trashy milf

I remember one time I woke up so wet and horney that I immediately put my dildo in my cunt shoving the dildo in and out.  I must of been loud cause my son came walking in to see what I was doing. I looked up and saw him watching me fuck myself hard in my cunt .  my eyes widen I start to beg him come on hunny mommy needs some young cock.  Giggles he did not hesitate  he immediately pulled down his pants releasing his huge cock.  Taking the dildo out of my cunt he climbs on top and slides his cock deep in my cunt.  I moan at the size of it as he starts to fucks his mommy hard.  Screaming out begging for more, feeling him pull out of me and thrusting hard fast with out warining deep in my ass. I gasp and moan out loudly my thighs were soaked with my juices.   Every time I think of this it makes me so sloppy wet.  well off to smoke some crack.  

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