Good To The Last Drop

phone sex line cleoMy favorite thing is to suck dick and swallow all that thick, rich, salty, sweet jizz that explodes out of that hard, hot fuck stick between your legs. I love the control I have over you and how I can make you loose complete control when I take over. You know when I approach you licking my lips and looking into your eyes with my devilish smile that I am about to make your toes curl. I run my hands down your chest to the top of your jeans and slowly unbutton them pushing them down to your knees. I stick out my tongue and slowly run it down your stomach, lightly flicking it on your skin when I get to the trail to adventure that leads from your belly button to your bouncing dick. Slowly I lick all the way around the base of your cock, teasing you and making you want my mouth so badly your moaning and grabbing my head trying to guid me to you. I shove your hands to your side and continue teasing, flicking my tongue up the bottom of your shaft to the tip of your dick where I lap and lick harder and faster, driving you crazy. Going back down I suck your balls into my mouth flicking my tongue on your hard balls inside my mouth. You know I can tease for a long time so that I get a good, strong shot of hot jizz.live phone sex cleo

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