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BBC Sex Stories

bbc sex storiesI have a lot of BBC sex stories to share. I am a whore. Black cock, white cock. It doesn’t matter if I get fucked. I will admit that I have a certain fondness for big black cocks, however. They are beautiful. Black is beautiful especially in my white holes. Big D was in town passing through on a haul. He wanted to spend the night with his favorite old white whore. I see him less and less, so we make use of the time we can, and fuck our brains out. There was no sleeping last night. Big D has the best coke and the best cock. I wanted to stay up and party. We did lines of coke off the coffee table and pounded back some beer. Then he pulled out his massive stallion cock and I made it disappear between my tits. Well, I tried to make it disappear. Big D has a foot-long King Kong cock. Even my DD trailer trash whore titties can’t make a cock that big disappear. The higher I got, the greedier I became for Big D’s cum. I started milking his cock between my tits until I got his first load. Cum covered titties are something I love. It is like a snack for later. Big D spent the night getting me high and fucking the shit out of me. He promised to stop again on his way back home on Monday. I will still be partying with his cum and the coke he left me.

Super Slick Sluts Win


Cum filled cunt

I need to be fucked in my asshole; I need to be made to do what is instructed of me. I’ve always been that girl who gets whatever she wants when I only want to be a submissive fucking whore. I’ve gotten everything I wanted except to be treated like a slut to be dominated over. I need to be trained. I want no, I yearn for a guy to make me feel like he is in charge of everything when it comes to me. I’m tired of being a spoiled fucking brat bitch. Guys fondle their monsters trying to fuck me if I want them to. If I can’t do anything else, I can always make a man do exactly what I want. I want to be dominated; I want to be a submissive slut. I yearn for Domination my dreams encompass all of my Torrid uninhibited fantasies. I don’t know a guy that is strong enough to take over in my life. I don’t know not one single guy who is brave enough to challenge me. My body is calling for a massive amount of sexual satisfaction. Let me be your salacious human sex doll. I promise you won’t be sorry. I will suck your cock until it sprays cum everywhere then you can make me swallow every drop of your cum. I want to be tied up and treated like a tramp on drugs. It’s what I’m craving; I know what I need; I know how my body feels right now. I am a sleazy slutty whore deep inside, and no one has a clue. I am telling you because I want you to know how badly I need this and I feel like that you can make it happen for me.

Step brother blow job

live phone sexI wanted to get high the other day but was broke. I knew my step brother had some pot and I could get some if I played my cards right. I just had to make the first move because I know he wouldn’t. I put on a short skirt and a tight top with no bra. I knocked on his door and acted like I was just bored and wanted to hang out. He couldn’t keep his eyes off of my tits so I leaned back, pulling my top even tighter against my nipples. He looked away and bit his bottom lip. I could tell he was starting to get hard. I decided to tease him a little first. I spread my legs slightly so he could see just a tiny bit of my pussy. When I noticed him trying to look, I told him what a dirty thing it was to try and look up your step sister’s skirt. He was relieved when I reached down and unzipped his pants. His big, hard cock flopped out and I dropped to my knees and gave him the best blow job he’s ever had. I took every inch of that hard dick and let him gag me with it. Of course he hooked me up with some smoke after that!

I love being a cum guzzling slut

cum guzzling slutI love being a dirty crack ho and a cum guzzling slut. Every white man in town knows that they can get their dick polished by me. They know they can get whatever they want with me. I ain’t got no limits. I have a reputation in my town. I am the ebony ho. The something strange for the white rich men. White men love fucking a trailer trash black whore. They don’t tell their wives about me of course but they brag to their friends about the little chocolate cum dump they skull fucked before work. That brings me more rich white guys to suck and Fuck. They have no problem paying my prices. It’s a bargain. Black girls are cheap lays. White girls be all princess like charging upscale prices for pussy and ass just because it looks like Wonder bread. I just want $25 a blowjob and $50 a fuck. Those rich white businessmen never haggle. A few guys every morning and I have my crack money. I let them do what their wives won’t. Cum on my face Fuck my black ass share me with some friends… I am not some pristine princessI am a black crack whore.

Pimp Daddy


No taboo phone sex

I know that you want this too I know that you want to be a true pimp, but you’re pretending you don’t. I Know Who You Are and I’m not afraid of the lifestyle that you live. I want to go fast. I want to do what all the other bitches are so scared to do. I need a pimp in my life I need a daddy somebody who’s going to look out for me and take care of me. And I’m going to work; I am definitely going to do all the work that I’m supposed to and more. I’ll fuck any trick you want me to Daddy you heard me right I’ll gobble up on some balls and cock I’ll suck the understanding out of his asshole, and I’ll go right under that ball sack to that special little place and tickle it with my tongue. I want you to be my pimp I know those bitches say that you’re dangerous and they say that I should be afraid of you, but I don’t give a damn if I do wrong Daddy I guess I’m going to deserve to get punished. I want you, and I want you to want me. I want you to be proud of me, Daddy. Whatever you need me to do, I’m always going to do it without question. If you request that I should fuck three guys at one time and get all of my holes plugged up, then I will gladly make it happen. Whatever you demand of me you are going to receive because I’m not only loyal I am very obedient. I just want to make you happy I already feel like I love you Daddy that’s why I need you to be my pimp. I make a lot of money, Daddy so I can bring a lot of money to you.

Cum Guzzling Slut in The Club

cum guzzling slutA cum guzzling slut will always be the most popular girl in the neighborhood. If you swallow, word gets around. I was with some girlfriends last night at the local strip club. Ladies get in for free and the drinks are cheap. The strippers never seem to mind a few trailer park whores in the club. This one guy was having his bachelor party at the club. He was 25 and getting married. His father was with him. He was flipping the bill. They had the VIP room and asked us to join. I figured they would want us to strip or blow the groom, but he was just being nice. He was close to my age and I think he just felt out of his element in a club full of 20 somethings mostly. He was rich. I could tell by the watch, the groomed hands and his clothes, but he was not pretentious. After a few shots, I was horny. His son and his pals were getting lap dances, so I gave the groom’s father a lap dance that ended with a sloppy blow job. Daddy had not cum in way too long. He almost blew a hole in the back of my head. I fucked daddy in a chair. His son and bachelor party never even noticed what the trashy cougar was doing to daddy until I made him cum, and he moaned so loudly all eyes were on us. Junior and his friends started egging daddy on to fuck me harder.  That was when some of the groom’s friends came over to join in on the fun. Then I was a cum dumpster as all the groom’s pals including the groom skull fucked me too. I knew he was married but what happens in a strip club stays in a strip club, right?

Living my best life

anal cum dumpster

Anal cum dumpster for all the dealers is what I have become. My asshole craves cock, and my cunt does too especially if I will be getting high as a kite. I had a full-on orgy before noon. I was the life of the party. Staying up late and getting high and getting filled. I have brought my little sisters on to the fun. I am not a morally correct type, gal. I like to have fun and party and do whatever the hell I want. As a big sister, I shouldn’t be exposing them to cock and coke. Well, I learned that long ago, life is short and watch me get fucked and used living my best life. I have never been happier than I am when I am being dazed and confused. I have the most fun when my dealers bring me that candy and cream. I have to keep it exciting, and as I am not 18 anymore, I have to bring some young fresh meat so I can keep my benefits.

The Family that Fucks Together Stays Together


No taboo phone sex

I used to be a picky spoiled bitch until my brothers got a hold of me and taught me what it meant to be a hard-up slut. My brother’s they like spending time with me, and my mom and dad wouldn’t have it any other way. I love my brothers, but they sometimes get really rough with me. My older brother Garrett always tells me how he likes to live out his rape fantasies on me. He drags me to his room by my hair he throws me down on the bed and Garrett takes full control of me. I have learned to like what my brutal Beast brother Garrett does to me he told me that he was going to make me into a real woman who can take all the pain. I love being a hot fucking slut, and I learned all of it from my loving family. Garrett loves to plow me with his big hard 10-inch cock. My brother Eric is crazy to his cock is 11 1/2 inches long, and it’s really thick. Eric loves to fuck my mother; he loves to drive his huge cock into her while she is sucking my father’s huge fat cock. My father likes to slap my mom in the face with his dick meat while my brothers are fucking my mom and me. I have a really nasty family, and they’ve all got kinky things that they love to do; for instance, my mother loves to eat my cunt out and my asshole. My brother Eric he’s crazy about fucking my mother he loves to drive his semen filled cock rod into her and make her scream like a banshee. My father, he loves to be fucked in the asshole too, he loves to have his ass plowed by his son’s big fucking cocks. Usually, while my dad is being plowed and his asshole he’s sucking my pussy into submission. I love my family; we’re so close we have all the fun in the world. We walk around the house, Buck Naked looking at each other’s beautiful bodies and fucking whenever we want. Could you ask for anything better than that?

Hot Trashy Milf Sex

There’s that filthy desire for some trashy milf to fuck and be humiliated by that just pricks at you every time you hit that crack pipe. I’m a coke whore anal slut and I love taking on the BBC’s that get lined up for fucking this trailer trash stripper milf. I love how my VIP room johns become regulars that will reserve with me for their big shindigs, gatherings, house parties or whatever, they need their favorite trashy stripper that knows her way around their big black dicks. I know how to make those dicks explode and give these BBC’s some really hot anal fucking. Feed me some blow and present to me that big fat  and long cock to fest on til it blows for me.

Trashy Milf

Let’s Play Dress-up Fagboy

Shemale phone sex


Let me dress you up like a fucking slut let me make you feel like a real girl. I know that you’ve been having fantasies about being my little toy slut. I know that you’ve been dreaming about me putting my strap-on on and fucking you until you can’t move. You want to feel me thrust a big fat cock deep inside of your man pussy and make you feel like a week submissive cunt whore and trust me I’m going to get off punishing you. I want you in a really short tight skirt that makes your ass look like a bubble. I like the way your body looks in nylon stockings your legs are so feminine, and you walk just like a woman, so you’re halfway there. I want you to be my woman my sexy little fucking slut that will drop down on your knees and open my asshole and starts to lick and suck. I want to share with you a golden shower. I want you to feel the warm golden flow of my juices pouring over your lips and your body. I want to make you submit to me I want to make you feel like you desire and you have wanted to be a submissive fucking slut for so long. I want to put you in a halter top, and I want to make your face up. I like red lipstick, and I think it looks sexy on your DSL lips. I know you want to be my faggot slut, don’t you? Don’t you want me to make you my submissive Sissy? My strap-on is 12 inches, and it has a very thick veiny structure. I can fuck you every single night I can make you moan and scream because I’m long stroking your man pussy I know you want that in fact, I know that you need it.

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