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We like getting in trouble

Drunk girl fuckingMy friend Nomi and I always get ourselves into some trouble together. What are friends for if you can’t do bad things with, We are wild things that cause havoc? We party all night and barely make it to school. We are never sober and always high. Drunk girl fucking is one of the best experiences ever. Having your cock straddled by a girl who won’t remember it the next day is a win-win. You get your rocks off, and you get to stay anonymous. This past week at school Nomi and I were on a bender, and we got to school high as fuck. We couldn’t hide it or contain it quite frankly. The dean and the assistant had a word with us in their office. We had to show both of them why we are hell raisers. We didn’t do much talking because actions speak louder than words. Our cunts on the office desk were all that needed to be expressed.

Fuck For That Crack

Druggy phone sexThe moment when you call all your crack dealers and they either are not picking up or they are out of my rock at the moment. I get real antsy pacing around the trailer. I check out my different stash spots to see if I have any crack left on my spoons. I see a bit of crack resign in my pipe and I get a less than mediocre hit off of it. Sometimes when I am high as a kite I hide my stash on myself so of course I start to tear my trailer apart looking for my stash. My body is twitching for the crack. Then like angels from heaven above one of my dealers show up at my house. I wanted that crack so bad I begged him for just one hit before he fucked my ass. I needed it really bad and he knew it. He was a bastard about it and shoved his cock in my mouth choking me hard. “There is your fucking hit whore. You get nothing into I bust my nut.” He fucked my mouth a few more strokes than flipped me around. All I could think about was that rock and how much I wanted it. His ass fucking seemed to take for hours but I was going to make sure he turned me into his cum dumpster.

Strip Club

I loved our hot dirty phone sex call today. You left the strip club and those nasty whores just weren’t enough for you, were they? You needed your dirty nasty cum whore to take care of you. Let me blow you, and stick my fingers in your asshole. I’m going to put my ass on the end of the stage like your stripper hoes and let each of your friends bury their cocks inside me from behind. Come tear this nasty whore pussy up. When you’ve given me all the creampies I can take, get ready and open wide, because I have a huge load of shit to feed you. You know those strippers can’t get nasty like me, baby. Bury that cock in my shitty nasty asshole and fuck me til you come over and over again!Cum filled cunt

Creampie slut at work

creampie slut

I started working at this bar downtown. All the workers are men, and I am the only big tit slut around. Right before break I always tend to slip to the back room and get real acquainted with all my new co-workers. I like variety and being able to be a cum slut daily is the dream for me. I am not going to pretend I am classy. I maybe lovely on the eyes but I am genuinely a sick fuck and love rough sex booze rock and roll and lots of drugs. I am always high and wasted and wanting to be explored. I welcome anyone wanting to fuck to get close to me. I can satisfy all your needs and make you release a nice big shot of cum. I am a perfect creampie slut after all.

Dirty Phone Sex Weekend

dirty phone sexI had a dirty phone sex weekend. It is no secret that when I get high, I get freaky. Same for my offspring. It was a girl’s weekend. My husband took the boys to Vegas for the weekend. Even though none of my boys are old enough to drink, when you have money like my husband, you can get your sons into the casinos and strip clubs and get them hookers. My daughters and I hired a male stripper. The boys were not going to be the only ones having fun.  I did my research to make sure the stripper was straight. Many are gay. Not that there is anything wrong with being gay, but I wanted my girls to have some sexy stripper cock and gay stripper cock won’t get hard for a group of girls, no matter how hot we are. When Max arrived, he was even better than his pictures. He partied with us and that’s where things got freaky. Before he fucked us all, he pissed on us. It was his thing and we were in so much lust with his 10-inch cock and rock hard abs, we would not have said no to any request. Whatever floats your boat, especially if it is a big boat. His fire hose shot out piss before cum. We were doused in his hot piss. For a couple hours, me and my daughters were his pissing sex whores. He pissed on us and had us pissing on one another. We were all coked up, except for the very young ones. After some water sports fun, we all got his massive cock. My older daughters and I fucked him, and the young ones sucked his fat dick. I just wanted my daughters to know that its not only the boys that get have dirty sinful fun. What happens in Santa Barbara stays in Santa Barbara!

Glass Dick Whore

creampie Slut

I would do anything for that Big High Baby! Tonight It is all about the Glass dick! I care for it and make sure it’s giving me the biggest clouds to blow on your dick between my garden hose/ golf ball cock sucking. What a nice big dick you have for me to blow my Ice dragon clouds on! Baby, I gotta go make us some money for more! Now do you want to watch me take the magnificent 7 or would you prefer my big money gangbang to be out of your line of sight? Perhaps you want to guess the ethnicity of each of those cum loads inside my ass and pussy?   Hmm. You just keep that dick nice and hard and I will bring us some more Pretty clear crystal to smoke all night long. I will return as your whore full of cum so you can eat every last drop out as payment for our night of partying. I love to be the one slinging the dope sometimes, I have so much power over you! 

For the Love of Snow

prostitution pornI don’t prostitute my body all the time but when I do it is because I am low on my favorite drug. Coke helps bring the real freaky slut whore out of me. When I feel the powder shooting up my nose running down the back of my throat like warm cum from a hard cock, I feel like I am that freaky ass whore who can handle being gang banged by 5 meaty thick black cocks. I have a special room I go to when I need to sell my body for my special snow. I put an ad out online letting the new and old know it is time to make me their slutty cum-whore. I lay in the bed all day waiting for the men to enter and do what they want with me. I have no rules, they can fuck whatever hole they please. If they want me to lick their ass, swallow their farts, give me a golden shower, I am down for all of that. Hell, one older man paid me a months’ worth of snow just to fuck me non-stop in my asshole for 5 hours straight. I am proud to be a druggy prostitute slut. I love that I am honest with myself. I rather be a druggy little whore, it’s a lot better than being a fake ass bitch.

Cum dumpster roadtrip

cum dumpsterCum dumpsters need fresh meat sometimes. My friend Heidi and I always end up taking a road trip or two here and there scouring all the men from different cities. We love to see new guys: truckers, drug dealers and everything in between. We are adventurous whores willing to do more than most. I have been known to like fresh jizz just as much as a person who loves freshly squeezed juice in the morning. Cum makes my mornings even better. I enjoy waking up to a fresh load and taking every bit of stringy cum shot all over my face. 

Heidi and I always end up getting in trouble together. We are both to peas in a pod and down for anything. I have fucked her with all kinds of guys and girls. We have even had a pack of trannies together. We were driving from Vegas to Arizona and right in Sedona we met up with a ton of hot big dick shemales. We had a blast getting acquainted. Why wouldn’t we? Two sexy big tit sluts are wanting more and more nut creme all over. We took pics and even put them up online. We were a hot commodity. We created plenty of road trip memories also if did involve us being an anal cum dumpster for the whole southwestern hemisphere.



anal cum dumpster

Pussy Boy


Tranny phone sex

I like to be a tramp I’m really fucking hot. I’m looking in the mirror, and I like what I see. I want to dress you up just like a fucking girl and make you dance around for me twirl. You are my little girl I’ll dress you up I will put barrettes in your hair and make you wear panties I like pink I hope you like pink too you’re going to have a good time with me. Don’t you think that you should get out of being such a boring piece of ass I’ve got some friends who want to fuck you and they think that your butt is hot. My college friends they love to be real nasty they want a cum guzzling boy whore. You can be that boy whore if you really want to you want to fuck my frat friends they’re very crazy they get really drunk they’re going to fuck you and make you scream. I really think that you are hot. I think you really turn me on don’t you want to be a nasty boy? You’re a sissy you’re a faggot your mother fucking queer you don’t know how bad I need to treat you like a fucking hot piece of faggot. I’ve got this cute tube dress that I want you too and these high heels babe. I want you to put on this lipstick and this fucking blush I make you look so good, and you’re gonna get fucked yeah babe. I can’t wait to bring you to the party I’m bringing you today. I told you-you were a hot piece of queer boy pussy, and now you’re going to find out.

I love Being a Trashy Milf

trashy milfI love being a trashy milf. Everyone knows my reputation too. I can dress up, look the part of the classy housewife, but most people know I am a dirty whore. In fact, when I am at parties or school functions, women do their best to keep their husbands and sons away from me. I was at a school play last night. My youngest daughter is quite the thespian. She is a natural drama queen. My husband is out of town on business, so I had to represent. I took the entire family. The moms were ignoring me. I get disapproving looks all the time. It is hypocrisy, because I am not trying to be something I am not. I am a trailer trash whore living in a rich life. This one super bitch that I loath was there. She should not be judging. She has had more husbands than Elizabeth Taylor, and they keep getting younger. She is a rich MILF; a Beverly Hills housewife type. I have fucked all her husbands, not because I wanted to but for payback. She made a snide comment about my daughter, so I took her newest boy toy husband and fucked him in a high school bathroom.  No way he could resist me. Men always fuck me. No matter what they have at stake. The look on her face, when I came back with her husband was priceless. I whispered in her hear with his cum on my breath that he loved fucking my ass. She will never learn. She keeps being a cunt and I keep fucking her men.

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