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Cum Guzzling Slut Tamsin

Cum guzzling slut

You had been at one of those wild parties where there are a whole bunch of prescription pills mixed together. You thought that the bowel just contained Oxycodone,Xanax, Valium, and Ativan. So you popped one of those little round pills in your mouth thinking it was a Roxy. After about fifteen minutes and not experiencing that calm and relaxed euphoric mood that you have come to love, you decided to take another one.

Not only did it not relax you but all of the sudden your cock stood up at full attention. Your cock was rock hard and throbbing. You didn’t know what was going on. You just knew you couldn’t go to a regular emergency room so you came to see Nurse Tamsin. I took one look at your big thick hard cock and knew exactly what had happened. Those little blue pills you were popping like tic tacs where Viagra not Roxy.

Luckily for you I am a dirty nurse who enjoys sucking cock. I told you to lay back and relax. This cock sucking whore would take care of you. I licked up and down the sides of your big hard cock. I sucked on your balls before deepthroating your hard throbbing cock in my warm wet mouth. I shoved two of my fingers up your tight puckered ass as I continued to deepthroat your hard cock.

Big dick sucker

I worked your prostate glands with my fingers as my mouth sucked hard on your cock. I made sure I drained every last drop of your warm creamy salty cum from your balls into my mouth. I slurped every last drop of your yumminess down. You were both relieved and shocked. You had not realized until today that Nurse Tamsin was one hell of a cum guzzling slut. I don’t know why you were so surprised since the word sin is in my name.

Trailer Trash Whore at the Piggly Wiggly

trailer trash whoreI get called a trailer trash whore just about every day of my life from some stuck-up jealous bitch. I was at the Piggly Wiggly Sunday getting some groceries. I was fucked up still from the night before. My hair looked like a bird’s nest. My makeup was smeared giving me racoon eyes. My ass was hanging out of my shorts. I had no bra on and as I went down the frozen food aisle, my nipples stuck through my ribbed tee and they looked like weapons. The town bitch was there with her teen sons and had a stroke at how I looked. She made some snide comments, so I told her sons they should come fuck me sometime, adding that I have been fucking their daddy for years now and if they are even half the size of their daddy, they are welcome in my pussy anytime. I meant it too. Her husband is a great fuck. She threatened to have me arrested. I told her go ahead, but if she did I would put pictures of her husband doing lines of coke off my ass on social media, he would lose his job and she would lose her sweet life. Spoiled cunt. She shut up, but the expression on her face when her two sons chased me down at my car to go home with me was priceless. I took those boys back to my trailer and showed them how their daddy likes to party. I gave them coke and beer and had them fuck my old ass. I have bras older than either boy, but I didn’t care. I like them young, plus I wanted them to tell their mother they fucked the trashy milf she hates.  Damn, what great fucks they were. I still have their cum in my ass and pussy. Revenge fucking is so hot.

Cock Lover

Live phone sex

Guess what? I love cock.  There I said it, I freely admit it.  The more the better!  I’m the slut that everyone wants to fuck but will not admit it.  In public you might tell me that I am a cunt in front of your friends, wife, girlfriend, but later that night you and your boys are right there at my door, knocking.  Does it bother me? Fuck no, I don’t give a shit what you say about me.  I know what and who I am.  I know where I come from, and I love being a class A fuck rag. I also know that I can get what I need or want by spreading my legs, ass cheeks, and mouth wide open.  

I’ll give you an example of what I mean.  There is this guy who is so fucking white you can almost see through him.  He drives a Range Rover, goes to church on Sunday, goes to his fuck spawns games to cheer them on, lives in a rich section of our part of the world, and when he saw me once on the street I heard his wife say, “Watch your wallet.” as she pulled her purse and children closer to her.  I had to laugh and give her the finger.  The guy told me that I was trash!  Then he and his wife hurried away.  What a fucking liar he is.  

Both him and I knew that just a few days before this he was right there with three of his golfing buddies driving his dick inside my ass while his buddies waited for their turn.  He also knew that he had texted me earlier that same damn day asking me if I could meet them again soon.  Telling me how much he loved fucking me and seeing me with all that cum on my tits.  Shit, he even ate me out after I was filled to the brim with everyone’s dick juice. All four of them tossed some cash at me and thanked me.  Now here he was trying to act like he was disgusted by the sight of me.  Stupid fucker.

As I said though.  It doesn’t really matter.  I’ll still give him and his buddies a good time all because I love it, as a matter of fact I should text him back to see if he can get more guys so I can really get used up proper. 

Daddy is Going to Find out Sissyboy


Tranny phone sex

Show me what kind of filthy dirty cock-slut you are, I know you like taking thick hard cocks in your ass. You thought I had no idea that you were a fucking Sissy but I knew it all the time. You like sneaking over to that tranny house in the valley and getting fucked by the big dick black trannies. You know how I know because one of those trannies is my good friend and she told me all about you plus she took video. I’ve decided that your dad has so much money you need to share it with me and all the rest of my girlfriend’s including my tranny girlfriend who made that beautiful tape for me. We are going to out you for the world to see, you won’t be able to fake your way into love relationships again baby because everyone’s going to know your back alley. If you don’t want everyone to know who you are you had better pay me it’s the only out for you right now. Either you pay, or I play with your dad’s reputation because you know he doesn’t want anything scandalous out while he’s running for office. I suggest you write me a check for $20,000 and wait for me to come back for more. In exchange for your money, my mouth will stay closed, and I will let you take as much tranny cock as you want to. I’ve known for a long time now that you can help yourself you’ve got to get the big dicks, and you’ve got to have them stuffed in your ass tight hard and often. I don’t care how you behave I just want all the gifts and all the goodies your daddy’s precious money I just want all the gifts and all the goodies I don’t want you to ever forget that.

Anal Cum Dumpster Mommy

anal cum dumpsterAn anal cum dumpster like me, never has to worry about mess. Personally, I love the feel of cum up in my fuck holes, but I can never keep any inside me for long. I have cum loving brats who like my messy mommy holes. I came home from a gang bang last night. Not a paid one. I made a surprise appearance at a friend of my son’s party. His parents are away, and he threw a big bash. I brought over a few kegs for them and ended up getting fucked for hours by horny teen boys. I didn’t intend on being a gangbang whore, but I never say no to a bunch of teen boys with hard dicks. When I got home, the girls saw the look on my face. They knew what I had been up too and started begging for a treat. The cum in my twat or ass is their favorite kind of candy. My daughters laid on the floor and I squatted over each on pushing out some creamy deliciousness from my well fucked holes. It was like a momma bird feeding her babies. Cum strands came straight out of my ass and cunt and right into their mouths. I try to keep cum inside me because I love playing with it and I love the smell my pussy gets when I leave cum inside of me for a day or so. But, with some cum guzzling sluts at home, it is almost impossible to do.

Dirty butthole pleasure

Anal cum dumpsterI love being a naughty anal cum dumpster, there is nothing better than having my dirty butthole played with. I have so many sensitive nerve endings in and around my poop chute, I consider it to be my sweet spot! I love getting my taint sucked, having the soft skin between my cunt and asshole tickled with a wet tongue feels so fucking good. I’m a skanky ass hoe and my slutty fuck holes are yours to enjoy. Lemme shake my fat butt in your face and smother you with my delicious juices. Bring out your bag of blow, I wanna get super fucked up with you! Make my fuck holes gush and fill me up with cum. Finger my booty while you do some lines off my sloppy wet cunt. My shit holes needs to be stretched the fuck out.

Teachers pet

anal sex whoreFuck!! I dropped a baggy in class. I knew before I could turn around what had happen. My professor was going to get me booted from school and I could say goodbye to my tuition. I was awaiting the worst. I knew I was screwed. Mr. Dale told me to have a seat he was going to talk to me and had to clear things up. I knew he was going to go in on me about my stash. I was prepared for the worst case scenario. Mr. Dale locked the classroom door and dropped his pants right in front of me. He told me since I love blow so much I can blow him. He wasn’t going to leave me off the hook so easily. I was going to be his anal sex whore for the evening and he even did a few lines with me. His rock hard cock pounding me while my mind and body was in nirvana was the best. I loved that Mr. Dale did a few lines with me too and got fucked up with me.I became the teachers pet.

Gangbang Whore Central

Gangbang whore

All of my beautiful my girlfriend’s rented a motel room for my birthday. They told me they had a big surprise for me, I was uber excited I didn’t have any idea what it was my girlfriends were up to. My girls are so fucking fun they love to do the most where ever we go, and I really like them for that. We drank Moet and got drunk in the room, we were licking each other’s honey cunts while getting fucked up off of coke. Oh my God, it was amazing we ate marijuana brownies it was great. Then at 12 midnight, we got a knock at the door, and oh my goodness that’s when the party started. 15 guys walked into a room, and they were going to fuck me first because my girlfriends were fluffers for them. I feel so special the top slut I get as much cock as I want for me, of course, I love it cuz I’m a stupid slut inside. Gangbang Central I’m getting my cunt banged in fucking and getting fucked so hard. I must have got fucked by all of those guys at least twice. I got that birthday dick special 15 big hard dicks pulsating for me, the guys they were white and Spanish and black wow was all I could say. My girlfriends said they were specially chosen for me, they said they picked them all special for me, no cock was under 10 inches that was astounding. Cock for my birthday cock in my mouth cum all over the place I loved it.

Playing with My Sloppy Wet Pussy for You

sloppy wet pussyI have been playing with my sloppy wet pussy all night. My son and several of his horny friends came over last night and they wanted some pussy and beer. Two things always on hand at my trailer. The thing is I had already been fucked. I had been down at the truck stop earlier in the day to catch some truckers having lunch. I was looking to trade pussy and ass for some weekend blow. I had to fuck 12 truckers to get enough blow to last me for the weekend. When my son called me to bring some friends over to party Friday night, I already had a cum filled cunt. That never stopped me, and it never stopped my son and his friends. They don’t care if I have a dirty pussy or not. In fact, I think they prefer it. Good thing I got a ton of blow, because I had been up damn near 24 hours fucking by the time they left. They drank bear, nutted in my pussy and ass several times. I know his friends were just using me to bust their nuts, but I don’t care. I spread my legs easily, especially when its teen boys. They left a few hours ago. I took a quick nap, never showered because I wanted to play with my messy pussy for my callers. I am such a dirty old skank, but I think you like that about me, don’t you?

Tasmin Finds A Teen Anal Whore

Teen anal whore

I had this hot little blonde teen come into my office today. There was just something about her that made me think she would make a perfect teen anal whore. She had heard on the streets that the clinic I work at provides services that you cannot get else where. She wants a boob job but her parents are against it. It was so hard listening to her talk.

The whole time she was rattling on I was undressing her with my eyes. Thinking about how many different ways I could fuck her tight teen holes. When she finally finished and I told her that we would give her porn star boobs, but I needed to receive payment upfront. She gave me a dumb blonde stare and then told me she didn’t have any money. Oh baby girl this is going to work out perfect!

Because not only does Nurse Tamsin want to feel your soft wet tongue licking on my hot wet pussy, but I know quite a few men who will be more than willing to pay to fuck that tight teen ass. You were the first client of mine that popped into my head. Not only have you always been more than generous with your money, but I knew a hot teen slut would make your cock harder than Viagra.

Big dick sucker

I wanted to watch you spank her ass until it was red and glowing. I wanted to watch you fuck her tight teen ass with your big thick cock while I shoved her face into my juicy pussy. Most of all I knew how much you would enjoy watching me use all my different medical devices to fuck her hot wet pussy and tight teen ass getting her holes ready for your big hard cock. My mind is spinning out of control just thinking about all the dirty kinky things we will be able to do to this teen whore over the next few months.

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