Bbc Sex Stories With Bobbie

bbc sex stories

BBC sex stories interest some of you and I happen to have some good ones. A more recent one was when I was taken on a first date to an adult theater. I had been to a few but always just observed but my date insisted I go into the flory hole room. He said I’d be very popular in there. There was a toilet and a bunch of holes. In those holes cocks started popping out, one by one. I wasn’t sure where my date wanted me to go with this but he gave me the nod and I just started grabbing them and thrusting them down my throat one by one. I would tease them by feeling the throb and then move to the next one. I felt like I was in a game of whack a dick with my mouth being the whack. I eventually got tired and stayed put to one cock at a time.

My date spent the entire time hacking off his white cock screaming to “make those black cocks cum baby” and was my biggest black cock sucking cheerleader. Apparently it’s his thing to watch huge black cocks sucked off and cum squirting all over the bitches he fucks with.  First of many nights like this with him. He watched me get fucked way more than him and I actually did, but he loved every fucking second and my whore ass did too!

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