It’s the best time of year!

live phone sexAhh, this time of year is my favorite. Do you want to know why? I’m sure you already know if you’re as much as a passionate scat exhibitionist as I am! If you’re not, that’s no problem at all because this year I am willing to introduce you to it. Make you as addicted to it as I am. It’ll eventually be the only thing that gets your dick hard. I see now though, that it already is quite hard. Hard at the thought of me shitting or hard at the thought of someone catching you doing the deed? But you know why  fall is the best time for such a thing? First it’s the fact of getting caught, being out in public when everyone is loving to finally be out doors. People are decorating and people are roaming about to see the end of the year coming to an end. Meanwhile you’re strategically placed behind a tree trying to shit – half hoping not to be seen, the other half wishing they would just look back at you. Oh and if they did see you, squatting there with your dick hard as a rock while you let your shit flow, what would they do? How would one possibly react? You already know the answer to that, and we both know that’s why you came to me. You want the idea of fucking right there in the middle of all this commotion, the shit on the ground, the leaves ready to clean you up even though you don’t actually care. I know that’s exactly what gets your cock hard, and waiting. Nothing else can compare… and I am here to make all your nasty, shit dreams come true. I’m the filthiest girl you’ll ever meet – beware I play dirty.

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