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We were hookers for hire!

hookers for hireMe and my friend got real fuckin wasted last night and decided to be hookers for hire! We needed more money to keep the party going so we just got dressed in these real slutty outfits and took a bunch of skanky pics and posted them online and within 10 minutes we had our first offer! This guy was old and his dick only half worked but he had money and party favors so who cares right? We sucked and fucked that half hard chub for a few hours just to stay fucked up! After he left tho, we got the best offer. This group of black guys wanted to make us their whores and they were bringing drugs and cash so we were all about it. They had us begging for mercy! Their cocks were huge and their drugs were the best, I was about to sign my life away to them if only they would keep handing em out! Honestly, it was the best night ever!

Pissing sex slut

Pissing sex slut! How pathetic do I look at all your piss? You picked me up from outside the gas station I was being pimped out and abuse. As soon as you saw me you knew you wanted a piece of my ass. Pulled up and I hopped in… We made our way to a cheap dusty motel, The place smelled like cigarettes and cheap perfume. You told me it was time to have fun you had a busy long week at work. I was honestly hoping to just blow you and never see you again.You had something else in mind you wanted me to remember this day and wanted me to have your memory ingrained in my mind forever. As you begin to shove your cock in my mouth you begin to let a stream of piss, I freak out because I see a red light going, It’s your phone you are recording this and you are enjoying it, you tell me everyone will know about my dirty little secrets. You laugh and shove a twenty down my mouth. A week later a ton of people sends me a link my biggest fear has become reality. I’m all over the net is a human toilet slut. Pissing sex

Cum dumpster Thanksgiving!!

cum dumpsterI love being a dirty cum whore! I decided to give back this Thanksgiving. I am going around from hobo to hobo to drunk man stumbling out of a bar. I have a lot of things to be thankful for and one of those things are bucket loads of cum. Most people will be getting stuffed on food to keep them warm and happy and I only have dick on the brain.

I want and need to be stuffed with big fat cocks and loads of hot sperm. I see my first lucky thanksgiving fuck of the night on the side of the rode. I get on my hands and knees and offer up my hot warm mouth. I shove his dick right down my throat and start beating him off until I feel a fat wad of cum about to explode straight into my tummy.

I guess I attracted more lucky lonely men on the corner. It is a group of four dudes. They all tell me how their families are out of town and too far away and how they will have to spend thanksgiving by themselves. I strip down to nothing right behind a dumpster and encourage each of them to get me a never ending supply of their cum.

They fuck their dicks into each of my holes. I can feel those cocks swelling up and pouring their hot cum inside of me. I go on my way to find even more men. I am excited to see how much cum I can get to explode inside of me. I want to be so stuffed that it is hard to walk around because cum gushes down my legs. I want the hot cum swishing around in my tummy.

I am going to go wake the hobos up by the tree in the park to offer up some love to them. I know those cocks have to be full and need a good release. Thank you for all that sappy cum this thanksgiving. I am one very lucky whore cum dump. I promise to not make that sperm go to waist.

Stripper sex porn

stripper sex porn

 I got a new job at a club and instead at the end of the night paying for a cover after I get down taking off all my clothes and being a whore. I get the privilege to be an even more bigger whore! The two bouncers that collect the fees from the girls and give it to the big boss upstairs like to have a little fun of their own.

I get to get on my hands and knees and pay my way by fucking their cocks in all my holes. I love it especially since when the end of the night comes- I am so horny. I put my cash in my panties and open my jaw as wide as it will go and invite them to fuck my throat as hard and deep as they want. I love having my spit gush all down my neck and chest.

I will make sure I pay my dues in full when I get all of their clumpy cum in my tummy.


White Trash Phone Sex Whore

white trash phone sexWhite trash phone sex is the only kind to have if you ask me. Why? Because a white trash whore is always no taboos. I do the things your woman thinks are vulgar and disgusting. That is probably why I don’t have many female friends. Most women hate me because I fuck their men. Friend or foe, if a guy is hot and I am horny, it doesn’t matter who he is married to. I met Jim at the liquor store last night. He looked familiar, but I was high. After a while, all men in my community look the same, especially the rednecks. I figured I had seen him around. He was buying Jim Beam bourbon. A man after my own heart. He was flirty with me. Of course, I was in cut off shorts, a tube top and high heels in a liquor store late at night. I had trailer trash whore written all over me. I asked him back to my trailer to fuck. He said yes. No one ever says no to free pussy, right? As I was doing shots of bourbon and bouncing on his big thick shaft, he mentioned the one girlfriend I have in this town. OMG. He was my only friend’s new boyfriend. I had only seen a Facebook picture of him because they just started going out a few weeks ago. I knew I should have stopped fucking him, but his cock felt so good. His cock felt too good to stop fucking. He wouldn’t be the first dirty secret I had, nor would he be the last. But, he just might be the best one yet. Damn, I hope my one and only BFF knows how lucky she is to fuck his 9 inch thick cock whenever she wants. Maybe she will want a threesome with her BFF!

Got Cock For This Cunt?

Trailer trash whoreDo you know how much cock this cunt has seen? A fucking lot! And all kinds of cock. Small cock, old cock, young cock, furry friend cock, black cock, white cock. There is no cock I will not do. I love the way it taste in my mouth and the way it feels in my cunt and ass. I would bark for your cock. Take a golden shower for your cock. Lick at your boots like a bitch dog in heat to get at that cock of yours. What would you make me do just to have your cock in my mouth? Would you give in easy or make me beg for it? Would I be able to get your cock in all 3 of my holes? Or only 1 or 2?

Dirty Phone Sex in My Backyard

dirty phone sexWant to have dirty phone sex? You have come to the right place. My life is as dirty as my phone sex. I love being a dirty whore. Today was an extremely warm day. I was in the backyard in my bikini drinking a Martini. I look great in a swimsuit. I was feeling very exhibitionist. I looked around and saw him in the window. He was a neighbor boy I had apparently never seen before. I think he was a visitor because I make it a point to know all the young boys in my neighborhood. He was looking at me intently, so I gave him a hot show. I started stripping off my little bikini. I sat on a lawn chair, spread my pussy and started masturbating. The sun was glaring in my eyes, but I could see his arm movement. I knew he was masturbating too.  I signaled him down. I wasn’t sure he would come to me. You know, the stranger danger thing, but he did. He got between my legs and licked my sloppy wet pussy. He was not a virgin cunt licker. He was my middle son’s age, but very skilled. I squirted on his face. I knew it was dangerous to have such a young boy eating my pussy in my backyard where neighbors could see, but I like risky sex. I knew there were folks watching, but I didn’t care. The only thing on my mind was getting fucked by a young boy. Fucked, I got. He hammered my milf pussy. Gave me a healthy load of cum too. I hope he is newly adopted or something became I want to fuck that young boy some more.

A Slut Always Gets Her Way

trailer trash whore

I was out at the drugstore to pick up some basics nothing too crazy.  But there’s a certain shampoo that i always use and refuse to use anything else on my hair because nothing else seems to do the trick. But i digress i had everything i needed except that shampoo and i couldn’t find it. I found a short portly young guy that worked at that drugstore to ask if they had anymore. He told me he wasnt sure. When i asked him to check he said that the authority to do so. It seemed fishy to me that he couldn’t do something so simple. I had caught him checking me out earlier and i immediately knew that he was being difficult so he could take advantage of me. Luckily for him i am quite the lil slut and especially horny that day.  So i told him to meet me out back by the dumpsters.  As soon as he got back there i told him i knew what he wanted and he would get as long as i got what i wanted. He pulled his pants down and i braced myself against the dumpster as he shoved his cock inside me. It smelled awful but i didnt care he had a surprisingly large cock and he knew how to use it! Sadly he came before i could and he had to get back into work before one of his supervisor’s got suspicious.  I had to finish myself off at home but at least i got my shampoo. The perks of being a slut, you always get what you want!

Gangbang whore tied and tortued

gang bang whore Gangbang whore tied and tortured that’s how they wanted it. I was called in for my pimps weekly evaluation he wanted to see what I needed to improve on. He told me that one of the customers complained about me not being a good tied up slut. So when someone complains about one of the slave pets our pimp get so enraged and decides to let us know with not only his whip but with some discipline and training on how to be better. When we aren’t any good he loses clients and money. We lose our freedom even more. If we do things right we get a bit more freedom and more days off. I was called in and he wanted to show me how to be a better slut. He tied me up and kept me tied in a closet for 2 days straight. I am chlorosulphonic so I was deathly afraid. I had to suck it up and get fucked while I was tied up. It was the scariest two days of my life. I made sure to remember this and made sure everytime a client wanted me tied up I had to be willing and good. It’s better to be tied up with a client for 2 hours than in a small closet for two days, giving endless blowjobs and getting used. I made sure I learned from this.

Cocaine Fest

druggy phone sex

Have you ever done cocaine?  Oh my God, it is the most amazing feeling especially when you do cocaine and then have a gang bang.  My best friend Trina and I love going to swinger’s clubs after we’ve done a few lines of coke.  We get so wasted before we go, and the night goes on and on.  My goal is to fuck at least 3 new guys when I go to the clubs, that’s just the kind of twisted slut I am.  Trina and I were making out on a sofa and I was feeling up her tits.  She and I were rubbing our wets cunts together, getting pretty fuckin’ hot when this big biker dude comes up behind me, pulls me off Trina, pushes me up against the wall and just starts fucking me.  A couple of his friends asked to join in, to which he carried me back to the sofa, sat down with me on his cock and one of his friends started fucking me in the ass.  The next thing I know I’m being passed around like a fuckin’ bread basket.  God, I love being used like the fuckin’ skank I am.  It was a fuckin’ awesome night.

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