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My Filthy Cock Sucking Sluts

I love my filthy cock sucking sluts and love how shy they get with me at first. You know who you are you naughty boy, and I love to pop that sweet ass cherry of your every time. The way my phone sex sluts suck me off, like cum craving little whores is the fucking best. I am a total cum junky myself, when there’s a big beautiful cock in question. Most of my little faggots have small clitty’s and I love to tease them. It’s such fun to shoot my hot tranny load all over a small dicklett. I’m always up for some mutual cock sucking and anal fucking too! I’m a dominant tranny whore but that doesn’t mean I don’t get off on my share of kinky fun too. A little power exchange is exciting, especially when you think your going to dom me. I will have no regrets in turning the tables and making you my bitch. It’s just what I do, and how I play.

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Drunk trailer trash slut stumbles naked into your bed

trailer trash whoreDrunk trailer trash slut here, wanting to come see you again. We met last Saturday morning. But, I don’t think you could really call that a meeting. The first thing I said to you was “Why the f*ck are you in my apartment?” Which was a very funny thing to say seeing as how I’d been the the the one drunk and slutty enough to stumble into your unlocked apartment the night before and pass out naked onto your bed.

I was still hungover when I walked into your living room in nothing but a bed sheet yelling at you in your own home. You were a perfect gentleman. You’d slept on the couch the whole night and that’s where I’d found you that morning sitting there with throbbing morning wood. You could see my hard pink nipples through the sheer thin bed sheet.

You laughed at me. I’m not shocked you found it amusing. In hindsight I do too, and it didn’t take long for me to realize my mistake. I ran out embarrassed as hell and am still remorseful.

I touched myself last night thinking about you and your bulbous mushroom tip on that couch. I’d like to return your sheets! And maybe see it again?

Big Dick Sucker

big dick suckerWhen you are a big dick sucker, people assume you only suck black cock. I do have a reputation as a black cock whore, but the truth is I am just a cum slut. I like big cock, but I suck any cock. This morning, a new teen boy showed up at my trailer. He was shy and nervous. He was not like most boys who come a knocking. He asked for advice. I thought maybe he needed girl advice. That was not the case. Boys are teasing him at school about his cock. I was expecting a small dick. I was surprised because he was big, especially big for his age. He said the boys were calling him elephant cock. I told him that was a compliment.  When he told me no girls at school would go out with him, I explained that it was because his dick was so big. Younger girls are afraid of big cocks. But a trashy milf like me, however, is not. I started blowing his big dick. He was shocked that I wanted to touch his dick. I wanted to touch it, suck it and fuck it. That was exactly what I did too. I took care of his cum filled balls and sent him to school with a newfound confidence. Silly schoolgirls don’t know what they are missing.

If you like bbc sex stories read this!

bbc sex storiesDo you like bbc sex stories? Well have I got a good one for you! I went apple picking yesterday with the family, I know, I know lame right?But it’s just one of those boring ass fall activities that my mother insists on the whole family doing together so I was stuck. I was bored as hell walking around picking apples and looking at all these families doing the same when I saw him. He was this massive black man and I could see the huge bulge in his pants from a mile away. I knew as soon as I saw him that I had to get me some of that giant black cock. I told the family that I was going to talk a walk to the other side of the orchard and walked away as fast as I could so that my mother wouldn’t bitch and I walked right up to that massive black man and asked him if he wanted to go behind a tree and fuck my brains out. He laughed and asked me what made me think he was here alone, I said I didn’t care who he was with I just wanted to suck that huge black dick. I could see him getting hard as we were talking so he pulled me to a quiet corner of the orchard and pushed me to my knees. I gasped in surprise when he pulled out his cock, that thing was huge! I tried to swallow it all but I cold barely get half of it down my throat it was that big! Then he picked me up and put me against a tree and fucked me right there where anyone could see. It was so fucking hot!! I was trying so hard not to scream but it was so hard. I came over and over and then I heard my mother calling for me so I had to go. It was a shame tho cus that was the most fun I ever had picking apples!

Dirty Live Phone Sex with a Black Whore

live phone sexI crashed a party last night. I was out hooking to get some more party money. My last John dumped me in a white neighborhood I didn’t know. I was going to hoof it home or call an Uber when I heard loud music. I saw all the cars near the house and figured I would crash the party. I was thinking I could make some more money, party and maybe meet some new men. This was a swinger’s party! When I walked in, there was no passing off that I knew someone there. All eyes were on me the only black girl in the place. It was an orgy. I guess the music was cranked so neighbors couldn’t hear the sexy moaning noises. Cum was dripping down my legs. I looked like a lot lizard skank. This was a nice house. Not the kind of home I thought would be throwing a wild sex party. I just acted like I was lost, and I tossed in some compliments. I wanted in on the fun. They were using poppers and weed, but they had blow too. A big ass bowl of it. I walked over, put my face in it and inhaled. Then, I threw myself into the kinky mix. Strangers were fucking my ass. Women were eating my cream pie. I was sucking balls that were attached to a cock buried deep into a pussy. Guys circle jerked on me too. I was the star of the sex party. I need to get lost in the burbs more often.White folks love me.

Taboo Phonesex

taboo phonesexTaboo phonesex is the only kind! I know men call women like me to talk about the things they can’t tell anyone else. I like being the keeper of dirty secrets, especially dirty family secrets. I can be honest with you all about raising my daughters to be sluts and my sons to be mother fuckers. I can’t always tell people that, however. I was at this PTA meeting the other night. I was acting the part of a good school mom, when another mom approached me. She is a mom I don’t like very much. She is all about status and looks down on me because I married into money. I put on the fake smile and acted tickled pink to see her. She asked to speak to me alone. Oh know, I thought. Our conversation shocked me. She found her son jacking off to my dirty pictures on the Internet. She was not yelling at me for having a phone sex line. She was jealous that her son was beating off to me and not her. I never could have guessed that she would be the type to fuck her son, but she was seeking my advice for that very thing. Mommies just need to let their boys know they can fuck them. It is that simple. Boys are a different breed than girls. Girls you must sometimes bribe and cajole into your bed, but boys? Just spread your mommy legs and they will fuck you.

Proud Trashy MILF

trashy milfI am a trashy milf. I had to get my son out of trouble at school. He is barely a month into high school and I was called to the principal’s office. He got caught with pornography on his phone. Give me a break every red-blooded man and boy has porn on his cell. Likely tons of it too. Clearly, I have him in the wrong school or this is just a sign of how fucked up society has become. The principal tried to tell me porn is disrespectful to women. I don’t agree. I think porn provides women with excellent money and builds esteem and skills.  I looked at his phone and was surprised to see the porn on the phone was his sisters’ porn. They go to a different school and the principal didn’t know he was looking at the jail bait porn of his sisters. I had to give some bullshit promise to get my son counseling. He doesn’t need counseling. I was proud of him. He was giving free advertising for his whore sisters. He was showing them off to his school friends and getting their videos hits. He is proud of his sisters. He likes to watch them in action. Who are we kidding? Any one with a pulse would like to see my teen sluts fucking.

Crack Whore Anal Sex Fix

This redneck trailer park management prick was secretly in love with my tranny cock. I was owning his little white boy ass from the day he realized his mama’s best tenant was a chick with a dick and he was instantly in lust over me. He was so young with those raging hormones and he got a glimpse of me in a bikini sunbathing in my backyard and started jerking off to me ever since. He was always snooping around and one time I invited him in and offered him a hit off the crack pipe. I let him have a few and had so much fun with him then. I had him on his knees begging me to fuck him while he was getting his throat coated with my spunk. I  unloded in his virginal mouth then bent him right over and rammed my near 9″ in that sweet young ass. This boy is such a faggot cock sucker for my sweet shemale cock that I have him bringing me drugs to get some time with me.

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Live Phone Sex: Never Know What Might Happen

live phone sexWhen it is live phone sex, you never know what might happen. I was on the phone last night. A long call. I thought everyone was asleep. I was masturbating with my caller. He wanted to hear all about my family of sluts. Like many of my callers, he is a P man with young girls of his own. I was telling him how to turn his little sluts into whores for home use. He is not married to a nasty freak like me. If he was, he would have three little dick spinners right now. As I was sharing some stories about the time daddy popped cherries, my newly adopted daughter woke up. I guess she heard me or had to pee. My eyes were closed and I was lost in the sensation of my fingers on my clit. I felt a hand on my hand, then I felt a tongue on my clit. I opened my eyes and there was Jasmine with her tongue in my pussy. I kept taking to my caller as I came on her face. My caller just thought I was making myself cum talking to him. I was cumming hard but not from my own hand. It was my adopted daughter’s tongue. She loved hearing me talk about her sisters. She enjoyed eating my pussy. I think my caller enjoyed how hard I came. I know I enjoyed how hard I came!

A Phone Sex Line for P Families

phone sex lineMy phone sex line is constantly ringing! So many horny men want to talk about fucking young girls. I understand. My life is something you wish you had. I can help. My husband and I have a very open relationship with our sons and daughters. Nudity is encouraged, required for the girls. Daddy and I have sex in front of our offspring. We masturbate in front of them too. I think it is important to raise boys to be good lovers and girls to be great sluts. That requires an open family plan! Daddy is enjoying seeing our newest daughter, Jasmine, walking around naked. Right now, she is for my use.  Anyone can look at her young jailbait body, but only mommy gets to touch her. I teased daddy this morning. He was eating breakfast and I was eating Jasmine! I had her tiny bottom on the kitchen table with her legs spread wide for me. Daddy pulled out his cock and stroked it as I plunged my tongue into our adopted daughter’s bald slit. I have learned how to make Jasmine cum. I slip a few fingers in her puffy slit and put my nose on her clit and she creams all over my face. I know it is naughty to cock tease daddy like that, but it is not like he doesn’t have a couple other daughters to play with!

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