BBC sex stories

BBC sex stories

I’m at the club in the back with my friend and group of gangsters. We are snorting the powder. I feel amazing. I walk over to these two huge black guys. You wanna fuck this tight wet pussy tonight. They looked at one another and asked who I was talking to. Both of you I giggled. They said they was down and since we was in the VIP section we didn’t have to worry about the audience. Like I really cared i love the attention. I started grinding on one of them while the other started rubbing on my tits. The one that I was grinding on slipped his cock out of his pants and lifted up my miniskirt. His cock was huge but I could handle it. He shoved it inside my cunt from the back. I leaned over and took the other guys cock in my mouth. They started fucking me in my pussy and mouth really hard. It felt amazing. I looked over and seen the crowd around us watching. Haha center of attention again. Just the way I like it. They both fucked my holes until I was squirting hot juices all over his big cock. The guy in my mouth came In the back of my throat at the same time the big black cock inside my twat came. They filled me up with that white goodness. I got up off them and semen started running down my leg. I went over and hit the powder. I just always seem to get everything I want. Geeked up and fucked right.

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