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Gangbang Diner

Gangbang whoreI love having multiple cocks in and around my cunt at the same time. My biggest fantasy and turn on is being a gangbang whore. The truck stop was busy today. Trucks and men from all over. I knocked on each cab window and invited them to the diner at 3pm. When all 27 drivers were finally in the diner, I walked in, naked, and told them to have at it. I told them the only payment I wanted today was in cum. One by one each of the 27 well hung dirty truckers had their way with me in my fucking whore mouth and in my wet sloppy pussy. They all fucked me raw with no protection and paid me heftily in load after load of hot cum. I played with a bit of it, rubbing it on my huge fake tits, licking up every bit that I could, but enjoyed leaving most of it in my cunt for you to enjoy. Ready to see how they filled this whore up?

Pimping out young sluts

cum dumpster

I had a gig working as a lead youth counselor. I was trying to pay for college and was doing my hardest to keep my nose clean. That was an epic fail. I owed my dealer so much money and I was in debt with him. All my holes were already used up by him he got bored with me. My huge tits and hot face and body would only keep him content for so long. He craved young whore and that was one way I could eliminate my debt. My new job came in handy. I had plenty of young girls around.

They were all so eager to hang out with me. I wasn’t too much older than them and they looked up to me. It was awful but when I get the urge to get coked out and snort H I could careless whats morally correct and whats not. I invited the young girls over to my house for a movie night. I dressed them up and had my dealer come over with some friends. I let him have a party with each one. I could hear them scream and yell for help. I was focused on the eight ball in front of me. I new they were cum dumpsters and they had to be sacrificed for my own gain.

Cheerleader Coke Whore

Gangbang whore

Being a slutty cheerleader is a fun daytime activity. But my favorite nighttime job is whoring out my teen pussy for coke. As soon as class ends, the cheer uniform comes off and my teen hooker outfits come on! I go home to check my Backpage and set up clients. By this time, I’m jonesing bad for coke! But how else would a young teen whore like me afford that?

I got a yummy cunnie and asshole and I charge a pretty penny for a chance to lick, suck and fuck them. I’m not super selective with johns. As long as they have money or an 8 ball, I’ll fuck whoever. I always meet them at the same motel and we party for a bit, snorting coke and drinking.

Most guys love when I snort lines off their cocks and they all love snorting lines off of my naked hot body! It’s even better when they shove a huge bump of blow inside my rosebud asshole. It numbs me up real good while they savagely fuck my holes. As long as I get my yayo and money, you can do whatever the fuck you want to me!

Waking Up To Dick In My Ass

Dirty phone sexI was sleeping naked I passed out last night after a 5 party drug orgy and when I woke up this morning there was a dick in my ass. What a wonderful way to wake up with a thick dick in my ass pumping away! I got right into the rhythm and was pushing my hips back on his dick. He was filling my asshole. And pounding so fucking hard I thought my ass was going to pop right out he was fucking me so hard. All of a sudden I felt his warm seed rush thru my ass. After he gave me his jizz he wiped his dick on my ass and just left. I do not even know who it was he was behind me the whole time. There was a nice piece of rock crack on my nightstand. My reputation for being a crack whore is well known.

Dirty Phone Sex Whore

dirty phone sexI love being a dirty phone sex whore. I was made for this line of work too. I have no book smarts, just street smarts. I was a little short in my account to pay my lot fee. Being short on cash is nothing new nor is being crafty in making some fast cash. Age has never stopped me from making money the old-fashioned way. I put on a short leather skirt and a white tub top, high heels too and I went down to the corner of Main and Vine where the men wanting to pay for sex troll. I stood my old ass on the street corner with the young hookers for hire. They looked me up and down like I was out of my league and trespassing on their turf. The first car pulls up and the group of young whores flocked to the car. To their shock, the guy in the car signaled me over. Maybe he had a mommy fetish or perhaps he just knew a mature woman could do things the other whores had never heard of before. The look on their faces was priceless. First car of the night, and I was the one to get in it. I took him back to my trailer and earned my lot fee. The guy was trolling on the wrong side of the tracks looking for an anal sex whore. He picked the right woman too. I was happy to be his dick spinning anal whore. He curled me up in a ball and spun me around his cock like I was a wind-up toy. He had me in all sorts of contortionist poses to fuck my ass. He said he picked me because I looked flexible. I will fuck in any position for the money. He came in my ass several times before he called himself done. He left me with $500 and ass full of cum. I got my lot fee and more.

Glory Hole Slut

Cum dumpster

I could spend all day sucking cock and swallowing load after load of hot yummy cum. So naturally, one of my favorite hobbies is going to glory holes. There’s a few in my area that I like to hit up when I’m feeling especially nasty and craving some cock.

I went to one last night when I was feeling really horny and wanted to do something super nasty and freaky. I entered the stall and kneeled on the floor waiting for my first visitor. In no time, a huge veiny cock poke through the hole for me to suck. I went to work sucking on the yummy cock and taking it as far into my throat as I could go. When he came, he squirted it all in my mouth and I swirled it around in my mouth savoring the flavor before swallowing it all down. I sucked cock after cock and swallowed each load, I didn’t want a single drop to go to waste!

I was working on my tenth or eleventh dick of the night when I felt something poking me from behind. There was another hole on the other side of the bathroom stall behind me and a cock was poking through it! I didn’t want to stop sucking the one I already had, but I couldn’t just ignore this one, so I managed to maneuver my ass and pussy over to the other wall so that the second dick could fuck me. My pussy was soaking wet and the other cock had no problem finding a warm wet hole to fuck.

One after the other, cock appeared in either hole. While still sucking the ones in front of me, the ones behind me had the choice of my ass or pussy to fuck. I sucked and fucked at least thirty that might until I was completely full of cum on both ends.


Anal sex whoreI got caught sucking your cock today in your truck by a policeman. He made us get out of the truck and searched me. In my bra, between my tits, he found my stash of cocaine and immediately put me in cuffs. He then put me in the back of his police car and drove me to an empty lot. He said he wouldn’t take me in to jail if I let him do a cavity search and behaved myself. I agreed. I got me out of the car and pushed me down face first into the hood. My wrists still cuffed behind my back. He leaned against me letting me feel his hard cock through his uniform pants on my ass. He spread my legs and put his hands up my skirt, feeling my wet cunt. After stuffing his fingers in my mouth and gagging me with them, he took out his cock and put it in my pussy fast and hard. Next he took my asshole and raped it hard, using me like the whore I am. Then he got my bag of coke, placed it on my asshole and used his cock to pack it in deep. He slapped my ass. Made me drop to my knees and fucked my face until he covered it with cum. He undid my cuffs and took off, leaving me to walk all the way back to the truck stop.

Cheerleader Cum Whore

Live phone sex

Being the slutty head cheerleader has so many perks! I get to do whatever I want and whoever I want. As long as I get my cunt filled with cum, I will do whatever I want to get it. I know all the boys and teachers stare at my ass and tits in my short, tight uniform. I get a thrill just bending over in class and flashing everyone my fuck holes. In the hallways everyone practically fucking drools all over the damn floor when I walk by.

I was feeling especially horny this afternoon, so I decided to ditch boring science class and find a nice thick cock to get me off. That’s when I spotted you by the water fountain. Your bulge caught my eye and I made a bee line towards you. I asked what you were doing flashing you my flirtiest smile and you told me you were headed back to class. But not just yet, I needed you to do me a huge favor.

I bent over and flashed you my perky, big ass and asked if you could slide down my bloomers. I wanted you to lick and suck on my juicy cheerleader pussy right there in the hallway! I was so horny! You whipped out your rock-hard cock and I dropped to my knees and began deepthroating your fat cock! My pussy dripped so much, I leaned up against the lockers and let you ram your thick cock inside my tight slit.

You fucked me so hard and good. I love having you stretch out my holes in the middle of class! You filled my needs and I was lucky to be you cum whore. You made sure to fill up all my holes with a shot of cum. I love your cum so much. I plunged it out of my fucking cunnie with my fingers and licked it all up! Maybe I’ll meet you again same time, same place tomorrow. 😉

Shitty Situation

Live phone sex


You said you wanted Dirty phone sex and that’s what you got! You found that out when you stuck your fingers deep in my bloody period cunt. Your hand was covered in the red blood and metal odor of my pussy. Your forced your fingers deep into my mouth, allowing me to taste my own period. You bent me over without any preparations and raped my swollen bloody cunt. When my blood covered your hard cock, you used that as lube to fuck my asshole. You tore my tight asshole up. You enjoyed pulling out and seeing my asshole gape open before you rammed you cock back deep inside. I was not ready for how vigorously you were going to fuck me and I lost all control of my bowels. I covered your cock in my shit, but you didn’t care. You kept thrusting deep in me and stuffing my asshole full of my own nasty shit. You took your cock out abruptly and slammed your huge shitty cock back into my swollen cunt. Blood dripped and shit dripped from my pussy. Please add your cum to my filthy cunt!

Trashy MILF Beach Day Gangbang

trashy milfWhen you are a trashy milf like me, you will suck cock anywhere. It was a nice day yesterday. The temps were in the low 80s and the sun was shining. That means beach weather for me. I put on my pink bikini and walked to the beach. I didn’t figure there would be that many folks at the beach in November, not even in Florida. There was a group of high school boys. At first, I thought they were just playing hooky. Not the case. They were foreign exchange students here from Sweden. They start school next week. They are waiting for their host families. In the meantime, they are staying at a hostel in the next city. They got an uber and came to the beach. Lucky me. They spoke enough English to talk to me. I don’t think they understood what a trailer trash whore is, but it didn’t matter. They understood cock sucking, exhibitionism and fucking. They understood I was more than half their age. They didn’t care. I pulled my bikini top back exposing my American big tits. Cocks started sliding between my boobs and circling around my lips. No life guards, no police, no anybody on the beach but me and some cute Swedish teen boys. It was my obligation to welcome them to America properly. I did that and more. Those boys had never had anal sex. They said girls in their country won’t do anal. I had to introduce them to my hot booty.  Down on all fours in the sand with the sun beating down on me was a great setting for a gangbang. Being an anal sex whore on the beach is my kind of sex on the beach! Who knew that Swedish teens could fuck like animals. It was a great day at the beach. I will be going back to the beach more often.

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