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Trailer trash whore Deidra knows she wants to be a cum dump

Trailer trash whore

Being raised a trailer trash whore didn’t set me up for much. I knew my worth was always in what I could do for a cock. When I started learning how to get them off from my mama, I was barely waist high, but watching mommy get cocks off held excitement for me that few things do.

So, when I started traveling along the interstate, I was a big hit. I would catch a cab going south while I was headed south on a trucker. The open road has always held a lure for me, so I’ve been to every state more than once and more than five times if the truckers were my flavor. These days, with electronic logs, I have to be real quick at stowing away in a cab.

Last week, I was in Oklahoma; honestly, there is something in the water there. Crossing the border, there was a mega stop with pumps enough for 50 tractors. I couldn’t get enough of getting humped and ending with them dumping their loads in my hungry cunt.

Sloppy wet pussy covers Frat boys face

Sloppy wet pussy

Sissy Frat boys love a nasty Sloppy wet pussy, and I love making them my cunt whores. Nothing is more delectable than seeing these young boys with their excitement, wanting to show off to an “older woman”. Most think they are decent and that I will be the slightest moved from their “skills,” lol. Occasionally, I’ll pick one up, shin him off, and allow him to reside in my space for a bit, but he has to be exceptional. His tongue must be talented. This is the case with my conquest last week. I was dropping my niece off at college and caught the eye of a fresh freshman. Boys at that age are so easily distracted. He hadn’t even checked out his dorm before he came over to my car to check me out. He said he would be worth my time. I had to laugh at such a cheese pickup line, but it worked. That nice he found his way to my bed, but I informed him he wasn’t worth me spitting on his cock. Then he told me he just wanted to worship my sweet cunt. He could see I was a part of a gang of Sexy prostitutes from my tattoo. But he didn’t care how many loads I had received inside my fuck hole; he would lick that sweet kitty until she squirted all over his face. Holding his young face under my cunt I proceeded to rape his face until my cunt just couldn’t squirt anymore, and then that fucker wouldn’t quit. He grabbed my ass, fucking my cunt with his mouth and fingers, and wouldn’t stop until he was done.

Blonde phone sex for men who love Cheap Whores

Blonde phone sex

Since I became a Pso, I’ve realized how wonderful I am for blonde phone sex and filthy content. This job is what I do during the week but on the weekend; I place escort ads to get cock stuff into my cunt. I recently started taking bareback creampies because of the beautiful medications that take away the worry of STDs. I was out of town this weekend and needed to make some quick cash. I love the internet and how quickly I get responses from my ads.

My favorite client had a BBC and was eager to have me worship every section of his 13 inch stiff rod. He told me exactly how he wanted me to be when he entered the hotel room. So there I was in my Sunday best looking like the p- dirty School teacher who had taken his innocence. I talked very  sweet to him just like all sunday school teachers do. Getting him to trust me and feel safe with me. Before I got his cock hard and made him show me what he was working with. Sunday is my favorite day of the week.

Creampie sex stories From my dirty fuck hole

Creampie sex stories

Someone who has Creampie sex stories like myself has been around the block a lot. I used to be one of those very conservatively sexually repressed good girls. Then I learned being bad is so much more fun. As I get older and become more into myself, I find that I need material for my sex calls, and that encourages me to go out and seek naughty men to stimulate my creativity.

Last weekend was an exploration journey at my local adult bookstore. This is my go-to spot to get quick cock. It was a full moon or something because the store was swarmed with hungry squirrels just trying to get a nut. There is a specific type of energy that’s a buzz when masses of men are horny. It feels almost like you could pop it with a pin. But I devour it. I always like a specific stall down the line of booths. There are a couple of guys who honor me by making sure my spot is ready. They always put down a towel on the floor and make sure there isn’t any crusty cum on the whole. These are my loyal loves; some will fuck me first, others will watch me get sucked and fucked, and then will have their turns.

Saturday was lit with wild cocks I’ve never met. When I dropped to my knees and removed my trench coat, a line to the accompanying booth almost went clear to the main section. I stayed on my knees all night until the buzz of horniness died in the universe, and there wasn’t a tight set of balls. Nothing is better than cum butter.

Deidra craves being an Anal cum dumpster

Anal cum dumpster

Do you know how to enjoy an Anal cum dumpster? There is so much to be said about a woman who craves that hole being played with. I remember the first time someone “accidentally” slid it in. I hadn’t been having sex long, but my boyfriend at the time was like a rabbit, and we were constantly finding any and every place to fuck. We were in his room one afternoon, and he asked me to lay on my belly and stick my butt out. He was slow but deliberate, and I was curious. I knew what he was doing, but I wanted to see if he would catch on, but he didn’t.

I remember dying of pleasure as I felt him plunge deeper into my asshole. Keep my mouth shut and felt his excitement. My cunt was pulsing, and his cock was throbbing. There was a moment when I let go more, and he moaned. My eyes rolled in the back of my head as I fell off the cliff of ecstasy I’d never come back from. When he was near to cumming he asked if he should pull out and put it in my mouth. That’s when I told him I wanted him to nut in my ass. With quickness, he nutted in the next moment. I guess I’ve always been a freak. 

Gangbang whore Deidra loves the Dick

Gangbang whore

This weekend I was lucky enough to get all the D I needed because I was a Gangbang whore down at the local truck stop. It always starts with those golden arches and a cola. The truck stop is attached to it, and since that was my first job, I occasionally (every weekend or so) go down there to hang out and see who’s pulling their cab in. Most of the guys know me by now. I have an extraordinary reputation for the head that I give. One of those tornado-like storms was going on this past weekend, and it was a full moon. The perfect recipe for men sitting around and for me, making them stand at attention while I get down on my knees and start to worship their cocks. They have an area at the local truck stop for bad storms where they all hang out. I noticed a few truckers whom had familiarity with my mouth and cunt all ready. Walking over to them I started eye fucking them and then they started stroking and unzipping their pants. Still fucking them with my eyes I dropped to my knees and started to unbutton my dress. It feel to the side and I stood there in the middle of the bullpen with all the bulls ready to go. My favorite trucker Gary was there. He was the first to stick his cock in my mouth. I guess maybe because of the full moon or something it only took what seemed like 60 seconds for 8 more cocks to find their way to my mouth. Before I knew it I felt the first warm gush of cum on my face and I turned to meet it with my mouth. Sometimes I wish I had multiple opening to my mouth so I could get all the excited loads at one time into my Cum guzzling slut mouth. 

Fisting whore Deidra will show you how she gapes

Fisting whore

It wasn’t that long ago that I saw another Fisting whore making her fuck hole gape. That’s when I decided I would work my fuckholes like I had seen her done. I was one who always enjoyed caressing the most intimate places on a woman’s body, so it came naturally to try and make my own holes feel as wonderfully and completely explored as possible. I always start off with just two fingers. Those two are the center of my attention. Pushing them further into my cunt and pulling them out when they are fully saturated with my cunt juices. Sometimes I had some spit to them when I go to taste my own cunt essence. Then back they go into that sweet fuck hole to find that mystical g-spot. I can never seem to get enough of my pussy juices

Cum eating phone sex will make you bust a nut

Cum eating phone sex

You already know I am a sloppy phone cum eating phone sex slut and that your jizz is what I crave. I masturbate every nightthinking about what a filthy jizz eating whore I have become. Some women like me are lovely ladies with sweet, bland, pathetic existence, but I and I go big, or we go home.

If I’m not getting fucked in the ass that day, I am using my buttplug between calls. There is nothing I like more than licking my fingers after  I get them wet and playing with my fuck hole. Getting nutty butter is all that I live for.

Sucking cock and finding jizz pies in my snatch is what excited me. I’ve always been a filthy fuck whore, but recently, my appetite has been next to none. If I’m not jacking off the milk boy, then I’m asking the delivery man to play with me and my household of horny girls. Getting nut butter is the best thing I’ve ever experienced. When I’m on my knees unloading a full firm rod in my mouth or gaping ass I drool and make a big sloppy mess.



Deidra Dirty phone sex Cum Dumpster

Dirty phone sex

Being such an anal slut my favorite callers are always dirty phone sex callers ready to push the boundary. My tight little butt hole loves to be played with and teased. I was preparing for a gentleman caller of mine the other day. Butt plugs and everything. I thought I was just about stretched out as much as I needed to be. I was just able to push it all the way out and then suck it back in with a little assistance. But he has a giant cock and I hadn’t had a good stretching in a while. When he finally arrived I was in the perfect table top position to take it in either hole. We started with a little face fucking and ended up going straight to that tight little asshole. I was prepared for that delicious taste of my ass in my mouth and did he ever give it to me. He ended up tucking me into such a tight tiny ball it took just seconds for him to go from my ass to my mouth. When he came he was just pulling out of my ass and squirted all over my belly before letting his cock rest in my mouth where I could suckle that nut butter.

Cum hear Creampie sex stories from Whore Deidra

Creampie sex stories

As far back as I can remember I was always into those Creampie sex stories. I had older hornier siblings and they were in charge of putting us to sleep. Well it didn’t take much to get us girls to start to finger each others holes. Trying to see how creamy we could get it just by ourselves. It wasn’t until we were older that we realized it did take two to tango. That’s when I became a cum addict. I was so hungry for cock. From very early I knew I needed to find every available cock within a 500 ft radius to get to empty their balls. No matter how big long or short and hairy the man I am his cum dumpster. I need to be on my knees making his cock feel the pleasure of any part of my face, mouth, body or cunt. I crave that nut butter and I don’t need to guided into being a dirty slut. When I open my legs I sense a perfectly heavenly warmth coming over my body. There seems to be no higher purpose for women other than milking cocks and getting all of the cum filled cunt she is aiming to have.