Pissed On in Front of Mama

Today was a hell of a day. I went to a white tee shirt contest and won. My mama and I were so excited. I even won a cash prize amount of $200. I was in luck because it was the night the bar was celebrating Feast of Fabulous Men day right after the white tee shirt contest. There were so many tall sexy men everywhere! My mama told me to bring a few up back to our trailer to have some fun. Three special guys caught my eye. They were so fucking hunky just standing there. They were really rude to the waiter to which just made my nasty cunt wetter. I went up to them and told them I’d like to have a taste. They followed me home to my trailer. When we got inside my momma was in a chair completely nude! The guys started high fiving each other.

“Get on your knees whores” My momma and I of course followed their commands. Momma taught me how to be a good whore so men would pay attention to me. I made sure to lick every inch of their swollen cocks. When I started deep throating them, I got a surprise. I ended up gagging on a mouthful of piss.

“Swallow every fucking drop” the first guy said. I tried to be a good whore and swallowed it all but all three guys started pissing down my mouth and I wasn’t able to keep up. They used my hair as a mop to clean the piss of the floor before spitting on my face. They told me to watch as they took turns fucking my momma. I was shocked and humiliated that they didn’t use me first. My momma just looked into my eyes and winked while all three guys were in every one of her holes.

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