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Creampie phone sex and the cable guy

creampie phone sex



He was only there to install my new 55-inch TV and my new surround sound system, but I had other ideas after I saw his tall, dark, handsome face and body. He was soon returning my flirty looks and kissing me back. It wasn’t long before he had me backed up on my ass up on the kitchen counter. At first he was fingering my wet pussy, while I was stroking his hard cock, but after he tasted my sweet, musty juices on his fingers, he was down on his knees putting his face in my groin and sucking my clit so hard that I almost came instantly. He was a master at eating pussy and I came on his face three times before he bent me over the counter doggy style and fucked me hard. 


Golden showers sex can be the most intimate experience

golden showers sex

Golden showers sex is a warm comforting feeling of knowing I will bring you to an efficient orgasm. Some men say it is gross, but they do not know the intimate release that it connects to your partner in an organic loving way. Sharing that sacred release of relief may be more intimate than you think it is. I was quite surprised. Looking up at Eric, I thought surely he was not going to just pee all over me on the edge of his bed. But he did, and it was so warm and fragrant and felt like the most intimate moment I have ever shared with anyone. 

I have not had a moment like that in a long time. I do not trust anyone on that level yet, but I am sure it is just a matter of time before a new man will make his way into my heart and my pussy. 

Blonde phone sex makes me take charge


Blonde phone sex Blonde phone sex always makes me take control. I did not mean to take advantage of my son’s best friend from college, but it happened. He came by to pick up a very sizeable donation to his non-profit and one innocent flirt, a kiss on the lips, and then clothes being thrown on the floor and me crawling on top of him on my couch. I do not do the phone sex for money, I have all of that. I am a blonde ps operator for the thrills. My wealthy husband has a limp dick and I need the thrill and the young, good-looking guys to fuck me on the daily to satisfy my mommy urges. On the outside appearance, I am a perfect, classy loving Mom. In secret, I am a sexual, wine tasting cum filled honey with an insatiable appetite for thick, hard men.     

The kinkier the better, Do you want to fist me? perfect. Want to shower me with golden showers, please do! Want to bring your frat boys over to fuck me! Yay! Just like Conner in the picture above, the boys all love to come to see Mrs. C and act out their dirty fantasies. 

How could anyone love being a Cum dumpster more than Deidra?


Cum dumpster

Deidra was a good girl when she was young, but when she turned twenty, she let loose and discovered the joys of slutting around and being a Cum dumpster. Everyone called her Deidra the Cum Dumpster because of her love of fucking and being a slut. She reveled in her newfound freedom and quickly filled her nights with endless adventures of wild sex.

She met men from all walks of life and enjoyed every minute of it. She found that she loved the love and attention she got from these strangers. Whenever she had the chance, she’d take them back to her place and have her way with them.

For the first time in her life, Deidra felt like she was living and she loved it. Every day she had sex with many different men and felt nothing but happiness. Even when she felt bad about herself and the things she was doing, she knew she was in control and that brought her even more pleasure.

Deidra was a cum dumpster who loved fulfilling her wildest fantasies and making memories that would last forever. Every night she would crawl into bed, knowing that once again she had fucked and been a slut. She’d fall asleep with a satisfied smile and awake refreshed and ready to do it all over again.

Deidra needs a Cum filled cunt

Cum filled cunt

I was out at the local truck stop thinking about trying something new and daring: Random cum filled cunt at a truck stop.
zi arrived at a truck stop where I knew I would find what we were looking for. It was supposed to be an easy job taking a load from one side of the state to the other for them, but for me it would be even easier accepting load after load.

Mr. Random cock had just finished refueling the old pick-up when he noticed me looking lost and willing standing in the corner of the lot. He was tall, dark, and handsome and seemed to be watching me curiously. I greeted him with a polite smile and he smiled back.

He introduced himself as Joe and said he was just passing through on his way home. We chatted for a while and before we knew it, it was getting dark. Joe offered me a place to stay for the night and I gratefully accepted, climbing into the bed of his cab.

We did have much space but we didn’t need much . At some point, things started to heat up as he took out his joy stick. I couldn’t help but ending up worshiping that rock hard cock with my mouth. To my surprise, he grabbed the back of my head and raped my mouth with his hard stick. Dazed and confused I came up for breathe. That’s when he grabbed me and pushed me down before giving the same treatment to my cunt.

When it was over, my cunt was filled with cum and I was incredibly horny for more. Joe, as if reading her mind, grabbed my head and allowed me to milk his cock with my mouth before he proceeded to give me more of that creamy butter I craved.


Big dick sucker Loves the Cum

Big dick sucker

It was a typical Saturday morning in the small town of Charleston, and I was getting ready to be a Big dick sucker. I heard rumors about a new gentleman’s club in town for the past few weeks. Word had it that it had a glory hole in it, and I was just a naughty cum slut.

I thought it was hilarious that this was only a rumor and nothing online; how could the topic be just gossip in a place so small? I  had always been the quiet, unassuming type, and now I was following the talk of the town. Even so, I was curious as to whom I would suck off, and so I decided to go into town and check it out.

When I arrived at the location, I noticed a rather flashy car parked in the middle of the parking lot. It had been modified and was a definite attention grabber. I followed the vehicle, and eventually, it stopped in front of a club on the edge of town.

Upon walking in, I knew that I was going to find all the cock I wanted for my cum filled cunt.

Deidra is full of Creampie phone sex Nut Butter

Creampie phone sex

I was a young aunt whose nephew came to stay with her for a summer while his parents were traveling abroad; he just happened to hear me having Creampie phone sex. He was curious, so I welcomed him with open arms, but unbeknownst to him, I had a hidden agenda. Little did he know that his aunt harbored a desire to corrupt him and introduce him to the world of creampie sex.

I am an experienced lover and have experienced the delights of creampie sex. I wanted to teach my nephew what I had learned about the sensual pleasure of delivering and receiving a semen-filled orgasm. I saw him as a nubile youth ready to explore his sexuality, and I gladly took him under my wing.

That night I told my nephew about the joys of creampie sex. I described in detail how exhilarating it was and the forbidden pleasure of having another person fill you with their cum. I promised him complete satisfaction and to lead him through it gently every step of the way.

He was hesitant initially, but soon, I coaxed him into agreeing. Soon enough, we found ourselves in my bedroom and entered into a passionate embrace; before I knew what had happened, he had his cock plunged inside my tight fuck hole. He didn’t last long, but he wasn’t a virgin. He hesitated and said he couldn’t, but when I looked into his eyes and wrapped my legs around his, he couldn’t help submitting to creampie sex.  Once he was spent and laid back on the bed, I jumped up and started with oral pleasures teasing his cock and coaxing it back to attention.

Cum eating phone sex Leads to Eating Cum for hours

Cum eating phone sex

Deidra loved two things in life, sex and cum especially  after Cum eating phone sex. Not necessarily in that order. She was constantly searching for new partners to fulfill her insatiable appetite. She was unfazed by the eyebrow raises and distasteful words she received when people heard the types of encounters she was looking for. This only made her want it more, eager to find someone who would accept her sexual interests.

One day while browsing through an Internet chatroom she came across an ad for a man who was looking for a female companion with some specific interests. She felt her heart leap with excitement when she read the list of things he was looking for. It matched her exact criteria: willing to give oral sex with an added emphasis on cum swallowing.

The man’s profile seemed perfect and Deidra eagerly agreed to their meeting. She knew she had found the right man for her to be a dirty cum dumpster . They met at a hotel and the chemistry between them was undeniable. He realized that she truly was a cum eating nympho and she delighted in his willingness to explore every inch of her body.

The two spent hours engaged in passionate sex acts, with Deidra always eager to lick up every drop of cum she could find. The man was amazed by her insatiable appetite and couldn’t get enough of her. She left feeling completely satisfied and even happier knowing she had found someone to satisfy her desires.

Deidra and the man continued to meet for days afterwards. She savored every moment and enjoyed the added privilege of having someone who accepted and even desired her fetishes. That’s when she officially declared herself a cum eating nympho and never looked back.

Deidra is only satisfied when she has a Cum filled cunt

Cum filled cunt

Deidra was never quite satisfied with just an ordinary life. She wanted something extraordinary – something that she couldn’t find in everyday routine: a Cum filled cunt. That was why she enjoyed the mysterious and thrilling life of a professional escort.

Every night she became more and more aroused. But then there were always the moments when she stepped inside her client’s room and experienced the ultimate satisfaction – the feeling of a cum-filled cunt.

She loved how the hot, sticky liquid would massage her inner walls as it gradually leaked out of her body. It was a feeling of sheer ecstasy and she would often find herself in deep pleasure after each session.

Deidra enjoyed this new experience and it soon became a habit. Whenever she felt unsatisfied with life or her routine was getting too boring, she’d visit an exclusive escort website offer herself as session. It was a ritual that always left her feeling satisfied and content.

She realized this was the only thing that gave her true joy and stayed loyal to this practice ever since. Deidra always sought out ways to fulfill her need for the ultimate satisfaction.

Little did she know that one day Creampie sex stories would fill that void. Offering sex to total strangers at the glory hole. She soon embark on an intimate journey, exploring different ways to attain such sexual pleasure.

Indeed, it had been an interesting transformation for Deidra. She longed for a cum-filled cunt as an anonymous escort .

Cum dumpster Deidra drips cum from every whole

Cum dumpster

As far back as I can remember being a Cum dumpster with jizz leaking from all of my holes just was a thing that kept me going. I always liked being touched and played with and couldn’t get enough of my holes being stuffed with hard cock. Just yesterday I was at the garaged and I didn’t have enough money so I used to only currency everyone knows always works: fucking. This was a rather grimy machanic so it didn’t take much to get him to give me what I wanted: my car.

Him being grimy didn’t bother me in the least. The nastier the better in my option. I wasn’t bothered by him but when he asked me to get his son off…let’s just say I’m not a fan of young guys at all. But he was a lot better looking than his father. Sometimes I speak too soon, because once he took his cock out, I was sold. He had a 9 inch black cock and it was all I could have hoped for that day. Being so young he was rough but he still left me with a cum filled cunt and I was happy as could be.