Warming Up On A Chilly Fall Morning

Phone sex lineI’m not sure where you all are from, but around here it sure did get chilly mighty quick. I woke up this morning and I thought hell had frozen over.  There is only one way to warm up myself and the family, it is to all climb in my California King bed and get to playing.  Once in a while I like to spend some time with the munchkins you know?  I mean they do great work for me when I need them to, so having some Mommy time all together is a nice change.

I can tell you this much, they went to school with a smile on their faces, and the taste of their Mommy on their lips.  Not to mention they were toasty warm at that bus stop. Yes indeed, no other way to warm yourself up on a chilly fall morning! 

Now I know not all of you are into that sort of thing, but if you are I have something special for you.  We have a new site, and it is chalk full of Mommies.  I’m talking, beautiful, nasty, tasty, Mommies.  There is a Mommy for everyone!  All you  have to do is click on the picture below and it will shoot you right on over there.

I have to get to the truck stop so I wish you safe travels, and remember to keep yourself warm.

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