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Hooker Phone Sex Alyssa’s Life as Bottom Ho

Hooker phone sex

Ghost had me all on the floor and I was gagging on so many cocks I couldn’t tell one from the other. Black, white, who the hell knew but it was not my fault it was just one of those things that just had to be! Stealing from your daddy is one thing but I stole from the kingpin of the streets who had Chicago and Pennsylvania on lock down so of course I was in for a rude awakening and life! Laying me down on the dingy mattress I watched the change of the light and saw your eyes for the first time. They looked like two bitter almonds but I knew you were here for me and I wanted to take you to my world and back again. The fun was all on me and I was more than willing to give it to you. You loved the taste of my cunny as you bent over me and played with my slit. You opened my hole with your tongue and put marbles there to see the dribble come out. You liked slapping me and calling me a cum whore. You liked pouring your cum all over my face. There was something different about the way you fucked me than the others too. You loved sticking that pole stick inside my asshole and making me shit. You said it turned you on!

You opened my legs and stomped on my cunny and hit my tits as hard as you could but maybe it was your laugh that made it enjoyable. Maybe it was the fact that out of all the clients that I serviced for Ghost you made the cunny so wet and creamy and then reeled my little ass with your fist which is what I really loved. It was so enjoyable I almost forgot that it was time for you to go. I wanted to keep you longer you had to get back to the office but I knew you were coming again. After all I am here to service your every need and that keep that love stick happy. My lips are wet again just waiting for you! I am your cum nigger bitch whore and will always be that!

Cunt Ownership

Toilet Sex HadleyThat morning I was supposed to head to his flat to give him his cut of the weeks profits. He really fucking pissed me off most days because he was supposed to be supplying me with clients and candy. He could fucking care less if his whores had their fix or not, and most of the guys he set me up with were broke mother fuckers. I have no idea how he expects me to get anywhere with that shit. I decided that it was time to take back ownership of my cunt. Not easy though… my drunken husband was no help either. This month I had to find my own shit so fuck him if he thinks he gets any part of my stash.

I was heading over to the card room to find some blow when he jumped out of no where and threw me in the car. Grabbing my hair he slapped me a few times across the face. Yelling at me he told me I would regret not doing what a good whore was supposed to. We drove to the hotel and he dragged me up the stairs. Waiting for me inside were a few dudes and they were happy to find the party girl was here. Pushed down on my knees and clothes ripped off, they all started to beat my tits, and piss all over me. I was a toilet slut tonight! Once I had their cocks stuffed into my pussy and asshole, he went through my pockets. He was even more angry when he found cocaine instead of cash. Grabbing me by the ankles he dragged me across the floor and said he was gonna use me tonight to make up for my lack of funds.Sexline Hadley

That is when he walked in. Almost seven feet tall, you would think he should have been black.. but he wasn’t. It was one of the guys from the card room and he had over heard me complaining about my pimp who does nothing and expects everything. He was so doped up that he was half crazy all the time, and got more and more violent. Card room Joe asked my pimp how much for his whore. He was told $1500 a night. Joe said that he wanted to buy me for good, but my pimp just laughed. “You can’t afford my prices!”. Joe pulled out a few stacks of bills and said name her price. They disappeared and left me for a few hours to continue to be pumped with cock and coke. I felt so humiliated being bartered but humiliation makes me fucking hot, so I just enjoyed the sexual abuse I endured and begged for more. Eventually Card Room Joe gathered me up and shook my now “old pimps” hand. Just like that cunt ownership was passed. I asked him how much did he pay for me.. and he just said not to worry. “Crazy pimps are easy to manipulate, and now that you’re mine you will make a fine card room cock sucker! I guess I hit the jackpot that night!Pissing Sex Hadley

Need A Little Irish In Me

cum filled cunt cleoIt’s St Patty’s Day! I am not Irish and really don’t need an excuse to go out and get trashed. But I love that tonight the guys are going to be out in full force, in the beginning of the week, drunk as fuck and looking for trouble. I am going to find me a hot Irish man, light skinned, red headed, freckled and ready to fuck a hot and trashy Latina bitch. When I say I need a little Irish in me I am not talking about a little dick, oh no. I want a big white Irish cock to fuck all my brown holes. I need to be stuffed full all night long. My tight brown ass and pussy are waiting to be filled of Irish cream tonight. I want to taste the luck of the Irish deep in my throat, I want to feel it all over my body silky and smooth. I have a nice and slutty green mini skirt picked out and a pair of thigh high boots that are fuck me fabulous. Ready or not boys, here I cum and you will be cumming to, I assure you!cum filled cunt cleo2

Freaky Friday

freaky phone sex cleo

She loves my hot, wet Latin pussy as much as I do. She knows exactly what she is supposed to do. She sits back and watches while I finger fuck that tight hole of mine making the juices flow like a fucking river. She knows to wait until I am soaking wet and give her the green light to come to me. She eagerly sucks my pussy lips into her mouth, working her way to my huge clit sucking it into her mouth like a man’s cock. Grinding my pussy into her face I look down and see that it is covered in my thick juices. I grab her by her head and pull her mouth to mine sucking her lips and tasting the sweetness of my cum before shoving her face back down between my legs for her to tongue fuck my cunt. Just when I am on the edge of squirting another load in her mouth I pull her off again and buckle the nine inch strap on around her waist before lifting my legs up and placing my feet on her shoulders. She knows to shove it deep in my waiting ass while pinching my clit and fingering my cunt to make me explode one last time.

Fucking myself

Sexline HadleyUp all night and needing a hand with that fuck stick baby? Well you are in luck. My old man has whiskey dick again and passed out watching some dumb fucking show. So here I am in the kitchen bored. I started to party with my powder and poured a drink. I made sure my phone was charged. You know just in case anyone is out there in need of a good fuck. Looking through my closet I found an old vibrator that still has batteries!

So sitting here in the kitchen I can see the neighbors house. That man next door always looks in my window through his and I can see him staring right in to my house. So I climbed up on my kitchen counter and started to work that toy into my cunt. Fuck he started to rub his dick through his pants as he watches me fuck myself so hard. My cunt is so hot and wet! This toy goes nice and deep and slips and slides right into my snatch. How bout it baby? Why don’t you call me before I cum all over the sink!

Big Dick Sucker Jamie Will do Anything for Free Drugs

big dick sucker

I black out all the time when I drink. Is that something I should worry about? I’m just having fun so I don’t really think so. If no one is getting hurt why should it matter? If someone hands me a shot or a pill I’m going to take it. Drugs and drinks can be expensive so it would be stupid to say no when they’re free. Don’t get me wrong I’ll pay for them if I have to, but I prefer not to. Getting drugs for free gives me a huge rush anyway so it’s half the fun. Even if sucking a big 10 inch cock only gets me the smallest line of coke, it was worth it.big dick sucker
Everyone knows about it, that’s how much I do it. My reputation isn’t great, but that really depends on what you consider good. People say I party too much or that I’m a slut behind my back. They think I don’t know, but I’ve heard all the rumors. Guess what? I still don’t care. Nothing they say about me could ever make me want me to stop. To be honest I actually love my reputation. Guys that have never met me before have already heard about me and that’s make it easier to get free drugs off of them.
Twice already this month some random guys have walked up to me at a party, pulled me into a empty room, and whipped out their rock hard pricks. They heard about all the things I’m willing to do or have done so we don’t even need to talk about it first. I love that! Talking can ruin everything. Why should I waste time with that when I can get off, get drugs, and go back to partying sometimes without saying a word?

big dick sucker

Cum Dumpster Silvia Stout, Would Not Spit That Hot Load Out

Cum Dumpster SilviaGrowing up as a cum dumpster for my perv pop was not always fun and games. But I made the most of it. I learned that getting high made his nightly cum dump deposits more bearable. Even sometimes enjoyable. Pops learned early on if he got me stoned or pumped up on meth I was less likely to refuse his filthy cock. If you can imagine becoming a druggy whore with piggy tails, you would know how much of a addict I am now.

Not all my memories are bitter sweet though. Pops did have a few times he integrated good parenting with his dark desire to violate his baby girl. I remember my favorite bedtime story. It was about a young girl who shared my name, Pops said that made me almost famous! He would creep into my room and share his beer and blow. He would feed me his cock as he would recite my poem.  Pops changed some words, but you may recognize the famous poem as “Sarah Cynthia Silvia Stout, would not take the garbage out” written by Shel Silverstein.Phone Sex Line Silvia

This cum dump whore is named Silvia Stout

And she would not spit that hot load out

She’d lick your ass and pump your cock

Beg for more – well that’s no shock

And though the Pimps and Johns would pout

She just would not share, or spit it out

So it filled up her cum dump

With hot liquid gold

Swishing and swashing

So good we were told

She’d savor the flavor

But refused to share

They would all beg and plead

But our selfish whore did not care

She craved that thick substance

That’s right could not live without

So this phone sex line slut Silvia stout

Would not spit that hot load outHookers For Hire Silvia