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I am the nastiest slut ever

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Nasty sluts like don’t usually get to dress up but I got to last weekend. One of my pimps bought me a sexy nurses outfit to wear for my clients that night. It was super sexy I had black lace panties that showed my tight little slit between my legs and I got some sexy thigh highs on. Then I had a sexy nurse coat, it was white like the lines I am taking right know. I did so many lines that day I can barley remeber anything but big black cocks taking turns on me all fucking day. My cunt was so swollen and red but I still kept getting fucked in my sexy nurses outfit. At the end of the day my nurses outfit was all stained up with cum and drool.

Dirty Sluts are in First Place

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I was at my mother’s barbecue event with her stuffy ass bitch friends who love to talk shit about me. I kept thinking to myself if these bitches go too far with me I am going to turn the world upside down for them. My mother’s friend Karen the stuffiest bitch of them all makes my ass hurt she is always saying stupid shit like, you should change your life little missy you’re too much of a disrespectful slut you’re nothing like your mother. Then her dumbass friend Catherine chimes in to tell me how I need to change my fucking life will guess what bitch if one more person says one more thing to me I’m going to change my life all right all over your husbands Cocks. All of a sudden Susan starts to say something before she could finish I told her to shut the fuck up.

Look here you little old bitches I am about to fuck your husbands and I know they want to fuck me because they’re all looking at me out of nowhere I decided to strip myself of all my clothes then I said come and get me married men only and guess what it was a night to remember well a day that turned into a night to remember if you want to find out everything about what happened call me and I will be glad to tell you. Get ready for the whore of your dreams to make you cum all over yourself over and over again

Orgy With Me Baby


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I knew I was the sluttiest whore ever when I was just a little tit teaser and now that I have these beautiful bodacious jugs and I am truly coming into my own. I knew I was ready for the orgy league when I saw Kate and Stan a super sexy married couple that loves to do the most sexually open things. They both had been wanting me since they saw me at the apartment swimming pool tanning out in the sun. Kate approached me first she told me how beautiful I was she said her husband was so infatuated with my tits and he had to meet me. I smiled out of flattery and I agreed to go over and meet Stan. They invited me back to their apartment to have some fun. I was so horny my pussy was on over drive lusting for this experience. Stan’s cock is a long ten-inch fat head I couldn’t wait to get it into my mouth and Kate is so got damn hot she is a fucking sex goddess. We had an orgy that you would not believe the two of them invited a few other girls and guys.

Corn Fed Black Stallion

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His dick is in my face as I write these lines he’s a tall slender sexy Black stallion his cock is amazing because it’s to good it has a hook and nice big balls. I was once in deep love with him it used to make me weak to see his lips and my pussy would drip when I looked in his eyes. Now he’s telling me to suck his cock like I used to, but I don’t love him like I used to because I suck and slobber on his cock rod and he fucks me like a street thug then he throws me to the side and speaks to me as if I were the common whore he hates so much. I am going to fuck him anyway because my self-thought is so low, and he at least is going to spend time blasting my pussy. I need it now I can’t wait for that good dick even he treats me like trash, I swear I just don’t give a fuck as long as he strokes my wet pussy like he does.

Dirty phone sex

dirty phone sex

 I am so fucking horny. I just took off my dress and exposed my pussy that has been bare in panty hoses all day long. I reach inside and start rubbing my pussy. My door bell rings and it is my neighbor. He tells me he saw me through my window and wanted to help out. He came in and I dropped to my hands and knees and forced his cock down my throat. I sucked on his cock, letting him swell up towards the roof of my mouth.

I deep throated that cock and sucked it up and down fast and hard. He pushed me down and spread my holes wide and shoved his cock inside my pussy. He rammed himself in and out of my pussy hole. He then took it out and started to shove it in my ass. He pounded harder and deeper until I got his sticky cum inside of me.

I Love Getting Peed On And Being A Pig

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I love being treated like the cum dumpster that I am. I am a piece of trash, no good for anything but well I’m not sure. My neighbor and I went through back page and we picked out the most perfect whore. I put in some of the money for the dumb bitch and we had rented the nastiest little motel that rents by the hour. Kind of scary I was even going to put my ass on that bed. My neighbor had brought her over and since she is a whore she has to do what we want, we put in some good cash for this slut. We had also gathered about 8 other guys and they were their naked ready to do their thing.

They started hovering around her and they were jacking off. I told that bitch to open her mouth, and I grabbed her by the back of her hair and I held her head back. She opened her legs and was getting pounded while getting cum all over in her mouth. I am such a pig for sloppy seconds. I love them so much I got in on it and opened my mouth and some of the guys starting peeing on us and wanted us to drink it. I was in heaven and I did. The other cunt was crying and I was laughing and started spitting some of the pee on her. They were peeing in our hair and I was rubbing it in. If you want to know more and I do mean nasty shit call me and I will gladly tell you.

Cum Dumpster Mother and Daughter

cum dumpsterI raised my daughter to be a cum dumpster like me. I guess you could say there is a long history of cum lovers in my family. When I would help my mother service her johns in our trailer, she told me repeatedly, “always swallow and act like you love cum.” I loved it the moment I first tasted it. I was so young, I can’t even tell you the age here. When my daughter was nursing still, I would put cum in her bottle. I wanted her to love cum as much as me. She does, but honestly, I don’t think it has anything to do with drinking cum out of a bottle or a sippy cup. She is a natural, like me. She invited me to a party at her place over the weekend. My daughter isn’t home much these days. She is on those sugar daddy sites. Usually, she is travelling with some fat cat older man. If I was a hot young  22 year old, I would do the same thing. Those kinds of sites weren’t around when I was young. Of course, neither was the Internet! When I arrived, she had a pitcher of margaritas for us to consume as we waited for her friends to arrive.  They were cumaritas. Like me, she chugs cum out of a glass. Her stash was running low, so she wanted her gangbang whore mom to help her drain the nuts of 50 guys she invited over. Game on. I had the blow which helped us put the bang in the blow bang! High, we can suck dicks like the Energizer rabbit. Her young friends were happy to have a dirty old cougar and her daughter suck all the cum out of their hard peckers. By the night’s end, we had her freezer full of cum again, not to mention our bellies.

Anal Cum Dumpster

Anal Cum Dumpster

I have been getting fucked all night. My ass is full of at least three guys cum. It feels nice and sticky in there. I am flying high looking for another to fill my ass and mouth with that cum that I am addicted to, ha just like any kind of drug I can get my hands on. I love drugs and cock, and sometimes pussy. All I want to do Is feel good as my ass hole is used.

My tight rosebud ass being filled up and fuck hard. I am the type to be ridden hard and put up wet.  I can take the biggest cocks down my throat and still have one in my ass and in my pussy if I am lucky.  Get me high and let’s fuck dirty nasty and anyway you, please.

Nasty Dirty Whore

Druggy phone sexHey hunny you looking for a great gal to take home to mommy and make sweet wonderful love too? Well hunny I am not her! Unless you got nasty, dirty thought in your head. Don’t fucking call me! I want the callers who want to party, get fucked up and cum with a nasty white trash whore like me! Can you dig this? Can you handle it? Can you treat me like the piece of shit that I want to be treated like? I am loose caboose train and anybody can ride. But you can’t ride missionary style. No fucking way. Use me as the fuck toy that I love to be. Fill me full of your cum and then dump me like the stupid ass cunt that I am!

Fake Love

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I was looking for love and he was looking to drill his next cum dumpster and spill his load in. I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with me I always seem to give up my fat steaming hot juicy pussy to a guy who will never need me deeper than dropping his cock load into my cunt hole. Just like Frank of whom I was wishing that I could slobber all over his cabbage head stroke monster and swallow his cum and somehow it was going to turn out him loving me and not treating like the slut trash my momma raised me up to be. I rode his cock reverse cowgirl my wet pussy was sliding up and down his man meat and his toes were curling and twisting everyway. He even fucked my asshole raw and hard as fuck. I couldn’t stand up after he was finished ramming all of my wasted holes. I told him I would do whatever he asked me to because he was the love of my life and he told me he was going to stop the wedding that he and my best friend were supposed to be in today but like everything in my life it was a fucking lie. So that’s why I am about to fuck these 10 guys in a gangbang I don’t give a shit anymore.

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