Only time I’d hesitate is if it was the hulk

Fisting whore

I need a new client that likes … loves fisting. It’s one of my many fetishes, but it’s my favorite one too. I had to learn to do it myself just to get it as often I want. All the time, but I have to do what clients like for the better part of my “work day.” I love getting fucked, every position, every hole you better believe it. Don’t you ever feel that there is that one thing missing sometimes? I was relaxing at home one night and I was so horny. I didn’t do any calls that day because I was out of town for the day at a Comic con photo shoot for this year. Anyway, sipping some wine and I just had to play with my clit. Wouldn’t stop throbbing! So I really got into it and I needed that little extra. My pussy was so wet from the lack of attention today that I had no problem sliding three, then four, then the whole hand duck mouth thing. Know what I’m talking about? I fucked myself like that for ten minutes and was cumming over and over. That’s when it got serious. A pussy seems to just open and let your whole fist slide in. Once my fist is all the way in I just have to pound my pussy until I have cream all over my arm from cumming so much. And I do cum so much, I gush every time too. So I’m going to hope for that fisting loving client. Ugh he’d be my dream man.

Fisting phone sex

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