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Druggy phone sex

Druggy phone sex Let me tell you about the other night, it was nothing like I thought it was going to be! I swear, this was like something you see in the movies but it really happened. My buddy and I were driving back to his place after we had scored an 8-ball. We had gotten lucky this time and it wasn’t stomped on, it was the real fucking deal. It cost some cash and my pussy, but I was already zooted and it didn’t matter to me. All of a sudden, there were blue lights behind us. I looked behind us, and sure enough, we were getting pulled over. He claimed it was for a broken tag light, but right away caught on that we were high and searched the car. He found our stash and started to get his handcuffs out for both of us. I started to cry, begging him not to arrest us, asking if there was anything we could do to get out of this. He looked at me long and hard and grinned saying “There’s something you can do to get out of this.” I knew exactly what he meant, and fell to my knees, sucking his cock with as much effort and dedication as possible. Then I bent over and let him fuck me and cum all over my face before he took a little bit of our coke, threw us the keys and let us go.

Hot Stripper Sex Is Kinky w/ BJ

Hot stripper sex

 I love to get down and dirty with some Hot stripper sex. When I slide down the pole it best be oiled, hard, and fucking Big. I love spreading my legs and getting pounded by BBC. It’s hot when my son comes in to mommy being gang banged by a whole group of black cocks penetrating and stretching my mommy holes to no end. I love taking big dicks that gape me and stuff me with creampies. My son loves a good gooey fermented cream filled mommy cunt to feast on while he jerks his young cock. Sometimes my son gets to watch mommy play with one of the four legged friends that really get humping this mommy butt once it knots up good inside my fuck hole.

Stripper Sex Stories

stripper sex stories

Do you ever think about stripper sex stories? I do. I was a stripper for a while, though, so it would be more like reliving the past to me than fantasies. But I would love to hear what you fantasize about when you think about the things you would do to a dancing girl…or what you would like for her to do to you. I want you to spare no detail when you tell me how down and dirty you’ve thought about getting with a stripper.
During my short dancing stint, I had all kinds of guys try to get me to do things that were against the rules with them. And I’m not gonna lie – if they wanted to pay the right price, I was more than willing to go the extra mile for them if they were willing to pay up. I did all kinds of nasty things and it was such a rush to get money from men just by using my body. I’ll be more than happy to tell you all the details if you give me a call. Just look at it as me being your over the phone stripper. Talk to you soon!

He really stretched me out

live phone sexMy lover has a huge black dick and he loves to gape my poor little asshole wide open with it. I pretend like it hurts and act like I don’t like it but honestly? I really love being stretched out like that! I cum so fucking hard every time too I seriously can not get enough of it. He really surprised me last night tho, he showed up here with not one but TWO of his friends and they all had black dicks just as big if not bigger than his! I was a little scared that I wouldn’t be able to handle it but I had to try. I was more filled up than I had ever been before, I had a huge black dick filling every fuck hole and I was acting like a little whore begging for more. By the end I was all stretched out and filled with cum and I was so satisfied it was amazing!

Sorority Girls Fucking : Whores Gone Wild

sorority girls fucking

Spring break came early for a couple of whores who needed some Sorority girl fucking down in Mexico. These were tame girls who happened to come to my club drunk as hell one night and were amazed that this blonde was such a party girl and open with her body. I gave then lap dances and invited them backstage for some nose candy and some lessons on how to be a whore. I started by licking both those pretty young pussies and that got me an invite to go down and catch some sun and cock with them. I even hooked them up with that pure white that was flowing like those college pussies were on those cocks as I taught them how to ride and squirt all over a big cock and to deep throat like true whores!  It was a blonde girl fucking in the sun as they became sluts they are meant to be. One of them even is coming to work on the pole with me.


Dirty Phone Sex

dirty phone sexDirty phone sex gets my pussy wet. I love talking to P men who want to do bad things to my daughters. Recently, I picked up a fan of my sons. My husband doesn’t do boys, but I love a man who pays as much attention if not more to those cute little hairless cocks as he does those bald cunnies. Young boys need love too. Sure, I give my sons plenty of attention to make up for daddy giving his all to the girls. I decided to have some kinky fun with my youngest boy yesterday. He is open to anything. He trusts his mommy and he wants to please her. I tied him to my bed, naked in the spread-eagle position. My plan was to edge him. I wanted to see if I could make him last. I cock teased him with my mouth and my pussy. My hands too. I would get him right to the brink of cumming and stop. I repeated that for hours then I drained his built up balls the old-fashioned way. I stuck a finger up his ass and gave him a prostate draining. He came so hard. He loved it. I loved it. I licked all the cum up because he exploded like a volcano. Damn, I don’t think he has ever cum so hard for mommy before.

Blonde Fucking

blonde fuckingA blonde fucking whore is the life of any party. Blondes have more fun. I could have fun in a closet if I have a cock and some coke. I am never bored. The weather got wicked for this area. I couldn’t drive to the truck stop to get some big black dick, so I had to entertain myself in my trailer. I went next door to the next trailer and invited the guys over. Young Mexican boys. They didn’t speak English, but I know the word punta. That got their attention. They followed me next door. I had them doing lines of coke off my tits in no time. I was blowing their young brown dicks like a porn star. I was happy to swallow their loads but they stopped me. They started chanting “Punta.” They wanted to fuck my pussy. When has this trashy milf ever said no to young cock? Any cock. I take my reputation as a cum guzzler and whore seriously. I spread my legs and gave them the punta they wanted. And they gave me the cum I wanted.

Carmel’s Black Stripper Sex

black stripper sexHave you ever wished you could fuck a hot young stripper? I’m a sexy black girl who dances in the sleaziest strip club in town. When I’m not shaking my hot ass on stage. Im fucking random guys I meet at the club and sucking their dick for some coins. I don’t mind doing anything strange for some change. I’m a very popular stripper. Everyone always asks for Carmel because they know I will do anything in the private room. Just the other night I took a trick back from the strip club with me and we had sex in his car. I swear I came like 3 times his dick was so good. I use condoms because I fuck alot and I dont want get pregnant and end my career to soon. I’m loving the stripper life. It’s so much better when you party with a hot black stripper that’s not afraid to get nasty with a random stranger. I promise to make it worth your while. And you know carmel lets anyone fuck her pussy for money.

creampie phone sex

creampie phone sex

Creampie phone sex is my favorite type of calls to take. I am naturally good at calls like those because of all of the wild and kinky fun I have had with my Daddy. I’ve always been a cum slut queen. Daddy made sure to train me to be the perfect little whore for him and anyone else who wanted to fill me with their creamy cum. It started when I was really young. Daddy would call me over to him and make me sit on his lap. He would pull his hard cock out and make me rub it up and down my little slut slit until he was oozing precum all over the place. Once he was rock hard and ready to fuck my little brains out, he would lift me up and make me guide his fat throbbing cock into my little bald pussy. I knew to rock and grind on Daddy to make my little pussy feel amazing and make his hard cock shoot that thick, hot cream into me. When he got close, he would lift me up and slide me up and down on him and ask me if I was ready to take his cum. After he filled my bald little kitty, he would spoil me with whatever I wanted. I learned very quickly that if I took his hot creampies and made Daddy happy, I could get whatever I wanted. This is how I became the perfect little cum dumpster whore that I am now. Now when I get a caller who wants to have a sexy time and be called Daddy, I made damn sure they cum for me again and again. I love making Daddy cum for my tight little pussy and I love knowing that I’ve made Daddy very happy with my whore holes.

Let’s Do Some Lines And Fuck

druggy phone sex

Oh my God, if there’s one thing I love, it’s druggy phone sex. If you are itching to get in my pants, then all you need to do is offer me some drugs and I will do anything you want me to do. I love getting a good buzz and getting down on my knees to suck cock and get my holes fucked. I swear I turn into such a fucking whore when I have drugs in my system. It doesn’t matter what drug it is. My pussy just gets when when I am under the influence.
So do you want to get me high and take advantage of me? Maybe you can even bring over some of your friends and tell them to do whatever they want to me. Go ahead and use any of my fuck holes. Make me gag on your cock while one of your friends fucks me in the ass really hard. You can be rough with me – I’m telling you I’ll do anything for drugs. And you don’t even have to ask. My body is yours for the taking. All you have to do is give me a call and get me high. And remember, I’ll do ANYTHING for you.

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