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Sexline druggy

SexlineI’ve been up all night at this party with my boys, I’m so fucking wired, I just want more and more cocaine! I’m willing to suck fucking cock and even eat pussy out for a fucking hit! I just need more and more. Guys are puling their dicks out setting up a line on their dick. It my favorite shit to snort a fucking line from a guys huge long dick! I snort that shit and stay on my knees just sucking their dick so fucking good hoping they will give me another fucking hit! In the middle of the dance floor I be sucking all that dick finger fucking their assholes. Even taking them to the restroom with me having two of them penetrate my fuck holes at the same time! I’m telling you I will do anything for cocaine! I will let you piss in my mouth even shit on me! I just need one last hit!

No taboo phone sex

 no taboo phone sex

I took that big cock and pushed it into my pussy hole. He stuffed my cunt so wide. He started do short strokes with him in my pussy, He then let out a surprise that I was not expecting to get. He started pissing inside of my pussy hole, filling it up like a water balloon. He fucked his cock into the piss that he stuffed me full of.

When he was about to cum he pulled his cock out and made me lay on my back with my knees pressed to my chest. He blew his cum load all over my face and made me squeeze the piss out of my cunt and all over my face. I was completely saturated in piss and cum like a dirty fuck whore that I am.

Anal sex whore

 anal sex whoreI need to see how wide my ass hole can go. I am on my knees with my ass pointed to the ceiling. I want to be a good little fuck whore. I beg for them to double stuff my ass right from the beginning. They put their cock heads together and start to force themselves deep inside me. I feel my ass pulling apart as those two cocks fill me up.

They both start fucking me once they are balls deep. They slam their cocks nice and hard into my little anal whole walls. I feel them pump their cum loads inside of me, lubing my ass up. I get into a position where I can wedge my whole fist right into my ass hole. This is how a good stupid anal whore does it.

I start fucking my ass hole beating it open wider. It is time for another set of dicks in my ass. I want to be full on cum.

Toilet sex

toilet sex

 I am such a horny girl that I am up for any and all dirtiness. I am with a guy and his brother and I decided to find my naked body to one of their beds. I started rubbing myself and calling out to them so they would walk in on me. They came in and immediately their cocks were swollen hard.

They told me to get in their bathroom and they took their dicks out. They unloaded all of their piss all over my head. It ran down my eyes and tits. I was saturated in their hot urine. They had me suck their cocks in my mouth. They face banged my mouth hard and deep.

They turned around and told me to take turns tonguing their ass holes. They farted all in my face. I am a dumb little toilet whore. I am now eager to have them pound my little fuck holes till I get their sloppy wet jizz out.

Phone Sex Sluts

phone sex slutsPhone sex sluts are the most fun to talk to because we are perverts like you. A woman doesn’t one day wake up and say, “I’m going to talk dirty for a living.” She gets into this profession because her life is too dirty to share with just anyone. Pretty much the reason why you call girls like us, right? You have experiences or desires your wife would frown upon. In this business, women don’t judge. I have a very colorful life. My young life was spent as a cash cow to my meth head parents. I was just a body they could pimp out. The men that paid for my young holes treated me better than the folks who gave me life. I never attended public school. In fact, my guess is I was a home birth and there was no record of me being born in West Virginia. I escaped my squalor existence thanks to a dirty john who bought me from my parents. He made an honest woman out of me, but he made me his baby making dirty mommy. He bred me 6 times so he could have young ones to play with daddy. My husband spoils me. I am his queen, albeit a dirty one. I am educated thanks to him. I had to go to school to polish me up for his wealthy business associates. I am a hooker for hire still, just my husband is my pimp and I am the madam to our brood. Behind the gated community and a 10 bedroom home, you will find a family of whores and lots of incest fun. If you have very taboo thoughts about young ones, think of your mother in naughty ways or like to get fucked up and have freaky sex, my sexline is for you.

Cum eating phone sex

cum eating phone sexAll day I had guys coming in and out of the house. I offered up my mouth as a fuck hole to suck every single one of them off. I have been so eager and thirsty for some sloppy thick cum. I am going to lay off the side of my bed and open my filthy whore mouth. My jaw is so sore from sucking off multiple cocks and making them shower my face in their jizz.

I love getting mouthfuls of that sticky sugar juice that bust out of that cock hole. I want to drain as many balls as I can by letting them tonsil fuck me as hard and deep as they want. Please come over and give me that cum load so that my tummy can fill up on hot cum!

Lie to me Pinocchio

I named my favorite dildo Pinocchio after a joke that my friends and I had going one day. We met this guy with a huge nose, other than that he was pretty hot. He just had a huge honker. Well my friends hooked me up with him and this man could fuck. I mean he knew all the right moves, his cock was huge and he made me cum over and over. I sat on his face while he ate my pussy and I was just playing but I kept telling him his nose was like Pinocchio and to fuck me harder with it. He rammed his snozer right into my cunt and made me cream so fucking hard. Anytime I see him nowadays I tell him whats up Pinocchio and he says yo want me to lie to you, then fuck you. It was a fun experience and my friends tease me, but they weren’t there that night and they do not know what they are missing. So yes, Pinocchio…lie to me please.I wonder if there are any other good stories that could be a catalyst for real life fuck sessions of not so good looking guys with amazing abilities to satisfy my pussy hole.


No taboo phone sex

Nasty phonesex with berretta


Nasty phone sexNasty phone sex is always a blast. I love being a dirty slut. The other day I was leaving my apartment and out of nowhere, the maintenance guy shoved me to the wall. I was screaming telling him to leave me the hell alone. He wasn’t having that. He unlocked my door with his master key. Told me to listen to him if I didn’t want to get hurt and if I wanted to leave fast. I was ready to do whatever he asked me to do without a fight. I just wanted to be left alone and unharmed. He made me strip butt naked and told me he was going to have a blast. I instantly thought the worst. I was prepared for anything wicked and mentally preparing myself to be abused. Well, what happened next was a shocker he whipped out his meat and shoved it right in my mouth and just started to let out all his urine, I was gagging and just so grossed out. He was loving every minute of it and he called me his private restroom and slapped his cock on my face and left just like that. I was so confused I was really playing the scene in my head I can’t believe he really did that, He just wanted me to be his restroom. I’m sure he’s not done so I have been avoiding him like the plague but soon enough he will probably get his way with my mouth again.

Trashy Milf Bangs the Homeroom Teacher

trashy milfTrashy Milf Lilibeth might as well be my new moniker. My youngest son had an open house last night at his new school. He is changing schools since he graduated his last grade. I was trying to act like a good respectable mother, but it’s a struggle for me. I was at a school with lots of young boys. But it wasn’t a school boy who caught m eye first. It was a new teacher, who I mistook for a school boy because of his baby face. Just graduated college. This will be his first year teaching and he will be my son’s homeroom teacher. I caught his attention too. I joked that I had underwear older than him. “I’d like to see those,” he retorted with a smile. My son is not even failing school yet and I was banging his baby faced teacher in a supply closet. Usually, I wait untill a brat is in academic trouble before I fuck the teacher. My ass and pussy are how I make sure my babies don’t get held back. I thought to myself as he was ramming his cock up my ass that I could always blackmail him if push came to shove. My youngest son is smarter than the rest of us combined, so likely it was safe to bang the teacher before school even started. We weren’t gone long, but I emerged out of the supply closet a hot mess. My son knew the look. “Good thing I am smart, mom,” he joked with me. I think I am the teacher’s pet. I sure hope so. What hot milf doesn’t want to fuck a 22 year old hung boy. I love fucking my youngest boy, but his dick is a fraction the size of my son. When we got home, my son busted me to my husband, but he loves that I am mommy whore.

Some Crack For Mommy. A New Baby For My Little One.

aFreaky phone sexMy much younger neighbor Danny. Offered me some really good fucking awesome crack to breed my little one. Who is at the perfect age to starting having babies. I was so excited to get this crack. And my little one who is already turning into a great little whore, was excited at the thought of having a baby. She has wanted a baby for a while now. I started Danny off by suckling on his yummy cock to get him nice and rock hard. Then he took a few strokes in my cunt. My little one was watching us as she stripped naked for her babies daddy. She laid down on the bed and spread her legs so wide. Would make any mother proud. Danny took his cock out of my cunt and got on top my little one. Placing his cock at the edge of her cunt and sliding in deeply. Danny moaned very loudly saying “Her cunt is way tighter then your cunt Flo.” Then he slammed her nice young tight cunt with is cock. My little one wrapped her legs around him as he fucked the shit out of cunt. Unloading his gift of seed into her cunt. Coating her cervix. Giving my little one the baby she was wanted for a while. And I? I sat back smoked my crack and watched as Danny fucked the shit out of my little whore.
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