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Cum Vampire

Black stripper sexI love dancing for money. Making my ass bounce for cash is so easy and so much fun. I love seeing the lust in a man’s eyes when I drop down into a split. But my favorite part about being a stripper is all of the different types of men that come into the club. I’m a cum slut. I need cum like a vampire needs blood. Every man tastes different, but I get it the same way… on my knees. I pick a lucky man and I take him to The Champagne Room. Once I have a man behind closed doors he’s mine forever. I drop to my knees and wrap my lips around his hard dick and suck like my life depends on my ability to make you cum. I’ll whirl my tongue and tease the tip of your cock and alternate between sucking and licking. And before you know it, you’ll blow your load down my throat.

Cum Dumpster Hoe

Anal Cum Dumpster

Sometimes, I like to get extra freaky. Ready for some kinky BDSM, I just need to let out my dark side every once in a while. I found the perfect man for the job and went home with him promptly. But don’t be confused- he was the one paying me for tonight’s fucking. This pussy isn’t free! Although, I always work for that cash. Some hoes lay there benignly as they let you bone them, but not me. I’m always an active participant because I actually enjoy getting nasty and indulging my client’s deepest, darkest fantasies.

Standing in front of the man who took me home, I slide my dress down, exposing one tit at a time. I slink completely out of the dress and turn around. Putting my arms behind me, I wait patiently as he ties my wrists together. Next thing I know, he is throwing me over the table and plowing me like a damn field. My cunt is wet enough to drown a man at this point. With his balls slapping my clit, I squirt all over his fuckstick.

Smiling, he grabbed some more rope and tied each one of my ankles so my legs were stuck spread wide open. Then he came back behind me and pushed his cock into my asshole, thrusting into me with all his might. He shouted as he filled my ass with his splooge. When he was done, he sat down, leaving me tied up so he could watch his cum drip from my ass down to my pussy. He left me there until he was hard and ready to fuck my tight rosebud again. He did this over and over again, using me as an anal cum dumpster, and I loved every moment of it.

Anal Sex Whore

Get Off With No Taboo Phone Sex

Let’s get fucked up real good tonight and get each other off with hot no taboo phone sex. You know you want some of this hot fucked pussy after I have been hooking all night and taking nigger cock is my sweet pink slit. Or well maybe slit isn’t the correct term as this pussy has been fucked hard and fucked loose. I bet the fact my cunt is gaping is getting your cock pretty damned fucking hard right now isn’t it?

No Taboo Phone Sex

We can have a filthy roleplay where you’re my daddy and I am your sweet slutty daughter that you walk in on getting fucked by five guys. You know this mother fucking turns you on and that dicklet of yours is so fucking stiff and throbbing I bet a touch with my lips, daddy, and your dick will spurt! I Totally bet on that.

Strip Teasing

trashy milf

I am a super hot blond stripper, and the club I work at is totally nude. My pussy is the prettiest part of my body. I love to show it off to men in the club. I also like to tease. Since while we are at the club you can look but you can’t touch. I love when I am on stage and you are sitting down below me. I come over to you and kneel down and spread my legs far apart so that you can see my pretty little pussy. You are even able to smell how sweet it is. I can see how hard you are in your pants, and how badly you want to touch my pussy. I just smile and giggle. Then I tell you that I might go to a hotel with you when I finish my shift, but first you will have to convince me that you are worthy of my pussy.

Trailer Trash Whore Rape Fantasy

Trailer trash whoreWent out to shoot pool with some friends the other night. We were having a great time, and I looked damn fine, if I do say so. My pants were snug and my tits were perfectly displayed. We had finished 2 rounds already, and I was sitting at the bar, relaxing with a beer, when he walked up to me. He straight up grabbed my cock right there where I sat, and I came up out of my chair. I reared back t throw a punch, but he grabbed that hand and pulled me in for a deep, hot fucking kiss. Well, I like a man who knows how and when to take control, but this guy had me irritated. He worked our way over to the men’s room, keeping me quiet with his mouth on mine. Strong as I am, he was overpowering, and he got me into the men’s room and locked the door. He undid my pants while he still kept my mouth covered with his own, and he grabbed my cock as I struggled against him. He pinned me to the wall and dropped my pants, then lifted my legs up to wrap around him as he slid his dick straight up into my ass. It hurt so much, but he was so big, and I was suddenly so full of cock that it literally took a moment to register that I was about to get fucked. He plowed up into me hard, over and over again, drilling my ass and massaging my prostate until I came all over my bare stomach. He finally came inside me not long after that, and then left me to myself in the restroom, my ass hole gaping and dripping his baby making juice.

Guzzling Cum With A Straw

Cum guzzling slutI fucked this guy the other day and he busted so many loads of cum, it was literally the most that it’s ever been with any guy I have ever hooked up with! We grabbed a bucket and he began to shoot his gooey cock cream into it as we watched it fill up with pure pleasure! We had a good 24 hour fuck fest and that bucket was nearly full by the time that we were done! We sat in his trailer on the couch and he got me a big straw which I dunked into the bucket of baby batter. It was so warm and milky, but it tasted like shit! He drinks a lot of beer and chews on a lot of chewing tobacco so naturally his sperm is going to taste foul as fuck! What can I say though, i’m a filthy cum guzzling whore and I love to drink it down! Best believe, I swallowed down every last drop! The feeling of being a cum filled cunt as it swims around all up inside of me is so fucking sexy!

Trucker’s Delight

Lot Lizard Sex


The regular lot lizards aren’t as pretty or as cute as me. You get hard as soon as you see my cute tanned body walking around looking for cocaine and giving out blowjobs like it’s Christmas. Let me up into the cab of your truck and force me to suck your cock- can’t make that money for nothing right? Your dick tastes so salty and sweaty, I love being your little cheap hooker on the down-low. None of my friends know what I do for thrills. Take your hand and make me gag on your big juicy dick. I lick up your pre-cum with a smile. Being a dirty whore is my kink and making extra money for slutting it up is fun for me. Bang the shit out of me in your truck and call your friends on the radio- you found a cute and tight whore who has no limits. When are you going to be back on this side of town?

Trashy MILF Beverly

trashy milfDo you want to know what a trashy MILF I am? I went to a high school graduation looking like I do in this picture. I put on a tight Ed Hardy dress that screamed trailer park tramp. I showed off my bare legs. I have legs that go on forever too. Donned some red high heels and a lot of makeup so I could cock tease the new graduates. I was in a school gymnasium, surrounded by young boys about to conquer the world. All I could think about was them conquering my pussy. I walked slowly across the gymnasium to get to my seat, making sure I shook my MILF ass and dropped my keys in front of the boys and girls eagerly awaiting the ceremony.  I heard the gasps. I felt the stares. Just the reaction I was hoping for too. After the ceremony, I stood out front and waited to see how many recent graduates approached me. I think every boy in that graduating class spoke to me. I ended up inviting a couple dozen horn dogs back to my place for a private party. Beer and pussy is what every barely legal boy wants, right? I was a gangbang whore. Down on all fours welcoming the graduates to a future of cougar pussy. The fucked the shit out of my ass and pussy. Just like the graduation ceremony, boys marched in line to slam their cocks in my pussy or ass. Some wanted to explore all three holes.  I think the secret to a successful future is lots of pussy. Boys getting laid are happy. They are confident too. A young guy fucking a dirty old whore is going to be a go getter. My pussy was full of cum as was my ass by the time the sun came up. Did you have such a fun graduation party when you said bye to high school forever?

Gangbang Piss Hoe

Gangbang Whore

If there is anything that gets my pussy the wettest, it has to be the experience I’m about to let you in on. I went back to this luxury suite with some business men who were in town for a big meeting. My purpose was to be their entertainment for the day. I stripped naked as the five of them watched me dance and twirl around. Bending over, I spread my cheeks nice and wide before letting them bounce back into place and smacking my ass.

It didn’t take long until they were all stroking their juicy boners to my performance. The best part about this gig? Fancy business men always have some dank-ass coke on them. They let me snort line after line as we partied together. Once they were all stroking their thick cocks, they came at me without mercy. With a dick in each hand, the other three quickly filled every available hole.

Most girls don’t know what to do with that much meat, but I’m an experienced gangbang whore and loved every moment they were ravishing me. They swapped holes at random, enjoying the sounds of me gagging and choking with each new rod. Tasting my pussy and my ass on their fucksticks only got my cunt even more slippery.

Like a chain reaction, they all erupted one after another, squirting their warm jizz into any hole they could squeeze into. After cum was oozing from every orifice, they circled around me so they could collectively give me a five-stream golden shower. I can’t believe they paid me for having a kick ass night!

Druggy Phone Sex

10 Guys and Me

gangbang whore

Last night was a great night my old twat got fucked by guys half my age I love young cock!!Their cocks made me cum over and over again. I had every hole filed and loved it, at one point my cunt, mouth, ass and both hands were filled with nice young cock.  I had cum in my hair on my tits , stomach, thighs, and face.  They fucked me raw and hard for hours.  I am soaked  all over again just thinking about it.  Then when they were all done with me I saw some cum on the floor and lapped it up like a dog bitch in heat They all started laughing at me calling me a old horny dirty cunt. I loved every moment of it and cant wait for that to happen again!

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