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Hot Creampie sex stories From Cum Dumpster

Creampie sex stories

This weekend I made the hottest Creampie sex stories happen this month. I’ve been working on accumulating a wealthy of cum inside my cunt when I get it going. Since it’s almost the end of the month I found myself at my favorite spot : the pleasure den. I always happen to be the only hot female when I go. Sometimes I think there are some ugly bitches in the corner or sissy queens. At this point I walk in like I own the bitch. My long trench coat hidding the face that I don’t have anything on aside from my thong below the waist. Doing a quick scan on the room I can automatically tell there are 2 guys completely ready to blow. I don’t wait for them to come to me. I drop to my knees right in front of the first and put my hand over his and and his cock in my mouth. Bam, done. The second was such a pathetic sissy he came once he saw that other cock spew all over my face. By the end of the night my goal was to clear out the place and make sure there was no cock left behind.

Trashy milf Deidra cumming for all the Boys

Trashy milf

Would you imagine a woman wanted to be a trashy milf from being very young. I saw my mother having an awesome time with my father, her father and my brothers and anyone’s friends who wanted to. She felt like she was the perfect women whom I desired to become. So as I grew older and was almost ready for graduation mom took me down to the truck stops where I could get experience. She made such big shoes for me to fit in and boy did I want to walk her walk. So when I finally got to college I joined Sorority girls fucking , but I knew something was missing.

So even though I loved the dynamic of older men having my young tight body and knowing what a sex fiend I was. It was never enough. I wanted to be the bad mommy I wanted to know I was taking advantage of young guys sex drives and knowing they can’t say no to a dirty milf who loves cum. When I finally gave birth to a son, I was over the moon. I only had a few more years to wait, grinding way as a horny sexy wet Trailer trash whore.

As soon as I saw his cock starting to pester him mommy knew just what to do. He had always been into seeing mommys sexy tits but when mommy started taking them out to allow him to nurse while he stroked, it didn’t take me long before I was able to ride that hard cock.

Deidra is a Big dick sucker Creampie Whore

Big dick sucker

I love being on my knees being a Big dick sucker. Men love when I am worshiping cock in my heels with my actual heels up in the air. If you’ve even had a cock in your mouth you would definitely know how amazing it feels to submit to hard cock in your mouth. Especially men with titles or superior positions. And I don’t just mean what they do with work. Having a man who knows how to weld his cock with my mouth in a way that I know who’s in charge is my favorite pastime. No matter how many different men I find who can dominate my mouth I still crave more.

Last week my neighbors wife left him. He has been my neighbor since I moved to Texas 3 years ago. We are good god fearing people but I think the devil must be in him. Once she moved out the next day he asked me to come over. He bluntly told me he was single to mingle. He must have know what type of whore I am. I just didn’t respond because I know my weaknesses. So he started sending me cock pics as soon as he knew we were both home alone. Maybe he has a camera in my house and he was watching me because within moments of me trying to ignore the hot rod picture he sent me, he knocked on the door.  It only took a moment of him being in the house. He had barely stepped into the door and locked it before he dropped his trousers. Staring at that cock made my mouth water and cunt juices flow. All I could do was simply drop to my knees. I didn’t want to suck him off but I have an addiction that is cock and cock pleasure. By the time he placed his hands on my head I had wrapped my hands around his ass and was masterbating my throat with his cock.

Deidra loves being a Blonde fucking Slut

Blonde fucking

They say Blonde fucking sluts have more fun. Well it’s true. I feel like most women will never know how fun it is to be desired by most women. When I go places I come with the wind and I can almost always feel the cocks come to attention when I arrive. But I crave being a whore and of service to stiff pricks. My hair might be blonde but my twat is bald and my cunt is wet. Sometimes I just wonder how don’t all women lay down in service to men and their wonderful rods full of cum. On the side I service parties of men and allow them to pump me full of jizz so that I am an Anal sex whore. When I get a party reserved I always let them know there are no limits with a cum dump like me. But honestly I don’t have the discipline to not allow them to do whatever they want whenever they want.

Anal sex whore Deidra Needs Dick

Anal sex whore

Anal sex whore Deidra in trolling on here for a man who knows how to treat her less than worthy. When you realize your purpose is to be a totally jizz receptacle, how low will you go to find a load emptied into your cave of craving desires. Clearly it’s almost Friday again. So I get the party started on ladies night. When it’s almost quitting time I leave to get ahead of the traffic and start getting the early arrivers to the truck stop off the interstate. You’d be amazed at just what wonders hide behind a crummy gas station where truckers go to take their long hauls off the road for some rest and relaxation. My drive to be a creampie slut only makes me thirsty for the nasty of truck drivers. Which there are so many. If the truckers unionized and came off the road this country would come to its knees and I would be on my knees more. I put ads out on socials for random men to empty their loads in my thick ass. Most think it’s a gag but the ones who answer never regret giving me a call.

Big dick sucker Deidra needs to be cum Whore

Big dick sucker

Deidra is probably the most willing Big dick sucker you’ll ever meet. From the moment I feel that draw from your eyes. I can tell when you are watching me with a hard cock. You look at my breast and think of my erect nipples pressed into your chest. Your eyes slide up to my slightly open mouth and you think about the warmth of my tongue on your cock and how smooth my lips are. I make myself intentionally a sexual object because I know that’s all women can ever be. Finding cock to cum in, on, and around us is clearly what god meant for us to do. I go nowhere without searching for eyes on me. Unless a man is paying me directly in real time he should be expecting me to keep an eye out for a more lucrative offer. 

Creampie slut Lot Lizard’s Dream

Creampie slut

My adventures as a creampie slut take me to the most awesome places ever. There is this sweetest little truck stop nearby my house. I love to get dressed up and stroll down there. So many of those horny truckers have had a hard long drive. I feel its my duty to give them a ride. It’s amazing how easy it is to get their attentions and find them following me. Have you ever been to the bathrooms they provide truckers at those major stops. There’s almost always an empty shower shall and I am almost always on my knees trying to find a cock to worship.

Anal cum dumpster wide open for dumping

Anal cum dumpster

Have you ever wondered how many loads does an Anal cum dumpster take to be known as an anal “cum dumpster”. Well, to be honest it’s a lot. Creampie cum sluts don’t get that label easily. Clearly a gal like me has daddy issues that started from daddy. He loved to leave thick creamy loads in my ass because he said I couldn’t get pregnant that way and if someone so young got pregnant it would raise suspicion. But he never had to worry about me. I was in love with the thrilling feeling that parts your tight ass wider just milliseconds before the cock begins to spew thick jizz from itself. Ever since the first load he left inside my ass, I lay there knowing my first deflowering was in my ass and how special that way. Sliding my fingers in an out of my tight ass, feeling the soreness of my tight young asshole torn open for Daddy’s pleasure gave me an indescribable joy. All I thought was “more nut butter please”. 

Cum guzzling slut can’t get enough Jizz

Cum guzzling slut

The only way I can handle men is to be a Cum guzzling slut. I generally don’t date and don’t prefer it. There is something about that random unknown cock that makes my cunt juices flow. Women desire to serve men especially sexually. My goal is always cum in my mouth and dripping from my mouth. Isn’t there something so perfect about a cunt and mouth dripping cum. So I found myself at my young ones school. I try to keep my sexuality under wraps when I go out with family but I wonder if people see a street walker when I walk anywhere no matter what I am wearing.

There was this nice dad in his nice glasses with his nice dad bod. We were both volunteering to do some preparation for an event. Well we didn’t finish setting up in time but we did manage to get one load of jizz in my mouth before we got back to work. After the event he came around and asked if he could come visit me later. I said there was no need because I would finish him off there. While he sat at that table at the school event I was under that table wasting zero time on niceties. I don’t want his number, I don’t want to know him, I don’t want to play nice behind his wife’s back and have any level of

Hookers for hire arrives to a Neighborhood Near You!


Hookers for hire

Did you hear about the Hookers for hire company that’s moved into suburbia? With the fed increasing rates housewifes have turned to hooking. And I for one, am one of them. But I always wanted to be a milk pumping cum dump. I always wanted to have many many loads of cum that were pumped with just using my hands and mouth alone. Since HFH (Hookers for Hire) incorporated in our town I’m been non stop busy. Just last night I was pulled out of bed by some young men wanting to pop their cherries. Their balls were so tight and cute, I just couldn’t get enough of making them squeal as I licked and caressed their compact nut sac. So many basic bitches are happy to be boring house fucks, not I. I want to have a cum filled cunt and jizz spewing from the crevices of my slutty lips.