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You said you wanted something nasty. I didn’t think you could handle me at the nastiest, but I was definitely going to put you to the test. I took some laxatives and waited til you pounded that ass with your cock. I exploded liquified shit all over your cock. It was such a hot smelly fucking mess and it turned both of us on so much! You were so pleasantly surprised. You’re so ducking nasty, that’s why you and I are such a great pair! Our phone sex is the nastiest there is! I want you to leave that cock nice and shitty when you fuck my cum filled cunt! I can’t wait to have a taste of it either! I’m so happy I finally found someone who can get nasty with me! 

Dirty phone sex

Little Cunny For Crack

Druggy phone sexMy little girls have a big day ahead of them. They will be fucking my dealer and five of his friends. I was getting a big bag of my crack for their tight little young holes. When the guys showed up I had the girls dressed in little lingerie. My girls were flirting with the men rubbing their little bodies up against the men. I told my girls to lay down and spread their legs. I walked over and spread their little cunny lips with my fingers. I wanted to show those men how sweet and pink their cunnies were. I stuck a finger in my one little girl and the men could see how tight her cunny hole was. I was thrown my bag of crack and told to move aside get high and enjoy the show. Which is exactly what I did.

Campus cum dumpster

cum dumpsterMost girls in school are looking to be titled most likely to be successful most likely to be famous. I was voted cum dumpster. It started out as a joke between the guys but it ended up making its way all thru social media. The girls can’t stand me and that okay with me. I am a hit with their boyfriends. I am the life of the party and I don’t deny I have great oral skills. I can make any guy break up with their girlfriend. I have always been fond of group activities. You can say I was into all the major school extracurricular activies. The jocks loved me and even the techs got a hold of me. I have always been into men with big cocks. I find that nerds are packing downstairs. My teachers have also gotten to know how much of a cum loving slut I really am. I think I got the title I was hoping for.

Fuck Me Hard


Cum guzzling slut

I like to get fucked, and I want to fuck now I want my pretty pussy licked I want my ass licked too. I love to get drilled, and I want you to drill me you can fuck me in the back of your car it really Thrills me. I’m a nasty whore I’m a cunt whore bitch I like to be nasty I can’t wait to get fucking out of control. You can do whatever you want you can bring your brother along I need to fill both of my holes up and I’ve got my father here too I’ll suck his cock in front of your face and make you feel so hot. Do you like it really wild I’m asking you because I can make it come true? What are your fantasies what are your dreams are your joys for me so fucking hot? I’m a cum guzzling slut I like orgies you can put some fucking Dick’s sausages inside of my cunt. Nasty bitches like me we never worried about girlfriends I’ll fuck you in front of your girl I don’t give a fuck. You can fuck me real hard in front of my boyfriend because he’s a wimp I made sure of that so do you want to do more than just be a bystander. I don’t have a lot of love because love is for weak bitches I’ve got a lot of cum because I’m a cum guzzling whore. My cunt is always trying to satisfy you if you’re nasty as fuck then I like that because I’m nasty too.
Like I said I like to get fucked I love to suck dick I want and I desire to be fucked really hard. Kiss my ass suck my booty do whatever makes me feel good I promise you I’m going to do the same. Would you like a rimshot I can give you the best one I’ll have you shaking and twitching and begging for more? Who’s the sluttiest whore in the fucking place I would think that that was me I can get fucked in the morning I can get fucked in the evening. I’ll fuck you right in front of my grandpa why he jacks his old wrinkly dick because he knows exactly who I am he took part in making me this. Do you want to make me moan and groan I can suck your dick to the balls you can shoot cum down my throat I’ll let you do it all night long. Get nasty with me I don’t have any taboos whatsoever. With me, you’re going to have the time of your life you’re definitely going to bust a big fat fucking load, and you’ll be coming back for more I guarantee.

Cum filled cunt

Cock Worshipping Cum Whore

Cum guzzling slut

I was looking at an online website and it said to describe myself. The first words that popped into my head were cock worshipping cum whore. I don’t care what color cock you have whether it is black, white, or brown. I want to wrap my pretty little lips around it and suck the cum out. Another thing you should know about me is I am not shy. As a matter of fact some might even call me a bukkake whore. I don’t just want to suck your cock, but that of your friends too. That is why I am the perfect whore for your kinky sex parties. I won’t just give you a blowjob to remember. I will suck off each and every one of your friends too. No one gives a better deepthroat blowjob than me. The way I glide my soft lips down the shaft of your big thick cock taking every inch of it in my mouth even if I gag a little. I promise to blow you like you have never been blown before as long as you promise to coat my mouth with your warm creamy cum.

I love a big cock in my ass

anal sex whoreI am such a whore! I was with this white dud last night and he was good and all but I was really craving a big black cock in my ass, I wanted to be all stretched out and shit yanno? Well, I guess dude could tell that I wasn’t that into it cus he just yelled out for his roommate to come in there. At first I was like why you calling some stranger in here but once I saw that big black man come walkin in I got over that shit real quick! I was all over that massive cock in an instant and once that shit was hard he shoved it balls deep up my tight ass. It was so hot! Finally I was stuffed in both fuck holes and cumming all over the place! I was the biggest slut in the world and I didn’t even care all I could think about was how soon can we do this again!

Almost Didn’t Make It

Gangbang whoreSome son of a bitch who I thought was safe, because I have been picked up by him before really fucked me up badly.  He picked me up as he had every Tuesday night for the last four weeks.  He was happy, and we just bullshitted because he mostly just wanted someone to talk to. This night however was very different.  His happy faded rather quickly and he started to raise his voice as he was talking about an eviction notice that he found on his door after work today.  His ex-wife’s father owns the building that he lives in, and I guess he wanted him out for no other reason then spitefulness.  Red flags started to pop up left and right in my brain.  I reached into my bag for my weapon and it wasn’t there!  Someone must of snatched it at the diner earlier.

I was in a fuck load of trouble, and I knew it.  My brain was racing trying to figure out what to do when he slammed on his breaks, got out of the car, came to the passenger side, whipped open my door and dragged me out by my hair.  I was screaming and fighting, he tossed me to the ground, I scrambled to get up, but he put his foot in the small of my back and I couldn’t move.  He out weighed me by a lot.  I was clutching at the dirt, trying to gain a hold on anything I could, I broke several of my nails.

He got on the ground, grabbed my legs and flipped me over.  He was ranting and calling me some other woman’s name.  I knew that this was going to be so very bad.  He slapped me hard across the face, I was stunned for a few seconds.  He was between my legs now, cutting at my stockings with a knife.  I thought, “This is it Luna, this is how it is all going to end, with you left dead in a dirty vacant lot.” He shoved his dick inside of me.   I started to push at him, screaming my name, he just kept on ranting, then he put his hands on my throat.

I could feel the burn in my chest, he had cut off all air.  Slowly I saw what looked like a mist take over my sight, I was losing consciousness  Then all of a sudden I could breath.  I coughed, and gasped for air.  I sat up, but then laid back down, I was dizzy.  He was sitting on the ground next to me, crying.  I didn’t say anything, because I couldn’t, my throat hurt.  I got up, stood behind him, he was saying he was sorry, that he didn’t mean it.  I kicked that motherfucker hard, in the back of his head, he fell over to one side.  I kept kicking him and kicking him.  I was now out of breath. I grabbed his pants, and took the keys out of his pocket, ran to his car, and took off.

Did I go to the police? No.  Did I go to the hospital? No.  Why? Because it was actually partly my fault. I put myself into a situation where there is always a risk of this happening.  Am I traumatized by it? Fuck no.  Shit happens.  Will that asshole get what’s coming to him? Absolutely!  Before I took off from the scene I took all the money he had from his wallet, which was a couple thousand, so for about ten minutes of being abused, I made out pretty well. 

Fuck me and my young sister

Sloppy wet pussyI’ve been fucking all day long, literally. My sloppy wet pussy is dripping out with fresh and fermenting cum. There’s nothing better than getting fucked & filled up with jizz! I haven’t even slept because I can’t stop taking dirty dick in my slutty holes! I bought my drug dealer a cock ring for Christmas and we have had so much fucking fun with it ever since! The sensation of it pulsating and vibrating inside of me is fuckin amazing & orgasmic. My little sister came over too to have some fun with me and my dealer’s massive boner. My sissy is so horny and eager to do exactly what i’m doing! I’m literally her inspiration, just like how my Mommy has been my inspiration and role model since I was a youngster too! My dealer is on his way back over to my house right now with a bunch of bricks of blow so that we can get fucked up and have sex all night long again together with my little sister!

Cum Filled Cunt from The Swingers Club

cum filled cuntI have a cum filled cunt that I have been playing with all day. It was a wild night last night for me. My husband and I went to a swinger’s club. It has been years since we had a date night just the two of us. We had not planned the swinger’s club, but while we were at dinner at our favorite restaurant, it popped up as a nearby place when I went to check us in on Facebook. I Googled it because it was a name I had not heard of and it sounded like a night club. I looked it up and it was a new Swinger’s club. The first one in our area since the 80s. We talked about it over dinner and thought it sounded hot. When we entered the club, all eyes were on me. I was the hottest woman in the place and other women’s men, wanted to hook up with me. My husband likes to watch.  We went into the group sex room. Other couples followed us. Before long, I was a gangbang whore for a bunch of strangers. My husband and the wives were on the sidelines watching me fuck their men. I got covered in cum inside and out. It was a hot date night, maybe the hottest we have had yet. I keep playing with the cum in my cunt and reliving the night.

Cream Filled Cunt

Dirty phone sex

I loved our cum filled creampie nasty phone sex call! I know the answer but, I have to ask: Don’t you want to add to this nasty cum filled cunt? I need more seed in my collection. I fucking love cum. Bring your friends so they can unload in my cunt too! I love feeling a man’s cock throb deep deep inside me as he’s all the way against my cervix, feel the warmth of his batter filling me up more and more. I love being the town cum dumpster. Once I’m full and can’t take anymore, let me drink what leaked out and fill me back up again! My tight cunt feels so good, but it feels even better when you thrust against a pussy full of hot cum! 


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