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Trouble On A Road Trip

Cum guzzling slut

I know you are fucking wondering where the hell I have been.  I managed to get myself into some trouble in some butt fuck no where town.  It was really stupid.  I wasn’t even doing anything, and I got nicked.  Sure I was going a little bit over the speed limit, but just by a tiny bit. Okay, so maybe 30 mph over the speed limit was a bit much, but I didn’t deserve to be taken to jail.  For fuck sake, call one cop a motherfucking shithead and have an old warrant and your ass is hauled off.

Oh, did I mention that I didn’t have any pants on? Yeah, I spilled coffee all over them so I stopped a little bit before I got pulled over and took them off because I didn’t want to drive in wet pants.  Makes perfect sense right? Yeah I thought so too.  I’m standing there waiting for someone to bring me some damn sweats, or hell even the jumpsuit, something.  I was being processed and still no fucking pants.

All the guys were looking at me like I was some sort of snack, then bingo.  Idea.  I mean if none of them were trying to hide the fact that they would like to fuck me, then maybe there were no cameras or they were dirty.  There were only four of them.  I got on the door and tried to look around for cameras and I didn’t see any.  I sat down and waited.

Finally, the door opened and they had my pants from my car.  They still looked a little wet but not as wet as before.  When the guard was giving me my jeans I touched his hand.  That is a huge no no, no touching.  He didn’t mind though, I gave him a little smile, he smiled back.  I sat down on the seat and spread my legs.  I asked him straight up, that if I were to fuck him and his buddies, or suck them off, would they let me go.

He turned around and closed the door.  Shit.  It didn’t work, at least that is what I thought.  These motherfuckers were rough!  Choking me, slapping my face, slapping my tits, fucking me in pussy and ass.  It was a great time, that is until they were done and I thought I was leaving, and that is when they thanked me for the good time but I had to earn my way out.  I was pissed.

This shit went on for three days.  They finally let me go with a warning.  I’m pretty fucking sure that was highly illegal, but the fact that I bribed them with my fuck holes was illegal too.  All in all it wasn’t really that bad, I mean I had plenty of dick, day and night, but it took me forever to get back home.

BBC Phone Sex Stories

bbc pone sexBBC phone sex stories are something I have plenty of to share. I am not just a black cock whore. I am a whore. But those black cocks are supreme. Normally, I get my big black cocks at the truck stop. The other night I crossed the train tracks and was in the wealthy part of town. I wanted to go to this new upscale club. I know I am not upscale, but I cleaned up as good as I could and took my skank ass to the new club. The security dude was a brother. I don’t think he was going to let me in until I blew him in the ally. I got some looks when I went into the club. Some good looks, some not so good looks. I could tell people didn’t think I belonged, but I never let that stop me from having fun. I sat at the bar, bought a drink and flirted with the black bartender. This bitch faced girl sat next to me and told me to leave. I tried to ignore her, but she got in my face. The problem was the hot black bartender was her boyfriend. I was not the only one with jungle fever in the club. It was mostly white young yuppies. Many metrosexual men. The bartender set the record clear. She was his ex-girlfriend. Game changer for me. I kissed him and fondled his huge package. Best way to get rid of a psycho ex-girlfriend is to fuck another girl in front of her. He took a break and we went into a private room. She didn’t follow us, but she was waiting for us when we returned. He fucked the shit out of me. Made me walk funny. His cum was running down my leg, some was matted on my face. I sat back down at the bar and kissed her. “His cum tastes better on me, bitch,” I said. He let me drink the rest of the night for free for taking care of his crazy ex problem. A trailer trash whore is no match for some privileged spoiled bitch.

Crack Whore Sex

Cum dumpster

When you’re as addicted to the pipe as I am, sometimes you gotta do some really dirty things to earn that coin. Luckily for me, I love being a nasty whore. Debasing myself for money turns me on. I earned a little extra cash this morning by hitting up a truck stop and letting the truckers fuck all of my holes for money. I went around to each truck and tapped on the window and asked if they wanted some company. The fish were really biting tonight and I had quite a few guys accept my offer and fuck me in their trucks. $20 gets a sloppy blow job, $50 gets my pussy, and $75 gets my ass. I’m a cheap whore. One after the other, I climbed into the cabs of their trucks and sucked their cocks, rode them, or let them fuck me in the ass. They shelled out their hard earned cash to fuck me raw and I loved every second of it. One guy offered me an extra $25 if he could piss in my mouth. I did it without batting an eye and gulped down every drop of his hot piss.

I left the truck yard that night with a wallet full of cash and a pussy and ass full of cum.

Creampie Pussy Flower

creampie slut

My Cunt has to be filled with spunk every day! My ass needs the hot sweet nasty cum load as well! All I need is some chalk to stay awake so I can get pummeled. Let me spread open my creamy cumpie pussy flower so you can see all the nasty cum deposits I took today. Look at that cum dripping down my legs. I must have taken 17 loads today. Each more satisfying as I can fell my pussy and ass getting fuller with cum! My pretty clit piercing is covered with cum and I reach a finger down and taste the mixture of all the men I have been fucked by today. You ask me if I will take a few more loads bareback of course so that you can just watch me finger bang myself. Your offer of Cocaine pleases me and I am back in an hour with even more cum drip drip dripping down my thighs and out of my ass. I lay back on my leather chair and begin to finger blast myself pausing to lick ropes of cum. You grab my thighs and ravage my ass hole and pussy with your mouth and tongue. I am happy with my blow and the way you are sucking my holes dry. Hard to do with so much gangbang cum and my own dribbling down your chin huh?

Cam Whore Cheerleader

Live phone sex

I love whoring myself however I can! My favorite thing to do at the moment is whoring myself to a live audience for quick cash. My viewers are so creative and always send me tons of money to fuck myself in my bedroom and other places around the house.

       I love when my viewers send random guys to join in on my streams! I love having guests fuck my holes for everyone to watch! The comments just pour in when my ass is getting pounded! Lately, my cheer team has heard about my side hustle and some of them come to join in. I have a lot of toys to plug in their little cheerleader cunnies and rosebuds! And sometimes the guys that come over love sharing us while we lick and suck each other’s perky teen tits! The more “guests” I have on my stream and inside of me, the more money I generate for my little coke habit! Wouldn’t you just love to watch the orgy in my bedroom?

Cum Dumpster Milf Gives Two Rides

I’m a total whore and cum dumpster and I love some hot anal and pussy fucking. I often need to get both holes penetrated and love to get a cock for a second round and ride it with my cunt and with my ass. It’s always better when there are more than one dicks around and I can be double penetrated and sucking dick at the same time. I’ve always enjoyed my son and his friends fucking me and will always have him invite his well hung black friends over to penetrate the fuck out of this trailer trash coke whore milf pussy and make my juices flow on those young throbbing cocks full of whore milk. I party all night and I party hard so I really need a few guys to keep up with me to party and fuck for hours.

Cum dumpster

Gangbang Diner

Gangbang whoreI love having multiple cocks in and around my cunt at the same time. My biggest fantasy and turn on is being a gangbang whore. The truck stop was busy today. Trucks and men from all over. I knocked on each cab window and invited them to the diner at 3pm. When all 27 drivers were finally in the diner, I walked in, naked, and told them to have at it. I told them the only payment I wanted today was in cum. One by one each of the 27 well hung dirty truckers had their way with me in my fucking whore mouth and in my wet sloppy pussy. They all fucked me raw with no protection and paid me heftily in load after load of hot cum. I played with a bit of it, rubbing it on my huge fake tits, licking up every bit that I could, but enjoyed leaving most of it in my cunt for you to enjoy. Ready to see how they filled this whore up?

Pimping out young sluts

cum dumpster

I had a gig working as a lead youth counselor. I was trying to pay for college and was doing my hardest to keep my nose clean. That was an epic fail. I owed my dealer so much money and I was in debt with him. All my holes were already used up by him he got bored with me. My huge tits and hot face and body would only keep him content for so long. He craved young whore and that was one way I could eliminate my debt. My new job came in handy. I had plenty of young girls around.

They were all so eager to hang out with me. I wasn’t too much older than them and they looked up to me. It was awful but when I get the urge to get coked out and snort H I could careless whats morally correct and whats not. I invited the young girls over to my house for a movie night. I dressed them up and had my dealer come over with some friends. I let him have a party with each one. I could hear them scream and yell for help. I was focused on the eight ball in front of me. I new they were cum dumpsters and they had to be sacrificed for my own gain.

Cheerleader Coke Whore

Gangbang whore

Being a slutty cheerleader is a fun daytime activity. But my favorite nighttime job is whoring out my teen pussy for coke. As soon as class ends, the cheer uniform comes off and my teen hooker outfits come on! I go home to check my Backpage and set up clients. By this time, I’m jonesing bad for coke! But how else would a young teen whore like me afford that?

I got a yummy cunnie and asshole and I charge a pretty penny for a chance to lick, suck and fuck them. I’m not super selective with johns. As long as they have money or an 8 ball, I’ll fuck whoever. I always meet them at the same motel and we party for a bit, snorting coke and drinking.

Most guys love when I snort lines off their cocks and they all love snorting lines off of my naked hot body! It’s even better when they shove a huge bump of blow inside my rosebud asshole. It numbs me up real good while they savagely fuck my holes. As long as I get my yayo and money, you can do whatever the fuck you want to me!

Waking Up To Dick In My Ass

Dirty phone sexI was sleeping naked I passed out last night after a 5 party drug orgy and when I woke up this morning there was a dick in my ass. What a wonderful way to wake up with a thick dick in my ass pumping away! I got right into the rhythm and was pushing my hips back on his dick. He was filling my asshole. And pounding so fucking hard I thought my ass was going to pop right out he was fucking me so hard. All of a sudden I felt his warm seed rush thru my ass. After he gave me his jizz he wiped his dick on my ass and just left. I do not even know who it was he was behind me the whole time. There was a nice piece of rock crack on my nightstand. My reputation for being a crack whore is well known.

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