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Night Out Nightmare

Creampie Slut

As you know I have a bad habit of drinking what ever is handed to me without asking a single question. Tonight I went out alone to a bar that doesn’t ID. I was there hanging out when you approached me. You buy me a drink and we just start making friendly conversation. You’re so sexy and that xanax I took before leaving home has started to kick in hard because of the booze. I walk away to use the restroom really quickly and when I get back you were nice enough to grab us a second round. I sip away while you tell me how pretty you think I am and pretty is not a word men usually direct at me. After a bit I realize that I am feeling way more drunk than I should and you offer to give me a ride home. On the way there you are touching me and I keep asking you to please behave but I am just so weak and out of it. I notice once we stop, through less than half open eyes, that we are at a building I am unfamiliar with. You pick my limp body up out of the car and take me inside. You then tie me up to a chair and tell me that I made a huge mistake, unbuttoning your pants to pull out your huge cock. I completely went out at that point, I can sort of recall some of it but all I really know for sure is that my tiny cunt and once tight asshole hurt really bad and I had cum stains all over what was left of my panties. Can you please call me and tell me what happened? I need to know.

A whore’s gotta do what a whore’s gotta do

phone sex slutsI was stuck in a strange place last night, I had gone to meet some friends at a party but I guess I got lost cus I ended up at a party where I didn’t know anyone. I was a little drunk so I really didn’t even know where I was or how I would get home, I didn’t even have my phone so no one could get a hold of me anyway I had to depend on the strangers I was with. Luckily, there were a ton of guys there willing to help a bitch out and all I had to do was suck their cocks. Well, a whore’s gotta do what a whore’s gotta do so I sank right down to my knees and started sucking dicks. I was a little overwhelmed cus there were so many of them but I’m always up for a challenge! I swallowed more cumloads than I could count but they stayed true to their word and got my drunk ass home safely so it was all worth it!

Live Phone Sex: The Only Way To Phone Fuck

live phone sexLive phone sex is the only phone sex you should pay for in my opinion. I spoke with a guy last night that said his last phone sex experience was rather disappointing. Of course it was; he paid for an automated story. A scripted story that is not personalized, is no where near the same has having a sexy MILF say your name. Nor is it the same as hearing a real wet pussy. Phone sex should be personal. A hot call between two dirty minds. I want to get off too. I am no robot. I don’t need to work. I am a trophy wife. I like to work, but since I am not qualified for anything, I thought I would become a no taboo phone sex slut. I love all the taboo topics. My personal life is a far cry from vanilla, so don’t call me if you are looking for the innocent girl next door. I eat innocent girl next doors for breakfast and shit them out! In fact, I had my way with the little slut next door this week. She is a hot teen twat tease. I am sure you know the type? She wears shorts that her ass ate. A half top to display her soft flat stomach. Then she scolds men who look at her as a sex object. You wear an outfit that screams fuck me, I’m going to fuck you. I don’t care that you are a young girl. I like sweet teen pussy as much as I love jail bait cock. I showed up at Lolita’s place for a little lesson on cock teasing. I brought my strap on and a bag of goodies.  If you could have seen what I did to that pussy, you would have been impressed. I think I ruined that girl for men. Sorry guys. Some pussy belongs to a trashy MILF.

This trashy milf fucked him hard!

trashy milfMy friend has been having issues with her husband so I went over to help her set him straight. He was a being total dick to her for like a whole week so we decided to give him some dick so he could see what an ass he was being. We got him drunk and suggested a threesome and of course he was down for that shit… until we brought out the strap on dicks, then he was all what the fuck are those for?? Hahaha he was too drunk to fight us off so he ended up with a rubber dick shoved down his throat and another up his ass, we double teamed that asshole till he was begging for mercy! He claimed that it hurt and he didn’t like it… but he came so hard he damn near exploded so pretty sure he loved it no matter what he says. Plus he promised to be nicer too… but if he ends up being a dick again, we’ll make sure he gets the bigger strap on dicks next time!

I’m a white trash phone sex whore!

white trash phone sexI am a white trash phone sex whore and you know what? I fucking love it! Seriously, guys tell me so many filthy stories and it gets me so fucking hot that I have to try em out in real life! Yesterday I had one of those calls, he told me that he wanted me naked, on my knees, surrounded by cocks. Well right away I was interested in that!  I assumed he was talking about a regular gangbang but when he said he wanted them to piss all over me, totally soak me in piss, my pussy started dripping! I knew then that I had to do that for real so I called a friend of mine and told him to bring a bunch of his friends over right away! I was naked, surrounded by all these massive cocks and when they started to piss on me I was so turned on I was about to cum! I tried to drink it all and suck their cocks all at the same time… by the end I was begging them to fuck me! Now I can’t wait for the next call, I wonder if it will be as hot as the last one!

Cum dumpster cum lover!

cum dumpster

I am on my hands and knees with three dicks in my face. They are so sloppy and drooling with pre cum. I am going to take turns with them, sucking them and getting them so sloppy wet. My spit is covering those cocks and I know they are wanting my holes even more!

The spread out, one in my juicy ass hole and the other in my tight pink pussy hole. They start pumping themselves hard and deep inside of me. I try to swallow the one in my mouth. They are having their way with me, fucking me and stretching my holes open wide.

I can feel those cocks throbbing and needing to bust. They squeeze out their cum loads creampieing my holes while the one in my mouth shoots its load all over my face. I love being covered and saturated in cum. I am ready for another round so I can bathe in their warm jizz.

My No Limits Phone Sex Line

phone sex lineMy phone sex line is a dirty one. I’m the whore you call when you need to discuss those extremely nasty fantasies you harbor in the dark crevices of your mind. I have had a whore’s life. I’m not ashamed of my trailer park past because it helped shaped me into the nasty freak I am today. I am truly no taboos. You will be hard pressed to find anything that shocks me, or anything I have not done or would not consider doing. I have no limits because I am the kind of whore that when you say I can’t or shouldn’t do something, I take it as a challenge. Tell me I can’t swallow 100 loads of cum, well I will put an ad out for a blow bang or I will go to the local frat house and he get 200 loads. Tell me furry ones with 4 legs are not something I should fuck; I say take me to the pound or barnyard. Tell me I should not insert that in my ass or pussy because it may stretch me too much; I ask for two of whatever thing you think I shouldn’t fuck. Tell me my daughter or son is too young to fuck, I offer you money to fuck them. You get the picture. I don’t operate under rules or limits. I live my life like the dirty phone sex whore I am. Trust me. You cannot shock me. You cannot even give me pause. Whatever nasty thoughts you have, I bet mine are nastier. Cum, shit, piss, incest, blood, 4 legged friends, extreme age play, snuff, forced scenarios…. Aren’t off limits to me. In fact, with the exception of snuff, all things I have experienced in real life. What are your extreme phone sex fantasies?

dirty phone sex

No taboo phone sex

no taboo phone sex

I have not always been the good little whore that I am today. I use to be a good girl. Once I got one cock, I needed to be filled and pumped with more. No matter where I go, I am always on the prowl for a juicy man stick to shove in my holes.

Today I went for a walk around my neighborhood and came across a guy watering his plants. I asked him about his flowers and complimented him with the intentions of getting to know him a little better. He obviously knew that I was hitting on him.

He let me know that his wife was not home and I of course suggested we do some fun things while she is not around. He offered to show me his plants in his backyard that were secluded. Once we got to the back yard I immediately bent over and pulled my shorts down.

I begged him to fill me up with his cock! He thrusted in me, taking me from behind. He slammed himself in and out of me and I was getting sore with how hard he rammed his big cock inside of me. I tightened my pussy hole around his cock and felt him start to twitch.

I need him to give me his sticky cum!

Blonde Fucking Slut Masturbates

Blonde fuckingMy cunt was so hungry, and there was no one else around. My neighbors were all at work or gone, my usual lovers were all busy, baby girl was at her friend’s house – I had NO ONE to come help me relieve myself. Well, I did the only thing I could do. I ran myself a nice bath and decided to soak. I ran my hands up and down my body in the water, playing with my nipples, touching all the places that really get my motor revved. I slid the soap into my hand and got both of them really soapy, then rubbed my fingers over my clit and cunt. I pressed 2 fingers into my pussy, dipping them as deeply as I could. My thumb slid back over my clit and I started to massage both inside and outside of my pussy together. I slid my pinky back and worked it as deep as I could get it into my shitter.

Live Phone Sex Threesome

live phone sexLive phone sex is just what it sounds like. You get to speak to me at home. When you call my number, it is a direct dial into my home. I am not a robot. I am not a dispatcher. I am a phone sex MILF who enjoys sharing and creating taboo fun. Last night my teen slut daughter brought home a handsome young black guy. She was fooling herself if she thought she was keeping that chocolate drop all to herself. She is a cheerleader and he is on the basketball team. They have been dating, but she finally brought him home to meet her trashy MILF momma. I was practically drooling over him. Young, hung and full of cum is the saying. When he met me in my see through nightie, it was like my daughter didn’t exist. I had jungle fever; he had MILF fever. I love the attention, but I love my daughter too. I suggested a threesome in mommy’s bed. They followed me in taking their clothes off as they walked into my bedroom. Jermaine sat on the edge of my bed. My daughter was on her knees next to him so I could finger her wet little beaver. I finger fucked her hard as I worked my mouth up and down Jermaine’s anaconda. I pulled my soaking wet fingers out of my girl’s muff and fed them to her boyfriend. He then guided his fingers into her warm pussy. The soft sexy noises she made as he brought her to a hard cum, made me wetter than sucking on his huge cock. I guided my daughter onto his big black shaft. Cupping my hands under her sweet ass checks, I bounced her up and down a perfect cock. My tongue explored her ass as they fucked. She kept squirting on his cock until he blew his load in her womb with such force she came again. I am a cum guzzling MILF too, so my lips were on her cunt in less than ten seconds to lick up the cream pie. I told Jermaine, “Welcum to the family.”

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