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Jerk your dick while I watch

Cum eating phone sexI know that you love to have an audience while you masturbate and it turns me on so much to see you put on a show for me! I’m wearing my sexy little g-string and sucking on my lollipop while I look you dead in the eyes as you stroke that cock! I’m so wet and horny and get even wetter with each stroke of that rock hard dick of yours. I love hearing you moan loud as your eyes roll to the back of your head. My slutty girlfriend just arrived to the house and she wants to join in on the fun and watch you with me too! Cum eating phone sex is our specialty and we wanna prove that to you! The more of an audience the merrier, it only makes you wanna jerk yourself harder and faster! All of your pre-cum is splashing out and showering your torso & making a big ole’ mess. My girlfriend and I are no ready for the main event, baby. Show us how much sperm you have imploded into that throbbing shaft of yours! Don’t spare a single drop, we wanna get fucking filthy and clean you up so don’t worry about causing a huge puddle for us to lick all up! Put our tongues to work and let us show you how fuckin dirty we love to be!

Glory Hole Whore

Cum eating phone sex

I fucking love sucking off strange cock, I don’t give a fuck who it is attached to. I am so addicted to cum, my favorite glory hole spot in town is in the trashiest, run down sex shop. The guys that come by just cum buckets of their splooge into my awaiting teen whore mouth. I love getting on my hands and knees in the dirty, crusty adult video store back room. Getting my knees scraped up on the floor while cock after cock comes through that grimy glory hole waiting to pump thick dick cum down to my belly. I love getting cum drunk on thick glory hole cum. My throat loves getting fucked so hard. I love cum eating and being a cum dumpster slut. By the time I have had my fill, my cunt just dribbles so wet that I need to get fucked so hard. I love making my pussy and asshole a glory hole offering and getting fucked right in that back room.

Naughty Cock Pimp


No taboo phone sex

I want to fuck you in the park when all of the lights are on that’s right in the middle of the night. I want to fuck you in a car at a drive-in movie theater. You can do all those naughty fucking things to me. I want to grab your fucking cock right in front of a group of old ladies. I want to take your cock out of your pants and make those old ladies get down on their knees, and they will do it with no problem as soon as they see your big fat dick. Your cock is fabulous, it’s, and I really thought that I should tell you. My mom said you’re the best fuck that she’s ever had. That’s why I know that old ladies are really going to love you because my mom and my grandma both love your cock. My grandma says she loves the taste of your cock she loves to suck it all the time she says it reminds her of the old days when guys had big fucking cocks. I know I want to be your pimp. I can sell you to all these old girls. I can make them feel young again. You know how to deal with geriatric whores you’re the best in the fucking game. Honestly, I think I’m in love with the money you’re going to make me. I don’t have feelings like those other bitches about their boyfriends not doing this, and that all I want is money, that means that my boyfriend is open for business. I will even sell you to a few hot guys that really want big dicks stuffed into their asses. You are amazing. I think I already told you that, but I want you to know for sure that I appreciate you. Come suck me give me a taste of what the rest of those bitches are going to be getting I want you so bad you make me horny as fuck. I love to watch you fuck those old girls those bitches are really insane; they love your cock so much. So come along we’ve got work to do. I’ve got to sell your cock.

Bukkake Whore and Big Dick Sucker

Big Dick Sucker

I know you have filthy fucking wet dreams of mommy being a big dick sucker, and we both know that that is exactly what I am, and I love to make you one also. My son will always be a dirty ittle cock sucker sissy thanks to his stripper whore mommy raising him the way I did. I’d bring him to work with me from a young age and he would hang out with the other strippers in the dressing room. They had so much fun with him as he was dazzled by the stripper outfits and all the glitter, frilly pretties and feathery accents. He wanted to play dress up and they girls had lots of fun playing with him. His pretty young face would get whore make-up all over it and he just had lips that screamed to be made up with pretty colors and made for sucking dick. He really took after mommy and I know you wish to play with a mommy like me also.

cum guzzling slut

Two Wives

Cum guzzling slut


Your dick is a miracle I love to slobber on it so much I want to worship you every single night. When you come home you make me want to fuck you right all I think about is making you feel just like a man. You’re a Raging Beast you’ve got a horribly huge cock your dick is thick it’s hard it’s so fucking heavy, and I love it. I think about you when you’re away I dream about you when I’m awake that’s the hold you have over me. You make me dream you make me wonder you make me want you so fucking bad I’m aching for your body right now. I know your fiance she has no idea that we are still together I don’t give a fuck at all. You’ve got to live, and as far as I am concerned, you have got two wives to because I am your wife and she is going to be. You can have what you want with me when you’re tired of her come and drive your cock inside of my wet pussy. I am better than her, and I’ll prove it I’ll suck your cock from the back I know that’s how you like it, but she has no idea how to do it. I know you’re only going to marry her because her father has so much cash, it’s okay. I support you because we are going to break the bank. I want you to choke me ever so gently when you fuck me as I climax you can squeeze because I love it. Don’t forget when you put that ring on her finger that before you go on your honeymoon, you need to come in fuck me for at least 4 hours.

cum dumpster turned crack whore

My stepdad has been ruining my cunt for a while. Lately, I have been going over to the basement every Wednesday night where all the guys smoke crack and gamble. I am such a filthy trashy whore that I don’t mind being their cum dumpster. I had never even done crack before, but having the second-hand smoke pierce out of the basement hit my face and made me so horny. I do plenty of coke but its time for this druggy teen slut to do some more. I will do anything to be a high junkie slut. Cum and cock all day it is part of my nutrition. A right menu consists of jizz for me. Taking all of their old cocks in me drives me wild.

cum dumpster

Fist Me by The Pool

Fisting Phone Sex

My pussy is used and ready to be used again. When a used-up whore like me is horny as fuck, I would stop at nothing to get off. I took a perfect opportunity to stop by the community pool and lay out teasing all the teen boys with my tight cheerleader body. They all wanted to fuck me so bad but I had my eyes on the dirty old men ogling my tight little body. I love rubbing my clit right by the pool, but I think I got too carried away, before I knew it, my entire bikini was completely thrown off to the side. I rubbed my cunt and played with my hard pink nipples right there. The old perve from the other side of the pool swam right up to me and licked my fucking cunt right there on the edge of the pool! Then he took his fingers and rubbed my clit and finger fucked my wet dirty whore pussy slipping in more and more fingers until his entire fist was fucking me elbow deep! My pussy was wetter than the fucking pool and squirted all over!

Get high with me

Druggy phone sex

Sex while you’re fucked up and high as hell is the best sex. When I’m on something, it’s like my body feels all tingly and my pussy and nipples are more sensitive than ever before. I don’t care what it is, weed, coke, pills, I love it all. I especially love it when I can blaze up on a call or do a line at the same time as you and then get really nasty. We’ll use your drug of choice and once we’re nice and fucked up, I want to hear about all the hot and dirty things you want to do to me while I rub my wet pussy and let that euphoric and relaxing feeling from the drugs wash over me. The best orgasms of my life have been when I’m blitzed and too faded to think straight. That sounds like a lot of fun to me. What do you think?

Dirty Dick For A Dirty Whore

Dirty phone sexHow much of a dirty girl do u want me to be for you? You know a dirty girl like me will do anything. As long as I can have your used up dick forced deep down my throat, sucking and licking all of that dried up cum, I am yours to do whatever you want. After I am done cleaning all of that tasty cum off of your throbbing dick how about you force that monsters into my ass stretching my tight hole out real good. When you’re about to cum deep inside my white trash ass I want you to whip your dick out of me and force that dirty dick into my mouth. Make me taste my own asshole like the white trash I am. I want your hard fat dick so deep down my throat I am choking and gagging. All you will be able to see is my dirty brown spit running out of my mouth down to your balls. Force my head under those big cummed filled balls making me clean you up. Maybe we can get a little nastier and you force my head down a little further to your asshole. Make me not only taste the inside of my asshole but yours too. It’s time to get nasty with this white trash whore


cum dumpsterOnce again I got catfish by a fat slimy loser who just so happened to have a huge cock. I guess it wasn’t too bad to be fooled. His cock was massive, and he did have plenty of cum and cock and coke. My favorite C’s if you don’t know by now. I was turned into his cum dumpster, and I didn’t care to be his cum rag. I was going to get my high and pleasure. I know he loved bossing me around and sticking his dick in all of my slits. I could see he was both thrilled I was letting him fuck me, but also he was taking out all his frustration out on my cunt and ass. I knew he was expecting me to reject him. This hottie doesn’t reject massive dick and drugs.

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