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I know I’m a gangbang whore

Gangbang whore

Yeah I know I’m a gangbang whore, but who cares! I get to have a whole bunch of cocks, of all different sizes fuck me. I don’t know about you but I think it’s pretty exciting. I was hired for a bachelor party and was told to expect about 50 or so men. I have been so excited for this date to come around. I can’t wait to write a blog about the night it all happens. I am hoping I get to have a lot of hands all over me, playing with my tits and making my pussy cum over and over. Have you ever been a part of a gangbang? I would love to hear about your experiences; maybe we can share the highlights!

Nasty Little Cum Dumpster Deanna

cum dumpsterIf you are looking for a nasty little cum dumpster you found the right place. I can never get enough of your warm white salty cum. I like to suck it out of your big hard cock getting every last drop of that yummy cum of yours. Nothing makes my pussy soaking wet like eating loads and loads of cum. I like to have two or three big cocks in my mouth all at the same time leaking all that super yummy pre cum in my mouth. I even have a client that will jack off in popsicle trays and freeze his cum for me. So when I need some refreshment on a hot summer day all I have to do is pop out a scrumptious cum popsicle and start sucking away. Since one thing is for sure Deanna can never get enough of that white creamy salty cum of yours.

Teen anal whore in training

teen anal whoreThere are some new girls aspiring to be whores at the club tonight. They are just little things! I offered to help brake them in tonight in the VIP room with some special clients.

Once we get into the room, I model the girls showing the guys what they are working with. I spread their ass cheeks and make them bend over so the guys can see how tight they are.

The guys are so eager, I let the girls finally get broken in to being the most perfect fuck whore like the rest of us. I take a cock and shove it into my mouth, lubing it up in my spit.

I make the first little whore bend over to get mounted. Our client pushed his thick cock right inside of her ass and begins to ruin it. She was a little ass virgin! Not any longer!

I make each girl get a cock up her ass and I sit back and watch the little whores get fucked rough and deep. Their asses are getting super gaped and stretched.

I think they for sure have a future in hanging out with me!




Live phone sex with randi

Cheap phone sex If you like live phone sex then you will love picking up your phone and calling a whore directly. Lately on my calls instead of finger fucking my tight little pussy I have been fucking my tight rosebud asshole. I love licking two of my fingers and shoving them in my ass and finger fucking my little asshole. I am thinking about your big thick cock sliding in and out  filling me with your meat stick. I would beg for you to fuck me harder just tear my asshole open. I would probley be so fucking high you can fuck me for as long as you want and as hard as you want baby. I like being a nasty little whore all night long for you pervs

Gangbang Whore Petal Gets Naughty


Gangbang Whore

I had a gangbang in the back room at my strip club once. I love being made into a little gangbang whore. This group of guys came into the club and they gave me all their attention, not to mention all their money. They started making jokes about making me a gangbang whore and I felt my pussy get wet thinking about it. I love being a teen stripper slut.  So, of course, I wasn’t going to say no. I took them all into the back room and I let them each take their turn fucking every one of my holes. I was riding a cock while taking it in the ass and mouth. The other guys stood around us and jacked off. I came so many times, looking around while getting pounded in every hole and seeing all the hard cocks in the room. I loved the cum shower I got at the end. All I could think about was how much of a little gangbang whore I was while I took their loads all over me. I bet they come back for more my sweet teen stripper pussy.

Cheap phone sex with your new human toilet

Cheap phone sex

Do you want to have some cheap phone sex with a nasty little slut? Then I am your girl baby. I want you to use me as your nasty toilet whore and I want you to use me as your human toilet. I love feeling your shit plop right into my mouth, and feeling how warm and thick it is gong down my throat. I want you to squat over my face and push a big shit load right in my mouth as you jerk off your cock, mhm that makes my pussy so wet just thinking about it. I can even shit on your cock as you fuck me in my tight little asshole. You can take your shit covered cock and shove it in my mouth and I will lick your cock clean. Does that sound good baby?

Make Me Your Dirty Cum Dumpster

This street walking cum dumpster Ho needs that load thick and gooey to fill my fuck holes. Meet me in the lounge of the Go-Go Club on 10th street baby and be ready for the hottest piece of ass and cunt to unload all that man cream in. If your cock is beautiful and big I will certainly let you cum anywhere you want and will beg for a facial so I can worship that fuck stick.

I will kneel before that big beautiful cock and frig my clit as I lick and suck that magic wand of debauchery. I want to suck those balls and drain them all over this sweet ass.Bring your friends and we’ll make it a hot fucking sex party and have a circle jerk of a bukakke cum fest on my face.

Cum Dumpster

Use Me Up And Throw Me Out

Trailer Trash WhoreIt’s so much fun to be a Trailer Trash Whore. Think about it. I can fuck any of the guys in the trailer park any time I want, and there’s a lot of them. Some of them are kind of scummy, but they’re the ones that usually get me off the hardest. I love the way they use my up cunt and treat me like the total slut that I am. Sure, I could go to the local bar and use my fake ID to get in and pick up strange guys. Which I actually do a couple times a week and it is a lot of fun. But, when I’m with the guys in the trailer park, they know what I like and what I need. Like Andrew is strictly oral. So, when I go to him, I suck his cock and he licks my clit until we both cum at least twice. Or Jacob is all about the anal. He fucks me good and then he loves to get the strap-on treatment from me and he can take a really good pounding before he blows his load. Then there’s Willie. He’s older and can’t get a stiffy anymore, so all I have to do is finger myself and squirt for him so he can lick it up. Those guys are just sex though. I like the guys that can get me a little extra something for my time. Mark knows I like to smoke dope, and he gets to good stuff. So, if I let him cum on my tits and lick it off, I get six nice size Indica buds. Not a bad deal. And Patrick is something else. He sets me up with some of the best black tar ever as long as I let him shoot it up my arm while I suck his dick while he wears my panties and heels. I get fucked by multiple guys many times a day. And without fail, right after they get off, they tell me to get out. I’m used up and thrown out, just like garbage. And I fucking love it.

Fisting My Torn The Fuck Up Cunt

Fisting Whore


Fist the fuck out of torn up busted cunt. It’s a gaping hole at this point. You shove pretty much anything inside there. Let’s go ahead and start with getting me high as hell on some rock, you know how I have to get jazzed on drugs to enjoy sexual pleasure these days. Don’t even use lube, what are you thinking with that? I am a pain slut who likes it hard and rough- make me bleed. Rip it apart hard, daddy! I’m your little perfect fuck slut whore who will let you get away with practical pussy murder. After you’re done with me it, I’m not going to be of any use for anyone else except maybe my pimps can use me to fish new girls out of the lots. I want you to not even worry about my screams, they’re of pleasure- don’t even worry about it. I’m ready to be taken any way you want it tonight. Let’s get rowdy, high and turn me out.

Cum dumpster Berretta

cum dumpsterCum dumpster Berretta has such a nice ring to it. It is fun to have cum all over my face mouth and hair. I just love serving a hard cock. I don’t care what time a day it is. Its always time to get squirted on. I love when you use me as a human toilet. I love being your worthless little slave. I can’t wait to feel your cock in my mouth. I want to feel you stretch all my holes. I know that I am only good to be your little servant. I want to get on my knees for you and I want to be trained by you. It makes me happy to see you all hard and ready to burst. I like being controlled by you. If you tell me to drink all your piss you bet I will be doing exactly what you say. I will never argue with your commands. I will be the best obedient whore you have ever encountered

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