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Strip Club Slut

Black stripper sexCharles walked into the strip club and I got excited. He has huge balls and he ejaculates huge loads of cum. I always give him free time in the Champagne Room. He loves black women. When I make my booty bounce it put him in a trance. My pussy gets wet whenever I dance seductively. I pull his hard cock from his pants and grind my bald cunt against its hardness. It’s against the rules to fuck in the club but his dick is too huge and I can’t control myself. I feel his huge dick head grazing against my tight wet hole and it glides in with ease. I keep my hands on my knees and bounce on his dick. You could hear that my pussy was extremely wet, the loud smacking sound echoed around the private room. I had a decision to make would I jump off and swallow or ride him to completion.

Cum Guzzling Slut for Teen Black Cock

cum guzzling slutI have been a cum guzzling slut all week. I have been holed up in my trailer sucking big black dick for days. I got new neighbors recently. A black family with three teen boys. Those boys already knew lots of other black teen boys in the neighborhood. And those boys knew where to go to get a good ball draining. I guess my reputation as a dirty old whore has spread across the city. I have no complainants about that. When a band of brothers showed up at my trailer two days ago, I didn’t turn them away. Teen black cock and coke? Hell yes. I was happy to welcome them to the trailer park. These boys are no strangers to dirty old milfs either. They love using me as their private gangbang whore. They have run a train on every fuck hole I got. I almost feel like a prisoner because they won’t let me even shower. They like seeing my body decorated in their cum, even if it is all dried up and flakey. I forgot how much energy teen boys have. You add the fact that they are black too, that is a recipe for a well fucked dirty old broad.

Furry Friends Phone Sex

Furry friends phone sexI am the girl you call if you want to get freaky. Oh, I suck and fuck just like all the other whores, but I also like to get nasty. My cunt gets so hot and wet just thinking about all the nasty things I am going to do with you my special little pet. You know you are my favorite because you never tell me no. You let me take you into the adult book store on a leash with a dog tail butt plug up your ass and parade you around for show. You are always willing to please me by sucking off as many cocks as I tell you to. Making sure you keep playing the part of the dog and to lick up any of their scrumptious cum that might have fallen on the floor. You start wagging your ass in total excitement when you see a guy with a big black cock. I rub your head and tell you that I think that is the one we should let fuck your tight puckered ass. I grab your head and shove it into my hot wet cunt and tell you to start licking while he mounts your ass. My cunt is soaking wet and tingling with excitement from the crowd that has gathered to watch my little human puppy get his ass fucked by a big black cock…..

At the end of the night I don’t know which one of us had more fun!

Party Girls Love Big Dicks

Druggy phone sexI’m a party girl. Seven nights a week I’m in the club or at someone’s house party. I go where the drugs and liquor flow freely. I’m the girl at the party with her top off bouncing my ass in a thong. I love having all eyes on me. I drink too much and do a little too much cocaine and you’ll find me in a back room giving blowjobs to anyone who wants one. Good music and good drugs always bring my freaky side out. I went to a party last night and ended up blowing twenty guys in two hours. Sucking all of those dicks made my pussy a sloppy mess. I love being the life of the party. My party schedule says full because everyone wants me at their party. I love sucking dick and flashing my tits. And I always take the guy with the biggest dick home with me. The best way to end a night out is bouncing on a big dick.

Naughty Little Latin Freak

Orgy phone sex


My brother said I was a naughty little Latin freak he told me that I love to be fucked by all of his friends and they told him. I said I don’t care to him I told him that I’m going to fuck all of his friends one at a time and I don’t care. He looked at me and he slapped my face he said you are a fucking Tramp you are a disgrace to my family so I attacked him ifucking beat him don’t you slap me you fucking wet back. I let him know that I would turn him into ICE and he will have to go back to Mexico don’t fucking slap me and I will keep myself from going back to Mexico by sucking the ICE agents cocks and being their fucking trampy slut. I will let them do whatever they want to me but him he will pay because my brother is just jealous of me. I know that he really wants all of his friends to fuck him in his faggot ass. He’s crazy about his friends pretending like he’s not gay pretending like he doesn’t dream about sucking cocks every single night he know that he does. My nasty naughty fucking brother that’s the real naughty one he’s the one that does everything. I know that he slept with my boyfriend I know that he let my boyfriend put his hard throbbing pulsating cock inside of his fairy faggot ass hole. My brother is not fooling anyone by calling me the naughty one he’s the real naughty fucking Latin bitch. I have got a real treat for his bitch ass tonight I am going to make him get gangbanged by 15 big black cocks hard and mean I promice they will fucking bang his ass in. And he will know better not to slap me.


BBC phone sex   The way a big hard cock fills my cunt is the reason I cant stop fucking them. When guys fall in love I feel terrible. I want different cock, nice big black dicks filling my holes. I had a party and Jamal came I just met him last night. We were all drinking, rapping , dancing, smoking and he kept flirting so I knew he wanted this pussy and sure enough he got it. I let him bang all my holes, he said he has never met a girl like me i kept that I was a stripper to my self but after we had a great time I am sure he had a clue that I usually fuck for money, or dance for money either way he was my reminder of why I never get settled down id miss out on some big black cock to make me cum.

Big Dick Sucker and BBC Lover

big dick suckerBig dick sucker Beverly was on the prowl this weekend for big cocks. When you need cum like most women need air or water, its simple math. You can blow a few big black cocks, or you can blow a few dozen white men to equal the same amount of jizz. Why suck twelve small ones when I can suck two fat juicy anacondas? Big D, my drug hookup, was traveling with a friend this weekend. He often has a rookie learning the route with him and when he does, he is always black and down to fuck an old white skank like me.  When you have been sucking cock as long as I have, you want a cock that is a challenge. I can swallow a 5-inch dick with the balls and still be able to talk clearly. Now, give me Big D’s monster dong and his friend’s 10 incher, and I am gagging, slobbering and rendered speechless. It is just how I like it. I would suck and ride Big D’s huge cock for free because it is one of the best cocks in the world. The fact that he gives me some blow in exchange is just icing on the cake.  I was in heaven sucking on not one, but two big black dicks. I did more than suck those cocks too. I rode them until my pussy tuckered out, which was 16 hours later. Yep, those dicks stayed hard for hours to fuck me. By the time I left, I was a total cum dumpster. Two black guys cum more than an army of white guys. Cum was running down my thighs into my toes. I had cum drying under my big tits. Cum was leaking out my ass too. I may be walking funny today, but I ain’t complaining. If anything, I am bragging! Girls wish they could handle two anacondas at once like me.

Dirty Cum Addict

Cum guzzling slutI dance for cash. I have a sports car and a big house. I dance for a few hours and leave the club with a few thousand. Plus, I have a strange fetish, I’m a cum slut. I love that warm, milky stuff. It tastes good and feels great on my skin. Strip clubs are full of men who are ready bust nuts on my face and that’s the number one reason why I dance. I make my ass cheeks jiggle and men’s dicks get hard. They come to the club with balls full of cum and I want to drain them dry. I even take men to the Champagne Room for free because my thirst for semen is too strong. I love being on my knees with one hand holding a hard dick in my mouth and my other hand rubbing my clit. I’m a sex freak with dirty ideas floating around my brain. I’m getting hot and wet just thinking about cum skeeting from your dick head. Good Lord! Give that give that cum to me.

little white lies and little white lines

cum dumpsteranal cum dumpster

Okay so you have noticed some money from the register is missing? What am I supposed to do fess up? I am not going to fess up you already know the deal. I have a coke habit, and you have been underpaying me. I have so much shit on you like you fucking me and using me while your wife has no idea! I bet she would love to know what you are up to when you say you have a long night at the office. You weren’t working hard and trying to get things done. In fact, you were getting acquainted with your hot coke whore Liberian you were making me your anal sex whore along with someone of my hot friends. Instead of bitching about a couple of the twenties missing why don’t you give me a bonus for every time I have to suck on your puny cock. Keep both of us happy, and I will keep my mouth shut. A bit quid pro quo okay?

I Love Being a Trailer Trash Whore

trailer trash whoreI love being a trailer trash whore. Any cute boy or hot man, I will fuck, even the repair guy. I was in my daisy duke jean shorts and a tank top when the dishwasher repair guy showed up. Usually, when I call someone to come fix some appliance of mine, I get a fat balding man whose belly would cover his tiny weenie. I am a whore, but I don’t fuck just anyone. Today was my lucky day. I got a tall handsome 30 something hunk. He had a wedding ring on, but that has never stopped me before. I don’t want to marry a guy, I just want to have some fun with his cock. I leaned seductively over the kitchen counter, so he could get a good look at my ass. I wriggled it like a cat in heat. He took the bait. He slapped my ass and told me I was one fine looking trashy milf. He managed to wriggle off my skin tight shorts and fuck my ass harder than anyone has before. His cock was long and thick. The kind of cock that you rarely encounter. The cheesy porn music was playing in my head as he fucked my ass super hard. His pre cum served as lube for my shit box. He didn’t last long, but that was fine by me. It was just what I needed to start my day off right. What starts your day off right?

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