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Next Door Little Tyke Neighbor

Dirty phone sexI did not know the little brat from next door was peering thru my window watching me getting fucked. He was a small one and could sneak under my bedroom window. He had been doing it for a while, and the only reason I found out was that this time he had slipped and knocked over the rake resting up against my trailer. The guy I was with and I both looked and saw him staring at us. We both chuckled and continued with what we were doing. We were not going to stop on his account. When I looked back out the window his little blue eyes were still fixated on us fucking. I waved him in but he was too scared. I think he thought he was going to get in trouble. Next time I see that brat outside playing I will have to invite him in for cookies and pussy.

Anal Sex Whore Loves Big Dicks

Anal Sex Whore

I love BBC and any kind of big dick really, after all I am an Anal Sex Whore that needs to feel that fuck rod penetrate and pound my brown eye. Sometimes the thought of taking really big cocks in both of my holes via double penetration is almost too much to bare, but I still want it bad. I’m a Hooker that loves to get high and fuck, really there is no better way to put it and getting paid to fuck, well, that’s just the perfect profession for a trailer trash hooker tramp like me.

One afternoon I was getting ready to log into my escort site and heard some ruckus outside the trailer. I took a peek out the window and it was about 10 fucking narcs busting the neighbor. These fuckers were certainly some I had many fantasies about being gangbanged by as they were some built mother fuckers that I guarantee where hung. I just needed to get out there and see if I can’t get any attention from them and offer them a little reward for their Hard Work. A gangbang of men in uniform really gets me wet.


Cum Dumpster Beverly

cum dumpsterCum dumpster Beverly is one on my many monikers. No one in my trailer park can take as much cum as me. I brag about it too. Personally, I love being a cum whore. The men know who to visit when they have huge balls that need drained. A group of guys I party with came by last night for cock service. They are truckers who have wives who don’t give head. I mean really? Isn’t it like part of the vows? To love, honor and give head? I will suck a cock, old or young, white or black. I just want to taste and feel jizz. Cum does a body good. I don’t care what anyone says, cum is an essential daily protein. So, my party buddies were over with coke and cock. We sat around doing lines and drinking beer before they whipped out their underserved dicks out for me to suck. My daughter has impeccable timing. She walked in as I was on my knees showing off my big dick sucker talents. She helped me. If I am the cum queen of the trailer ark, she is the cum princess. I love sharing cum with my daughter, with any woman, because I can snowball the cum. Men love watching bitches play with their jizz. My daughter is just as big of a cum guzzling slut as I am. We woke up this morning feeling full, but we are never full enough.

What a wild night!

live phone sexLast night was such a wild night! It all started with me fucking this one guy on his couch. It was just the two of us and we were just kinda having your regular everyday kinda sex when his roommate walked in the door. The roommate was diggin me I could tell but my guy was acting all jealous and insecure. I just told him to chill out, that I loved being fucked by multiple men so he may as well suck it up and let his friend join in. That was all the guy needed to get in there, he pulled out this massive cock and shoved it balls deep up my ass! And of course, as soon as I had two guys balls deep in my fuck holes another guy walks in. Well he was horny too, what was I supposed to do, tell him no?? I just called him over and started sucking his dick. I ended up fucking like six dudes that night it was so much fun!

Making It Rain For My Piss

golden showers sex

Golden showers sex, I was drunk and high when I discovered it would make me money. I just ran out of the club and decided to strip down and piss in the parking lot. My pussy ached from getting pounded in the VIP room and I couldn’t feel my ass because of all the coke shoved in and licked off. I had too many tequila sunrises thinking it would get me out of my drugged up coke stupor. As I was pissing a man in his 70’s walked up to me and put his shoe right in my piss stream. He said if I came with him he would make it worth my while as he threw $200 and a jacket at me. I got in his Benz and we ended up in a nice house on the beach. I was led in and he gave me two huge Gatorade bottles and said he would like me too down them fast as he handed me another $100. I gulped them down and we shared a fat blunt before he had me strip and open my legs for him as he stroked his dick. (which was nice for an older man.) He spread my legs and began to slurp my cum dumpster pussy. I tried to push his talented tongue away because the urge to pee was so great. But he locked me down and begged me to pee in his mouth before he started slurping my well-soaked pussy. I finally couldn’t hold it anymore and let loose a stream of yellow hot piss in his mouth. His last request was for me to clean his cum off the floor and he called me a cab and gave me more cash. Needless to say, we have a weekly appointment until he croaks.

Andrew I lust for you

Orgy phone sex

Tonight I just want to show you how grateful I am that you always make my cunt feel mad beautiful and extremely satisfied. I love how you eat my pussy so good you really make her feel like she is the only one for you. I know you cheat though baby and I don’t give two fucks about any of those other hoes they don’t even cross my mind when I’m sucking your soul through your cock head. I love to suck your cock too I love how you hold my head and make me gag. I love how tremendously good you make me feel so I’m going to suck your dick like a Black porn bitch that means all night and deep throat to the balls. I want to suck the scent of the last whore’s cunt off your dick and swallow her essence. I live to make you feel good that’s why I wash your feet with my tongue. I need you Andrew and I will do anything to keep you. 

Sucked my way into the club

Big dick suckerI showed those club bouncers what a real big dick sucker I am when they teamed up and ran a train on my slutty ass body so that I could get into the VIP section. My skimpy little outfit boosted me even more, it’s hard to not wanna fuck me when my fat tits are bulging out of my top! It was so much fun proving to them how well I know my way around huge ass cocks, after all I have my monster to constantly practice on.. of course i’m a large dick fiending whore! Even though those bouncers had eight inch cocks, they still were small as fuck in comparison to my big fuckin monster that I am so obsessed with. It’s crazy what a fuckin pro-hoe I am and how i’ll do literally anything to get what I want, even if that means whoring out my slutty fuck holes for my gain. When Daddy arrived I whipped that huge fuckin shaft out of his pants and deepthroated the fuck out of him so that I could show them where I learned all my nasty cocksucking skills from. He busted his insane cum load all over my fat titties, I was fuckin dripping in Daddy’s juices.

Crack Pussy

Cum dumpsterCrack and cock are my life. I wake up and go to sleep thinking of both. When I get that crack running through my veins. my pussy begins to throb and drip onto my thighs. Most of the time I have to walk around with a vibrating dildo stuffed in my pussy because the craving for cock is too strong. I have the reputation for being a nasty whore, but they all know give me some crack and I turn into a dirty piggy whore. I get so fucking sloppy wet and freaky with that sweet crack high. There is nothing I won’t say no to at that point. I will fuck you and your son together. The neighbor’s dog and any objects I can find to shove into my holes.

Cum Guzzling Slut Beverly

cum guzzling slutCum guzzling slut Beverly is one of my monikers down at the truck stop. I do love to suck dick and swallow cum. My car overheated Saturday on my way down to the truck stop to suck some dick. It was too hot to wait in the sun for AAA to come, so I went into the new adult bookstore that was a few blocks away. I had been wanting to check it out anyway. I walked a few blocks in my short shorts and sought some shelter from the heat in the dirty bookstore. It had tons of sexy stripper outfits, videos, and sex toys.  I worked my way towards the back. I am glad I did. Our new local adult bookstore had glory holes. There are a few down at the truck stop but they are man made. This place had official rooms. I needed a cum fix, so I went into one. There was a cock already through the hole like it was waiting to be sucked by me. The cock looked familiar. It was a huge black cock. I started sucking on it because I am a big dick sucker too. Once my lips hit that chocolate cock, I knew it was Big D. He knew it was me too. I have sucked his huge ass cock hundreds of times. He was waiting for me outside the door. “I knew those lips,” he laughed. “I knew that huge cock,” I retorted. He was on his way to the truck stop when he decided to check out the new store too. I was headed there to suck his cock and score some blow. It was fate that my old clunker broke down when it did. We fucked in the back of his cab then went and got my car. He towed it back to the trailer park for me. Of course, I had to reward him with more cock sucking. I looked like a cum dumpster when he left. He has enough cum in his big black balls to coat an army of old whores.

Sexy Tranny Loves Hardcore Anal Sex

One thing I can’t seem to get enough of is that hardcore anal sex with a nice juicy nigger cock. That big chocolate banana just really does it for me and this tranny cock gets so fucking hard. A trashy druggy tranny is what I am and I give no fucks about anyone’s opinion of me. You like to suck dick and get your dick sucked? Like a good switch hitter? I bet we can have some kinky filthy fun. I love when I get some unsuspecting guy home and give him an awesome fucking blowjob, we get so geeked up and I play with his ass as I blow him. My fuck stick starts to get really hard and grows and with my delicate panties and short tight skirts, there is no way of hiding this bad boy.

I ease into things and calm him as most start to react very negatively. Oh but baby with how fucking hot and ready to go as he is by this moment from my awesome oral skills he or is it You, are about to be my bitch, or maybe if I’m really lucky… I will be fucked hard and rough like a bitch in heat.

Hardcore anal sex

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