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Good Friday, Coke and BBC Sex Stories

BBC Sex Stories great blowjobMy daughter was home from school today, so we started partying at like 8 AM. We were drinking, snorting and sharing BBC sex  stories. We both love those dark dicks. Amber was getting so wet telling me about the first time she had a black cock. She was a school girl and she snuck into the boys locker room like a horny girl. She saw the gym teacher in the shower. “I was so speechless mommy. It was huge,” she told me. But he heard her gasp. She tried to act like she just went into wrong locker room, but he knew better. “You think you can handle this anaconda Amber,” he asked? Apple doesn’t fall from the tree. She was up for the challenge. She sat on a locker room bench, tilted her head backwards to deep throat it in an upside down position. She had seen this MILF porn star, whom she said looked like me, take a hammer of a cock that way once.

Trashy milf phone sexShe was trying to go slow, but her teacher just rammed it down her throat. Skull fucked her with his monster cock. She said she could feel it throbbing in her throat. She swore if I had been there, I would have thought she swallowed a python the way that cock moved in her throat. Damn my baby tells a hot story. My pussy was dripping wet. She said when he shot his load down her throat, cum was oozing down her cheeks. Big globs of thick white jizz, as she described it. She was wet too. By this time we both had a serious buzz going on. I went to her bedroom and retrieved this little mechanical stuffed bunny I bought her years ago for Easter. I turned it on and joked that it was the rabbit vibrator.

cheap phone sex whoresI moved that little stuffed toy up and down her wet puss until she creamed all over the place. I love the smell of her wet cunt. She used it on me too. We were squirting on each other. Pretty much coated the trailer walls with pussy juice. She decided we needed to share a big black cock, so she called up Earl, who was more than happy to tag team a slutty mother and daughter. In my fucked up state, I turned her little boobies into rabbits. I wanted to see that huge dark piece of meat slide between her little white bunny ears. Earl’s big black dick slid through a lot. My mouth, my ass, my cunt, her ass, her cunt, our hands…My daughter and I are going to have a great Easter weekend. Instead of feasting on a bird, we gonna feast on BBC. Oh and pussy.

Lot Lizard Sex for Coke Money

lot lizard sex BBCLot lizard sex is not beneath a trailer trash whore like myself. I was jonesing for some coke today. And my pussy was screaming “feed me bitch.” When my cunt is cock hungry like it was this morning, I like to feed it something extra special and extra dark. Big Darryl is known in my community as a trucker with a cock almost as big as his trailer. He has a penchant for old white lot lizards, and he pays well. Win win. My cunt gets spoiled by some Nigga dick, and I get some cash for coke. I put on a slutty outfit and trolled my way right down to the truck stop.

Big D was happy to see me. “You needing a fix Bev,” he said. “More like a double fix if you get my drift,” I replied back. He thought I meant two black cocks, so he went and got his friend. Fuck, I was down for that. Two big dark meat specials, double pay, more coke and one sloppy wet cunt. We went into Big D’s cabin. Wasted no time. They whipped out their fucking anacondas, I fell to my knees like a hungry hippo. Stroked them both for awhile, before I crammed them both down my throat. “You a Nigga slut Bev baby” Big D asked as they skull fucked my dirty old mouth.

BBC phone sex lot lizardHell yes I am. I love big black cock. I hopped on Big D’s huge ride while I continued to suck his friend off. He grabbed a couple hand full’s of cougar ass, and slammed me down on his almost two foot dong. I was screaming like a banshee; that thing was so big it pierced through my internal organs. I was creaming all over his cock. Hurt so good. I fucked them both until cum was oozing out of my pores. And because they were paying me, I had to let them do anything they wanted including pissing down my throat and fisting my ass. You think a black dick is big, you ever have a black fist up your ass? Talk about not sitting right for awhile. I was not in a position to say no. Big D takes what he wants anyway.

  I had one happy mother fucking snatch too. Stretched out, gaping open, cream filled cunt. I put my clothes back on as Big D tossed me some cash. I then marched my ass on down to Troy in another truck and bought myself an 8 ball. Cum running down my legs too. Yeah, nothing is beneath a cougar cum dump whore when she is craving coke.

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The Cum Dumpster In The Parking Lot

Cum Dumpster HadleyTruth is I was fucking bored waiting for him to show up when I saw the two black guys looking at me like I was a cum dumpster. This bar was full of black men and I found my cunt wet, so wet, each time I realized I was being watched. I saw the two get up from their table as I entered the ladies room. I dumped a small pile of white powder on the rim of the toilet and almost fell on my ass trying to snort it. The thought of dirty cunt on that toilet seat made me even wetter as I choked the bitter drain down my throat and pinched my nipples hard as I felt the meth hit my bloodstream. When I opened the door they were waiting for me and I told them $100 each for my services, and found myself dragged into their car.

They pulled my shirt up and my shorts off. One sucked and bit my tits hard and the other rammed his fist inside my pussy so hard I yelled out in surprise. They slapped my face and told me to open my mouth only to take their black cock. Soon that was shoved down my throat hard. Fucking from both ends I felt my cunt quiver with each orgasm BBC Phone Sex Hadleyand they were not stopping any time soon. I could feel my holes being stretched so wide and they said the first load would not be the last. These two loved calling me a whore and before I knew it, I was being pounded hard from behind. Draped over the front seat with my legs stretched I saw the car door open and a new guy entered. I was unable to object since my mouth was being fucked pretty dam hard with more than one cock. I was just a white trash cum dumpster in this bar parking lot and the more they fucked me the more I wanted. Cock after cock took turns on all my stretched out holes. And by the time I was done I believe I had fucked the whole bar! They laughed at just how much I looked like a slut with all that cum dripping from my face and hair. In the end I made almost a grand, and they drove off leaving me in the parking lot. I looked up and noticed a few guys smoking outside the bar next door. “Time to make some money” I thought, as they approached grabbing their cocks through their pants.Crack Whore Anal Hadley

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Anal sex whore

Day drinking is my shit. Well really everything to do with drinking and shooting up is my kind of fun. I like to turn up and get crazy. Yesterday afternoon I was stumbling down the sidewalk. I was shit faced and I don’t really remember how I got in the taxi. But I wasn’t going to fight it. I had been drinking and was horny. I wanted his big black cock shoved into my tight country white girl ass. I kept begging him for it harder, Deeper, Longer. That nigger had such a big fat cock. He tore my ass up. He fucked me for hours. My ass is a gaping hole and is sore. But I don’t let that stop me. I am sobering up now and I need a fucking drink, some coke and a big dick to fill up my holes. Who is next on my wild ride? Im wanting more and more big black nigger dick.



A No Taboo Phone Sex Mommy Equals No Limits Fun for You

no taboo phone sex mommyI’m a no taboo phone sex mommy. That means absolutely no limits. I have no limits in my own life so why would I have them on the phone with you? Limits are for credit cards, not life. This morning is an example of my no limits lifestyle. My young teen daughter stayed home from school today. Well, that didnt stop me from doing what I do every day the brats are at school: FUCK. I have a few big black guys I service a couple times a week. I’m their bitch and I love it. Now usually, I go to them, today I had them come to me. In case you are curious, I’m talking over foot long cocks here. I’m not a size queen, I will fuck just about anyone, but it is nice to feel like you are giving birth to a big cock every now and then.

BBC phone sex sexy milfI knew my daughter was home. Not like she hasn’t seem me fuck before, not like she hasn’t fucked her Daddy while I watch, not like she hasn’t been pimped out a time or two before. But she has never seen me with black guys; she was in for a nice education. Before they arrived, I explained to her what I was going to be doing. I even demonstrated with this huge black dildo I have just what a BBC does to white pussy. Fucked my cunt spread eagle in front of my baby girl. Gave her one to try too. Of course she has a much tighter snatch than I do, but the pussy is elastic; it can take a huge object and still remain fairly tight. All the little ones I have birthed however, have stretched mine out over the years.

BBC phone sex sexy milfWe laid on the couch together, facing each other, fucking big black dildos. Such a lovely mother-daughter bonding moment. I told her she can be a big black cock loving whore just like her mother, but the key is to be submissive. Black guys love a submissive white whore, especially a cum guzzling tight one. I got so turned on talking about BBC to her, I squirted on her as I fucked myself. That just led to us licking pussies. She can’t drive yet, but she sure as fuck can eat pussy. Being the good mommy I am, I licked her sweet smooth tight teen twat too.

trashy milf mother daughter incestRight as I made my baby girl squirt, there was a knock on the door. My big black posse arrived to use my fuck holes. When I introduced them to my teen daughter, they insisted she join in too. They wanted to break in another bitch in the family. Another family bonding moment I will share another day. If I had any taboos would I share my young daughter with cocks big, black and aggressive enough to ruin her tight holes? I was raised with no limits; plan on raising my offspring the same way! I’ll share them with you too! I have six for you to choose from! I want you to be no taboos and limits with my offspring, just like I am with them.

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Cum Dumpster Juicy Anal Whore

Want a true anal whore for your filthy cum dumpster, then dial me the fuck up bitch. Trash talking cum sucking ass to mouth slut that I am makes me love on some BBC. You know you wanna get in on this action, unless of course your a wuss assed pencil dick mother fucker. 

Ok, so even if you are a pencil dicked mofo you should still dial. I like laughing at that pathetic thing and force you to play cum dumpster clean up boy. If your good you can watch me take all the big dick and see how lacking you are. I warn you though my ghetto fuckers are some hardcore rude boys. These street swindling drug dealing thugs will be bitch slapping you with their huge black cocks and calling you all kind of names. 

My ex is incarcerated and I started fucking some of the prison pigs and warden. They know how to fuck a sleazy whore like me and they really do good. They enjoy my juicy squirting cunt so much they make sure that my ex gets the treatment he deserves. Yeah, I get him set up all the time to be the prison gang bang white boy piglet. Why do I go see my ex? I don’t I go to see that he gets the extreme punishment he deserves for the shit life he put me through.

All because I grew up in a shit hole row home on the bad side of town doesn’t mean some fucking asshole can beat me. I only like taking dick rough and he didn’t have shit for a dick and the Viagra he needed to make his pathetic flaccid old man dingle work, didn’t do him justice.

Cum Dumpster

Make me your whore and feed me all the spunk that monkey can give. Let me be the prostitute and you be my pimp, john or maybe the pig that arrests me for prostitution.