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I left home at a young age. My mother always wanted a female baby but my father wanted a male. I have always been confused on what sex I am. My mother dressed me up as tranny whore and let men fuck her son up his ass. My father hated me and beat me, told me I was nothing.

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My younger years have stuck with me to this day. I am reminded of how my father would make me get on my knees and suck his cock, “You want a pussy? Then you need to learn how to suck cock like a dirty whore.” I giggle as I cough up some cum from my last client. I coughed up cum and sit it out on the cock I was working now. Fuck I am such a dirty Tranny whore. One more cock and I can get my smoke. My smoke makes me numb and more fun to fuck.


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Live Phone Sex SilviaI became a live phone sex operator because there are some nights I am so fucked up I cannot even stand up. Those are the nights I get my ass beat so bad that I cannot show my face outside my trashy apartment. So there I am, beaten and fucked up on coke, and I really need to get my pimp some cash and get my cunt worked over. That is when I get all my dirty phone calls. They want to know just how nasty I am. What will I do for them? What is the furthest I will go to make them cum. When you have me on the other end of that phone, anything goes baby! I cum just for you! I cum when you cum!

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All because I grew up in a shit hole row home on the bad side of town doesn’t mean some fucking asshole can beat me. I only like taking dick rough and he didn’t have shit for a dick and the Viagra he needed to make his pathetic flaccid old man dingle work, didn’t do him justice.

Cum Dumpster

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