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Cheerleader Coke Whore

Gangbang whore

Being a slutty cheerleader is a fun daytime activity. But my favorite nighttime job is whoring out my teen pussy for coke. As soon as class ends, the cheer uniform comes off and my teen hooker outfits come on! I go home to check my Backpage and set up clients. By this time, I’m jonesing bad for coke! But how else would a young teen whore like me afford that?

I got a yummy cunnie and asshole and I charge a pretty penny for a chance to lick, suck and fuck them. I’m not super selective with johns. As long as they have money or an 8 ball, I’ll fuck whoever. I always meet them at the same motel and we party for a bit, snorting coke and drinking.

Most guys love when I snort lines off their cocks and they all love snorting lines off of my naked hot body! It’s even better when they shove a huge bump of blow inside my rosebud asshole. It numbs me up real good while they savagely fuck my holes. As long as I get my yayo and money, you can do whatever the fuck you want to me!

Glory Hole Slut

Cum dumpster

I could spend all day sucking cock and swallowing load after load of hot yummy cum. So naturally, one of my favorite hobbies is going to glory holes. There’s a few in my area that I like to hit up when I’m feeling especially nasty and craving some cock.

I went to one last night when I was feeling really horny and wanted to do something super nasty and freaky. I entered the stall and kneeled on the floor waiting for my first visitor. In no time, a huge veiny cock poke through the hole for me to suck. I went to work sucking on the yummy cock and taking it as far into my throat as I could go. When he came, he squirted it all in my mouth and I swirled it around in my mouth savoring the flavor before swallowing it all down. I sucked cock after cock and swallowed each load, I didn’t want a single drop to go to waste!

I was working on my tenth or eleventh dick of the night when I felt something poking me from behind. There was another hole on the other side of the bathroom stall behind me and a cock was poking through it! I didn’t want to stop sucking the one I already had, but I couldn’t just ignore this one, so I managed to maneuver my ass and pussy over to the other wall so that the second dick could fuck me. My pussy was soaking wet and the other cock had no problem finding a warm wet hole to fuck.

One after the other, cock appeared in either hole. While still sucking the ones in front of me, the ones behind me had the choice of my ass or pussy to fuck. I sucked and fucked at least thirty that might until I was completely full of cum on both ends.


Anal sex whoreI got caught sucking your cock today in your truck by a policeman. He made us get out of the truck and searched me. In my bra, between my tits, he found my stash of cocaine and immediately put me in cuffs. He then put me in the back of his police car and drove me to an empty lot. He said he wouldn’t take me in to jail if I let him do a cavity search and behaved myself. I agreed. I got me out of the car and pushed me down face first into the hood. My wrists still cuffed behind my back. He leaned against me letting me feel his hard cock through his uniform pants on my ass. He spread my legs and put his hands up my skirt, feeling my wet cunt. After stuffing his fingers in my mouth and gagging me with them, he took out his cock and put it in my pussy fast and hard. Next he took my asshole and raped it hard, using me like the whore I am. Then he got my bag of coke, placed it on my asshole and used his cock to pack it in deep. He slapped my ass. Made me drop to my knees and fucked my face until he covered it with cum. He undid my cuffs and took off, leaving me to walk all the way back to the truck stop.

Cheerleader Cum Whore

Live phone sex

Being the slutty head cheerleader has so many perks! I get to do whatever I want and whoever I want. As long as I get my cunt filled with cum, I will do whatever I want to get it. I know all the boys and teachers stare at my ass and tits in my short, tight uniform. I get a thrill just bending over in class and flashing everyone my fuck holes. In the hallways everyone practically fucking drools all over the damn floor when I walk by.

I was feeling especially horny this afternoon, so I decided to ditch boring science class and find a nice thick cock to get me off. That’s when I spotted you by the water fountain. Your bulge caught my eye and I made a bee line towards you. I asked what you were doing flashing you my flirtiest smile and you told me you were headed back to class. But not just yet, I needed you to do me a huge favor.

I bent over and flashed you my perky, big ass and asked if you could slide down my bloomers. I wanted you to lick and suck on my juicy cheerleader pussy right there in the hallway! I was so horny! You whipped out your rock-hard cock and I dropped to my knees and began deepthroating your fat cock! My pussy dripped so much, I leaned up against the lockers and let you ram your thick cock inside my tight slit.

You fucked me so hard and good. I love having you stretch out my holes in the middle of class! You filled my needs and I was lucky to be you cum whore. You made sure to fill up all my holes with a shot of cum. I love your cum so much. I plunged it out of my fucking cunnie with my fingers and licked it all up! Maybe I’ll meet you again same time, same place tomorrow. 😉

Shitty Situation

Live phone sex


You said you wanted Dirty phone sex and that’s what you got! You found that out when you stuck your fingers deep in my bloody period cunt. Your hand was covered in the red blood and metal odor of my pussy. Your forced your fingers deep into my mouth, allowing me to taste my own period. You bent me over without any preparations and raped my swollen bloody cunt. When my blood covered your hard cock, you used that as lube to fuck my asshole. You tore my tight asshole up. You enjoyed pulling out and seeing my asshole gape open before you rammed you cock back deep inside. I was not ready for how vigorously you were going to fuck me and I lost all control of my bowels. I covered your cock in my shit, but you didn’t care. You kept thrusting deep in me and stuffing my asshole full of my own nasty shit. You took your cock out abruptly and slammed your huge shitty cock back into my swollen cunt. Blood dripped and shit dripped from my pussy. Please add your cum to my filthy cunt!

Little Girl Becomes An Anal Sex Whore

Anal sex whore

Anal sex whore is what you desire and word has gotten out that nurse Tamsin can find you just about anything on the black market. You called me because you are a P. Daddy and you were looking for a little girl. It just so happened that I had the perfect little girl for you. She had just arrived from the Ukraine. I made sure to have her ready for you that evening. I told her that she was going to have a new Daddy and she must do everything that he says. You had stressed how important to you it was that she was still a virgin.

So I made sure to give her a proper medical examine to verify that indeed she was. She was not very happy when I inserted that cold speculum into her bald tight pussy. So I was not surprised at all that I met with some resistance on her having an enema. I pulled her over my knee and spanked her bare bottom until it was a bright red and she was agreeing to follow my instructions. I made her stand in the corner while I prepared her enema. I put her back over my knee to administer it. Having her red ass squirming on my lap made my cunt so wet. I had to remind myself that I had already promised her to you.

After her enema, I gave her a lavender bubble bath. Then I dressed her in the cutest little light pink fluffy dress. It was extra short and you could see the ruffled white cotton panties that she had on underneath as she walked. I put her blonde hair up in pigtails with great big pink bows. I finished off her outfit with ruffled ankle socks, black mary jane shoes, and a teddy bear stuffed her arm. I brought her out to met Daddy and I could tell by the look on your face that you were extremely happy with her. I had her turn around in her dress and so you could get the full view of her.

Then I slowly started removing all of her clothes. Once she was totally naked you unzipped your pants and exposed your big hard cock. I told her to go and suck on Daddy’s cock. She was hesitant. But Daddy knew how to handle his little girl. You pulled her over your knee and spanked her bare bottom. The harder she cried the harder your cock became. Once she was promising to be a good girl and give you a blow job you stopped. She sucked on the head of your cock like it was a lollipop while her little hand was stroking your shaft.

Then you had her lay over my lap and I pulled her ass checks apart. I told her that she had been a bad girl and that Daddy punishes bad girls by fucking their tight puckered ass. She started to cry as you shoved the head of you hard cock into her tight virgin ass. She cried out Daddy hurt me as you continued to pound your big hard cock into her tight young ass. Her virgin ass was so tight that it practically squeezed the cum from your cock. You gave her ass a giant load of cum and left one very happy Daddy.

Dirty phone sex

Nationwide whore

cum dumster

They sure don’t make it them like me anymore. I have done more sinister shit than any slut I know. I am back from a long coke and cock binge. I was able to make it to Tijuana and fuck my way up to San Francisco. I like to push myself and go on these whore adventures. I like being a lot lizard cum dumpster. My plan for the summer is a nasty one. I know we barely left summer but I am already thinking about the next. I want to fuck dirty men in every state. I want it raw and high of course. I am addicted to getting coked up and being a cock slut. I can’t wait to see where this adventure takes me. I might get a head start and do it sooner rather than later. I am always in the glory holes might as well make it my 24/7 profession.

Training a Little Girl to be a Big Dick Sucker

big dick suckerI was teaching a little girl how to be a big dick sucker. She is the super young daughter of a friend. She is being raised by a single mother down on her luck. He husband recently left her, but he hid his finances so well she didn’t get much in the divorce, not even in California. She asked me how to make extra money, so she could stay in her elaborate lifestyle her husband screwed her out of living. I told her only one thing brings fast money and that is sex. When I told her that her little girl could make more money than she could, she asked me to train her to be a good slut. Slut training begins with learning how to suck cock. She was a quick study for such a young girl. She loved sucking on my big black dildo. I only used my fingers on her little bald slit. That was only because I didn’t want to pop her cherry. A virgin pussy can bring top dollar. I showed my friend where to put her daughter on the dark net for auction. She was putting up pictures as I was working on training her little girl to be a good whore. My friend was surprised by the instant bidding war that started. I told her that young sexy prostitutes make bank, so prepare to live even better than she has been living, at least until her daughter ages out.

Anal whore fucks a brother and sister

Anal sex whore


I prostitute myself to support my coke habit. It’s the perfect job because I’m already a dirty nasty slut and I love wild sex. I got picked up by a guy one night while I was working my usual corner and he told me he wanted to rent me for the night, that he had a female partner waiting to play with me too. I agreed and got in the car with him and went back to his hotel. What he neglected to tell me is the female partner waiting for us back at the hotel was his own sister. They were a pair of kinky twins who loved incest and nasty sex. My pussy was throbbing and wet when I heard that. I love kinky sex, and the nastier and more taboo it is, the more turned on I am. I couldn’t believe I was getting paid to do this. I would have done it for free!

We undressed and she and began sucking his cock and licking his balls. We got him nice and hard and then he laid back on the bed and she climbed on top and started riding his dick. I couldn’t believe my eyes at the sight of the nasty sibling incest I was seeing in front of me. While she rode him backwards cowgirl, I licked her clit and fingered his asshole. It wasn’t long before he was cumming and filling his sister’s sloppy wet cunt with his cum. This turned me on so much I just had to get in there and lap up her creampie. I scooped out every drop of his cum from inside her while she moaned and ground her pussy on my face. He was hard again in no time from the sight of the intense lesbian licking in front of him. While I continued to lap at her cunt, he slid behind me and jammed his cock into my ass. I ate her pussy while he gave me a hard anal reaming.

We fucked over and over throughout the night. She and I took turns riding his dick and then finished off the night with the two kinky twins pissing in my face and giving me a nice golden shower. They paid me and I went on my way, but not before giving them my number and telling them to call me any time and that the next session will be free.

Retail Therapy

Anal cum dumpsterI am just like you that I have to go out and shop.  I have to buy groceries, pay my bills, pay my insurance, and go and buy clothing.  I can’t just have dick shoved in one of my holes every minute of the day.  I wish I could, believe me, but how would I explain that when I go to vote today? Having some guy behind me, me bent over, fucking in line waiting to cast my vote.  Might be a bit awkward, fun, but awkward none the less.

I was out shopping for some new jeans and panties.  I seem to go though a shit ton of panties for some reason.  Oh that’s right, I’m always sending them out to some of you.  Which means I go shopping for them more than your average whore.  I was in a little lingerie boutique and there was a guy working there.  I was very surprised because you hardly ever see a guy working in a lingerie store of any type.  I thought maybe he was gay, and no I am not gay bashing, I just assumed.

He came over to me and asked me if I needed any help.  I told him I didn’t, but I did ask him how he liked working here.  He laughed and said, “It’s my Sister’s place, I am just filling in for a little while so she could run to the bank.” That explains that.  I asked him if he was gay, he told me that I was the fifth woman to ask him that today.  We both laughed and he said no he wasn’t gay.

Well that just changed everything.  I changed my mind and told him that I actually did need some help.  I told him that my bras didn’t fit correctly and I needed to be measured.  He didn’t know what I was talking about. I volunteered to show him.  We went into a changing room, and I took my shirt off and my bra.  He just stood there, I told him that we would need a measuring tape.  He went to find one.

It took a little while but he came back with one.  I showed him how to measure a woman for a bra.  He was blushing like crazy, and his cock was getting a little hard.  I could see the bulge start up in his jeans in the mirror.  He went out and picked out some bras for me to try on.  I thanked him then told him that I needed to be measured for panties too.  He just looked at me.  He asked me if that was actually a thing, I told him no. 

He stood there for a few seconds then he figured out what I meant.  He came in and slid the curtain closed.  I pulled my pants and panties off then sat back on that very uncomfortable little seat.  I pulled my legs up so that he could see how wet my pussy was already.  He got down on his knees and started to tongue fuck me.  He was extremely good at it.  I heard the door open in the shop.  He had to leave the dressing room, I was so close to cumming too.  I heard him talking and the woman said she would come back later. 

He came back in and told me he locked the door and put the closed sign up, but we would have to hurry because his sister would be back any minute.  I took his cock out and sucked it to life, turned around and let him have at it.  He fucked me in my cunt for a bit, then without even asking plowed it into my tight ass.  He was big so it made me gasp, but it also made me cum. Then he came shortly after.

He left the room, I got dressed and purchased my stuff.  He asked if he could have my number because he would like to see me again.  I told him to give me his and I would contact him if I ever wanted to meet up again.  He smiled and gave me the digits.  I gave him a little kiss then left.  I got fucked and some really killer panties and bras, all in all it was a fantastic shopping trip.

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