The Morning After

Live phone sexHoly shit batman!  What a night I had, I am feeling more than rough this morning.  I know better than to drink Rye Whiskey but there I was, pounding it down like water.  My will was as weak as a 99 year old man’s cock.  Just wasn’t there at all.  Buddy knows I cannot stay away from that shit, no matter how hard I try.  He brought me a bottle to work anyway.  Said he would only let me have a couple of shots, yeah right.  I think I did about ten shots, plus drank beer.  I should be dead!

After I got out the shower my cell phone was blowing up.  It was Buddy.  He wanted to know how much of last night I remembered.  Are you kidding me? I remember bringing the shot glass to my lips but that is about it.  I’m not even sure how the hell I got home!  Then he gave me a link and told me to check it out.  I clicked on the link and that motherfucker posted pics of me on some random site!

Now most broads would be pissed about that.  Me? Well, I was at first then I started to look at them, and man do I ever look smashed!  I started to laugh and told him that he could keep them up.  He told me that it was my idea for him to take naked pics of me, and it was also my idea for him to invite some of his buddies over so they could fuck me.  I do not remember that idea at all, I do however remember me taking my clothes off after he jogged my memory.  The fucking part though? Nope, do not remember that at all.  I think Buddy came up with that idea all by himself. 

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