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Hardcore Street Slut HAdley



cum dumpster

Cum dumpster slutty whore Hadley is working the corner showing most of my body even part of my cunt shows, and I don’t give a fuck! I love showing my little cunt off to the dirty old perves! They will fall in love with my cunt the minute they see it and smell it! I’ll get close to the window give them a little taste of my pussy, and they are hooked! They feel me up roughly and put me in their car, and right away they let me snort a line right off their cock. I love it when they spoil me with coke on those big cocks. I keep sucking your dick while you drive to the hotel. I just tease you, but don’t let you cum. I’m waiting to get in bed with you so I could hop on top of you penetrating my cunt raw and waiting for you to shoot your loads of cum into my cunt! Bareback only for this whore. This dirty streetwalker wants all of that creamy hot load tonight, I can’t go without my fix or my dicks!

A Messy Cum Filled Cunt

cum filled cuntI have been playing with my cum filled cunt all morning. I had a wild fucking weekend. A boy in the trailer park turned 18 and he threw one hell of a party. That was Saturday night. The party didn’t end until today when he had to go to school. His mom is a stripper; she was gone all weekend at a private gig. I was glad she was gone because that made me the only mature woman there. All those young boys wanted to fuck me. And they fucked me over and over and over. It was me and about 15 high school boys for almost 48 hours. I have not been fucked like that in a very long time. I let the boys share my coke and it turned them into sex machines. They rabbit fucked my ass and pussy. I don’t think I slept much. We would dose, wake up and start fucking again. I smell like a boy’s locker room and I am covered in cum. Some of it has dried and is matted to my hair. I have old cum and fresh cum in my pussy and ass too. I need a shower, but I am having too much fun playing with my dirty holes.

Brother In Law

cum dumpsterYes, I love to have sloppy seconds. I don’t want to be with you, I want you’re used dried up cum cock in my pussy. Fuck your wife or girlfriend, Let that pussy cum dry on your cock. Then give me a call, tell me you are on your way. Trust me I will be waiting for you. That is what my sister’s husband did. Once he knew I loved to fuck and suck the dried up cum off of a used up pussy cock he was instantly hooked. He saw my post online and asked me was I joking. I told him no, not at all. He told me he just got done fucking my sister real good and would love for me to clean him up with my slutty tight pussy and watery mouth.  I told him to get to me as fast as he could. My sister recently told me that he has been having sex with her a lot lately. Hmmm, I wonder why.

I love being a nasty whore

live phone sexI love being a nasty whore so much that I decided to really go all in on it last night. I posted an ad online to fuck for money and I decided that I was going to fuck as many men as I possibly could. I answered every ad and fucked everyone that showed up, it was the nastiest fuck fest ever. I didn’t shower in between, I just let every single one of them cum in me over and over so that by the end of the night I was literally laying in a pool of cum. It was dripping down my thighs and all over my face but all the men loved it. I was getting so many really nasty men but the last two were definitely the most twisted of them all. They showed up at my door together and wanted to double team me and I was all over that. They saw me all covered in cum and instead of reacting with disgust they were happy! They told me I was a nasty whore and started off by pissing all the cum off my face. Then they fucked the shit out of me and added their cum to the mix it was hot as fuck!

Give Up The Fuck Holes

Druggy phone sex The pain in my ass is making me scream, this only angers you more. You start yelling “shut the fuck up you stupid whore” while wrapping a cord around my neck. Burying your cock deeper into my raw ass. I’m crying and choking, I can’t breathe at all and all of a sudden I feel your fists on the back of my head. I start to see black and know I am going to pass out soon from you choking me, from you punching me. I can hear your slurs of hate towards me. You want me to suffer, you want to violate me. You are not done with his torture and humiliation. You want to make sure I know my place, make sure I don’t forget I am nothing but a fuck toy. My only purpose in life is to be a cock warmer with all three of my holes. I don’t know when it happens, but I black out waking up with you forcing your cock all the way into my throat. Fucking it just like my ass, I can taste myself on your cock, feel you forcing it all the way down my throat and yanking my hair to force it in deeper. I am starting to gag violently, but this doesn’t stop you if anything this encourages you. I feel like this makes your cock harder, struggling against you but knowing there’s no use. I can taste your precum, it makes me wet knowing I am pleasing you which only proves that I really am only good for being a fuck toy. You slap my face as you push your cock to the back of my throat, coating it with your warm sticky load. You’re laughing and moaning and telling me to “choke on it bitch” and I do. I have learned my lesson! The next time I offer my slutty fuck holes for your drugs I will give up the fuck holes.

Boy Cunt Bitch

Shemale phone sex

Hear me out bitch you were never worth anything in this whole fucking world. I know that you think you’re worth something but you’re a liar I want you to know that you’re nothing you don’t mean anything at all tramp. I am going to break you down until you’re on the ground you’re not going to get up bitch your just going to take my fucking abuse. You are a dusty cum guzzling lot lizard slut, and you deserve to be treated like one for sure. I want you to be my slave forever that means I’m going to sell you to my sleazy guy friends. You’re worth only 20 bucks, and you’re not going to get a dime of it; I just want you to be nasty. You better call me master because I am your fucking Master bitch I want you to know. I think you’re such a drag so I’m going to let whoever wants to run a fucking train on you do it and they will have fun tossing you around over and over every night. You’re my fucking slave slut and you are a fuck up, everything you do is nothing, you’re worthless don’t you know. I’m your master I am your fucking Queen you better listen to what I say. Your little boy pussy is going to pay the price you’re going to get busted open all the time. I want you to dress like a fucking whore I want you to dress like a skank bitch. I want you to know that you’re ugly until I put lipstick on your lips and blush on your fucking cheeks you are a silly little fucking faggot a dirt bitch and I’m going to treat you just like you deserve to be treated. All the sleaze bag guys I know we’re going to stuff their big fat dicks inside of your boy pussy all night every night all the time. If you ever say no I’m going to strap on my big 12-inch cock and fuck you Like a Hurricane. You will pay for being so insignificant and I think you like that. I think you love being treated like a nothing whore I think you really get off on being my slave. I’m ready to teach you how to behave boy cunt bitch.

Trashy MILF Beverly

trashy milf I love being a trashy milf. Good soccer moms are boring as fuck. My son and daughter are grown up now, but I have some dirty stories from when they were young. I remember this one time, when my son was in high school. I had been partying all night fucking and doing lines of coke. The school called me because my son got in trouble. I had to go get him and meet with the principal. I looked like a whore in a cat house. My make-up was smeared on my face. I smelled like a brewery. Cum was matted on my neck and legs. I was dressed like a street corner hooker. I had no business on school grounds, but I was fucked up and sleep deprived. I showed up anyway. All the school boys and girls were staring at me in awe as I walked the school halls. All the teachers were looking at me with disgust. I got my skanky lot lizard sex ass to the principal’s office and bailed my son out of trouble. Apparently, the principal liked the trashy whore look and let me blow him under his desk in front of my son to prevent him from being expelled. I left the principal’s office more of a cum dump than when I arrived, but according to my son, I was mother whore of the year.

Cum Slut

Creampie sex storiesI want to be your Cum dumpster, Cum guzzling Slut I will be whatever you want me to be and if you think of any more sexy slut names I want to hear about them. I want your hard cock to fill any hole you want. Go deep in me thrusting your way hard and fast through my tight ass. My ass is so tight it will be pulling the pre-cum right out of your swelled up cock. Fuck me in my mouth choking me every time you are deep down my throat, making my eyes water. I want your cock to make me cry like I just got done cutting onions. Dig deep into my pussy making me feel every inch of you, go so far it feels like your in my stomach. To know your cum is mixing with mine is so intoxicating. When you’re done I want to clean you up real nice. Your cum is my dessert and I want every last drop of it.

Pissy pussy

water sport sexWater sports sex pays the bills. I have a guy that pays top dollar so that I can piss on him. It is so easy to get him to shell out a couple g’s for me. All those benjamins make me happy. I like filling up on my coke habit and having extra cash to hold me the whole month. I met this piss loving freak at the bayside beach. I knew he was looking at me extra hard, so I stuck up a conversation. I knew he had money and I saw an opportunity. Once I figured out he was into being pissed on and sucking and licking pissy pussy I was in like sin. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do if the price is right. My golden shower lover likes to lick my clit and play with my pissy twat till I cum all over his face. I sit on his face for hours after I have sucked the life out his cock. 

Stress Relief

Dirty phone sexLet me be your medicine baby. I want you to use me for your own pleasure. Treat me like nothing more than your sex toy. Do things to me that you never thought you could do to anyone or I can do things to you in return. I got my strap on ready if you like it in the ass. I want you to save that load you have been holding in for so long just for me. Let’s say you have had a long day at work. You can call me up to tell me you’re on your way, I will stop everything I am doing just so I can see you have pleasure in using me. I want your eyes to roll in the back of your head while you are cumming. Don’t be afraid to tell me your deepest desires. Nothing is too much for me. The freakier it is, the hornier I get. Seeing how good my slutty ass made you cum will satisfy my hunger baby. To see doing whatever you want to me. Damn, I love that shit.

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