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Late night at Work!

cum filled cuntI was pretty PISSED at work on Friday. This was my party weekend my new boss, The Bitch, told me I had to stay late and do an inventory of the classics. Like that is what interns are for. AND nothing worth staying over on a fucking FRIDAY on a holiday weekend. It was late, I was almost done. And still pissed off when I heard someone in the building. I was pretty startled! So I slipped off my heels and tip toed into the other room to see what I could see. And I walked in on the new night guard, pants down, stroking his meat to a WEB CAM! This was an opportunity I could not pass up! I snuck in behind him … so the audience could see me.. but he could NOT! And then I dropped my tiny little dress! And slipped out of my tiny little thongs. I unhooked my bra and I could hear out of his speakers everyone telling him to turn around. It was funny seeing him jump like a little girl on camera! Then his balls dropped and the man took over. The new guard grabbed me and bent me over the front desk! It was so much better knowing he had an audience! I was getting fucked on camera! And fucked REALLY good and hard! I knew he was posing for the camera. And I did the same thing! I could hear his speakers. Everyone stroking off or giving directions. I never knew it could be so fucking hot! I made him cum all over me so we could give a good show! After I cleaned up I hurried right out to buy my first web cam! I am hooked!

Lot Lizard Sex for Coke Money

lot lizard sex BBCLot lizard sex is not beneath a trailer trash whore like myself. I was jonesing for some coke today. And my pussy was screaming “feed me bitch.” When my cunt is cock hungry like it was this morning, I like to feed it something extra special and extra dark. Big Darryl is known in my community as a trucker with a cock almost as big as his trailer. He has a penchant for old white lot lizards, and he pays well. Win win. My cunt gets spoiled by some Nigga dick, and I get some cash for coke. I put on a slutty outfit and trolled my way right down to the truck stop.

Big D was happy to see me. “You needing a fix Bev,” he said. “More like a double fix if you get my drift,” I replied back. He thought I meant two black cocks, so he went and got his friend. Fuck, I was down for that. Two big dark meat specials, double pay, more coke and one sloppy wet cunt. We went into Big D’s cabin. Wasted no time. They whipped out their fucking anacondas, I fell to my knees like a hungry hippo. Stroked them both for awhile, before I crammed them both down my throat. “You a Nigga slut Bev baby” Big D asked as they skull fucked my dirty old mouth.

BBC phone sex lot lizardHell yes I am. I love big black cock. I hopped on Big D’s huge ride while I continued to suck his friend off. He grabbed a couple hand full’s of cougar ass, and slammed me down on his almost two foot dong. I was screaming like a banshee; that thing was so big it pierced through my internal organs. I was creaming all over his cock. Hurt so good. I fucked them both until cum was oozing out of my pores. And because they were paying me, I had to let them do anything they wanted including pissing down my throat and fisting my ass. You think a black dick is big, you ever have a black fist up your ass? Talk about not sitting right for awhile. I was not in a position to say no. Big D takes what he wants anyway.

  I had one happy mother fucking snatch too. Stretched out, gaping open, cream filled cunt. I put my clothes back on as Big D tossed me some cash. I then marched my ass on down to Troy in another truck and bought myself an 8 ball. Cum running down my legs too. Yeah, nothing is beneath a cougar cum dump whore when she is craving coke.

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Lot Lizard Sex for the Pavement Princess

lot lizard sex BethanyLast night, I was just wanting to get some good, nasty fucking from anyone I could find, so I went over to the local truck stop. Those boys know they can find some of the skankiest hos in the area over there, but it’s also the best place for lot lizard sex.

I didn’t really care what I got, I just needed some cock. So, when I got to the truck stop, I walked up to the first closed can I saw and banged on the door. No one home. Same at the next one. The third cab opened to me to reveal a scrawny trucker chowing down on a burger.

“Ya got anything to share?” I asked him.

“Sure do, but I’m not putting down my meal.”

“You don’t have to.” He swiveled in his seat, I unbuttoned and unzipped his fly, and pulled out his hardening cock. I swallowed it down, greedily gagging on it in my haste to taste that delicious cum, and I barely noticed when I felt hands prodding at my skirts at my rear.

The stranger behind me pulled aside my thong and stick a rock hard pecker into my pussy. He practically lifted me up, which made it easier to keep sucking on the first guy as he contentedly finished up his burger.

Then I heard a deep, ominous voice, “What are you two doing to that fine lady here?”

sloppy wet pussy Bethany

With a one-two-grunt, the guy fucking me spent himself – over so fast! – but the dude I was sucking went limp at the sound and pulled himself away from me. I was dropped like a hot potato.

The man who had spoken was a big, burly man, heavily bearded. He beckoned to me and said, “C’mere, pavement princess, we’ll get you cleaned up.”

Somewhat miffed at my fun being spoiled, I followed him, back to his truck. At the cab, he opened the door to the passenger side, hidden from view, lifted me up easily, and sat me down on the seat there. He then reached under my skirt, slid off my thong, and spread my legs. “What the hell are you doing?” I asked him.

“Cleaning you up,” he replied, diving his head down and licking out the cum from my previous occupant. Then he hitched his pants down, picked me up, shoved me against the side of his truck, and fucked me hard, bouncing me on top of him like I was riding a pogo stick.

When he was done, I could barely stand, so he gave me a ride home. I had my husband suck the rest of the cum out of my dripping pussy before going to bed for the night.

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I love lot lizard sex cus I’m a nasty whore!

lot lizard sexThere is one thing I had never tried before and that was lot lizard sex. I’ve been paid for my pussy before, just never in a truck stop and for a white trash hooker like me, that is practically a crime! I got all dolled up and went to the big truck stop a few miles from my house, there were always a lot of truckers parked there so I was sure I could find a willing customer with no problem. I wasn’t sure exactly what to do, I kept thinking do I stand here and wait to be noticed or start knocking on truck doors but the problem resolved itself because I was only there for 5 minutes before a guy approached me. He told me I was beautiful and asked if I was a working girl and as soon as I said yes, he led me back to his truck and gave me a hundred dollars to bend over and let him fuck me doggy style. That was the easiest 100 bucks I have ever made!! I will definitely be doing this again!

Lot Lizard Sex

Lot Lizzard SexI have been feeling EXTRA nasty lately. It seems no matter how many cocks I get I want more! I decided what I needed was a trip! I put on my red leather and 5 inch fuck me pumps. I went down to the truck stop. I picked the biggest guy I could find. And asked for a ride! Of course I had to PAY first. That meant spreading my legs and letting him fuck my ass. Then we were on our way! The next stop I jumped out and found another ride. I had to suck his cock then he fucked me while he was still in the driving seat! And when his riding buddy woke up I fucked him too! Load after load! I took almost 24 hours. And as many cum loads before I ended up right back at the same gas station! It was a VERY nice trip! Although I couldn’t tell you where we actually went. But that is the life of a lot lizzard.

Live Phone Sex With An Addicted Abused Whore

Live Phone Sex SilviaI became a live phone sex operator because there are some nights I am so fucked up I cannot even stand up. Those are the nights I get my ass beat so bad that I cannot show my face outside my trashy apartment. So there I am, beaten and fucked up on coke, and I really need to get my pimp some cash and get my cunt worked over. That is when I get all my dirty phone calls. They want to know just how nasty I am. What will I do for them? What is the furthest I will go to make them cum. When you have me on the other end of that phone, anything goes baby! I cum just for you! I cum when you cum!

Want to know what I am into? How far how nasty? I will go as far as I am told. I am a good cock fed whore. A dumb cum guzzling slut. Just here to make my cunt wet and my nose stuffed with candy. I love stretching out my long sexy legs and imagining them wrapped around your waste as you slowly enter me. Stretching out my cum crack. Pushing in far, so far, so deep, so hard! Me begging you to please never stop. You looking down at me as you fuck me so hard and slap my tits, slap my face. Call me a whore, a useless tramp! Than spread my ass cheeks and fuck my pink rosebud! Pump it hard as I pinch and bit my own tits for you. Than when you explode all over my face shove it so far down my throat that it cums through my nose! Make me taste your dirty spunk for hours! Now that is the kind of phone chat I love!Cum Guzzing Whore Silvia

Cum Dumpster Silvia Stout, Would Not Spit That Hot Load Out

Cum Dumpster SilviaGrowing up as a cum dumpster for my perv pop was not always fun and games. But I made the most of it. I learned that getting high made his nightly cum dump deposits more bearable. Even sometimes enjoyable. Pops learned early on if he got me stoned or pumped up on meth I was less likely to refuse his filthy cock. If you can imagine becoming a druggy whore with piggy tails, you would know how much of a addict I am now.

Not all my memories are bitter sweet though. Pops did have a few times he integrated good parenting with his dark desire to violate his baby girl. I remember my favorite bedtime story. It was about a young girl who shared my name, Pops said that made me almost famous! He would creep into my room and share his beer and blow. He would feed me his cock as he would recite my poem.  Pops changed some words, but you may recognize the famous poem as “Sarah Cynthia Silvia Stout, would not take the garbage out” written by Shel Silverstein.Phone Sex Line Silvia

This cum dump whore is named Silvia Stout

And she would not spit that hot load out

She’d lick your ass and pump your cock

Beg for more – well that’s no shock

And though the Pimps and Johns would pout

She just would not share, or spit it out

So it filled up her cum dump

With hot liquid gold

Swishing and swashing

So good we were told

She’d savor the flavor

But refused to share

They would all beg and plead

But our selfish whore did not care

She craved that thick substance

That’s right could not live without

So this phone sex line slut Silvia stout

Would not spit that hot load outHookers For Hire Silvia