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Jose didn’t want me to leave 


Fisting phone sex

I promised that I was going to get myself away from this fucking parasite he sucks all of the energy out of me all of the happiness out of me and he doesn’t give a fuck about anything but himself. I’m starting to hate Jose he’s nothing like what he used to be when he first came here. When he first came here he was excited he worked all the time he did everything he was supposed to. Now all I can get that fucking idiot to do is fuck me he won’t do anything else and now the sex is just getting fucking stupid. Now he wants me to dress up like a Chiquita and he wants me to treat him like he’s in Mexico like I should worship Him. The thing this fucker did last night was too much he went too fucking far and now I’m going to get rid of his fucking ass because I can get good sex from anywhere but I need my fucking sanity. I know there’s a guy out there that can give me great sex and take care of the bills too.

Creampie slut

Creampie slutI’m a little school slut craving older men’s attention. Ever since my mommy gave me away to the older couple and my step daddy used to use me and abuse me really hard I fucking love older men attention. I always like to have my pussy fuck hole full of cum. Yeah, daddy, that means my pussy is so fucking wet and creamy on the inside dripping out a lot of cum, making my pussy on the outside so crusty. Daddy I know that’s how you like eating my pussy full of cum you love to suck it all out and then swallow like a sick fuck you are. I fucking love you, daddy. That’s why I need to find more men to fill me up with cum so at the end of the week daddy could suck all the hot cum juice out of my cunt. Will you give me some cum big boy?

Bar Slut

live phone sex

I had been at the bar all night, I had some sexy looking stud come my way buy me a drink with his girl. I’m always getting hit on by men but not ones with wives. How sexy right, they both told me that they liked what they saw I had never seen them before at my local bar. They are visiting some family and they wanted to see if they could find any sexy dimes near by. Well they did me. How lucky I’m getting some pussy and dick tonight I thought to myself. We started taking shots after shots, brought them back to my place and it went down quite perfectly. I had my sex swing up , my dildos and my magic mouth. I fucked her little juicy pussy while I sucked his dick and we just fucked in about every position , He was great because he could last so long fucking both of us we came and moaned so hard .  Then, I took out my toys and fucked his ass hole until he nutted all over our faces. What little bar sluts right?

Phone sex sluts

phone sex slutsYou know, some people either got it or they don’t. The majority of women are slut. What it comes down to though is if someone is a good slut or a bad slut. No one likes a tease. I am a slut that is willing to give it up and get a fat cock in me, whenever I see one in site. I am hanging out with some girl friends, getting some lunch. They are flirting with the waiter, showing him their cleavage and licking their lips. I think their attempts are kind pathetic. He wants something that is actually worth his time.

I excuse myself from the table to go to the bathroom. On my way there I snag our sexy waiter and tug him into the bathroom. I push him up against the wall and start undoing his pants. He needs someone that will actually take this fat cock out of these pants. I start to spit all over that cock, lubing it up with my saliva. Getting on my hands and knees and eagerly suck him into my mouth and against my tongue. I stand back up though because I am going to jerk him off with all of my holes.

I bend over and grab the sink and guide his cock into my from behind. He starts ramming himself hard in and out of me. I can feel his cock needing to explode. I take him out and get on my hands and knees and rub that cock all over my face and tits. His cum starts spraying out of his cock and coating me with his warm juice. Yum, that was good. Now I can go back to my table and show those dumb bitches how it is done.

Cum Filled Cunt With BBC Spunk

cum filled cuntWhat would you do for money?  Any fucking thing.  It was kinda slow at the strip club this past weekend so when this group of BBC came walking in, my pussy literally got wet.  I’ve seen these guys before.  They’re football players, so money to them is never an object.  Just so happens my favorite 2 Chainz song was on and I can’t stop twerking when that song comes on. As soon as I hear “I’m different”, I go right up to them and bend over and make my fat ass clap.  Dropped it like it was hot, then turned around and grabbed handfuls of BBC.  They were like “whoa”.  Immediately we were whisked to a VIP room where we all scored touchdowns.  They gave me so much money.  I just emptied out my amazon cart.  Little did they know, I would have let them gangbang me for free.  I’m a nasty fucking cum guzzling slut for BBC. 

We are going to do it at the Movie Theater

Fisting whore

Call me what you want I love my boyfriend Jeff, he is a major fucking freak. My boyfriend Jeff he loves to do nasty things all over the place, what should we do tonight while I’m thinking very nasty bright I’m ready to get fucked hard but we’ve got to find a place that’s perfect. I heard that a new movie was coming out tonight and everyone is going well that’s the perfect place we are going to get some action in tonight. I want to fuck him like a stallion ride his dick hard that’s my fucking baby I’ll do whatever he wants I love him and the movie theater is waiting. Yep we are going to make our own little fucking porno we’re going to do it in the movies I’m going to ride as fucking cock in a packed and sold-out show.

Get you a stupid whore for the night

I love not having any self dignity. Being a little fucking stupid whore who gets degraded is what I was put here to do and I couldn’t get enough. My mommy taught me how to listen and take it like the cum dumpster slut I am and always have been. On Friday nights I go down to the corer of my street and I work there all night getting picked up by guys and used like a pocket pussy all night. My favorite guys are the ones who wanna fuck me then piss all over my stupid fucking face. Then I have to clean up my pissy face with my tongue, and he can’t help but to cum all over my cunt when he sees just how dirty I am. By then end of the night I have taken at least 15 loads and at least 7 guys have pissed on me or in my pink fucking cunt. When I get home I don’t shower I end up fucking one of drug dealers for some coke so I can get on the phone and make all you guys cum over and over again. Aren’t I a good little fucking little stupid whore? Cheap phone sex

You don’t have to say much to get the good  

Hookers for hire


Right now I’m feeling so self-conscious I have such a low self-esteem that I’ll fuck one I’ll do anything, it’s not funny but as I look in the mirror I have to laugh to myself. Everyone is so quick to say you’re so beautiful and all this fucked-up compliments but something in my brain is fucked up it makes it hard to believe what anyone says. The nature of my mental issues crippled me from good decision making it’s almost like that I don’t want to make a good decision because I’m afraid I’ll have to be responsible for it so instead I go out I listen to the first stupid asshole that lies to me and tells me all this bullshit to get in my pants and I fuck him. I used to hate myself for that but now my soul is just dry and it needs to have cum spraying all over it to give it some moisture that’s my fucked-up existence I’m a fuck toy. Joy for guys that don’t deserve me that’s who I am.


I Fucked A BBC Rapper

bbc sex stories

Wanna hear about one of the times I fucked a BBC rapper?  It’s just one of my many BBC sex stories.  He’s pretty famous.  Part of a two man group.  Boy did he have me shaking it like a salt shaker.  My best friend is a booking agent so I get to go backstage with all the rap artists who she does concerts for.  Lucky me right?  I always dress super slutty. These guys are known for getting lots of pussy and I don’t ever wanna miss a chance on some famous BBC.  So we were at their concert, backstage.  Drinking, smoking, you know the usual rapper shit.  We start flirting.  He tells me I better stop rubbing up against him and gives me a flirty evil grin.  I tell him, I’m grown.  He tells me he’s a big freak. I tell him I am too.  He tells me he has a big dick 😉  I tell him “I swalllow”.  Well, that was the end of that.  He grabbed my hand and started leading me through the crowd but his bodyguard stopped him telling him that they were about to go on stage.  He told the boduyguard to keep his eyes on me, that he had plans to fuck me into tomorrow.  As soon as they got done performing, he jumps off stage, grabs my hand and leads me through the crowd into the limo.  We didn’t even wait til we got back to the hotel.  It went down in the back of that limo in front of everyone else in it as they cheered us on.  Guess what?  He was a huge freak. He did have a huge dick.  And I really did swallow all of his creamy cum just like the good BBC cum guzzling slut I am.

Big Dick Sucker Beverly

big dick suckerWhen you have the reputation of being a big dick sucker, men know who to cum on! My girlfriends and I went to this new strip club that opened for girls. The dancers are male. I have never seen male strippers at an actual club before; just female ones. The mother of this young boy I fool around with is a stripper. The club she works at is Big Al’s and the newly opened Big Alice’s is upstairs for the ladies. Last night was the premiere, so I went with some of my friends. My neighbor got us free passes. I was happy to see a few black men as dancers. They would give me some great BBC sex stories for my men who enjoy a BBC whore. At Big Alice’s, anything goes if the money flows. I was stuffing bills in g strings, so I could show off my big dick sucking skills. Who ever said male strippers were gay was wrong. No way a gay man would be so hard in my mouth. I sucked two big black cocks dry. My face looked like a jizz bomb exploded. Before long, my girlfriends were testing their cock sucking skills too. I had to help some of my friends because they have never had foot long nigger dick in their mouths before.  Those black strippers loved my assistance too. They skull fucked all the women in the club. It was a jizz bomb explosion in da club. I envy the janitors getting all that cum on the floor. I think I will go back tonight.

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