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I Love to Fuck


Cum dumpster

I love to fuck I like to get high and I love to be a bad girl. If you can be with me, I promise you I’m going to give you what you need. I want to be all of your desires I want to shove your big fat rock hard cock deep into my mouth and suck it all the way to the balls. I worship your throbbing cock I love the way it feels when it’s inside of any one of my holes. I really love to last night when we fucked at the club in the bathroom. All the pretentious girls act like they don’t do nasty things but me I don’t give a fuck about that shit I love being who I am and I appreciate that you want to fuck me all the time. I knew when I first met you that you like nasty chicks with big tits and hot wet pussies. There is no doubt in the world that I have the hottest most soaked cum filled pussy that you could ever get a hold of, and I don’t have any fucking problems handing it out like advertisements especially to you. I love when you let me fuck your friends, in fact, they pay excellent amounts money to shove their big fat football cocks inside of me. I’m a horny whore I know it and the day that I care about what someone thinks about that will be the day that the world caves in and falls from the sky. All of your friend’s lust after me they love fucking me they love videotaping they love posting me on all the social networks, and I don’t care what other bitches think I like the attention. I’m a sizzling hot slut I’m the best at what I do hell I’m better than the hookers on the fucking Street because I look like a daddy’s girl really innocent until you get me in the bedroom that is. Babe, I just have to tell you your father he’s been looking at me real raunchy lately like he wants to shove his old man cock deep inside of my hot wet young pussy and I think that we should let him after all he does have a lot of fucking cash. You’re hot that means your father could be just as fucking spicy and I want to find out. So why don’t you make that happen soon?

Cum guzzling slut


Double Trouble Cum Whores

cum guzzling slutcreampie slut


Flo is my fucking druggy slut neighbor. She is a hot mature white trash slut and we get into dick sucking double trouble often. They call her Flo the Crack hoe. I spent many a night getting fucked and fucked up with her. She loves eating cum. Well fuck I do too but something about being a creamy cum cover whore really turns me on. Plus I can have a nice gism just with her licking your cum all off of my body. We fucking love being gangbang whores together. It’s like the Count, one dick bahaha, two dicks bahhaha. Let’s see how many dicks Flo the crack hoe and Hardcore Hadley can take!

Light that pipe up and pass it to these big titted throat fucking whores. The bigger the dick the better, although just more and more dick that keeps our crack pipes lit is what we like! If you ask I couldn’t find a piece of ass selling druggy whore better than Flo. What are you waiting for? You know Two druggy whores are better than one. Call Crack Hoe Flo and Hardcore Hadley for late night party whore fun!

Cum dumpster

Big dick sucker


Men come to Jamie when they need their cocks sucked really good. They know I’m a very nasty crack whore that will do anything nasty or dirty. I got picked up by a group of frat guys that wanted to party. There was a keg there and a coffee table full of every pill and powder you could dream of. I did a keg stand and guzzled a bunch of beer from a funnel before popping a handful of pills into my mouth before getting the real party started. They wanted a really dirty girl to help them haze the new boys in the fraternity, and when I’m drunk or high I lose any inhibitions I might have and become a real cum dumpster. I sucked the new recruits big cocks one after the other. They took turns fucking my face and shooting their loads of cum down my throat. I sucked two at once and both of them exploded in my mouth at the same time. Every single one of them took a turn fucking my mouth and filling my throat with their cum before the night ended.

Ass Fetish


No taboo phone sex

Give me your delicious milk filled cock I want you to feed it to me Daddy. Feed me your sweet asshole too daddy because you know I need it. I’m going to lick between your butthole, and I mean I’m going to eat your beautiful burro clean I love it, I completely love the taste of your rimshots my love. I also have the absolute need to suck your large savory ballsack from the back. I want you to feel my soft wet tongue licking up and down your sizzling hot ass for you. I can make you feel right when I slurp on those meat bullets for you and dip your big fat dick into my mouth. All I keep thinking about is making you cum until your completely dry. I have a nasty fetish to make you feel, so ass sucking good because you make me feel so fucking slutty good. I love the way your long hard rock solid cock drives into my anal cavity abusively. I get instantly weak when I imagine giving you a rim job in your sweet tight asshole. Give it to me and don’t hold back push that brown round into my tongue, come on baby push that ass into my lapping tongue Daddy boy. Papa, you keep me knowing you are so great and you remarkably secure my heart. I love munching on your ripe butthole, and I require a whole bunch of big titty girls around you feeding you their tits while I’m eating your ass and sucking your cock. Every one of the sexy cum guzzling whores will do nothing less than the best to make you happy believe me, that’s all we want. Daddy, you can be sure your satisfaction comes before anything else. You need this, and you have been so good to us that you deserve to be treated like a sex star and spoiled. Wouldn’t you agree that my sexy slutty little playmates and I can get the job done? Daddy, it feels so good to please your whole strong body. Remember when I said to dream big when you have your naughty dreams, I said that because I have always had big ideas. I”ve got ten hot nasty fucktoy cum-dumpster bitches surrounding you all with big double D and triple Ds tits. I’m so excited to please you and give you a time that you .wont forget. We all want your dick cream to spray us down.


Cum guzzling slut

Freaks come out at night

cum dumpsterMy my the freaks do come out at night. I knew it was going to be a fun night at the strip club as soon as I saw sea of people. I couldn’t stay focus all I was thinking about was the mountain of cash I was going to take home to without a doubt spend on mountains of coke. I was going to do my thing and I was going to get fucked in the back room for an extra couple bands. I was craving some good cock anyways and wanted to be the cum dumpster of the night. I made my mental list and let the boys know I was ready to play with the big boys. My regular is a big time king pin who loves to bring me the best coke from Medellin Colombia. I took a couple lines of that nose candy and got to work. I got dicked down and coked up. I was living my best life being the trashy whore I have always been destined to be.

BBC phone sex makes my cunt wet

BBC phone sexI’ve always loved BBC phone sex and I think that my affinity for that stems from my upbringing. I was exposed to massive python dick when I was just a youngster. Early on, I walked in on my Step-brother masturbating his hard black cock and it was quite the sight to see! Yeah, my Mom’s a total fuckin whore and she ended up marrying a nigger because she isn’t able to control her jungle fever. As the saying goes, like mother like daughter! Haha! Nothing compares to horny chocolate dick, it’s just so addicting! When my Step-brother saw me walk through the door his jaw dropped but he was just about to bust his nut so he wasn’t too distracted by my presence! In fact he really enjoyed me witnessing him shoot his explosion of cum. I was so fuckin turned on that I had to put my fingers up my short dress and push my panties to the side so that I could finger fuck my slutty wet cunt & give myself pleasure while I watched his anaconda get beat up.

Getting Off

Cum guzzling slutI love my little red vibrating rocket. It is with me during every single one of my dirty no taboo phone sex calls. It fits so perfectly in my tight bald pussy and really goes deep. It has so many different settings. If you wanna fuck me hard and rough, it’ll go full blast pounding that pussy. If you want it slow, it will vibrate in random spurts. I love my red rocket almost as much as I love cock. I shove it in and out the entire call with one hand. By the time my customer cums, I’m shooting it out of my cunt covered in my slime as I squirt. It would be so fun to use my red rocket while you fuck me hard! Feeling it vibrate on my clit and your balls as your balls deep.

New Year Resolutions

latina phone sex

I think New Year resolutions are a waste of fucking time. I suck at being good. One of the few things I am good at is trickery and Latina phone sex. I am also good at shooting a good porn scene. Other than that I am bad at love and terrible at telling the truth. I have stolen from my own grandfather to supply my high. I have gotten real close with my dealer and was invited to his New Year’s bash.

I was more than happy to attend. I knew he would supply plenty of party fun. There was going to be coke and cocks by the flocks. My resolutions this year is to be excellent at what I am already great at. I will keep being a party slut and getting high. I love the high feeling some good H gives me. I always think I have hit rock bottom but I’m proven wrong each time. I can’t wait to see what the New Year brings. I am going to get my sloppy wet cunt fucked by anyone with a pretty pill of a dollar bill. The party didn’t disappoint. I got so trashed I didn’t wake up till today.

I would do anything for the money

crack whore analI needed a fix and I needed it bad so I did what I had to do, I set up a gangbang and offered up this ass to any man that would pay me for it! I had a line going out the door but I didn’t care, the money was flowing and they were bringing me lots of party favors too so I was high as fuck and ready to go all night long. Man after man came to fuck me, I had all my fuck holes filled with cum, my ass was gaped wide open and I felt lie the biggest whore in the world. I didn’t care tho, I was making tons of money and getting high as fuck and that was all that mattered to me. By the end of the night I could barely move and I was covered head to toe in a hot sticky layer of cum, I never felt so nasty before but who cares? I’ll be a whore forever!

Just Another Anal Cum Dumpster For A Party

You may think that cum junkies are just junkie whores that really have no idea what they love and just suck cum out of those endless ballsacks during gangbangs because they are that fucked up… well that can be partially true, or it could be a closet cum guzzler that really lets loose once the drugs hit. I love to be a anal cum dumpster whether sober or high as fuck and partying hardcore with some good drugs producing immense body highs… but taking cock in my back door while I get to ram a tight sweet ass of the unsuspecting or new to trying cock guys… I love to release cum in a tight hole or wide open mouth as much as I love to feel it fill up my slut hole or ooze down my whore throat.

Anal cum dumpster

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