I’m that type of high class pussy that you’ve been sniffing after forever. The type that was always way out of your league. I look hot, smell good and taste better. The good news for you is that I rent these sexy legs, luscious curves and sweet tasting cunt by the day. It’ll cost you, but Baby has got skills like you have never experienced before.

I love to give blow jobs. Want to cover your hard cock in kisses and tiny licks. Want to take it in my mouth a little at a time, licking and stroking it with my tongue. Need to feel it push into my throat, with my lips wrapped around the base of your shaft. I can do that for hours, but I know you won’t last that long. After you cum in my mouth, I’m going to want to lick you clean. Cum should never be wasted when it tastes so good.

Maybe you just want to fuck. My sweet cunt can take a pounding while the muscles inside squeeze and stroke your cock until you are practically mindless with the sensation. Would you rather slam fuck my ass instead? I’m just relaxed enough that you could fuck that tight rosebud without lube and have enough control to milk your cock of every last drop of cum that way.

Some say that the difference between a trashy whore and a fancy escort is the price tag on their pussy. It’s a helluva a lot more than that. You get what you pay for. If all you want is an easy fuck in a sloppy hole, then any slut will do. If you want the kind of brain frying, body shaking orgasm that leaves you completely drained and totally exhilarated at the same time, then you need the kind of fancy escort phone sex that only I can offer.

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