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I’m a trailer trash whore born and raised. Damn proud to be a redneck woman too. My brats are all grown up now and have flown the roost, so I spend my days trolling for young cock. My brats were my fuck buddies when they lived at home still. I trained them to take care of my dirty, even nasty, fuck holes. Nothing fucks this old twat of mine better than a guy half my age. Fuck, even boys way younger than half my age give me a good pounding too. One might say I have an addictive personality. Not only do I love those young dicks that can rabbit my fuck holes all night long, I love crack. Any drug will do, but crack is my drug of choice. My freak flag really flies on that shit. I will do anything for it too. Flash my tits, take a cum bath, play with man’s best friend, enjoy water sports, be an anal sex whore, you name it, I will do it. At my age, I don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks about me. I just want to have fun. Crack, cock and cum are my favorite things. Do you like a dirty old drug whore?

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