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Yummy Creampie

creampie slut

I know a lot of girls don’t like it when men cum inside them. They say it’s too messy, but you know what? Those women are crazy. I love it when a man shoots a hot load of cum deep inside me. I’m a total creampie slut. I get just as much pleasure out of you telling me you want to fill my hole full of cum as I do when it actually happens. I am getting soaking wet right now just thinking about feeling a hard, throbbing cock shooting a load in my pussy.

As much as I love the feeling of a load shooting inside me, my favorite part is when all of the cum starts to leak out of my freshly fucked pussy. I just get so turned on seeing your seed dripping out of me. It makes me want to fuck all over again. And if you’re a man who is willing to go down on me and clean me after you fill me up, you’re going to make me the most sexually satisfied woman ever. That makes me cum so hard. And in turn, I’ll make sure you have the time of your life.


It was so much fun

live phone sexI was just walking around the mall the other day when this guy came up to me. He said that he had seen me at a party the other week and he couldn’t get the sight of me sucking dicks out of his mind. He had been at that party with his girlfriend and she wouldn’t let him join in on the fun. Sad to be witha  prude like that don’t you think? He said she never sucks his dick ever, I asked him why was he with her and he really didn’t have an answer. So I just took him by the hand and led him to a quiet corner where I sucked his dick like a fucking pro. I didn’t care that there were people around, I didn’t care that we could get caught, I only cared about getting him off. Boy did he love it! He came so fucking hard and I swallowed every drop. Looks like he will be leaving that girl for me now cus he’s never had better!

I’m a high end hooker

hooker phone sexI’m just a high end hooker that really enjoys fucking. I make a living with my perfect sculpted body and tight holes. I work out regularly and keep my cunt and ass tight with kegel exercises and using my sphincter muscles with various training toys. So really, despite being a professional whore, I am tight and fit and can please the most discerning of clients. One day I hope to have a “pretty woman” kind of moment and get a john that sets me up with everything luxurious. I’m a bit of a gold digger and a total material girl, so if you want to fuck me you better be able to afford the finer things in life. I am one of those finer things and am very high maintenance. I will not put out for someone that can’t even afford to own their own place nor car. I prefer older professional men that have all of their financials in order. I am the sugar baby that is worth every last cent and worthy of being in your will. I aspire to fuck the last breath out of my current sugar daddy, he is 72 years old. I fuck his wrinkled and gray cock with my eye on the prize. I hope it won’t be long!

Cum fill me up!

Hooker phone sexI have a hot hooker phone sex story to tell you, baby. I got a call from a regular John of mine. His buddy was coming home from the military and wanted me to welcome him back. I love our men in uniform and offered him a special two for one deal. I met them at the bar, and we went back to my place. They wasted no time getting me naked. I get their pants off and pull on both those cocks at the same time. My regular loves my hard-core blow jobs, so I start blowing them both. Down and up one, then the other till they are both rock hard. I’m a real sucker for two big cocks. Double penetration is fucking amazing with two young studs. I can never get enough of those young hot dicks. I love how full I feel with two cocks deep inside both my holes. I definitely believe in saluting our fine soldiers and giving them the best welcome home possible. Are you ready to cum home? Come see this hooker and get those balls drained, bring a friend and get you a two for one from the best whore around.

Cum Dumpster for Life

cum dumpsterI am a cum dumpster. There is no shame in that either. Most women won’t swallow, let alone let a gang of men bukkake on her face. I love cum. That means I will eat it and wear it. Cum is the hallmark of a dirty whore. Last night, I partied with a bunch of teen boys. We were drunk and high which equals horny. The party was at my house because I am the party destination for teen boys on the weekends. Teen boys have more fun with an old milf than young girls. That is because we do the shit they don’t. I was letting all those boys spray their jizz all over my face and tits. They lambasted me too. I was happy for the jet streams of cum all over my body. Cum is my anti-aging cream. A few good douses a week and I stay looking great. Those boys emptied their tanks a few times on me too. Young schoolgirls won’t party with them, this trashy milf will! Any smart older woman knows teen boys have the stiffest cocks and the most cum in their balls.

Feeding the Faggot

Cream pie sex stories Boy, Do I have the best cream pie slut to tell you about! This guy called me the other night, telling me how much he loved big black cock. He wanted me to let as many BBCs cum inside my pussy as I could find and then he was going to eat every last drop out of my cunt and ass. I was all over that shit. I love getting fucked by the biggest blackest cocks around and this little cum dump was going to lick me clean. Fuck yes sigh me up! So, I call my BBC lover Michael for help making this little faggot’s dream come true. With in 10 minutes my boo was there with 10 other guys. I was pounded hard for what seemed like forever. 11 big loads of cum pumped in my cunt and now gaping asshole. That little cum eater waste no time getting beneath me as the cum leaked from my swollen fuck holes into his hungry mouth. He lay there for a few minutes just letting it drip in his mouth. Then he got up and started sucking it right out of me. I’ve never seen such a hungry cum dump. But just as he promised he sucked every last drop of that BBC jezz out of my raw fuck holes.

I aim to please

live phone sexI’m sweet cheeks, and I have always been able to please. I’ve always been able to do the best fucking that I can because I like it. I love to be bent over with my head as far down as it would go into the bed and my ass up as high as I can Arch my back. I like to get cocks stuffed inside of my hot gushy wet pussy. I want a big thick cock, but first, I want you to grab my pussy lips with your tongue and start slurping and licking me while my ass is up in the air. I am so fucking horny right now. I want you. I want to ride your fucking face. You’ll have so much fun inside of this super wet pussy. I want you and I to be together right now for the first time and then again. Can’t you feel how warm my cum guzzling cunt is? Doesn’t it taste so sweet, eating my pussy because it feels so good? I need your sexy pussy slurping tongue. I love your hard cock; I love your whole body.

I need every part of you participating in making my pussy melt. Some people don’t appreciate me, but it’s certainly not a guy. I’m in a situation, I have what you would call a female pimp, and she’s hard and unmovable. I feel like she Lust For Me, and every time I see her, it’s electrifying, but she doesn’t show weakness, she only shows strength. I have to submit to her I have to give in to her, and when she punishes me, it’s still all business. I Know you will be able to give me cock and allow me to escape her complete dominance over me. When I’m with you, I forget her.

Cum Drunk Girl Fucking

drunk girl fucking

Before the show starts your going to want to get in on some cum drunk girl fucking. I love my dope and my booze it always helps out when I am in the mood to drink cum! Of course, every hole I have is going to be filled to the brim. Just know that if I am after you I am also after all five of your buddies as well. I have thrown back shot after shot and have been fucking since nine am. Lights, camera, action! My cunt is sopping with my cum and a strangers or two. My ass is raw and juicy and I want to drink your cock down as well as have my ass and pussy double penetrated! Why pay for more than one girl when you can all share this whore? My cum filled cunt is an eager beaver. Cum party with me.

2 Girl phone sex

2 Girl phone sexShemale phone sexYou would think that I met Henrietta from 2 Girl phone sex, but that’s just something we do together now. I actually met her through a complete sex slave trade where my master sold me to her to use as she pleased. She scared me so much at first, she was so dominant and had tons of experience using and abusing holes. She had a cock bigger than most men and she made sure I knew all about it. She broke me in for weeks to make sure she wouldn’t have to ‘get rid of me’ whatever that means. I was stuck with her cock shoved down my throat, forced to not breathe as she made me blackout on her dick. I would come to when she’d be forcing it into my ass or my pussy with no lube at all. She stretched me out, told me this was all I was good for and blew load after load inside of me. She even woke me up fucking me for weeks and weeks and kept me tied up and naked at her disposal. I learned to love it. I cannot lie, she’s a beautiful and in charge tranny and I have since been mesmerized by her in every way.

Trashy Milf Pimps Little Ones

This trashy milf knows how to make a quick buck. I have little ones in the house. I have older ones too, but I had two little girls later in life. It isn’t because I wanted more fuck trophies. It was simple economics. The older I get, the less demand there is for my whore pussy. Many men want something tight and young. The younger and tighter a pussy is, the more money you can make selling it. My two late in life fuck trophies are cash cows for mommy. The rent was due last week and as always, I was short. My landlord is always starting at my little brats. I know what he is thinking. The same thing you are! I told him I didn’t have the rent, but I had something worth far more than $1300. He looked at me with disbelief until I summoned my angels in the room. There were my blonde, blue-eyed cash cows looking so tempting to my perverted landlord. I told him he could have 30 mins with them each if we could be square on the rent. I watched him pitch a tent in his jeans at the suggestion. We all went into mommy’s bedroom and I paid my rent the old-fashioned way. With pussy. Very young and very tight pussy. Now that I know I can trade the rent for my daughters’ pussies, I have more money to party with.

Trashy Milf

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