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Hot Stripper Sex From Kinky Petal

Hot Stripper Sex

Hot stripper sex is what all the guys in the club are looking for. They come into my work just hoping they can’t the chance to fuck a sexy stripper. They know we are the nastiest and kinkiest girls around, willing to do anything to make them cum. As long as they can pay the price. Any of my fuck holes are up for sale. I’ll let guys of any age, size, and color slide inside my dripping wet cunt. You can even ram that nice hard cock into my tight asshole and shot your load so fucking deep inside me. My mouth is open for you too, I’ll be on my knees like a good like a whore waiting to take your hot creamy load down my throat. If you fantasize about fucking a sexy teen stripper then come on into my club. I’ll be more than willing to give you the hot fuck session that you need. We can even let my other stripper friends join in the fun. Imagine having me and all my friends caressing you and stroking the cum out that nice cock. What could be better than lining up a gang of stripper sluts and showering them with your cum?

Gangbang Sex Stories – The Train

Gangbang sex storiesI went to a party the other night, and I knew I would get laid before the night’s end. What I wasn’t really ready for was the train that they ran on me. I was a little drunk, and I may have had a couple of x by the time they started in on me, but no one seriously expects a train when they are out enjoying themselves. I was getting rubbed up on by the 2 guys I was dancing with, and when they pulled me to the master bedroom, I was down for it. They took turns between my mouth and my ass, but I didn’t notice that there was a line growing at the foot of the bed, and before I knew it, I was having my face slowly turned for me. I saw the line, and the strange guy taking the place of the guy who had just cum in me, and I knew I was in for the ride of my life! There were dicks of all shapes and sizes, and every single one of them, one after the other, filled my hole up and made it gape just a little bit more, until I was left with a crater where my ass was at the beginning of the night. One of those twisted fucks surprised me even more by bending down and starting to clean all the jizz out of me. He licked my asshole clean, inside and out, before I was finally left alone with the 2 I had started the night with. I took their asses home with me!

Sex, Drugs, and Rock’n’Roll!!!

Druggy phone sexI want to get high with you. Drugs make me so horny. I snort a line and my pussy starts to throb. Allow me to do a line off of your hard cock and I’ll let you do a line off my tit. I live life to the fullest, there’s nothing I haven’t done or would do. I want cocaine and your hard cock. Get me high and I’ll let you do whatever you want. I never say “no”. I’m a bad girl because being good is so boring. Can’t you picture me riding your cock with my big breasts bouncing? My pussy is as addictive as a hard narcotic. Put your hard cock in my wet pussy and you’ll be mine forever. I want to feel the weight of your body on top of mine. Hold my ass and push yourself deeper inside of my tight cunt. So let’s get high together and have a really good time. Sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll forever!!!

Cum Eating Phone Sex with an Old Cum Whore

cum eating phone sexCum eating phone sex is one of my favorite type of calls. I love being a cum slut for you. I don’t know why so many women won’t swallow jizz? Most guys who call me, do so because they know I am a cum whore. They tell me their wives won’t let them cum in their mouths. That just means more for me. I crave spunk like most women crave chocolate. I guess that is why I am skinnier than most women. I have salt cravings versus sweet cravings. I was getting low on my freezer stash of jizz, so I went down to the truck stop to give head. The truckers line up when I am on a cum mission. One trucker, Ted was traveling with his teen son. He got in line too. That boy had more cum in his balls than his own daddy. Ted said it was because his son had never had head before.  Virgin teen boys are my favorite. After I had a pitcher full of jizz, I headed over to Ted’s truck to fuck his son. I sucked his cock, tasted his sperm, why not fuck him and make him a man too. I have fucked his daddy countless times. Ted had no problem with his favorite trashy MILF putting hair on his son’s balls. Poor boy didn’t last long, not even with the second ball draining, so daddy fucked me. Ted can go all night long. I rode his cock and jacked off junior at the same time. Ted’s boy had a few more loads in his young cock for my pitcher of jizz. I got fucked, collected a pitcher of cum to snack on and made a boy a man. Not a bad night’s work for a cum guzzling slut. Wouldn’t you agree?

I’ve got some stripper sex stories for you

stripper sex storiesI’ve got some stripper sex stories for you now cus I got myself a little side job. I’m not working at some strip club tho, I do private parties where things can get a little nastier. Last night I went to this nice house in a real classy neighborhood and stripped for a bachelor party. They were drunk as fuck and real fucking horny so as soon as I started to get naked they were all over me! I knew it was gonna happen tho, hell they even paid extra to be able to fuck me so who am I to complain? I just started sucking and fucking those hard dicks like a pro! Y’all know I’m just a whore that loves to fuck and if I can make some money on it too why not right? May as well use this sexy body while I still got it! Anyway, I went home sore as fuck but they tipped me well for being their whore for the night… a couple of them even slipped me their cards so I could call them again!

Filthy Cum SLUT!!!

Cum guzzling slutHe paid for private lap dances from me all night. I enjoyed grinding my ass against his hard-on. I didn’t complain when his fingers would slip inside my wet pussy because I thought he was sexy. I pulled him up from his chair and jerked him towards the champagne room. Once I had him all to myself, I dropped to my knees on the semen-stained carpet and tried to suck the skin off his hard cock. I wanted to taste his salty cum. I wanted to feel it sliding down my throat. I’m a cum slut. I like how it tastes and how it feels. I wanted him to cum on my face and then get him hard again so that he could cum in my mouth. I’m a naughty girl. The type of girl that you momma warned you about. A true slut with a capital S-L-U-T. Let’s fuck and you can tell all of your friends, because I want to fuck them, too.

Cheap phone sex with a druggy slut

Cheap phone sex Last night I got so fucking high on the phone and I came over and over again. I have a big sex swing in my bedroom and I layed in it fucking my tight little cunt with a big dildo all night long while I talked dirty. I fucking loved every second of it, and the floor under my swing was full of puddles of all my squirt. I love squirting while I am on the phone so you can hear it splash all over my bed or the floor. Do you want a nasty fucking whore? I am the girl for you baby. I will rock your world if you like a druggy slut who who will fuck my self and scream and cum for you.

Toilet sex with a human toilet

Toilet sexI love being a nasty toilet slut who loves getting pissed and shit on. I want you to use me as your human toilet, and I mean you can do  anything you want to me. I love opening my pussy right up and letting you squat right over my pussy hole and squeezing down until I have a pussy full of nice warm thick shit. I love feeling it swirl right into my cunt, and you can’t forget about piss. I need a cunt full of piss too! Then I want you to fuck my cunt with all that shit and piss in it! Fuck me as hard as you can then I want to suck that big shaft and balls until all the shit, piss, and cum is all cleaned up.

Valencia Is A Proud Cum Dumpster

Cum Dumpster

Hey guys! I’m loud and fucking proud about being a complete cum whore or if you like, a cum dumpster is fitting as well. The deep, penetrating need of cum is so mother fucking god damned blasphemously delicious. Fucking unload on me, in me or let me suck the jizz out of that fuck rod. I don’t fucking care as long as I get that cum, and lots of it!

I’m totally down for a hot gangbang or bukkake party on my face. Facials are so fucking hot! I cannot lie or fuck, cannot express enough just how much I love cum, and fucking. Hell being a slutty assed prostitute is the only career I can imagine myself enjoying, as it’s no surprise with the filthy whore that I am, to crave such a lifestyle.

Bring me your filthiest fucking scene and needs and we can get fucking filthy! Suck you later!

My Weekend Cum Filled Cunt

cum filled cunt

Cum filled cunt anyone? I got a cum bath this weekend. Miss me? I took a few days off for a rock festival. A girlfriend and I road tripped to see some amazing artists. We had a big bag of coke thanks to Big D and we were ready to rock out and get fucked. First day of the festival, we met a group of young guys. They had traveled too, even father than we had. Hot young boys too. It was hotter than Satan’s balls this past weekend, so they had their shirts off. We ended up just being in shorts and bras. No one said a thing. The guys had no hotel. Young broke boys who spent all their money on the tickets and gas to get there. They were going to crash in their car. We let them stay in our motel room. In exchange, they had to bang the shit out of us. There were four of them and two of us. We liked those numbers. We came back to the hotel after night one. We were a hot sweaty mess, drunk and high. But, I was ready to be a gangbang whore. So was my girlfriend. Those young boys had no problem getting hard. There were no drunk dicks this weekend. Of course, they were shacking up with two hot cougars who love to party.  We did lots of coke and swallowed lots of cum. I joked that their cum was going to give me energy for a 12 hour festival in 90 plus degree weather. My body also feels charged when I get a ton of cum.  I love guzzling loads and loads of jizz. It has been doing my body good as long as I can remember. Those boys had such tasty spunk that we bottled some for our road trip home. Put it on ice. Home made protein drinks are the best.

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