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drug dealer on speed dial

cum dumpsterI have my drug dealer on speed dial. I am so ready to get high and get fucked. After working all day, all I want is my holes fucked, and I want to be high as hell. I spread my ass and let him take it with each pound. My eyes roll back, and my juicy pussy starts to drip. I can feel my cunt begging for some meat too, Cum inside me and make me your cum dumpster. Together we get fucked up and ready to be used some more. My drug dealer gives me two of the things I want and need in this whole world. Drugs and dick will always be my favorite combo ever. Nasty girls always get what they want.

Playing with My Cum Filled Cunt

cum filled cuntI love playing with my cum filled cunt, especially on calls. I woke with a messy pussy. Honestly, last night is a blur. I remember lots of black cock. The way my ass and pussy looked when I woke up, it was clear that I had nigger dick in me. My fuck holes only gape like that with big black cock. I was a hot fucking mess. When I got a cum whore call, I was prepared. Cum is a great hangover cure. I started scooping out cum from my cunt to feed myself. I shit some out of my ass in a cup and drank that too. I am always prepared for a cum call because I am a cum dumpster. I have cum in the frig and the ice box. Today, I had cum in my pussy and ass too. I love the taste of cum. Thick, chunky cum in my fuck holes tastes the best, however. I will eat fresh cum or old cum because I am a cum whore. 

Scat phone sex

My limitations do not exceed just a young cock to fuck, or me doing whatever I can to get high. Sometimes I just feel like some Scat phone sex. I remember my first experience, I was so young then, inexperienced and willing to try anything. My boyfriend at the time came home from work one day, he was mad and started to do the usual and beat my ass. I didn’t dare fight back, and before I knew it he was forcing his cock into my ass. He slammed his dick in and out of my young ass and before long he was taking it out, and making me suck on it. He pushed my head down on it and forced me to suck. I pulled back telling him there is shit on it! He growled at me and said that’s the point and shoved it down my throat some more. It didn’t take long before he had me eating his ass, cleaning it all up for him. He introduced me to piss, shit and the beauty of getting truly nasty and dirty. And to say the least, I am definitely in the mood!Trashy milf

Fuck my Sloppy Wet Pussy

Sloppy wet pussy

I know how much you just love fucking my sloppy wet pussy with your big hard dick! I get wet just thinking about you and your perfect throbbing member and it makes my pussy twitch. My cunt is always dripping wet and ready for your cock. Anytime and anywhere. Wanna have a quicky in the bar bathroom? A fuck in the back of the car? Bent over the kitchen counter? I’m always ready! I love when you pound me hard and rough and deep like you just can’t get enough of me. Have me face down in the bed and ass up so you can see my pretty pink pussy and tight little ass! Or on my back legs spread wide so you can get a perfect view of my spread pussy lips. Fuck me and fill me up with your hot cum! I just can’t get enough!



Your a Cock Sucker, Admit It!

Get down and suck my tranny cock like the cum eating faggot you desire to be with hot tranny phone sex fun. I want to make you a cum eater as I trance talk you into it in a very hypnotic sexy voice. Telling you you love to eat your chode, you crave the taste of cum, you jerk off only to appease your need of eating your own spooge. I will make you swallow my load after load until you confess and prove to me that you really do love, crave and need to eat cum. That itch of  dissatisfaction in life is the lacking of your cock sucking chores. Fulfill the need that hovers over you and start taking cock sucking on as your favorite pleasure, and it’s always easier to give in with a hot, sexy shemale, so submit to Josie cock sucker.

Tranny phone sex

Sent to the Principal’s Office

Golden Showers phone sex

I couldn’t help feeling so fucking horny today at school, while in gym class. I couldn’t keep my eyes off the boys running around with their thick cocks swinging in their gym shorts, I was practically already fingering myself in the bleachers just watching them. When our gym coach told them to head into the lockers to wash up, I followed them right in and offered up my dirty teen holes for them to savagely fuck and fill up. Needless to say, the gym coach walked in and caught me getting railed out and gang banged by nearly thirty boys in my class! He sent me straight to the principal’s office. I sat in that chair oozing and leaking cum from my fuck holes and told the principal that I just couldn’t help myself. I told the principal that I couldn’t be sent to class leaking fresh cum all over the desk chair! I needed help getting cleaned up. I climbed onto the principal’s desk and showed him my leaky fuck holes. He spread my legs wide and started slurping up that oozing cum from my dirty fuck holes. He then laid out on the floor and I squatted right over his face and squeezed out as much cum as I could to cover his entire fucking face. It dripped down into his mouth and I decided that he should wash it down with my hot wet piss! I gave my principal the dirtiest golden shower right there in his office while he had his tongue in my asshole scooping out all that juicy thick cum. He begged for more of my hot piss and I made sure to squat right over his exposed veiny cock and let my piss rain and trickle down all over his cock and balls.

I Get Even

Cum guzzling slut


I love being a fucking cunt bitch it’s like my favorite thing to do. I was looking at your husband, and he was looking at me, I must say he really enjoyed peeping at my tight plump little ass. Your husband is a pervert I need you to know that because he really keeps lusting after me and guess what I’m a pervert too, so that means your husband is going to get lucky, bitch. I could not ever stand you ever since you first moved into this apartment complex looking all high and mighty with your beautiful blonde hair and your big blue eyes and your nice tight gym body; honestly, it made me want to hurl. Your husband though he makes it all worth it because I know that you’re not that good in bed; otherwise, he would not have been lusting so fucking hard after me. Let me tell you what happened when you were away on your business trip last week. Your husband and his huge fat cum-filled cock came over to my house asking me for sugar, can you imagine sugar. It was hilarious to me I let him write in I excused myself I told him that I was going to the kitchen to get his sugar, I returned wearing a pair of pink lace panties and a little bitty matching pink lace bra. His cock your husband that is, his cock thought so fucking hard right then and there. I walked over to him. I told your husband to touch my body, and he did the next thing you know, we were fucking seriously on my living room floor. I’m sorry I’m such a nasty freaky fucking whore, but your husband isn’t sorry he loves it. I’m sure you’re upset, but I’ve got another secret to tell you I videotaped the whole thing and this is your present to look at over and over again. The moral of this story is don’t you ever be rude to me you dirty bitch if you love your man because I don’t get mad I get even, and I get fucked.

Blonde Fucking Dirty Whore

blonde fucking Most men want to enjoy a blonde fucking whore. Blondes have more fun, right? I decided to get gussied up last night and take a walk on the right side of the tracks. Every now and again, I get a wild hair and decide I should pick up some rich boy. My community is just like the film Pretty in Pink. The rich folks live on one side of the train tracks, and the section 8 homes and trailer parks are on the side by the docks and water. When I step into one of the clubs on the good side of the tracks, I look like I don’t belong. I am dressed like a trailer trash whore. I don’t talk like I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth and I don’t act like it either. The women hate me, but the men love me. As I walked into the club in my skintight spandex dress and stripper shoes, men eyeballed me the women raised their disapproving brows. The first cute guy to buy me a drink was getting fucked. This rich boy approached me. His name was James and he was home from Harvard. He said he wished more women looked like me. He bought me several drinks and after the last Tequila shot, we were shagging in the men’s room. I was bent over a urinal getting fucked by an Ivy League boy. I could see the urinal cake. I was likely the first woman in that bathroom because all the stuck up bitches in the club looked like the type that would never fuck in a bathroom. My Harvard boy ushered in some more rich boys to fuck me. Holy fuck. They ravaged my ass and pussy; made me a dirty gangbang whore. That is not a complaint! I was proud to walk out of the club with cum leaking out my holes. I got what I came for.

Teen Anal Whore Cindy

Teen Anal Whore

I’m a teen anal whore and proud of it! There’s something so nasty about being an anal only slut. The look on your face when I stop you from fucking my pussy and tell you to use my ass instead is fantastic! That look of confusion, surprise and lust is so fucking sexy to me. My tight little asshole can be stretched to accommodate the biggest of dicks and the roughest of fucks. Just start a little slow, lube up your cock and you can fuck my ass just like a pussy. It can really take a pounding! I love every inch of cock and every minute of a hard dick fucking my little asshole. Feels so good and so dirty that I can cum over and over again! I really love being used as an anal cum dumpster when you shoot your hot load inside of me!

Dark secrets

latina phone sexCum fuck me roughly. I know you have a thing for sexy Latinas who have no limits what so ever. I don’t mind digging deep into your perverse mind and taking out all your naughty secrets. We both know you have deep dark skeletons in your closet. Don’t be shy and let me show you I can be your perfect accomplice — a sexy latina whore who will do anything for cum in her tight twat. Your jizz is a complete treat for me. You are well aware of all the things that turn you on, and I am ready to make you live out all the nasty latina phone sex and porn you have always needed to experience. You want to get a do it all whore on her knees. I will be your willing slut.

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