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cum dumpsterOnce again I got catfish by a fat slimy loser who just so happened to have a huge cock. I guess it wasn’t too bad to be fooled. His cock was massive, and he did have plenty of cum and cock and coke. My favorite C’s if you don’t know by now. I was turned into his cum dumpster, and I didn’t care to be his cum rag. I was going to get my high and pleasure. I know he loved bossing me around and sticking his dick in all of my slits. I could see he was both thrilled I was letting him fuck me, but also he was taking out all his frustration out on my cunt and ass. I knew he was expecting me to reject him. This hottie doesn’t reject massive dick and drugs.

Live Phone Sex Party

live phone sexI had a live phone sex party last night. I invited a few of my hot slut wife friends to come over. We got high and fucked my sons. Some of my friends aren’t blessed to have boys in the house. Every woman needs to experience a teen cock. I love all cock, but a teen cock. That is something special. A man is never as hard as he is when he is a teen boy. I brought my four boys out and did a naked line up with them in front of my girlfriends. They were amazed at how stiff they were. You could toss a horseshoe on any one of my sons’ cocks. I decided to make a hardcore orgy porn with them. I filmed my girlfriends doing lines of coke off my sons’ dicks and fucking them. MILFs gone wild. These rich trophy wives are married to men who haven’t had an erection since Jimmy Carter was president! I wanted my sons to have fun, but I wanted my BFFs to have the stiff working dicks they deserve too. The way I see it, hooking my sons up with horny housewives is what you call a win win situation.

Cum Dumpster Trailer Whore

cum dumpsterI love being a cum dumpster. I have girlfriends who hate cum. I don’t get it. It is my drink of choice. I would bathe in cum if possible. It felt like I bathed in it this weekend. I was holed up in my trailer with three teen boys.  I was babysitting this one boy for the weekend for my daughter. She is his nanny, but she got a last-minute offer to be a sugar baby whore and needed to ditch the boy safely. I was happy to help. The boy is still in diapers. Not saying I didn’t suck that little nub a few times, but his little dick won’t go in any of my used-up trailer trash whore holes. He had an older brother. The boy is in high school so not yet responsible enough to take care of his baby brother. He was, however, old enough to take care of me. I love teen cock. He invited a couple friends over and they took care of me for two days. Fucked my ass. Fucked my mouth. Fucked my pussy. Baby brother either watched from the play pen or slept right through it. Teen boys have cum filled balls that need constant attention. I love cum. They love a woman who will drain their balls. Maybe I should be a nanny?

Use me Daddy

Cum dumpsterWhen i’m acting up and catch a little attitude, be a gentleman and stick your throbbing dick in my mouth to shut me the fuck up. Slap me and spit into my eyes because that’s exactly where your saliva belongs! As you know, a cum dumpster like me has intense sexual hobbies and mine include throating cock that’s the size of my fucking head! I’m gonna spark this weed joint and bend over so that you can blow my back out while you simultaneously hold my vibrator on my clit! to make me cum hard I look my best when i’m positioned face down and ass up. Fuck me insanely hard and spank my ass. I swear my sex drive is unreal today!! I think the only reason that guys like me is because i’m nasty as fuck and they’re super dirty too so our kink levels just mesh so well. I really like what these filthy perverts do to me and my body which was made for sin!

Raining Cocks, Piss And Cum

No taboo phone sexWant to know how to really make a white trash slut like me get hot and horny? Call me a Druggy dirty whore and order me to sit on the ground. You have a surprise for me, don’t you? Put a blindfold over my eyes and tie it tight making sure I do not see a thing. Then let me feel those cold handcuffs gripping around my wrists as you place my hands behind my back. Not long after you have restrained me I hear many footsteps walking closer my way. I can feel the horny energy in the air it is so thick. I can smell the sexy sweat of horny men. You take my blindfold off and I see ten men standing around me, staring at me as if I am the last piece of stuffed turkey on Thanksgiving. You look at me and order me to be the best Gangbang whore you have ever seen. My nasty cunt instantly gets wet from your naughty order. I get on my knees with my arms still handcuffed around my back. I will show you how a naughty white trash Cum guzzling slut can choke on a big fat hard dick with no hands. Hours go by and I am covered with warm cum and golden piss from these tired fat sexy dicks. I will not stop until I get every last man to bust on my body with his thick cream and warm piss. Even if that means I have to beg for it.

Blonde Fucking Slut

blonde fuckingThis blonde fucking whore is a dirty soccer mom. My son is out of high school now, but I garnered a certain reputation when I was taking my son to his school games. My son may be in his 20s now, but many of the women in the trailer park ask me to take their sons to their school functions. My trailer park is full of strippers and prostitutes. They are like vampires and they sleep in the day and prowl at night. I never mind taking a young man to a school function. I get to eye ball the fresh talent! Last night, I took Brett to a soccer game. He is a high school boy. I spend more time with him than his mother does. I love his teen cock. We have been fucking for about a year now. I was his first and now he has milf fever. Can you blame him? A trashy milf has a certain allure to teen boys. Well, I had a certain allure to his entire soccer team. He invited them over to my trailer to celebrate with gang bang. I was in hog heaven. I had an entire soccer team to myself. That was so much fun. I had cocks in all my holes and cum everywhere.

Pound N Pass

cum dumpsterMy friend and I go down to the projects to get high and we bout are cum whores. I enjoy being a cum dumpster and both of us do earn every bit of blow we get. We get pound N passed around. There is nothing better than being fucked so hard that we can’t walk straight for days. My dealer and his friends all have huge dicks that love to get off inside us. We are high bitches with the lust for dick and cum and coke. Coke and cock turn us on and gets us ready to do it all together of course. We are completley no limit sluts. types of whore looking for our next high and pleasure.

My Sexy Daddy


No taboo phone sex

My sexy daddy, please get your cock wet in my mouth and then I want you to ram it inside of an itty bitty bald virgin pussy. Believe me, you can do whatever you wish to including fulfill all of your nasty rape fantasies. Daddy, I want you to have all of the satisfaction that you can bear. I miss you, and my cunt is so fucking wet right now thinking about you getting that you young sweet innocent virgin pussy. I want to witness you fucking a young cunt, hard fast and rough. I want you to explore all of your rape fantasies on her pussy. I love the way it looks when you fulfill all of your fantasies every one of them. You can do it, daddy, you can do whatever you want. I need you. I’m lusting for you. I want you to take all the young cunts and fuck them. I’ll bring you more and more you can fuck them whenever you want. I want you to power drive your big fat cock deep inside of each and every one of their hot creamy wet cunt bunnies. Oh yeah, daddy be the pussy reaper, and I love helping you daddy get your cock off. I love helping you Daddy I love when you get your cock all filled with joy. Daddy, you are a nasty, nasty fucker, you’re a real sadistic piece of work, and I love it. I can’t wait to watch you, you’re so good. I’m going to bring you all the little bitches you can take. I’ll bring them to you one at a time and let you fuck them stuff your cock inside of their mouths slap their faces with your cock meat fuck their mouths and fucking make them feel like they’re supposed to do whatever you say. You are the boss; you are the master cock everything you say is all that matters you’re terrific.

Gangbangs for Small Cock

gangbang whore

I am a gangbang whore even if it is a gangbang with a few small cocks. Small dicked men fucking the shit out of this whore is still a good score, plus these small dicks love giving me cum by the spoonfuls! I love having a laugh as I compare how much cock and balls I can swallow with the girth and meatiness of a fat cock right beside the pencil cock coke pushers. I am a free for all cock whore who doesn’t mind any size of cock as long as I get to be that cum bucket! I rather suck a small cock than have no cock at all! I desire to be full of cum, and sometimes these small dicked men love to eat the cum out of my whore sweet tart tasting pussy!  I have always preferred to slide a big dick down my throat but when I have so much cum in my pussy a sweet nice mouth licking it out feels so good. I love farting out huge cum loads for dirty men as well! I am the white trash whore who will do anything for cock, coke and cum baby. If you like eating cum give me or my hot friends a call over at we are waiting for a cum eating small dicked man just like you!

cheap phone sex


Druggy porn star for daddy

druggy pornDaddy loves when I am a druggy porn star. We both get high and end up on all kinds of nasty naughty websites. We end up doing all sorts of fucked up stuff together. We have no reason not to be our most authentic selves when we are high and ready to tap into all kinds of nasty fetishes. Some of the things we do on camera involve a lot of piss play. I play with my pissy pussy for daddy, and he proceeds to fuck it hard. I like being fucked like a kinky no limit dumb coke whore. I am daddies little play whore and will always do whatever it takes to get that million dollar shot. It always involves me getting jizz on my pretty whore face of course — no wonder why I am his favorite. I am his no taboo princess.

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