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Sloppy wet pussy

sloppy wet pussy

I am such a slippery wet mess! My pussy is aching to be pounded. I have a hot guy that was at my neighbors house fixing her internet and I thought he could be fixing something else. He came into my room and spread my thighs so wide so that his cock could go balls deep inside of me. I took every inch of him ramming himself into me.

His big fat balls were banging on my ass. I was making him a soaking wet mess. My pussy was leaking all down his cock and balls. I made him so wet that his cock was slipping from inside my pussy to inside my ass. I am going to milk that fat cock inside of my pussy while i squirt all over that dick.

He really is a handyman, well a handsy man if nothing else.

Rendezvous For Three

Drunk Girl Fucking

I was at it again, I was drunk in the trailer park thanks to some loser. I am way too beautiful for him. I was walking around, kind of stumbling trying to light my cigarette and I saw this car and in it was this couple. They said wow you are stunning, would you like to come somewhere with us? I said Hell yes! I was not really fully aware of what was going on. I got in and we arrived at some small motel joint.

I got out and almost fell, the guy came over and helped me get up. I swapped him away and I said irritated and bratty “ I am fine “. I walked into the motel room with them and it was dumpy but my kind of thing I am use to. The lady laid down and they told me they wanted to fuck me and had been watching me. I was to drunk to care that was almost creepy. She was sexy as all get out. Nice perky breasts and lean body, and he had a nice cock. I saw him licking her pussy, so I went over and took all my clothes off.

I started sucking his dick and it was so big my mouth could hardly fit. He was so hard, I went and took over licking her pussy and he came up behind me and spread my legs and started rubbing his dick up and down my moist box. He stuck it in and I moaned, I was so horny. He started pounding me and it made bump into her puss even harder, I stuck 2 fingers in and started pounding her. I could tell he was about to climax and so he got us both on our knees, cheek to cheek and told us to open up. He squirted that baby batter all over both our mouths and watched us lick it off each other’s faces.

Lot lizard sex slut

lot lizard sex I was out with the girls at the usual truck pit and it was an off day I knew something didn’t feel quite right, Boy was I right. I was working the guys seeing which one of these nasty fucks would pay up and give some cash to fuck and maybe even some blow. I was desperate I needed to find someone I was horny and fucking craving cock and coke. I should of went with my gut because I eventually got caught by an undercover cop, I was sent to the station and had been locked up, I was freaking out but then the under cover cop told me no one was around I was schocked but he was totally right, Everyone was gone for the holidays and he had planned this little stint, He wanted to use me a urinal and wanted to scare the shit out of me literally, He did just that and I agreed of course he could piss and shit on me, especially if that meant me leaving scott free.

cheap phone sex with Randi

Cheap phone sexHaving two big fat cocks in my fucking cunt is like a walk in the park for me. I take two cocks in my holes daily, and I want to tell you all the dirty situations I have been in. Like last night I seen two guys at the bar eye fucking me and I called them over to me, and said “Do you like tag teaming a girls”? They nodded and I told them to come back to my house, and as soon as they stepped in the door I was on my knees like a good fucking girl. I opened my mouth and started taking to big cocks down my throat all the way to the balls. Mhm, there cocks tasted so good going down my throat and then I hoped right on a cock and guided the other one in my fucking wet ready asshole. I love feeling the first pop of two cocks smothering my holes until they explode in me.

Druggie Porn Star Silvia

Druggie Porn

I love fucking johns for money.  It is the best and oldest job in the world.  Some nights I get to fuck 5 or 6 different guys, unless I’m at the glory hole room and then I get fucked all..night..long,  25 or 30 guys doing a fuckin’ train on me.  I love it though.  I make so much cash that I can snort up my nose later.  I love being used, the truth is that I’m using them though.  Do you really think that I’m an innocent girl being taken advantage of?  Fuck no.  Maybe once I was innocent, maybe once I was being used by that piece of shit I call Dad.  But I learned quickly how to use my body to my own benefit.  Men want to use me to fuck me because I’m freaking HOT, but I use them too.  I take their hard-earned cash in exchange for what?, 15 minutes on my back.  Who the fuck cares?  Besides I love SEX.  It’s the best feeling in the world, that nice, hard cock sliding in and out of me.  That Jizz flowing down my leg after they shoot their load.  I Use Them!  Give me your cock and your money.

Step Brother Love

cum dumpsterI am so trashy, but I have the most fun of all my friends. Today I needed a little line so I could get through the day, so I had to go see my step brother. He is so tall and handsome, so I do not mind exchanging “favors”.  Today he wanted his friend to fuck my ass as I sucked My step brothers cock. I was so horny that I needed no lube at all for his friend to ram my tight asshole. I was stretched so far from both ends! I love my throat and ass being fucked at the same time, and I got high too! I absolutely love having every holed filled all the way. Just thinking about it gets my pussy so dripping wet.  What a great brother!

Want some cheap phone sex? Call Megan.

Cheap phone sex

Do you like looking at my pictures and stroking your big fat cock? Mhm, well you should call me and hear my sexy voice telling you all the dirty things I would do to you. I am a very dirty girl and can get very kinky, wouldn’t you want me to spit on that cock and jerk you  right onto my pretty little face as I was telling you what a fucking slut I was? I know I can be intense but if that is not what you like I can be a little softer. I can tell you I am your dirty girl that wants that cum load all over my face. I love getting on my knees and letting you titty fuck my perky little tits and then deep throating your cock as far down my throat I can. Mhm, let me be your dirty little cum dumpster tonight, please.

Dirty Phone Sex with a Cum Whore

dirty phone sexDirty phone sex girls have the best experiences. I have done all the taboo things your wife won’t even consider. That is why women like me do so well in this kind of business. I guess you could consider me a phone sex wife. I am the ultimate taboo fantasy, because I encourage incest. I also encourage and support any and all kinds of kinky fetishes. In my home, we each have our own kink. It is no secret that I enjoy boy cock, coke and being watched. I am also a cum whore. My husband had a holiday party this weekend for some business associates.  I was happy to be the naughty hostess. I wanted something special from each man there. I wanted them to cum in a pitcher. I wasn’t suggesting that they jack off in the pitcher. That would be rude. I am a good host. I blew them and gave out hand jobs like they were candy. I told our guests that I needed jizz for the family eggnog. I don’t use eggs in our special holiday drink. When the men learned that my young daughters would be drinking their sperm, many donated twice. I am a cum dumpster, raising a family of cum dumpsters. Milk does a body good, especially man milk. Want to feed my slutlkins some of your milk?

I Desired That Married Cock

live phone sex

I am what most people would call a very beautiful girl. I am that trashy, slutty bitch. I want a married cock so bad again, the last time I had one was a while a go. I have done things in my life that most people would be ashamed of but not me. Married men are my favorite because they love to fuck my pussy raw and don’t get what they need at home. I need to be used so bad, I know that after you fuck me and go home to your wife ( that is if you can even get hard for her ). I know you will be fantasizing about me and my sexy body, with that tight pussy. I know you will be thinking about my wet tongue on that hard cock and how I do things that she can’t and won’t

A Cum Filled Cunt for Sunday Funday

cum filled cuntWhat did you do Sunday? I got a cum filled cunt over and over and over. My son invited a few friends over to watch football. I have the NFL package; not because I love football, but because I love men. Wherever there is a football package, there are men. I don’t think I have watched a game all season, but every Sunday, I am hosting a football party for some guys, usually younger guys. My son and his friends are all about football, but they like pussy more. I bet you do too. I mean, which would you choose: pigskin or pussy? I hope pussy! The game wasn’t too exciting, so it was easy to sway the boys to my pussy and ass. I think all boys prefer a gangbang whore to tight ends. I let those boys fuck all my holes over and over. I could feel the hot cum oozing out of me. I will never say no to young cock. I have rug burns from hours of being mounted like a dog and fucked like a whore. Talk about a Sunday Funday! What I paid for the NFL package was the best money I have ever spent.

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