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Shake your Groove Thang


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Hey, you can’t blame a girl for taking a dare. Especially a total slut like me who needs the money. I was working the day shift in the truckstop cafe and one of the truckers recognized me. He had no idea that I had fucked most of the men in the joint and my ass is well known in these parts. He thought he was gonna be all funny and shit. He yells “Hey, Rory, shake that booty for us.” A few of the truckers laughed.
I yelled back. “Hey Mack, that’ll cost ya. You aint worth a freebie.” I laughed this time and his face turned red. I figured that it was over. As I walked past his table, his hand shot out and grabbed a handful of cheek. I smacked the piss out of the old fucker and moved on. Then a light went on in my foggy brain. Maybe I could make a few bucks.
I went over to the juke box and dropped some of my hard earned quarters into the ancient thing. A blast from the past came on. KC & The Sunshine Band – (Shake, Shake, Shake) Shake Your Booty blasted into the joint. The men came alive as I begin to disco about the room. I saw a few of them reach under the table to fondle their cocks. A few got up and began to gyrate with me. Mmmm, I was getting turned on like a motherfucker. I felt 2 hands grip my waist and I was bent over the leather booth. My skirt mysteriously came up, revealing a tiny thong that barely covered my crack. “Shake it for me, baby.” He moaned, rubbing his rigid shaft against me. I was wet and ready and I jiggled my ass furiously. I twerked, I clapped, and I made them cheeks quiver. I found myself the center of attention as they all moved in and began to throw cash at me. All around me the money and cum rained down as I came in my panties.
Then I woke up and realized that I was just another used-up, drug-addicted, truckshop whore…….

Your Anal Sex Whore

anal sex whore cleo1Nothing feels better then having a nice thick piece of man meat stretching my tight brown ass while he shoves it in me deep. Most girls don’t like getting fucked in the ass but I love being an anal sex whore. I get more dick then most girls because I love it in the ass so much. Most girls just pretend they like it because it is what a guy wants. They need a bunch of fucking lube and anal numbing gel. Not me bay, spit on my ass hole and shove that fuck rod inside me. Fuck my ass hard and rough just like you would a pussy. Feel my cunt getting wetter the harder you fuck me, dripping juices on your balls as they slap against my cunt. That is how you know that I am really into this as much as you are. When you finally shove in deep and spew your load in my ass you feel my pussy squirt cum as if I am peeing all over your tight balls and my ass gets  tighter, milking you dry! I hear you groan “Squeeze that dick baby, squeeze it.”

Druggie Sex Party

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I was fucked up the night that the pink unicorn came for me to take me away to Fairyland. Of course, I was always fucked up. Who wants to live the trailer trash life of the local truckstop cafe waitress. Working the parking lot and blowing the fat truckers gave me enough money to escape from reality. Who the fuck wants reality anyway? I want to stay in my little world where I am the princess and the men are evil toads who just want to stick their tiny toadie cocks in me. I’d already had warts too many times from those fuckers. All I needed was some gold to inject in my veins and make the real world fade into rainbows and princes on white horses with cocks of gold.
Tonight was no different. I’d been invited to a fuck party with all of the wealthy locals. They paid me well to keep my mouth shut and the drugs flowing into their skinny, veiny carcasses. Oh, they had their own reality and it was too boring for me. I needed the action, craved it. Let them attend dinner parties with their stuffy, sexless fat-ass wives and tiny dick husbands. Tonight was where the action was.
I laughed out loud as my skinny prince lead me to the fucking couch. It looked like a magical mushroom with its ugly pink color and big fat cushions. Better to cover up the cum stains, I suppose. Naked bodies writhed in twisted positions as cum blasted from mouth to pussy to ass. Asses were pumping, tits were jiggling and a collective moan rose from the crowd.
I giggled as I was pushed into the bed with a dozen other fuck fairies. What kinda fucking fairyland was this? I wanted my magical kingdom. This was one bad trip. I felt one of the trolls finger my cunt and I was whisked away in a sea of need. I was a fairy, floating free, high above the trashed trailers and greasy diner jockeys. My body was seized by great jerking waves of drug-induced orgasm. The sparkles fell all around me, coming down like blown fireworks.
My head buzzed and the fog clouded my vision as I tried to take in the scene. It was like a great monster, moaning and consuming. I felt my mouth being filled with jizz, my asshole opening as a Great White Cock pushed into me, and a young girl was eating my pussy. I could no longer take it and I screamed aloud as the force of my eruption washed over me, sending me into the ocean to drown.
I felt the prick of a needle into my vein and the golden rainbows surrounded me once again in my wonderful world of fuckdom, where the road goes on forever and the party never ends….

Drunk phone sex

Drunk phone sex

I am going out with my friends and we go bar hoping. I can not even hold my head up after the third bar. I am so drunk, I can not even see straight. As the night goes on, we are given some candy and everything around me changes. The room is electrified and the colors are so bright. I don’t feel drunk anymore, I just feel like jumping around and having fun. I am in the ultimate party mood! I am such a naughty little whore. I am extremely wet and I just want to jump on a dick and ride it. It is just my luck to, because we meet these guys and they invite us to a VIP room. My friends are already stripping off their clothes getting ready to get their pussies torn apart. The music is loud, so it is hard not to get into a dirty striper mood. I join in and we are all naked dancing with one another. Pussies, tits, and dicks rubbing against each other! We are about to have a sexy little orgy. I love cock so much, my skanky whore ass needs this. My twat wants a good fucking and I think these guys are going to give it to us really good!

Cougar Cum Guzzling Slut Beverly

cum guzzling slutI am such a cum guzzling slut, I will even blow my daughter’s boy friend if he has a nice cock. And who are we kidding. She is my brat, so she knows size matters. I had a random encounter with her yummy boyfriend earlier in the day. We both had traffic court and ended up next to one another waiting to go before the judge. I’m sure he knew what a cougar whore his girlfriend’s mother was, but until I reached into his jean pocket to feel his cock in a crowded courthouse, I’m sure he didn’t believe half the stories he heard. I’m a true trailer park whore. His cock was way bigger than I anticipated. In fact, it was so big it poked out the side of his jeans. A few strokes and it was a leaky faucet dripping into my hand. I drained him, licked my fingers clean and went before the judge with cum breath.

trailer park whoreHe followed me home to fuck. He was pumping his seed into my cougar cunt when my daughter walked in on us. I thought she would be mad. We do have a very close relationship, but I usually tell her before I fuck her boys. She pushed him out of the way, buried her face in my sloppy wet cunt and slurped out her boyfriend’s seed, making me shoot my lady goo all over her face. This turned her boyfriend on so much, he popped wood again, which he gave to my sexy baby girl right in her tight asshole. I of course licked it out. It dripped into my mouth like a leaky faucet.

Can A Mobile Phone Sex Kennel Cure Silvia’s Extreme Cunt?

Freaky Phone Sex SilviaI can’t seem to satisfy my cunt with just your normal everyday freaky phone sex fucking. Not even pornography, gang bangs, or masturbating with my favorite dildo seems to work. But I’m not just a normal whore…. over time I seem to have become immune to even some pretty extreme stuff. There’s always gotta be some kind of extreme taboo involved. Even TJ can tell then I’m just not into it the way I used to be. So he came to the conclusion that it was time I tried something more unusual. TJ mentioned a  mobile phone sex kennel that was coming through town next week. Before I could object he he told me I didn’t have a choice. Furry friends phone sex was going to be my new extreme sexual fetish. He told me that I can make a lot more money letting something so furry and slimy dump its jizz inside Mobile Phone Sex Silviamy snatch, or even better my ass hole. All the while his tiny little furry cock would be nice and stuck inside my hole while I came uncontrollably in front of a movie camera. TJ was already counting the amount of cash that my hungry pussy was going to bring in playing around with man’s best friend. Tonight he was going to bring home something for me to play with. But I had to admit TJ was always right. But I really had no clue what to expect, so he made me sit and watch hours of pornography involving man’s best friend and some really slutty cunts begging to be mounted. Watching these furry cock craving whores take such a rapid jackhammer fucking really started to trigger something inside my pussy. It started to really want to try this, and I was getting super excited! But before I could tell TJ that he was  so right, he had already left to go find me a small furry lover.Furry Friends Phone Sex Silvia

Fun At Work!

Anal Sex WhoreTeasing is the best part of my job. I see these guys looking at me in my outfit that is way too sexy for work. They notice my boobs hanging out and my ass hanging from my dress and they don’t come here just locking for books. I always pick one every day that I know isn’t there to read and I give him the show he wants. I sit at my desk and rub my tits, lick my lips, and flash under my dress, where they see I have no panties. This helps me get through a boring day and helps me always find new dick to fuck at night. If when I see his cock and it’s big enough, some guy is going to be lucky enough to get to taste what they see that night. And after getting teased in that library they always fuck the shit out of me. There cock are always rock solid and they cover me in their cum just like I love. I love watching them cum just as they love watching me play with me. And that is why I tease them, so I can keep fuck partners.

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Do you have a cell phone? Then you need mobile phone sex. I am a sexy Tranny whore who loves to talk and make you come. I also love money, drugs and booze. Any sick fucking thing you want to do lets do it daddy! Do you like to smoke and fuck? Tell me what you want me to get for you and I will get it. These drug dealers are really all fags. They like that I have big titties and a big cock.

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They love whores like me because I love to take dick up the ass! I love big black cock and I will take a 12 inch cock up my ass and suck it clean to get you want ever drug you want. I do it to get myself high so I would do it for you daddy! Spend some time me with and I will rock your cock with my ass and my whore mouth. You know want a tranny girlfriend! 

He Made Her His Fisting Whore

fisting whore evonneSitting on the cool white tile of the villa on the beach I fuck myself with my vibrator to the rhythm of the pounding waves as I inhale the aroma of sweet salt air. It is so nice to be out of the trailer park and in these peaceful surroundings. Being his kept whore has it’s perks. Pinching my nipples and thinking about how he will fuck me when he gets back has my pussy dripping wet.
I am just about to cum when I am startled out of my perfect dream by a load banging on the door and yelling. I jump up with a start and I am right back in my ratty old trailer with a drunk banging at my door at an ungodly hour, probably wanting a blow job. I don’t bother to put on my robe as I walk down the hall lighting my cigarette to answer the door.
I open the door and there he is breathing heavy with the bitches hair in his hands. Dragging her in the house he is cussing about how he caught the bitch with another man. And they weren’t just fucking, he was fucking her tight ass, something she refused to ever give him in all the years they have been together.
He is about to teach her a valuable lesson and I am going to record it so that any time she gets out of line or says no to him he can show it to her and remind her what can happen.
Throwing her down to her knees he rips her clothes off and tosses me his cell phone. He pulls a pair of gloves out of his pocket and gets behind her.
He screams at her while she is sobbing, “You like it in the ass you cheating slut? Your about to be my fisting whore. I am going to show you just what that ass of yours can take.”
He begins to slam his fists into her ass one after the other like a punching bag. She is screaming and crying, begging for mercy. He is laughing, enjoying her pain, and I am standing here smoking a cigarette calmly recording, hoping this doesn’t take to long so I can go back to my villa on the beach.fisting whore

Gangbang Whore Gets Anal Pounding

Gangbang Whore

I can not thing of anything better then being thrown into a gangbang. When my dealer sent me to do my bidness with some guys that needed me on the low low I knew I needed to dress the part. That meant they wanted a high class bitch and usually these guys were extra kinky. I prepped myself for a fun and wild night by doing a line of coke before heading over to their high rise and letting myself in like I was told. 

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They joined me a couple of hours later. Were more then pleased with the product they said. I was the best live phone sex slut they had seen in a while. I tool it as a compliment. Things started to really heat up and they began to get real rough. They started tossing me and treating me like the anal slut I was. They used my anal dumpster like I was nothing but a washed up skank stuffing me and then filling me with their loads. 

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