told me my card declined. Not only was I mortified but I had a friend with me. My friend offered to pay the tab but ironically hers declined too, Thats when I thought we both could give a jerk session or a suck off sesh and call it day. Well the waiter had another plan. He footed the bill and we both had to stay their till his shift was over. He took us out back to the break room and didn’t want a simple blowjob. He wanted to leave me with a cum filled cunt and wanted to fuck my friend in the ass hard and rough. We had to pay one way or another.

He will never forget me

live phone sexSo, I fucked this new guy last night and I guarantee you that he will never ever forget me! He had all these nasty desires that he was afraid to share with me, he thought that I would be disgusted by them or even pissed off that he even brought it up but he couldn’t have been more wrong. I could see in his eyes that he wanted to get real freaky so I just took the lead and started begging him to piss all over me. He was shocked that I liked it and even more shocked when I begged for his shit too, he couldn’t believe his luck in finally finding a bitch as nasty as he was! Honestly, it was so hot to get this guy doing all the perverted things he had been fantasizing about for so long, it was like a dam had burst inside him, all those frustrations spilled out and he came harder than he ever had before! I bet he’ll be dreaming about our night together for the rest of his life.

Cum Filled Cunt For Cuckold Lover

I bet you really like a trashy whore with a good messy cum filled cunt don’t you? I’m trashy and always horny in need of some really good dick that shoots big fat fucking loads in my hot honey hole. I love to have a good deep fuck and a standby little cock loser to watch the big fat cock pound me and be ready to be my cum lapping bitch to clean these holes up. You know your small cock is twitching thinking about the big dick unloading that man cream in my hot holes. You are in need of this humiliation to really nut one off for me. I would rather you be cleanup as your cock is just to small for my slutty cunt holes.

Cum filled cunt

Lot Lizard Sex Whore

lot lizard sexLot lizard sex whore is one of my many nick names. I am proud to be a dirty truck stop skank. I woke up this morning covered in cum and out of blow. It was super early. The sun was not even up yet. I knew if I rushed down to the truck stop, I would catch a few guys who had coke and had not yet left for the day. I was covered in dry matted cum, but I didn’t care. I needed a fix. They don’t care if I look like a used up whore. I think those truckers love that I am a cum dumpster whore. Showers are overrated. I needed cum and I had to catch some guys before they hit the road. I started banging on cabs looking to party. I found Dave with a big bag of blow and morning wood that needed taken care of before he hit the road. I sat my dirty old cunt on is cock reverse cow girl and did lines off my compact. The higher I got, the hornier I became. I bounced up and down his morning wood. I was fucking him so fast, he joked about smoke coming out of my pussy.  I took care of a few more truckers with morning wood. Once I got that coke in my skanky body, I was a fuck machine. By the time I teetered my ass back home, I was 10 pounds heavier in cum.

Playing with Myself

Who knew letting men watch me play with myself would make enough money to get an eight ball. It was cold and wet outside, so standing on the corner to pay for my shit was not happening. I thought about doing a gangbang at the bar, but one I would have to walk there, and two I just drained their balls and wallets the night before. So, I started looking at ads on the internet. One of the ads stated that it paid $1,000 per video, and all I had to do in the videos was strip and play with myself. It was easiest money I have ever made, and I almost forgot how good my own soft fingers feel in my pussy. I even made enough to have my dealer deliver it, but I did get a discount for the quick blow job I gave him when he got here. I would have hated to go a day without taking at least one cum shot down my throat.

phone sex line

Mr. New Sponsor

Dirty phone sex


Mr. Bradly is a wealthy guy with a lot of pull; he’s not a regular dude Mr. Bradly is a high roller with a great deal of clout in his field. I get to go on trips at the expense of Mr. Bradly; we travel to places that are beyond beautiful. I feel like a princess when I am with Mr. Bradly because he spoils me. This month I received a gorgeous Kate Spade handbag with five thousand dollars inside. I couldn’t get over the fact that he remembered my birthday. Mr. Bradly loves to suck my pussy and dig his tongue deep inside of my creamy cunt. We make love in such fabulous positions for hours until the both of us fall out. Whenever I am laid out on the bed exhausted from hot sweaty lovemaking I grab a joint and we get high together. Mr. Bradly likes to be completely discrete, and I respect his wishes, but I still had to tell you a little story about him. I can’t tell you too much about him, but I want you to know he sure is a winner.

My Brother Juju

Latina phone sex


Juju is my brother, and I’m ready to be especially closed in with him. Juju came over with his bitch ass girlfriend, I’ve always been jealous of this twat. This bitch has been fucking over my brother for the longest time, I’m not just going to let her do that to my brother anymore. I love my brother, I’m going to show this bitch just how much I love my brother too. This whore cannot be playing on him and lying to him like a fucking trash ass fucking bitch. My brother is so beautiful he’s tall, dark and his cock is so fucking big, it’s 12 in. Why in the fuck does he have this ungrateful little piece of shit as his woman? She’s not worthy, she’s not worth his big ass dick and his sexy body I am tired of her. Bitch you have got to go. I told that cunt one day, You were supposed to satisfy him like you knew how but you don’t understand how the cunt just looked at me and looked down. You’re a piece of fucking trash you and your blonde hair and your blue eyes it’s not cute at all. I am going to give my brother everything he needs, and now he knows it because he’s gotten the taste of it. My brother is in town for me too this week. You’re a piece of white trash ass fucking Tramp bitch. You fucked over my brother, he deserves more than you because you’re a fucking whore. I hate white bitches. I told him I hated white bitches because you bitches cannot be trusted. You’ve been fucking everything that moves you white trash Tramp. You’ve been putting your pussy everywhere except for where it’s supposed to be in my brother’s bed. You’re just a piece of shit I hate you, I have to satisfy my brother bitch. I have to do everything that you won’t do fucking whore because you’re wasting time bitch and I am going to get rid of you. I’m so tired of you bitch. I’m tired of you and your stupid blonde hair and I’m sick of your goddamn Blue-Eyes bitch you ain’t nothing. You mean absolutely not one thing you’re useless. He needs to replace you-you don’t know how to give head you don’t know how to lick ass not correctly put together, but today you’re going to learn bitch, or you’ve got to go.

Hardcore Anal Sex

Hardcore anal sexYou came to me looking for some Viagra. Seems all the recreational drugs and alcohol you have been doing are giving you limp dick. You didn’t want anyone to know you were getting the little blue pill and you know how discreet I am. I told you that it was not a problem but I could not just hand you the pill and let you leave without knowing how it might affect you.

I would need for you to take the first one here at my office so that I could monitor you and make sure everything was fine. You agreed and took the magical blue pill. I put on a hardcore anal sex DVD. It took less than 15 minutes for your cock to get rock hard. You told me that it seems to be working and you are feeling sexually aroused.

I reached down and grabbed your big hard cock. I slid my warm wet mouth all the way down the shaft of your cock. I could feel it throbbing in my mouth as I deepthroated it. I gave your cock one last hard suck as I was massaging your balls and you shot your warm jizz down my throat. I slurped it all down enjoying every last drop. Yes, your cock does seem to be working just fine.

Anal sex whore

However, it was still hard and you weren’t done fucking. I had you bend me over the exam table. You shoved your big hard cock into my hot wet pussy. You pounded my pussy hard and fast causing me to come all over your big hard cock before you finally dropped your load in my juicy pussy. You had come twice in an hours time but your big hard cock wanted more. I laid back on the exam table and held my legs up to my head. You pressed that cum covered cock against my tight puckered ass and teased this anal sex whore with it before you finally plowed into my ass. Your cock plowed in and out of my ass until we both came. After three orgasms your cock was finally satisfied.

Sissy bitch boy

anal cum dumpster


cum dumpster

I have the most pathetic sissy calling me lately. He wants me to use him and make him my pathetic slave. I know deep down inside he is jealous of all the sweet cum I get and wants to be a sissy bitch who gets used. I want to fucking ruin him and make him dress up and service all the big black cocks at the glory hole. I will make sure he is drugged up and shares needles with the bums. That’s not the only thing the sissy enjoys. He likes it raw dog in his bloody prolapsed ass. I want to get boyfriend and suck on his cock and his buddies cocks then I want them all to make him a bukkake bitch and make him yearn for their cocks. I wont give him sweet precious cum from them. I have something much more sinister in store. I want to give him a buffet and large array of diseased dicks. I will make him the nastiest anal cum dumpster. I will make sure he eats that cum and gets his ass injected with all the random jizz shots I know he so desperately wants.

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