cash makes me do anything

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He knew what I was as he drove down the street. He must of passed me twice already and what do ya know, the third time was when he stopped. He rolled down his dark tinted window and flashed his grill plus the fat wad of cash in his hand. I jumped in! I was NOT about to pass up a fat stash of cash. The car was rolling before I even closed the car. He pulled off and was speeding down the road. “There is about 10 grand here shawty, you down?” I didn’t ask what I was going to be “down” for all I could do was nod and start pulling my panties off. “ohhh ohhh naw shawty, you got’s ta wait. Let this fat wad get yo pussy wet.” It was a matter of minutes before we were pulling up to a big ass house.

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He smile and flashed those diamonds and that made my pussy gush. I walked in the house and saw what I had to be “down” with. A group of 10 to 15 bloods cocks out and all rock hard ready for my pink white girl pussy! This wasn’t going to be one by one, this was a free for all. Who ever got to my holes first got to fuck em till they filled em! My asshole is fucked so hard till it was gaping and full of cum! I need a line to make me feel better.. 

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