Cum Dumpster Training


cum dumpsterI’m such a cum dumpster. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been addicted to cum. I was bottle fed cum as a wee one to help me grow up to be a good cum whore. Now, I am making sure my daughters have a love for thick, creamy jizz just like me. I use to fill their bottles up with half cum, half formula. Now they are greedy little cum sluts like their momma. They come into my bedroom every morning to check on daddy. If I have not yet drained daddy, they do it for me. He is not picky. Any warm wet mouth on his cock will do, even a 4 legged mouth or the mouth of one of his sons!

This morning, I woke up early for some reason, and was really horny. My husband’s hard cock was pressed in my back as he slept, so I woke him up with my mouth on his cock. He was feeling super horny too, so he fucked my ass. He was blowing his seed up my tight asshole as the girls came into our room. Perfect timing. I had an ass full of daddy’s cum to feed them. My oldest daughter is an anal sex whore. Her daddy fucks her back door daily. So do a lot of other people, but my little babies still have intact rosebuds. But, that doesn’t mean they can’t drink cum from mommy’s ass.

I positioned my ass on the edge of my bed, while I sucked daddy’s cock clean, and shit cum into the mouths of my cum dump daughters in training. And when daddy got hard again and deposited his load in my mouth, I shared it with all my girls. With every passing day, each of my girls becomes a better anal cum dumpster. Maybe you would like to contribute to their training?

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