Cum Dumpster

cum dumpsterThe rodeo is in town today and that always means one thing for me. Gang banged by bull riding cowboys for hours every night. I quickly put on my slutty jean skirt and cut off tank top and went down to the stables. There were a couple of cowboys already out and started whistling and jeering at me. I flashed them a tit and they quickly followed me and cornered me in an empty bull stable. It smelled like bull shit in there but they didn’t care. They took turns double fucking my ass and mouth until each of them blew a load. So much cum ran from my ass that it started to look brown from the shit that was being cleaned form my anus. They shoved so much cock down my throat that I threw up twice. They never quit just kept face fucking me till I was covered in vomit and cum. I left there smelling of dirty cock, cow shit, and cum flavored vomit. What else could a nasty trailer slut want.

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