Cum dumpster Deidra drips cum from every whole

Cum dumpster

As far back as I can remember being a Cum dumpster with jizz leaking from all of my holes just was a thing that kept me going. I always liked being touched and played with and couldn’t get enough of my holes being stuffed with hard cock. Just yesterday I was at the garaged and I didn’t have enough money so I used to only currency everyone knows always works: fucking. This was a rather grimy machanic so it didn’t take much to get him to give me what I wanted: my car.

Him being grimy didn’t bother me in the least. The nastier the better in my option. I wasn’t bothered by him but when he asked me to get his son off…let’s just say I’m not a fan of young guys at all. But he was a lot better looking than his father. Sometimes I speak too soon, because once he took his cock out, I was sold. He had a 9 inch black cock and it was all I could have hoped for that day. Being so young he was rough but he still left me with a cum filled cunt and I was happy as could be.

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