Cum Whore

Cum filled Cunt My librarian coworker had a surprise for me after we closed today. He had a bull whip and a blindfold in his bag; along with some hand restraints. I was just about to be scared when he said he wanted me to whip him. He told me the pain turned him on and made his cock grow huge. I tied his hands to two bookshelves and began lashing his back. With every painful lash his cock got harder and harder and after the 4th one he broke the hand restraints ran to me picked me up and threw me on his dick. He pounded and pounded my pussy up against that wall like I was his worst enemy. And when I tried to run he would just restrain me and fuck me harder. When he came his load was so huge that he soaked my cunt, his balls, and both of our clothes that hadn’t yet been ripped off. When he pulled out I slapped him and he told me to watch out. I asked why and he said he likes to be slapped more than whipped.

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