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Big Dick Sucker and Ball Drainer

big dick suckerBeing a big dick sucker has its perks. I love cum. And when a big dick meets the right dick sucker, he unleashes a lot of cum. Cum he didn’t even know he had in his balls. My trailer park had a community Fourth of July cook out. It was a bunch of rednecks like me drinking beer and lighting off fireworks. Around 3 am, only a few of us were still standing. One of the men still standing was Jared. He is a thirty something married man. His wife is a stripper. Fucking gorgeous too. She was working late because holidays are big bucks in her line of work. The rumor has always been that Jared has a big dick, especially for a white guy. I never put the moves on him because his wife is hot as fuck. Not only is she a stripper but she is soon to be a Playboy centerfold. When that happens, I am sure they will leave this trailer park. Jared and I got to talking and I discovered his wife won’t give head. A stripper who won’t suck cock? He said she claims she has an easy gag reflex and doesn’t want to puke on his dick. I joked that I have almost no gag reflex and I love to puke on cocks. The next thing I knew, we were at my place titty fucking. I told him I was a cum dumpster whore and loved to swallow. He had not had a proper ball draining in a few years. This was charity head! Of course, as a cum whore, I benefited from the ball draining because he had a ton of cum backed up in those balls. By the time he left I was covered in his jizz. Hey, if your wife won’t drain your balls, this cougar will.

best cum dumpster on earth

cum dumpsterI am a cum dumpster, and I am proud of that. Cum is so delicious and pretty much a need for me. My stepdad uses to fuck me every morning before school. I would hear the arguments between my mom and him. My mom wasn’t a good dick sucker, nor was she fond of cum. I, on the other hand, was put on this earth to be glazed on and fucked. I have always known I turn boys on of all ages. As long as you produce that yummy cummy, I will be all over you in no time. I like being fucked to the point of no return. My holes are to be fucked with and used. Give me all your cream and make me beg pretty please!

BBC Sex Stories to Share

bbc sex storiesDo you like hearing BBC sex stories? I have l lots to share. Every week, I have a few more to add to my repertoire! I grew up in a trailer park. White trash since I was in my mommy’s belly. My dad was a racist redneck trucker, but my momma knew black men paid money to fuck white women. She hooked us both when daddy was on the road. He would have been mortified knowing he was fucking a woman who fucked nigger dick. I grew up watching those big black cocks fuck my mamma good. Sometimes, we were paid extra for me to suck their big anacondas. Eventually, when I was a little older, I fucked me some black men too. Now, I am in my 50s. I am still a trailer trash whore and I still love black cock. Last night, I entertained a few black men. They brought me coke and big black cock and I gave them easy cunt and ass.  They fucked me so hard last night, I was walking like I just lost my virginity again! That is why I love black cock. They don’t fuck gently. They fuck you like an animal.

I’m a Dirty Girl


No taboo phone sex

I’m a whore I’m a motherfucking skank I need to be fucked better than a motherfucker, I don’t care about anyone’s feelings I’m just out for myself. If you want to fuck a nasty whore, then I suggest you fuck me for sure because I’m dirty as fuck. I can be a bad girl; I can be number one at being a slut I really like to act up; that’s why. Bitches like me don’t ever go home lonely we always get what we want big money guys to love us the most too. All I need is a big dick stallion he can run me up and down all over the place because I’m willing to take big fat cock bitch. I know that your boyfriend looks at me like he’s hungry. I’m going to let him eat me if he comes my way again. I don’t feel sorry for you because you’re boring you have no x-excitement in you-you’re just a stupid cunt to me. My pussy is wild and Untamed; I can do things other girls feel ashamed to do with ease. I bet you you’re worried about your man because he left in my car last night while you’re afraid and that’s right you should be. I sucked his cock; I made him feel so right. Your boyfriend he needs more than what you offer cuz you’re boring. You’re a piece of shit sweetheart he needs a nice big piece of fucking hot sex for his body. He wants a bitch who can take his cock and shove it all the way down her throat that’s me you’ve got it you’re right if you guessed my name. So do you think that you want to watch your boyfriend fuck me crazy? Come on, sweetheart, maybe you’ll learn something.

Anal Sex Whore For Drugs

It’s not going to surprise you that I am a complete anal sex whore for my druggy fix, but it is what it is, and I am what I am. As a stripper for over 20 yrs now I have really been through it all and tried damned fucking near everything, when it comes to getting high and getting off. I am a thrill seeker with sex and finding new forms of pleasure and highs. I have been completely strung out on H and passed around by my nigger thug dealer with like 15 of his BBC thug gang banger friends. They love using this white trash blonde whores holes for pounding their massive black dicks in. The best fucking time ever was when I ended up in the ER with a bleeding ripped ass and bad H overdose, but I tell ya… they had me on so much morphine for the pain anyway what the fuck did it matter. I got released and sucked off a few more big black dicks. Cock is my life and don’t get me wrong I love some hot young pussy as well.

Anal Sex Whore

Big Dick Sucker

big dick suckerEveryone who knows me, knows I am a big dick sucker. I am known as sword swallower. Men with big dicks seek me out because most women can’t handle their dicks. I have never met a cock I couldn’t swallow. Well, that was true until last night. I hooked up with DeShawn. He is a 26-year-old black man. He is married to a white woman, but she can’t handle his cock. She sent him to me. Can you believe that shit? That was a first. Wives don’t normally go for me. Most women don’t embrace a dirty old whore. And here was this woman sending her husband to me, a known trailer trash whore. I didn’t want to disappoint, not when I had the wife’s blessing. But his cock was over a foot long and thick. Super fucking thick. I was gaging. I was struggling to get him balls deep in my mouth. I was not going to sully my reputation as a cock sucking whore, so I got up and went to the kitchen. I heard about this trick porn stars use. They chug some olive oil down their throats so they can suck cock for hours. It coats the throat, makes it slippery and easier to take dick. I did a shot of whiskey, then a shot of olive oil then a line of coke. I went back in there and blew DeShawn’s cock properly. I sent him home with empty balls and a smile on my face. So, I have a sore jaw today. That is a small price to pay to keep my big dick sucking reputation!

Cum filled cunt in church

Cum filled cuntMy cum filled cunt is going to be gushing out while i’m at church tomorrow. It’s literally gonna be so sore after getting fucked all night long. I have a few of my BBC fuck buddies coming over tonight and I seriously cannot wait to have sex with them non-stop! I love showing up wearing my slutty short lil’ dress with no panties on so that the creampie just gushes down between my thighs. I’m gonna be noticeably wet as fuck and all the other church patrons will know that I was getting this prostituted cunt gangbanged all night long! It’s gonna be hard as fuck to walk since i’m gonna be getting twisted up into all kinds of positions while I get double and triple penetrated! I love how everyone knows i’m a naughty whore!

Truck stop fun

Gangbang whoreI was a gangbang whore tonight. I enjoyed fucking all the truckers and making them take my holes and fucking me like a great slut. I was all fucked up on a cocktail of drugs, and my cunt was ready to be owned. I knew my life was all about being a stupid cunt that would do anything for dick and dope. I was hooked to drugs so much that I had no problem being fucked and used by everyone who wanted a piece of me. The trucker men are all in love with me. Most would kill to marry me. At first glance, I seem like a beautiful knockout who shouldn’t be out hooking and using, but this is the life I live and the one I love. My existence is all about being fucked and used.

BBC Phone Sex Whore

bbc phone sexBBC phone sex is something I know a thing or two about. Growing up, my mom ran a whore house in our trailer in the 70s. My dad would go on the road and my mom would make money for us the only way she knew how. I saw black men coming and going frequently in the trailer I grew up in. Black men love white trash whores. My mom passed the BBC loving gene to me. Big black cocks love me, and I love them. Jerome was over partying with me last night. He is a friend of Big D’s, this black trucker fuck buddy of mine. He brought me some cocaine and his big black dick. It was a white on black night. I did cocaine on his dick and his dick was in my holes all night long. White powder on black cock and black cock in white holes. Jerome’s favorite thing to do with me is titty fuck. I have a big rack, especially for my thin frame and he has a long black cock. I put coke on his big mushroom head and sucked his cock. Now, he railed my cunt and ass too, but when he left, I had yummy cum covered tits. I will be a cum dumpster for any black man.

All for the coke

sloppy wet pussy

I got addicted to coke early. I had a stepbrother who had a  stash of it, and he was the one who introduced me to it one time he caught me playing with myself. He knew I wasn’t going to let him play with me, so he used his magic on me. Once he persuaded me to take a bump, I was hooked, and my twat was ready for cock. I began getting angel dust and started having a complete sloppy wet pussy for it; My stepbrother had made me a coke whore. I was all into being used and fucked. My favorite thing to do was being high and ready to take his dick and jizz at all times.

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