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Want some cheap phone sex? Call Megan.

Cheap phone sex

Do you like looking at my pictures and stroking your big fat cock? Mhm, well you should call me and hear my sexy voice telling you all the dirty things I would do to you. I am a very dirty girl and can get very kinky, wouldn’t you want me to spit on that cock and jerk you  right onto my pretty little face as I was telling you what a fucking slut I was? I know I can be intense but if that is not what you like I can be a little softer. I can tell you I am your dirty girl that wants that cum load all over my face. I love getting on my knees and letting you titty fuck my perky little tits and then deep throating your cock as far down my throat I can. Mhm, let me be your dirty little cum dumpster tonight, please.

Dirty Phone Sex with a Cum Whore

dirty phone sexDirty phone sex girls have the best experiences. I have done all the taboo things your wife won’t even consider. That is why women like me do so well in this kind of business. I guess you could consider me a phone sex wife. I am the ultimate taboo fantasy, because I encourage incest. I also encourage and support any and all kinds of kinky fetishes. In my home, we each have our own kink. It is no secret that I enjoy boy cock, coke and being watched. I am also a cum whore. My husband had a holiday party this weekend for some business associates.  I was happy to be the naughty hostess. I wanted something special from each man there. I wanted them to cum in a pitcher. I wasn’t suggesting that they jack off in the pitcher. That would be rude. I am a good host. I blew them and gave out hand jobs like they were candy. I told our guests that I needed jizz for the family eggnog. I don’t use eggs in our special holiday drink. When the men learned that my young daughters would be drinking their sperm, many donated twice. I am a cum dumpster, raising a family of cum dumpsters. Milk does a body good, especially man milk. Want to feed my slutlkins some of your milk?

I Desired That Married Cock

live phone sex

I am what most people would call a very beautiful girl. I am that trashy, slutty bitch. I want a married cock so bad again, the last time I had one was a while a go. I have done things in my life that most people would be ashamed of but not me. Married men are my favorite because they love to fuck my pussy raw and don’t get what they need at home. I need to be used so bad, I know that after you fuck me and go home to your wife ( that is if you can even get hard for her ). I know you will be fantasizing about me and my sexy body, with that tight pussy. I know you will be thinking about my wet tongue on that hard cock and how I do things that she can’t and won’t

Highway hooker

Hooker phone sexMy filthy fuckin cunt loves slutting around the highways and whoring my naughty body out to all of the horny truck drivers and passerbys at all hours of the day and night! Getting picked up by these disgusting men and forced to do whatever the fuck it is that they want me to do for them makes me feel so fucking degraded and worthless, they use and abuse my dirty fuck holes solely for their own pleasure. My body is theirs, not mine. Force fucking my asshole, ramming my cunt, shoving my face balls deep down on to their shaft, gagging and coughing as I slurp on their dicks! My pussy is so stretched out and beat up, my lips look like beef curtains! I love being used up for all of my sexual skills! I never know what to expect with being such a nasty lot lizard whore, but that’s the fun in it! Some men are dirtier than others, which always makes me excited! Getting my cunt and asshole filled with cum and moving on to my next customer makes for an extra wet and wild sexual experience! The more loads I can get filled up with, the happier of a cum dumpster slut I am! I love having hooker phone sex with super filthy perverts!

Drugs Make Me Slutty

Druggy phone sexI’m feeling really good right now. I just snorted a long line of nose candy and sexual energy is flowing through my body. I have so many contacts on my phone, men who love fucking my tight pussy, but I want you. I think you’re the man for the job. You’ll love pushing your hard cock into my wet pussy. I lock my legs around your waist and push my pussy against each thrust. I want to feel the weight of your body on top of mine. Put your hand beneath me and hold my ass. Don’t be gentle, fuck me like you hate me. Before we start fucking, can I do a line of cocaine off your stiff cock? You’ll love me when I’m high because drugs make me a really dirty girl.

Getting Dicked Down

Big Dick Sucker



One of my favorite things about the holidays is how all the wives are out shopping constantly which leaves their husbands all alone. With that new found freedom they are obviously all on Backpage calling my add to order a date and partying like a teenager with hot little ol me. The most fun I’ve had lately though was this literal neighborhood association of suburban daddies who wanted a hot piece of ass to be cum dumpster main event at their yearly holiday stag party. It was about 9 of you guys who were all wanting to blow off some steam. After doing a couple of rails of what was probably the best blow I’ve ever had (side note: rich guys always have good drugs) I was ready to perform. I had set up my stripper pole and did a few lap dances but I hadn’t agreed to be used like how you guys had in mind. Next scene I was choking on cock, laid out on a pool table while you and your neighborhood buddies had your way with me. Ripping me off the pool table and on to my knees like a slut should be treated, telling me to open my mouth and catch all of your cum shots was a perfect ending. You handed me a wad of cash and told me to be ready for New Years Eve when you guys really threw down. Can’t wait, honestly!

Anal cum dumpster Randi

Anal cum dumpsterTwo guys using me at once happens at least twice a week. Being a fucking nasty slut helps when I want to get a train ran on me or if I just want a hot nasty threesome. I have always been the type of girl that likes when all her holes are filled, do you know what I mean? And to make all the cocks filling my holes even better is doing lots of lines before hand so I can literally be fucked for hours and not even think twice about it. I got so high the other day that I let 12 guys run a train on me for hours my cunt and asshole was all red and swollen but I still went out the next day and made sure I got some big fucking cock filling my holes again.The joy in life is some dirty phone sex, doing lines, and getting all my customers off every night.

Cum dumpster bucket

Cum dumpsterI was home alone and could hear the youngins next door pounding on my wall, I was so annoyed I decided to go over and see what they were doing, It was a couple of young high schoolers they all looked like they had something to prove and were totally trying to play ” a gang” it was quite comical, annoyed I told them to keep it down or I’d have to call their guardians or whatever, They told me to shut the fuck up and show up, I was shocked these dick heads could talk to me this way, suddenly I felt someone push me in the apartment, there he was a tall 6’4 goon ready to make me a cum dumpster, I knew this cause he said it as he was pushing me in, Theses assholes gathered all around me and just started to rip my clothes off and started to jerk their cocks on me. I felt like it was some type of nightmare, I couldn’t believe they were so badly, of course, I can never turn down a shower of cum though.

Big dick sucker

Big dick sucker
Hey baby I’m so fucked up. Pick me up after the club and lets have the after party at your place. Ill get all my stripper friends to come here and give everyone a private lap dance or a little bit more hahaha. Depending on what your friends want baby. You know I will suck all those dicks in front of you just to put on a little fuck show for you. Make all them mother fuckers pay with fucking 8 balls. Lets make this a nice fucking party. Lets all get fucked up and fuck one another. Do lines off of each other! I fucking love to party with you. You are the best. Taking us out to work the corner just for fun. Getting all those perverts to give us drugs in exchange of us giving them good head and some nice tight pussy! Cum on over daddy!

Cum Guzzling Slut Silvia

Cum Guzzling SlutI’m a Cum Guzzling Slut.  I love Big Black Cocks.  There is something so hot about a black man fucking a white woman.  Black men are hot, especially when they are lean and muscular.  The best fuck I ever had was with a black man. I have a good fuck-friend TJ, that I like to party with.  He’s 6’6″ of Gorgeous Black Man. 

He likes to put a little Cocaine on his 12-inch cock before making me suck him nice and hard.  When he inserts himself inside of me, he usually puts a little more coke on his cock, for the best-fucking-sex ever.  He can go for hours when he’s blitzed.  He’ll wear my pussy out and if that twat gets too sore, he’ll just flip me over and take over my little pink rosebud.  I love when TJ cums deep inside my twat because he likes to eat that cum right back out.  I think he likes to eat cum as much as I do.  

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