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Trashy MILF Valentine

trashy milfWhen you are a trashy milf, every boy wants to be you valentine. Not just your sons either. A few years ago, I fucked a young man for a sweet teen birthday. He is in college now and he looked me up on Facebook. A boy never forgets his first fuck. He told me that I ruined him for coeds. I have heard that before. My sons tell me that often. He wanted to take me out on a date. Normally, I don’t fuck former clients because I don’t fuck for free. Well, I don’t fuck former clients for free. I love fucking my sons and their friends. This boy had a big cock when I fucked him. He was still growing, so I had no doubt he was even bigger now. I debated it in my head. When you are a hot milf, younger guys get attached easily. Even when they are in their no strings attached phase of fucking, a milf pussy is addicting. We know things young girls don’t We do things young girls don’t. I went out with him. My husband teased me about having a date with a high school boy. He wasn’t that young anymore. He was young though. I over thought everything.  He just wanted to fuck me again. We had a nice dinner but dessert was what we both wanted. He had a hotel room for us. That was unnecessary. I would have fucked him in my car lol. Hell, I would have fucked him in the restaurant’s mens room. He wanted to give a trailer trash whore some romance, so I followed his lead. Not my style, but I was just there for his young foot long cock. Happy Valentine’s Day to me. I came home filled with cum and my offspring wanted to clean me up and hear all about my hot date.

Phone Sex Sluts

Phone Sex SlutsI am one of the best sluts for phone sex that’s on the market I have such sexy voice that I can keep my audience captivated at all times I feel like sexuality is to be explored instead of ignored you should open up your mind to your desires you should open up your mind it is important to make sure that you will show your wild side I like to suck dick I like to take it in my ass I like to be spanked I like to be tied up I’d like to be handcuffed to the bed let’s meet up in a hotel it’s Valentine’s day after all so let’s get really freaky I want to make you feel good I want to make you feel like you never felt before we should explore each other’s bodies we should not be shy and we should tell each other what we want to do to one another in private your secrets are safe with me I’ll be your lover I’ll be your mistress I’ll be your sex slave ill take all your cock I’ll let you cum in my mouth I’ll let you fuck with no condom anything goes with me I’m a phone sex whore.

Drunk Girl Fucking

Drunk Girl FuckingEver fantisized that you could fuck a hot young girl that was so wasted that she would get extra freaky with you in the sheets. I have a habit of getting so turned up I have no idea what happened the previous night. It’s gotten so out of hand I think I fucked at least three guys last weekend. It all happened so suddenly and it wasn’t exactly my fault either, I was just having a good time and three guys offered me a ride home. They talked me into going to the hotel with them instead and things went from there. And the next thing I knew I was sucking all of their dicks, one at a time. Does that make me a whore? Oh well I don’t really mind if it does, I still think im the best at what I do, its not fun unless you fuck when you get a lil tipsy. I’m the ultimate drunk whore.

Tranny Phone Sex Hooker

tranny phone sex

I am a tranny phone sex whore who also makes a living selling my mouth. I love sucking dick and getting paid to do it as I walk the streets and on the phone lines makes my dick hard. I can gobble down the biggest dick like a fat girl eating cake after a three day diet. I didn’t choose this life, I just made do with what my mommy transformed me into. I was a small boy and she hated boys and men The only thing they were good for was buying her pussy and bringing her crack. I might sell y mouth and ass and suck cock, but I love it and I thank my momma every day that I became the hottest tranny this side of Mexico. My lips and throat are perfect for being a big dick sucker!


He really stretched me out

live phone sexMy lover has a huge black dick and he loves to gape my poor little asshole wide open with it. I pretend like it hurts and act like I don’t like it but honestly? I really love being stretched out like that! I cum so fucking hard every time too I seriously can not get enough of it. He really surprised me last night tho, he showed up here with not one but TWO of his friends and they all had black dicks just as big if not bigger than his! I was a little scared that I wouldn’t be able to handle it but I had to try. I was more filled up than I had ever been before, I had a huge black dick filling every fuck hole and I was acting like a little whore begging for more. By the end I was all stretched out and filled with cum and I was so satisfied it was amazing!

Carmel’s Sexy Prostitutes

Sexy ProstitutesHaving fantasies about fucking  a sexy prostitute. Or even better how about fucking two at the same time. Me and my friends are the dream team of sluts, we will bang you at the same time and suck your dick. We’ll let you fuck both of our holes. No limits to these hood hoes. I don’t mind getting down and dirty for my customers. Let me be the girl you call tonight. I have some other prostitute friends who are hot too. I met them in the strip clubs and they love getting a chance to perform at parties and make extra cash. That’s why we are so popular we will come and add some sexy fun to any hotel party. I like to get fucked doggy style while my friends give your other guests some head. We like orgies and never shy away from fucking multiple guys. If you are a prostitute you have to be a freak and give them what they want. Sexy young girl who loves to fuck. That’s me baby and you know you can call me, I’m down for whatever.

Hookers for Hire

Hooker Phone SexI have a client who always requests two girls. I always suggest Becky because she is a freak and honestly, I just love the way her snatch tastes. He books a room and we meet him there. We drink a bit and smoke a little and of course he pops some little blue pills, because it is difficult to keep it hard when you have got two hot girls fucking you. He likes to watch me and Becky first and I always go down on her and lick that pussy dry, I just can’t get enough. She then puts on a strap on and climbs on top of me and fucks me with that dildo as we kiss and lick each other’s nipples. Once we are through, he likes to join, he likes his dick sucked while the other tongues his little shit hole. He likes to lay back and while one of us rides his dick the other sits on his face and he licks her pussy. We fuck for hours, taking breaks for some drinks and a few lines along the way. The entire room smells of cum. I love that smell. Sometimes when he is fucking Becky he will pull out and squirt his load in my mouth. I really enjoy that. We use dildos and vibrators, paddles and beads. We play long into the night/ early morning. Then he always orders us some room service. We eat, shower, collect our money and head out the door. Blowing him kisses until next time.

Cockucking Shemale Phone Sex

shemale phone sex

I am a cocksucking Shemale phone sex whore. I spend most of the evening lightening the loads of Johns with nice meaty sausages. I know they pay for my whore mouth or sweet tight Tranny pussy. I enjoy the power game, taking the power from men and seducing them with my body. I loved it when I met Charlie in at breakfast one morning as I was just grabbing a bite to eat from the actual Hotel, I got to stay at with a businessman one night.  Now in my little skirt and open top and my hair a mess from all the fucking I got and gave, Charlie still flirted with me and as his hand went up my skirt under the table I saw his eyes wide with pleasure, not shock like I expected when a man finds a hard cock instead of a womanly slit.  I gave him my room number and said I would be alone as my acquaintance had left on an early flight this morning. And invited my new friend Charlie up for some dope ass weed and some tranny sucking and fucking. DO You think he had a great time at the end of my cock? A picture is worth a thousand words, wink wink.

Blonde Fucking

blonde fuckingA blonde fucking whore is the life of any party. Blondes have more fun. I could have fun in a closet if I have a cock and some coke. I am never bored. The weather got wicked for this area. I couldn’t drive to the truck stop to get some big black dick, so I had to entertain myself in my trailer. I went next door to the next trailer and invited the guys over. Young Mexican boys. They didn’t speak English, but I know the word punta. That got their attention. They followed me next door. I had them doing lines of coke off my tits in no time. I was blowing their young brown dicks like a porn star. I was happy to swallow their loads but they stopped me. They started chanting “Punta.” They wanted to fuck my pussy. When has this trashy milf ever said no to young cock? Any cock. I take my reputation as a cum guzzler and whore seriously. I spread my legs and gave them the punta they wanted. And they gave me the cum I wanted.

Carmel’s Stripper Sex Stories

stripper sex pornHaving sexy fantasies about sex with a stripper? I’m the girl to call. I dance every night in a strip club, and I have some really hot sex stories from my wild experiences. Everything from performing at hotel parties to bachelor parties. And getting fucked by 3 different guys at the same time. Im well known for my dick sucking skills, and I sell my pussy on the regular. I know a hot girl like me is enough to get you hard. My amazing body and gorgeous skin tone keeps my tricks coming back for more, each and every time. I make sure to keep them satisfied. Stripper pussy Is some of the best pussy in the sex industry, I know I can tempt you in ways that an average girl cant. Just picture me sliding down that pole in my tiny dancer outfit. Of course I do extra in the private room for my customers, and that’s why I’m the talk of the town.

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