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Live Phone Sex with Lilibeth

live phone sexLive phone sex is the only kind of dirty talk to have if you ask me. You want a personalized experience, not a recorded message. You want someone you can share your dirty fantasies with who will encourage you to act on your P impulses. All day long, I have been suggesting that daddies molest their daughters. Girls were born to fuck. Who better to teach them about the joys of fucking than their daddy? Incest should not be taboo. It should be encouraged and explored. My husband loves fucking his daughters. I knew he was a P man when I met him, because when we first fucked, I was our youngest daughter’s age. I knew once I married him, I needed to bore him some little girls. I wanted to give him a daughter or two to fuck because I loved him. A good wife, stands by her man. She encourages and supports him. It’s a quandary for me. On one hand, I don’t understand why women don’t support their husband’s desires to fuck their daughters. On the other hand, I am glad they don’t because if all women were like me, men would not call women like me for advice on fucking their daughters. When you call this trashy MILF, rest assured, I understand your  dirty desires and I will help you get what you want.

Shitty Shitty Bang Bang

I love a good old fashioned gang bang where I am stuffed in every hole I have. A big fat block cock pounding away at my asshole, a throbbing big fat dick in my cunt and don’t forget the one face fucking my pie whole while I vomit and choke oh his cock and balls that he has managed to get both into my gaping mouth so I cannot breath.

Scat phone sex

The one thing that could make this better though is to throw in some scat and another person to rub it all over my body while I am being fucked from all angles. I am sure the black cock in my ass is pulling shit out every time he thrusts and pounds my round rump ass. I just want someone to collect it and rub my titties and clit down with i while they continue pounding away at my pussy, my ass hole and my pie hole. That would be an amazing gang-bang, it would be a shitty shitty bang bang.

Phone sex sluts

phone sex sluts

I was walking to the gas station to buy some cigs when I noticed a couple fighting in the car. It was a guy in his mid twenty’s and a girl about his age. I minded my own business as I walked past them to go inside the store. When I came out of the store I noticed the girl getting out of the car and walking away while the guy shouted at her to come back.

I just stood there watching the show as I smoked a cig in bliss since my nicotine craving was diminishing. I smiled at the guy when he glanced at me since I thought he was kind of cute. He smiled back and that’s when I figured since the girl is out of the picture I might as well have a little fun with him.

I got into the car and told him to follow the girl, he just looked at me puzzled since he hoped a lot more would come from me being in the car. I pulled down his pants and began sucking his cock. At first it really wasn’t that big or hard until I started working my tongue around his cock.

As he approached the girl closer in the car I hopped on to his lap and slid his cock inside of me. He slowed down a little as I began bouncing my ass on his cock. I grabbed a hold of his steering wheel as he grabbed a hold of my ass. I rode him hard and fast making him precum all inside of me as I drove his car taking his nice fat cock like the whore that I am.

Once we got close enough to the girl I slammed my foot on the brakes and watched in excitement as the girl opened the door only to see me fucking her boy friend. His cock was deep inside my pussy and his hands were grabbing tightly on to my breasts. She looked so mortified since she would of never imagined that this would of happened to her.

I slammed on the gas pedal with the passenger door still open almost running over this bitch, And we just kept driving. We drove all over the city that night fucking from red light to red light until we ended up at my place. I gave this guy a night to remember. May that be a lesson to stupid bitches be dramatic and the guy just might get lucky.

Cum eating phone sex

cum eating phone sex

I am going to take that cock while you call up ten of your friends and jerk it right in front of my face. I want to make sure I squeeze every bit of cum juice out of it and all over my face. Don’t you think I would look so good coated in your sticky white jizz?

I want to firmly grab that cock and stroke it harder and faster. I need to be showered in the sappy sap! Those friends are going to cum over so that I can give them the same treatment. I will jerk every single cock off and make my face sloppy and sticky.

That cum is going to be slurped off those big fat swollen mushroom heads that I love so much. Please feed me that cum!

Talking to Phone Sex Sluts

phone sex slutsPhone sex sluts have the most fun. We are certainly the most fun to talk to. More fun than your woman obviously or you would not be reading my blog! You don’t get into this line of work unless you are a freak in the bedroom. Face it, the things men want to talk about would make a choir girl blush. You are coming to us with your naughty fantasies and fetishes; the ones you cannot tell the people you know. Nothing makes me blush. I like things dirty and taboo. I am not your sweet innocent girl next door. I am the taboo MILF of your wet dreams. I am raising my sons and daughters to be good whores. Money making whores. Everyone needs a skill, right? My skill has always been knowing what men want and need, even if they don’t know it yet themselves. I make great money on my sexline, but also as a paid whore off the phone. Sex sells. Men will always pay for sex. There are always women like me who do the things other women won’t think of doing period.  I was born a whore. I will die a whore. I may have been raised a trailer park whore, but now I am a Park Avenue whore. Being a whore got me married to a very wealthy and kinky man. Not all men marry a Madonna. Some marry the whore! I left the trailer park, but it has never left me. You call me if you like extreme age play, incest sex, mommy sex, water sports, sex for money, rough anal, druggy whores, cum sluts and gang bang whores. My life is the life of a sex slave and dirty porn star. I have lots of stories to share and we have lots of stories to make. Dirty phone sex is waiting for you.

Tranny phone sex

 tranny phone sexI have this sexy ass friend and we were having a sleep over. We were doing some blow and shots, partying after a long day being good whores. We offered some dudes to come over and have a good time with us and in the mean time we are pre gaming!

I start to make out with her and grab her tits. Her nipples are so hard and begging for my mouth to suck on them. I notice that the cock in her panties is getting really long and hard. I can not believe she is so perfect.

I lean down and unleash her delicious cock. I start sucking on it rocking it past my tonsils. Her cock is so heavy and has so much cum. I am going to drain her balls before the boys get here.

Teen sluts fucking

teen sluts fuckingIt was really fun hooking up with a party crowed. All the college goers came into the strip club tonight and had intentions of getting down right nasty. Some of the dudes offered to buy me for a night of fun. How could I resist? I know there is so much I can teach those little whores. My first lesson to them is how to take two dicks in your mouth at one time.

I told all the girls to get on their hands and knees and grab each cock in either hand and get to stuffing them down your throat. Those little cock suckers where doing so good taking it that they told me their throats were even starting to hurt. I told them to fuck everyone of their holes until it was raw!

Next lesson is anal! Hope those bitches are ready to get their asses pounded.

Sometimes I am such a slut!

live phone sexSometimes I am such a slut! Seriously, I regularly surprise myself with how low I will go just for dick. It’s not my fault tho, the pussy wants what the pussy wants! I’m gonna get mine even if it means fucking some other bitch’s man. The girl next door to me is all pissed now cus I took her man… well I didn’t really take him more like fucked the shit outta him… but whatever you wanna call it she’s all pissed. How is it my fault that she couldn’t satisfy her man? I can’t help that I’m good at sucking dick and that it blew her man’s mind that I let him nut in my mouth and swallowed every drop. Shit, it’s not my fault she won’t let him fuck her ass like I did, he fucking loved pounding this tight little asshole! If she ain’t gonna satisfy her man, I guess I will cus his cock is too big to waste!

Thanks for the Crack

live phone sex

Yesterday my twenty year old neighbor came over to smoke crack with me.  I was all excited being out of crack so I was glad to take a hit of his pipe.  After I took the first hit i unzipped his pants to Suck on his hard rock Cock for bringing over the crack.  Hearing him take that hit as I taste his cock in my mouth. sliding my tongue over his slit moaning taking my cunt and grinding it against the floor his cock taste so good in my wet sloppy mouth. I release his cock to take another big  hit of the pipe, looking into his eyes as he looks down at my whore body . Keeping the hit in my mouth I shove his cock deep in my mouth again exhaling on his cock as drool runs out my mouth.  Feeling my chin hit his balls my nose hitting his stomach I gag as I thrust up and down on his nine inch cock.


trashy milf

I remember one time I woke up so wet and horney that I immediately put my dildo in my cunt shoving the dildo in and out.  I must of been loud cause my son came walking in to see what I was doing. I looked up and saw him watching me fuck myself hard in my cunt .  my eyes widen I start to beg him come on hunny mommy needs some young cock.  Giggles he did not hesitate  he immediately pulled down his pants releasing his huge cock.  Taking the dildo out of my cunt he climbs on top and slides his cock deep in my cunt.  I moan at the size of it as he starts to fucks his mommy hard.  Screaming out begging for more, feeling him pull out of me and thrusting hard fast with out warining deep in my ass. I gasp and moan out loudly my thighs were soaked with my juices.   Every time I think of this it makes me so sloppy wet.  well off to smoke some crack.  

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