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BBC Phone Sex Inspires My Daughter

bbc phone sexMy youngest daughter overheard me on a BBC phone sex call. She got curious and started asking me questions after the call. She was acting like a black cock whore without the black cock. We watched a few BBC videos on Porn Hub and she was hooked. She loved the way tiny teen white girls took cocks way too big for their fuck holes. She made me promise to get her some black cock. How can I say no to my baby girl when she wants something so many girls want? I told my husband to arrange a black cock gangbang for her soon. In the meantime, I broke out my Kong dildo. It is this life-like huge ass black rubber dick. It is tree trunk thick like the real thing and just as long. I modeled black cock whore behavior for her as I sucked on my Kong. I am a mommy whore. I have had many cocks in my life and more black cock than any California trophy wife ever has I bet. Even with my big dick sucker credentials, I still struggled to get that imitation cock in my mouth. My daughter was like my nasty freak cheerleader. She was telling me to suck that nigger dick. Hearing her dirty words of encouragement made me wet. She is the only daughter who has not had a black monster snake yet, but that is all about to change. What my baby girl wants, my baby girl gets. Her daddy and I will give her as many big black dicks as she wants.

Mr. New Sponsor

Dirty phone sex


Mr. Bradly is a wealthy guy with a lot of pull; he’s not a regular dude Mr. Bradly is a high roller with a great deal of clout in his field. I get to go on trips at the expense of Mr. Bradly; we travel to places that are beyond beautiful. I feel like a princess when I am with Mr. Bradly because he spoils me. This month I received a gorgeous Kate Spade handbag with five thousand dollars inside. I couldn’t get over the fact that he remembered my birthday. Mr. Bradly loves to suck my pussy and dig his tongue deep inside of my creamy cunt. We make love in such fabulous positions for hours until the both of us fall out. Whenever I am laid out on the bed exhausted from hot sweaty lovemaking I grab a joint and we get high together. Mr. Bradly likes to be completely discrete, and I respect his wishes, but I still had to tell you a little story about him. I can’t tell you too much about him, but I want you to know he sure is a winner.

My Brother Juju

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Juju is my brother, and I’m ready to be especially closed in with him. Juju came over with his bitch ass girlfriend, I’ve always been jealous of this twat. This bitch has been fucking over my brother for the longest time, I’m not just going to let her do that to my brother anymore. I love my brother, I’m going to show this bitch just how much I love my brother too. This whore cannot be playing on him and lying to him like a fucking trash ass fucking bitch. My brother is so beautiful he’s tall, dark and his cock is so fucking big, it’s 12 in. Why in the fuck does he have this ungrateful little piece of shit as his woman? She’s not worthy, she’s not worth his big ass dick and his sexy body I am tired of her. Bitch you have got to go. I told that cunt one day, You were supposed to satisfy him like you knew how but you don’t understand how the cunt just looked at me and looked down. You’re a piece of fucking trash you and your blonde hair and your blue eyes it’s not cute at all. I am going to give my brother everything he needs, and now he knows it because he’s gotten the taste of it. My brother is in town for me too this week. You’re a piece of white trash ass fucking Tramp bitch. You fucked over my brother, he deserves more than you because you’re a fucking whore. I hate white bitches. I told him I hated white bitches because you bitches cannot be trusted. You’ve been fucking everything that moves you white trash Tramp. You’ve been putting your pussy everywhere except for where it’s supposed to be in my brother’s bed. You’re just a piece of shit I hate you, I have to satisfy my brother bitch. I have to do everything that you won’t do fucking whore because you’re wasting time bitch and I am going to get rid of you. I’m so tired of you bitch. I’m tired of you and your stupid blonde hair and I’m sick of your goddamn Blue-Eyes bitch you ain’t nothing. You mean absolutely not one thing you’re useless. He needs to replace you-you don’t know how to give head you don’t know how to lick ass not correctly put together, but today you’re going to learn bitch, or you’ve got to go.

I want more more more

hookers for hire

I hate having slow days when the cum isn’t flowing freely everywhere around me. I was wishing that I could just put a hookers for hire sign in my yard when my phone rang. My heart started racing and it was one of my favorite party guys. He said he had an eight ball and was ready to get nasty. I flew through the shower making sure I was soft and smelling sweet when he arrived. It didn’t take any time for shit to get wild once he was inside. I was so fucking horny I was pulling his cock out before he could get the coke out of his pocket. He gave me a line off the shaft of his cock before I let it slide to the back of my throat. Pounding my face wasn’t all he wanted he was craving that tight wet cunt. I was so horny that it slid in so deep. I know there wasn’t any cum left in his balls when he left this morning.

Hardcore Anal Sex

Hardcore anal sexYou came to me looking for some Viagra. Seems all the recreational drugs and alcohol you have been doing are giving you limp dick. You didn’t want anyone to know you were getting the little blue pill and you know how discreet I am. I told you that it was not a problem but I could not just hand you the pill and let you leave without knowing how it might affect you.

I would need for you to take the first one here at my office so that I could monitor you and make sure everything was fine. You agreed and took the magical blue pill. I put on a hardcore anal sex DVD. It took less than 15 minutes for your cock to get rock hard. You told me that it seems to be working and you are feeling sexually aroused.

I reached down and grabbed your big hard cock. I slid my warm wet mouth all the way down the shaft of your cock. I could feel it throbbing in my mouth as I deepthroated it. I gave your cock one last hard suck as I was massaging your balls and you shot your warm jizz down my throat. I slurped it all down enjoying every last drop. Yes, your cock does seem to be working just fine.

Anal sex whore

However, it was still hard and you weren’t done fucking. I had you bend me over the exam table. You shoved your big hard cock into my hot wet pussy. You pounded my pussy hard and fast causing me to come all over your big hard cock before you finally dropped your load in my juicy pussy. You had come twice in an hours time but your big hard cock wanted more. I laid back on the exam table and held my legs up to my head. You pressed that cum covered cock against my tight puckered ass and teased this anal sex whore with it before you finally plowed into my ass. Your cock plowed in and out of my ass until we both came. After three orgasms your cock was finally satisfied.

I’ll do anything for my drugs

Big dick suckerI’ll do anything and everything to get my drugs, that’s why i’m known as being such a filthy big dick sucker. Nothing is too extreme or off limits for me, all I care about is getting my fix! I am so fuckin high and so fuckin horny, I need to keep doing more and more so that I can keep this rush going! I wanna have all of my holes filled up. I’m such a slut, I let anyone fuck! Give me money and drugs in return for having unlimited pleasure with my delicious cunt. My body is a sex machine and is only good for being stretched open and used up. It’s so fucking hott to me that I just lay here on my back on the bed with my legs spread open really really wide. My fat tits are bulging and just exploding out of my bra top. I’m such a goddamn skank. Let me do a line of blow off of your cock. I want your shaft to be throbbing all over my tongue while it goes numb. I’m your slutty prostitute cum dump, baby.

Jelly Me No Taboo

No taboo phone sex


Fuck me in my ass I like it that way I’m a sexual monster, and I can’t help myself. So today is one of those days when I’m feeling really raunchy, and when girls like me feel really raunchy, we get cum guzzling nasty. I want to fuck your face and paint you with all of my juices. Then you can dump cum all over me like the cheap fucking slut that I am. Call me nasty whore it’s okay with me I can be a dirty bitch, and I love it too. We can be wild I mean out of control, it’s okay sweetheart you know that I’m more than good I’m the best. You know I’m really fucking horny right now I could fuck you extraordinarily hard I love being passionately beaten up with a cock in my mouth and my ass and my cunt. I’m selling everything this time and at a great deal. I’ll give you head and toss your salad for the right price of course. Do you want to fuck a pro and offensive whore, the one who’ll be the nastiness of all of them well that’s me, you can do it all as long as you pay the right price. I like the big money I love fast cars I love rich men, and I savor big dicks if you have got that then you’re the one. Get in touch with me so we can fucking make some fierce love. I wonder, do you like to be a Trick Daddy because you can be my Trick Daddy and you can fuck me you can tie me up too if you want. Whatever you pay for is what you get, and we can be as ruthless as you fucking want I do not have limits. I left my taboos somewhere down the road when I was fucking out in public in front of like 40 people. My girlfriend was Instagramming me giving head to this random guy, I must say that I was perfect. I looked at the playback, and I was so proud of myself. That’s what kind of nasty little salacious tramp bitch that I am so let’s have a good time now.

My Mouth Was Made To Be A Big Dick Sucker

Big dick suckerWithout fail seeing a cock gets my bald little pussy wet and I want to be bouncing up and down on it. Let’s be honest that isn’t much of a surprise coming from a big slut like me. However seeing a Big Dick standing hard up hard with big bulging veins makes my mouth begin to water. I crave the taste of salty droplets of precum being dribbled out onto my tongue. I want to feel my cheeks get puffy because I have a huge cock stuffing my mouth. Let’s be honest I have the perfect mouth for cock sucking. Soft and plump lips, and can open my mouth wide enough to fit my own fist inside. Honestly I’m feeling a bit hungry right now, and would love a big tasty snack! How about it you pump that hard dick of yours into this pretty little mouth of mine?

Big Dick Sucker Co-Pilot

big dick suckerBig dick sucker Beverly is my CB handle. Big D gave me that handle. I went along for a ride in his truck a few days ago. He had a 2 day trip, was tired and thought if I was his side kick, I could keep him awake with my oral skills. He thought it was funny to blast on the CB he was getting head from a dirty old cougar. He aired my dick sucking over the trucker waves. Fellow truckers were egging us on as I slurped on his big black cock. Soon other truckers were requesting that Big D share his cock sucking whore with them. We pulled over at a truck stop for gas and a shower. While he was cleaning up, I was a cum guzzling slut, chugging down several truckers’ hot loads of cum. When Big D came back from the shower facility, he was all clean, but I was very dirty. Dirty in cum. He just looked at me and smiled. Then he said, this is why you are my co-pilot. I loved riding around in his truck showing off my big dick sucking skills. Other truckers said I was better than a 5 Hour Energy drink. I think I will be hitting the road more often.

Little Party slut

The things I have done for a bag of coke I outta be ashamed of myself. I am not, to be honest with you. I love to blow more than anything. I think I may love coke more than cock. The rush I get and everything is better when I am high. It started out when I was staying at my aunt’s house for the summer a couple of years back she a sketchy new boyfriend. I didn’t even know him and told me I had to call him Uncle Tye. One day my aunt was doing errands, and uncle tye came into the guest room I was staying at and asked me if I wanted to help him with some groceries. I went to the bathroom to get ready to go. Uncle Tye followed and shoved his dick inside my bare ass. I was yelling, but he told me I was going be his drunk girl fucking slut and coke whore. He got me high and drunk and pounded me till I was addicted.


Drunk girl fucking

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