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Teen Preps Slum For Trashy Milf Fucking

I love being a trashy milf! My sons bring me all the young boys to fuck. They are the best wingmen a mommy could have, and I reward them for it too. This past weekend, I was super horny. The weather was bad, so I couldn’t go to my usual haunts to get high and fuck. My youngest son had a brilliant idea. He told me he had lots of rich school friends who not only would love to fuck a hot whore like me but had access to coke too. He sent a few texts and an hour later 4 teen preppy boys came slumming to fuck this trailer trash whore. The best part was they all brought some cocaine. None of them did coke they said, but all their parents had stashes. It was cool that they didn’t do coke because all women will tell you that they love to fuck on coke, but they don’t want to fuck a man on coke because it can give men limp dicks. No limp dicks with my son’s friends, but then teen boys rarely have cock issues. My sons joined in on the gang bang. I must remember that when I want to get high and fuck, the teen boys from the right side of the train tracks know how to entertain this cougar.

Trashy Milf

Big Dick Sucker Faggot Son

My son was raised to be such a fucking cock whore that he is now a big dick sucker Sissy faggot that loves getting used. His favorite kind of used is just like mommy’s,. He loves to be used by massive black cocks. To get banged by a bunch is her ultimate sissy whore goal, and mommy is sure to make that happen for the little fucking slut. I invite my most extreme clients over to take her sweet little ass and gape the fuck out of it. We work out deals all the time, I get my cut in the whoring of that little whore son/ daughter of mine. I bet you would love to be the little whore and be served up into a jailhouse gangbang of thug nigger cocks.

Big dick sucker

Making a Sloppy Wet Pussy Sloppier

sloppy wet pussyI woke up with a sloppy wet pussy this morning. Instead of taking a shower to wash the stank off me, I decided to get even more cum. The young boys that walk past my place every morning to catch the school bus don’t care about sloppy seconds. They are just grateful to be getting any pussy at all. So, with my creampie pussy, I ushered some young studs into my trailer for my morning protein fix. I could have been doused in jizz head to toe and those boys still would have fucked me. That is what young boys do. They fuck, preferably older women like me. A trashy milf does the sex shit they see on Porn Hub. Mature women take it in the ass. We let them cum on our tits. We have tits to cum on! I don’t have to be in pristine condition for schoolboys to fuck me. I had a milf gang bang before 8 am this morning. Still with the cum in my cunt from the night before, I added to the mix with schoolboy jizz. I had so much cum in me by the time the school bus picked up my local boys, you would have thought I just filmed a bukkake porn. Best start to the morning ever.

Hot stripper sex

hot stripper phone sex

I absolutely love dressing like a little whore and shaking my ass for some cash.Becoming a dancer was the perfect gig for me. Last night I had my eyes set on you the moment you walked up to my stage.There was nothing hotter than watching your dick grow in your pants while I danced for you. I would slide up and down the pole and grind on it as I stared at you. I knew how bad I was teasing you. I gathered up all the cash you were throwing at me and left the stage. I found out that you bought a private dance. I took you to the room and you pulled it out. Once I saw the size of your monster cock, I wanted to ride it just as bad as you wanted me to. I gave you an extra special dance. I pulled my panties to the side and let you slide your fat dick inside as I swirled my hips around on you. The dance didn’t last the full 15 minutes because you filled me with cum in no time. That was the best private dance I’ve ever given anyone.

Trailer Trash Whore

trailer trash whoreThe life of a trailer trash whore is never dull. I was at the beach the other day soaking up some rays now that the hurricane has passed. Some college boys were playing beach volleyball near me. The beach was not busy. The water was still a bit rough so there were no surfers. I got up and joined the volleyball game. I crashed the game but no one said a word. They were happy to watch an old broad’s tits bounce up and down. Before long, I was naked. They were naked too. I looked around for sand cops but saw none. The boys took off their swim trunks and I was a gangbang whore on the beach. I have sand burns. I live in Florida, but I rarely go to the beach. I prefer getting fucked in my trailer park pool. I was not going to pass up fucking on the beach on a nice day with no one else around for miles. I got on all fours, and volleyball studs fucked me one after another. I was a cum dump. The sand was clumping around me from getting wet with jizz. Summer is almost over. I am going to make the most of what is left of summer.

Mr Pervert Wilson


He’s been a bad man for a very long time now we call him the town pervert. The first time I encountered the town pervert was when I was very young, and this motherfucker tried to get me into his motel room which was down the street from my own house. I was walking by the motel where he was renting a room. Hey, little girl he screamed, would you like some candy? My mother was impoverished in fact at the time my mother and my father were drug addicts, so we didn’t have very much money at all. in fact whenever we did have money my parents spent the money on drugs. I thought to myself before going over to the town pervert that I was starving, and I was a little girl, so candy was a full-course meal from me. I walked over, and he led me into his motel room. He told me his name was Mr. Wilson, and Mr. Wilson offered me candy and food. Did I forget to mention that I was extremely hungry I hadn’t eaten in such a long time? I started to eat the food like a ravished beast as he watched me. All of a sudden, I turned around because Mr. Wilson was very quiet. I noticed that he was jacking his cock while he was watching me eat my food. It was disturbing to see a grown man jacking his cock right in front of my face, but I was hungry, and I had to eat. I asked him what was he doing. He told me that he was massaging his sausage for me. I turned around and started eating my food again before you know it, Mr. Wilson was walking up to me with a very hard veiny cock. He asked me if I was still hungry for some meat I told him I was full, but he insisted that I taste his hot sausage. He grabbed the back of my head, and he stuffed his cock deep down my throat; he started dancing in my mouth, and I began to like it. That was my first encounter with Mr pervert Wilson, but it was not my last.

Drunk girl fucking in a bar

Drunk girl fucking

There is something so sexy about a drunk girl fucking a new guy the first time she meets him. I met a guy at the bar tonight. I’m not 21 yet so he was buying me drinks all night. He got me drunk so quickly that I was willing to do anything for him. He bent me over the pool table and lifted my skirt up in the back. He pulled his cock out right there in the bar and started to rub it across my butt softly. He pushed hard into my tight virgin asshole. I felt the sharp sting of being stretched, as he slid his 9 inch, rock hard cock right into me. He held me down and fucked me hard in the ass, over the pool table. He collapsed into me as he thrusted one last time and exploded inside of my tight ass. I sucked his fat cock until he was hard again, so that he could fill my pussy this time. He filled every hole of mine full of his hot, sticky cum.

Stranger in my bed


Big dick sucker

Last night a perverted stranger got in my bed and told me he wanted me to give him a little cum-busting head, so I told him okay. This stranger had a big fat cock it was about 12 inches or more it was thick too it was so amazing. My pussy was yearning to be fucked to I wanted it more than he thought I did I wanted it’s so bad. My body is needing to be a description of all your rape fantasy you can have me if you want me I’ve always dreamed of a strange man sneaking in my bedroom window at night while I’m asleep. I want to be taken advantage of I want my mouth to be covered while he’s fucking me. My pussy is so wet right now all I need is to be taken control of by a hard cock. If I scream, I want him to pound me harder and make me shut up right now. I need a heartless fucker who’s not afraid of an amount of damage. I need a slut-shaming motherfucker who wants to be bad tonight. I’m not scared of being treated like a tramp. Just like the men who came into my window, he tied me down to my bed with my pantyhose. And when I couldn’t move, he shoved his big fat cock so deep inside my pussy that it made me squirt everywhere. All I know is I love being dominated, so when he was fucking me, it felt like heaven on Earth. He slapped me with his cock and then stuffed it down my throat, he choked me like a fucking disastrous whore. I pretended that I was afraid, and I pretended that I wanted him to stop, but I was pleading for him to get worse deep inside my mind. Does that make me a nasty whore who likes to be bad, does that make me a hypocrite because I’m a preacher’s daughter? I’ve got to know because ever since that night I’ve been so horny for it to happen to me again. Can you do that to me can you make me feel like a fulfilled rape fantasy for you?

Tranny Hooker Is Back On The streets Bitches

tranny phone sex

My Pussy was throbbing in beat to my shemale cock as I lit a menthol and watched the girls working the corner. I was tucked neatly in and was waiting for you. And then there you were, the girls said you had the good shit. Three of them were at your car trying to get you to pick them. Rumor was you had a nice big cock and you were a little freaky. That’s why these sluts were showing tits and doing anything to get you to pick those street whores up! I stepped from the shadows and started walking up the street. I knew you would follow me. ‘Henrietta!” get in baby!” “Where you been?” I knew you all to well I know men talked about the shemale and her love for cock and coke.

“I am looking for real action tonight playa, so unless you paying and playing I anit got no time for you.”

The baggy of crystal and cash had me interested, “Promise you wont run train on my ass again?”  You grinned and said get in the car and take the duct tape off, I make no promises my tranny slut! MMM, I love a forceful man!


It was quite a show!

live phone sexI went to a concert last night and it was an awesome show but I wanted more, I wanted to go backstage and actually meet them yanno? Well I didn’t have passes but I did have a hot body and slutty attitude so I went back to where the roadies were and gave them a show so I could get backstage access. They wanted to see me strip and masturbate so I got totally naked for them and fingered my pussy till I squirted. Then I sucked a few cocks and got backstage where I wanted to be. The band was so hot and so kinky too. They all took turns with me and I love every second of it! I was stuffed full of cock and load after load if cum too it was the best night of my life! I can’t wait to do it again I’ll be following this band to the next town tonight.

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