Fall is the best season!

scat phone sexThe fall weather really has things MOVING if you know what I mean… Things are flowing and there isn’t much I can do about it, I am just looking for someone who can enjoy all I have to offer this time of year. All the food for the holidays has to mean only one thing. All the wine and drinks in celebration of the New Year coming… that’s a lot of trips to the bathroom. See what I am getting at? Why should the toilet get all my glorious piss, all my loads of shit when it can go to a very nasty man just like you!? I would be willing to share my goodies with you, my sickly sweet piss and shit can be all yours. You can take me out away from the party; we’ll go out in the woods and have our fun. All we need is a bed of leaves and we have the bare necessities. I’ll lay you down, put my pussy right on your mouth – I think you should have a taste! Lick lick lick till you make the waterfall cum. My pussy juices will flow and so will my piss, enjoy your golden shower as much as I know I will enjoy yours. Get that cock of yours ready to shove it into my ass – push it in as much as you can with the shit I have trying to hold you back from putting you cock all the way in my ass but I am sure if you just shove it all the way in you both can fit. Shit and cock, piss and cum, what’s wrong with all this fall fun? You and I can be dirty together, better than ANY holiday party.

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