Druggy Humiliation Day Stories

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I was reading about Humiliation Day and its origins in Canada with the Chinese people. I’m not the brightest gal and I sure could use a respite from humiliation this year. An apology or two would’ve meant everything. I really had my share in 2015.
I’d like to share a few of my humiliating experiences from last year.
The party for a friend where she asked me to strip for her boyfriend. He and I ended up fucking in the laundry room after she passed out. The next day, he told her that I drugged her and seduced him.
Accidently leaving my panties in a co-workers office after a noon quickie. I came in to find them pinned to the bulletin board and they had a shit stain on them. Gross.
My girlfriend borrowed my lipstick. Two days later, I woke up with my lips covered in herpes sores.
Fucking a random dude in his car and leaving bloody pussy tracks all over his leather seats.
Taking a shower at a friend’s house and shaving the coochie. The drain backs up and all of these pussy hairs come floating out into the tub. OMG!!!
Riding a guy’s cock and I fart, but it’s all shitty, and diarrhea runs all down his nutsac. Goodbye, hard-on.
Ok, your turn to share some of your humiliation with me, or maybe you’d like me to humiliate you. I’m sure to face plenty of raw and graphic humiliation and degradation in the coming year. Hope you’re around to read my blogs!!!

Happy New year.

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