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Big Dick Sucker Cougar

big dick suckerI’m known as the big dick sucker of the trailer park. All the boys and men with huge rods that their women can’t handle, seek my help. Guess what? I am happy to give it. Black or white, big dicks come in all colors. I don’t discriminate against cocks. If your cock works, I will suck it. I love boy dick, so clearly I am not a size queen. My nick name comes from the fact that I have been sucking cock practically all my life, so that experience makes me able to handle the foot longs and bigger. I know the Internet is filled with images of tiny white women taking big black cocks in all their fuck holes, but the reality is that most women complain about dicks over 8 inches. They think it will hurt them. Well, it will hurt them, but some women like me enjoy a little pain.  When I suck a big dick, I like feeling like I will gag, even puke on the cock. When I fuck a big dick, I like when it hits my cervix and causes that intense, but quick pain. My abilities are well known in my community, so not a day goes by some guy doesn’t show up at my trailer with a hard cock in need of attention. Today it was Leroy. He is a beautiful, burly black man with 11 inches of pure dark meat. He married himself a tiny little white stripper girl who complains that he stretches her money holes. She fucks him, just not on nights she is working because she claims guys at the club don’t want to see a used up vagina. I don’t care about that as a trashy MILF. Personally, I love my nasty saggy cunt lips. Just means I am well fucked. Since when is that a bad thing?

Gangbang whore

gangbang whore

I went to a jazz bar with some friends to see if we could find any sexy man that was willing to fuck our pink white cunts. It’s sounds silly but we heard of something called a soul train and we wanted to find out what it was like. So we started drinking and dancing with some guys when suddenly one of my friends got a call from a family member in trouble so I was left at the jazz bar by my self. I guess since I was the only white girl at the bar I drew a lot of attention especially since I had a really tight short skirt that showed everything and a top that exposed my giant breasts. It didn’t take long to have five fine men all up on me so I decided to ask them about what a soul train was. One man grabbed me and walked me to the office behind the bar so I could find out. Once I was inside the office all five men started grabbing me kissing me and playing Rock Paper Scissors on who got what. One guy had me ride his giant black cock while his friend fucked me in the shit hole with that huge nigger cock. I tried to be coordinated by stroking the other guys cocks while one fucked my throat but it was no use, I was getting fucked from all over. Each guy got to have there turn stretching and fucking my holes wide open leaving my insides raw, and each time a guy was inside of me I begged them for that nigger cum. I guess I learned what a soul train was and I got to say it was orgasmic , getting my holes stretched and filled.

BBC Sex Stories from Freida

Baby girl brought home a friend last night when she came in from playing. He was big, he was built…he was as black as the night, so much so that his smile shone like diamonds from amidst his lips. The significant bulge in the crotch of his pants made its own promises. He made my belly flutter and my pussy throb.BBC sex stories

Baby girl and I exchanged one of our looks. This stranger hadn’t been around before. We sat him down at the dining table to enjoy dinner with us, since I had made enough for leftovers. Granted, there were now to be no leftovers, but this prize was almost guaranteed to be well worth it.

Throughout dinner, I noticed his muscles getting more and more taut, and his breathing becoming more and more ragged. Since his eyes kept glancing over at baby girl, I quickly realized that she was rubbing him up under the table. The furtive glances he started casting my way led me to understand that he was truly new to our area.

After a quick inquisition, I found out that he had just moved here from out of state for his job. He had recently acquired a promotion, and he was excited for the opportunity. He had a girlfriend back home that he hoped to move over with him when he got his feet under him, but it would likely be a while.

Upon hearing those luscious words departing his lips, I got up and started clearing the table. At my precious girl’s questioning glance, I gave a slight nod. She crawled onto the table in front of him, undid her blouse, spread her legs to either side of him, and gave him the perfect view of all her wares. His quick intake of breath and the sudden tensing of his muscles, I slid behind him and laid my hands on his shoulders. He was about to bolt, and I couldn’t have that. I laid my hands on his shoulders while baby girl leaned in to give him a kiss on the cheek. His breathing got more and more labored, and his muscles told me he was struggling to keep it in check.2 girl phone sex

I started massaging his shoulders and neck as I started kissing his throat and ears and jaw line. His muscles started to relax, just as baby girl slid down so that she was wrapped around his waist, her hot little pussy situated over his cock through his pants, and her little titties pressed against his chest. I slid my hands down his chest and to his fly to undo it while I continued to kiss along his jaw and throat and ears. His humongous, 13 inch cock sprung free, and baby girl squealed in delight. She started playing with it, rubbing it up and down her slit as she jacked it up and down. His breathing intensified, and his muscles tightened back up, but I knew that this time, he wasn’t going anywhere.

We had our way with that huge cock for HOURS, and he has promised to let us feed and spoil him regularly. He said we had made that one day just a little easier to be away from his girlfriend, and he appreciated it.

BBC Sugardaddy

I love big black cock and I am not scared to show it. I meet this sexy big black guy and we have been going on dates and things. Basically he is my sugar daddy. He pays me for sex and to hang out, and I get money! I like getting my pussy pounded by the his old BBC. He took me to a event and before we went I laid out a couple lines for us so we can enjoy this lame ass party. We were in his limo when I got so cocked up I just ripped my panties off and hopped on that fucking dick. My pussy was dripping all over his dick down his balls. After he shot all his cum in me he handed me 600. I love this sugar daddy.

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Fun With a BBC and Nicolette

2 girl phone sex

My brother is in town and I know the perfect mommy slut to dial up for a good time! P Mommy Nicolette came over to help my brother and I get close like we did when I was barely legal and had a bald tight cunt toy with. She wanted to see two ebony beauties give each other sloppy wet head and for all my holes to get filled. I watched as Nicolette spread her pink pussy lips and fingered her cunt as a licked and sucked on my brother’s massive black cock. Mommy knew exactly what wanted and made sure within minutes I had a healthy big black cock shoved in my pussy! My snatch creamed an oozed all over my big brothers dick as he fucked my tight wet hole. Nicolette stayed on the sofa and played with her pussy until she was ready to have some family fucking fun! Her wet spot wrapped around my big brother’s dick do well that he blew his load while fucking her! I sucked every last drop of his boy batter out of that milf pussy as she wrapped her legs around my head. I hope I left enough cum for mommy to breed and have little mulatto babies to fuck and play with!

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Double the fun BBC

BBC phone sexThere is never a shortage of cock around here at the truck stop. So when I have an urge I can get it! I have a certain gentleman trucker who comes through monthly. He is a sexy hunk of meat, tall, dark, and handsome! I count the days until he stops in. Well lucky me! He was training another driver this month. My eyes must have lit up because he chuckled at me when he walked in and whispered to me.” We gonna blow his mind baby doll.” I took him by the hand and led him into my office. His fellow co-worker followed behind. The second the door closed behind us I started stripping down. He laid down on my loveseat and instantly I started riding his BBC. I turned my head to notice his buddy just sitting there watching. I gave him the come hither finger and he backed me up with his fuck rod that just so happened to be bigger than his friend. I was in cock heaven as I reached around and crammed his dick right in my pussy along with the first one. Double penetrated with two BBC. Fuck yeah this definitely met the expectations I had for my monthly visit from my BBC fix! My cunt was double filled and fully satisfied!

BBC Sex Stories: Like Father, Like Son

bbc sex storiesI have a lot of BBC sex stories because black men love a MILF tramp like me. There is this one black trucker I fuck. His name is Big D. I thought it was for Big Dick because he has 14 inches. Turns out it’s because his name is Daryl and he drives a really big ass truck. Well, he is Big D to me because his cock is huge. Pure anaconda meat between his legs. We have been fucking for years. He is my favorite fuck besides my son. He doesn’t pay to fuck me, but he always gives me a little bag of powder to party with in exchange for some hardcore fucking. I can take his mamba snake in my ass and pussy. Balls deep in my mouth too. It always amazes him that a skinny old white bitch can handle such a thick big dick.  It is because I am a whore. A dirty old whore who loves big black dicks. Well the other day he made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. He has a son who has no game with the ladies. Still a school boy but a virgin. Hard to believe a young hung black boy in this day and age is still a virgin. I would have thought his teachers were all over that dick by now. When they arrived at my trailer I was happy. Big D’s barely teen boy was handsome. I instructed him to show me his cock. It was an anaconda too. Thank god I am a big dick sucker. I was more like a sword swallower that day. Poor boy had never had a mouth on his dick. He spooged all on my face. I was wearing his nut sauce like a facial mask. I fucked his daddy until his dick came back to life, then Big D Jr. got his daddy’s sloppy seconds. Two big black cocks in one afternoon plus a father and son combo plus some party favors in exchange for fucking plus a very young boy. I had a bunch of taboo fucks in one day.

BBC sex stories The Queen of Spades

BBC sex storiesI heard a rumor that if you were a white girl and wore a queen of spades somewhere that was easy to see it showed black men that you were their slave and they could do whatever they wanted to you.

So I found a shirt with a big fucking spade on the back and I used fabric paint and put a Q in the middle and went out drinking. I was so excited, my pussy was soaked. I was glad I didn’t wear panties or pants, I wanted to make it easy to be used by my new black masters.

I didn’t have to wait long before I felt a big hand on my shoulder. I turned and saw a giant of a man behind me. He was literally black and I nearly creamed myself there at the bar when he nodded his head back towards the bathroom.

Of course I followed him. Not even noticing how dingy and gross this dive’s bathroom was. I just wanted to see his cock so bad and when he pulled out that massive cock I was on my knees. Sucking, licking, worshiping that fucking club of a cock. He tried to force it down my throat, making me gag on it and see stars before he pulled away. Making me gasp for breath and ruining my makeup with tear streaked mascara and smudged red lipstick.

It wouldn’t let me suck him off though, sadly, and stood me up leaning me against the counter so I could watch myself as he lined up his cock head with my tight little pink asshole. He didn’t ask, he didn’t care, I was a warm hole for his cock and he just picked his favorite and I loved it. He stretched my ass so wide it couldn’t be anything but pleasure and pain, pumped me full of his nigger cum and left me skirt up, makeup smeared, and dripping his cum from my ass. I didn’t have to wait long though for another man to enter the bathroom, he looked surprised at first and then saw my shirt and smiled. Pulling out his hardening cock. This was going to be a very fun night indeed.

Gangbang Whore Megan

My day as a lot lizard turned out great I decided to hit it up all week. I have had enough money to save for school and buy all my drugs I need. Last night as really interesting! I got super lit and blowed before I went to the nastiest truck stop in town. I seen a big black cock truck driver, and he approached me and offered me a couple hundred to let him and his boys run a fucking train on me. Of course me being lit as fuck I couldn’t deny. I hopped into his 18 wheeler and there before me was 4 big black guys standing with there cocks already out. They said they been wanting this little white girl cunt! They did not waste any time ! They started ripping off my clothes, and one immediately thrusted his big fucking black into my mouth and then one ripped my skirt and shoved it in my tight fucking rosebud asshole. I started to scream as he ripped my fucking asshole almost open. Other 3 just took turns using my asshole and my pussy and my mouth. I love getting fucking rammed by all these black guys and I got paid for it. I am a nasty fucking white trash whore and when they where done I was absolutey destroyed by there fucking cocks.

Gangbang whore

Ellen’s booze cruise turns her into a cum slut!

Drunk phone sex

Whore’s night out means my bitches and I will be bouncing around town to all the bars. We want to see how many drinks we can get for free or how many cocks we can get with our drinks. My girl brought some weak ass shit.. well at first I thought her little spotted blue pills were weak as fuck.. I am waking up with dry cum all over my body.. The only way I know I did some nasty shit is from my phone!

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Looking through these fucking pictures.. Seeing my girls holding my legs wide open as a big black cock pounds my cunt and I am screaming for him to fuck me with his big thick nigger dick. My pussy drips as I watch myself taking that big nigger dick in my dirty whore cunt! I need more of those fucking pills my girl had… Maybe I can eat her pussy till she squirts for just a few more..