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Cum guzzling slut

cum guzzling slutI was at work tonight at the strip club and a fight broke out. They cut the lights but why should that stop me from being a dirty whore that does not make any money?! So I imediatly starting offering my services. I went from guy to guy getting on my stupid whore knees and sucking their dicks till my jaw was sore, my lips were raw, and until I made each of them shoot their wads in my mouth.

I got a good ten guys off before the lights came down. My tummy was so full of cum. I twirled my tongue around each of those cocks and all of their throbbing hard veins. I played with that pre cum leaking out of their gaping open cock holes. You can not stop a money hungry, cock sucking stupid fuck whore like myself! I even regurgitated the cum juice from my tummy to my mouth and gurgled all that cum juice again and swallowed it back down to my tummy.

Trucker Fucks


hookers for hire


Once again the town has been totally dry and I’m having to outsource my fix needs to the neighboring
town. Which is great because no one really knows what a super whore I am. I went to this sports bar
right by the highway and met a few truckers. They thought I was the sexiest little thing they had ever
seen in awhile so I agreed to fuck all four of them in exchange for some Tina. They loaded the pipe then
proceeded to double stuff all my holes with cock and cum. Shit- I couldn’t even tell what was going on
because I was so fucking high. I could just smell their nasty sweaty balls and salty bodies all over me.
Fucking my titties, literally biting my butt cheeks and cleaning the shit out of my asshole. They even
called some of their buddies on the radio and had them all join in. By the end of it, I couldn’t sit for days
but they let me leave with a sack full of crystal and a little bit of mary jane.
Looks like I found my new favorite bar, huh?

Creampie Slut Takes Everyones Load

Creampie Slut

Turn me into your creampie slut. Everyone else does. I take so many loads it’s insane. I’m a little fuck toy for anyone who wants to pay for it. When guys come into my club they are all hoping they can find that kinky stripper that wants to suck their cock. Where I work at, we are all the hoe that will choke down your load and then move on to the next one. Guys have even noticed that I have cum running down my thighs when I’m dancing on stage. But I can’t help that most of the guys I fuck at the strip club want to bust their nut into my sweet bald little pussy. I’ve even had groups of men come in with all their friends and they each pay their fee and stuff their cock into me. Each of them taking a turn filling my wet cunt with their cum. Then I walk out with my creampie pussy filled up and get back to stripping and looking for the next guy to fuck.

I’ve got some stripper sex stories for you

stripper sex storiesI’ve got some stripper sex stories for you now cus I got myself a little side job. I’m not working at some strip club tho, I do private parties where things can get a little nastier. Last night I went to this nice house in a real classy neighborhood and stripped for a bachelor party. They were drunk as fuck and real fucking horny so as soon as I started to get naked they were all over me! I knew it was gonna happen tho, hell they even paid extra to be able to fuck me so who am I to complain? I just started sucking and fucking those hard dicks like a pro! Y’all know I’m just a whore that loves to fuck and if I can make some money on it too why not right? May as well use this sexy body while I still got it! Anyway, I went home sore as fuck but they tipped me well for being their whore for the night… a couple of them even slipped me their cards so I could call them again!

Filthy Cum SLUT!!!

Cum guzzling slutHe paid for private lap dances from me all night. I enjoyed grinding my ass against his hard-on. I didn’t complain when his fingers would slip inside my wet pussy because I thought he was sexy. I pulled him up from his chair and jerked him towards the champagne room. Once I had him all to myself, I dropped to my knees on the semen-stained carpet and tried to suck the skin off his hard cock. I wanted to taste his salty cum. I wanted to feel it sliding down my throat. I’m a cum slut. I like how it tastes and how it feels. I wanted him to cum on my face and then get him hard again so that he could cum in my mouth. I’m a naughty girl. The type of girl that you momma warned you about. A true slut with a capital S-L-U-T. Let’s fuck and you can tell all of your friends, because I want to fuck them, too.

A particular fetish

Blonde phone sex

One of my clients has a very particular fetish. He never wants to fuck. When he calls he tells me exactly what he wants me to wear from head to toe. How he prefers my hair, makeup, bra, panties … everything, but I don’t mind he pays and tips really well.
I’m instructed on what to do step by step thereafter as well. I knock three times on the hotel door and then enter. He is always in the corner of the room; he sits in a darkened corner and doesn’t turn on any other lights than what keep him hidden. I take my place at the edge of the bed, turn to be inspected and then slowly remove all clothing. Turning to face him with the most erotic parts about to be exposed, I turn around touch the floor with my hands and reach up and slide my panties down. The thong slips out from between my ass and then I am supposed to let them drop to my feet. I take a few steps back until I feel his hand on my ass, I lift one leg then the other so he can take the panties. The whole time he is doing that, he has shoved his thumb up my cunt. I assume it’s to see if I am wet or how wet. He seems to have a huge thumb because my knees nearly buckle every time from the sensations. I take my two steps forward, sit on the corner of the bed, exposing my clit and play with myself. As I play he instructs me on how fast, what direction, even when to finger fuck myself. It is actually quite erotic and he knows it because I can hear the delight in his voice as he instructs me and denies me orgasm until he feels like it’s time. Halfway in he has me stand, turn and walk back into his thumb again to make sure I’m not faking it I think. When he finally says I can cum I almost always gush all over the floor because he has me so worked up and horny. Even though I’m fairly certain he isn’t jerking off I still hear him cum while I am cumming. Definitely one of my favorite calls to get because I know I will cum very hard that night.

Cheap phone sex with a druggy slut

Cheap phone sex Last night I got so fucking high on the phone and I came over and over again. I have a big sex swing in my bedroom and I layed in it fucking my tight little cunt with a big dildo all night long while I talked dirty. I fucking loved every second of it, and the floor under my swing was full of puddles of all my squirt. I love squirting while I am on the phone so you can hear it splash all over my bed or the floor. Do you want a nasty fucking whore? I am the girl for you baby. I will rock your world if you like a druggy slut who who will fuck my self and scream and cum for you.

Creampie slut

Creampie slut Creampie slut from the trailer park is what I have been known for this past summer. Now that we are in fall I am excited to become a bigger slut. I use to care about my reputation, not anymore I have fully accepted my path and that’s to become a low life prostitute, I have been pimped out more times than I can remember. Many of times I’m banged I am knocked out by my pimp because I’m not doing something well and he just beats my ass and pisses all over me and lets me know I need to do better to be the best little trashy slut for him. He makes sure I know that I must be covered at all times and I can’t-do a thing without his permission. I get to be fucked almost every hour and by so many guys even girls. I have also been featured on my pimps social media because a druggy slut like me needs to be exposed.

Toilet sex with a human toilet

Toilet sexI love being a nasty toilet slut who loves getting pissed and shit on. I want you to use me as your human toilet, and I mean you can do  anything you want to me. I love opening my pussy right up and letting you squat right over my pussy hole and squeezing down until I have a pussy full of nice warm thick shit. I love feeling it swirl right into my cunt, and you can’t forget about piss. I need a cunt full of piss too! Then I want you to fuck my cunt with all that shit and piss in it! Fuck me as hard as you can then I want to suck that big shaft and balls until all the shit, piss, and cum is all cleaned up.

Valencia Is A Proud Cum Dumpster

Cum Dumpster

Hey guys! I’m loud and fucking proud about being a complete cum whore or if you like, a cum dumpster is fitting as well. The deep, penetrating need of cum is so mother fucking god damned blasphemously delicious. Fucking unload on me, in me or let me suck the jizz out of that fuck rod. I don’t fucking care as long as I get that cum, and lots of it!

I’m totally down for a hot gangbang or bukkake party on my face. Facials are so fucking hot! I cannot lie or fuck, cannot express enough just how much I love cum, and fucking. Hell being a slutty assed prostitute is the only career I can imagine myself enjoying, as it’s no surprise with the filthy whore that I am, to crave such a lifestyle.

Bring me your filthiest fucking scene and needs and we can get fucking filthy! Suck you later!

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