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Cum dumpster Berretta

cum dumpsterCum dumpster Berretta has such a nice ring to it. It is fun to have cum all over my face mouth and hair. I just love serving a hard cock. I don’t care what time a day it is. Its always time to get squirted on. I love when you use me as a human toilet. I love being your worthless little slave. I can’t wait to feel your cock in my mouth. I want to feel you stretch all my holes. I know that I am only good to be your little servant. I want to get on my knees for you and I want to be trained by you. It makes me happy to see you all hard and ready to burst. I like being controlled by you. If you tell me to drink all your piss you bet I will be doing exactly what you say. I will never argue with your commands. I will be the best obedient whore you have ever encountered

Big Booty Dancer

Black stripper sexI’m a stripper and I love shaking my ass for cash. I love getting on that stage and having all eyes on me. When I make my ass bounce all jaws drop. I make so much money every night I have to have a bouncer walk me to my car. But the best part about being a stripper is the private dances in the Champagne Room. In the Champagne Room, I really get to be my true freaky self. I love dropping to my knees on the cum sticky floors and swallowing hard cock. In the Champagne Room, we can do things that we can’t do out in the main room. Outside of the closed doors of the Champagne Room, you’ll hear moans and grunts of sexual pleasure. Sometimes I take two guys in because I love double penetration. Because two hard cocks are better than one. I’m a real freaky and anything your dirty mind can think of I’ll do. Because I never say “no”.

Live phone sex with a cum dumpster

Cheap phone sexIf you want live phone sex than I am the girl for you. I love when I get clients that want me to share with there friends or anyone. Two cocks is always going to be better then one, and I enjoy it so much I usually don’t even make them pay for two. I love being a nasty whore getting all of my holes filled with white thick creamy cum, and most of all i like getting rammed so hard in my little pussy and asshole. I love getting so fucking high and just fucking for hours. I just want to make my pussy and you cum over and over again until your balls empty baby. You should call me and see how nasty I can get.

My Car Broke Down

no taboo phone sex


My car just broke down on the side of the highway and all these cars were flying by me not stopping to see if I needed help or anything. I am completely pissed by this point but that’s when I remembered the obvious thing to do here- flash the truckers! Would you believe that the first one that saw my hot bod pulled over in seconds flat? “Well, what can I help you with little lady?” – I made it clear that if he could fix my car I would fix his cock up real good. I climbed into the cab of his truck and road that cock right. Bouncing all over his seat and making his dreams come true. Then we got out and I let him pound my ass on the hot hood of my car. God damn, it was so much fun. After letting him cream my hoes up all good- he jumped my ride of and everything was dandy. Now it’s off to the orgy party. Wanna come with me? The more cocks the better, right?

I like it nasty

live phone sexThe thing about me is that I need it nasty, I can’t settle for plain old boring vanilla sex! I need many men, lots of cum and even your piss and shit. I need it rough and deep and even painful or I just can’t get off! I’m always the center of attention of every party I go to cus I’m the drunk bitch on her knees sucking every cock I see, and you know what? The guys all love me! Girls don’t like me as much but fuck those hos if they were satisfying their men they wouldn’t need me! Honestly they could learn a thing or two from me but they won’t prudes never do. Oh well I don’t care, I’ll be over here sucking their men’s cocks!

Hardcore Anal Sex with a Bitch-Boy

Fucking little bitch-boy thought he could do whatever he wanted, and treat me however he wanted. It was time to teach him a little lesson. I called him up, asked him to come over, made it sound like I was his horny little fuck-bitch. When he got here, I had 2 friends waiting for him the moment he knocked on my door. Hardcore anal sexThey hauled his ass inside and masked him, tied him up for me, and left him kneeling on the floor. I walked over to him, telling him what a filthy, ugly piece of trash I really thought he was for treating me the way he did. I used my riding crop on his ass cheeks, and he howled at me, called me a bitch. I told him I’d show him what a little bitch really was. I pissed right down his chest, and he didn’t think anything of it, until I pulled that mask off of him. When he saw my dripping cock, it registered, and he started to curse me, but I stopped him with my dick in his mouth, still dripping my pee. I shoved straight down his throat, and started throat fucking him. He made to move, but my friends threatened him while I dug the riding crop into his back. Trailer trash whoreHe shut up and took that dick like the good little bitch-boy he was. When I felt like my cock was clean enough, I pulled out of his mouth, running my cock along it once for good measure. That was when I spun him around, put his head to the ground and put a heel on it. Then, I pushed that as up as much as I could get it, and opened it up with my dick. Little bitchy-boy who always wanna be up in my ass treating me like shit screamed at having me up in his. He couldn’t take it. I bet that pansy-ass doesn’t darken my doorstep again.

Live phone sex with megan

Live phoen sex Yesterday while I was the corner a guy pulled up and asked, “Can you do something really dirty for me”? Me being the nasty fucking whore I am I had no problem doing whatever he wanted. I got in the car and he pulled to a alley way and pulled his pants down and told me to go lay down on the road and lay my face by the door. I did as I was told and next thing I knew I was getting a mouth full of hot stinky shit. I was suprised but I love being someones human toilet so I ate every last drop until it was all gone. I love being shit and pissed on so if you are into that then I am the girl for you baby.

Cum Guzzling Slut Poolside

cum guzzling slut

What does a cum guzzling cunt do when it’s summer? She hangs out at the community pool. I love starting my day off with boy batter in my stomach. The boys of summer are what I call the band of horn dogs who wait at the pool for me to blow them daily.  I get up, do a line, drink some black coffee, put on a bikini and high heels and take my cougar ass to the pool. The boys who usually stop by on their way to school are always waiting for me. Our pool is dinky. There is never a lifeguard. I can chug cock, tan my hot body and be a gangbang whore. No one cares. There was quiet a large bunch of boys this morning waiting for me. I took my suit off the moment I walked in. No complaints from the boys either. They followed my lead. We played around in the pool for a bit so I could see all the cocks I had to chose from. No way I could pick just one cock. I blew them all. I am a blow bang whore too. I was chugging down cum before I got on all fours. The boys knew what to do. They mounted me like dogs and pumped me full of their boy seed. I jumped in the pool, washed off and did it again.

Nasty Girl

live phone sex

Nasty girls always win! I am never too scared to try anything new. I am always down to play the game. Unlike your cookie cutter girls, I truly enjoy making a guy just bust his load and jizz all over. I think it’s a great talent to get him to lose control. Sure any guy can cum from boring sex, but when you see a guy just explode  I mean really explode you see it in his face how good it feels to just bust, This is the best satisfaction. I will always win because I am a nympho and I enjoy all the dirty sex your boring girlfriends and wives don’t want to participate in. See when we get to fuck all bets are off! You can bring another girl or guy or whatever your wicked mind concocts. I won’t say no I  say yes every single time. You can bet you will have the most explosive nut with me. I can guarantee you will be hooked on this little nasty slut.

Cum Vampire

Cum dumpsterI make my ass bounce for cash at the strip club. I make a lot of money and I love being a stripper. Men worship at my feet and pay a lot of money for private alone time with me. But there’s another reason why I dance at a strip club. I’m a cum dumpster, I like for men to dump their cum down my throat and all over my body. I had my first taste of semen when I was a young teenager and I’ve been hooked every since. The club gives me a variety of men like a buffet at a restaurant. I take them to The Champagne Room, drop to my knees, suck their dicks and get every drop. I crave semen like a vampire craves blood. People always compliment my skin but they don’t know that cum facials keep my skin so clear. I love how warm cum feels sliding down my throat and on my skin. Will you come with me to The Champagne Room?

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