Dirty Skank Sybil

dirty phone sex sybil 1

Talk dirty to me big boy, please I am begging I will get down on my knees what ever it takes for you to say your nasty sexy words in my ear to make it so I can not resist touching myself. I want you to talk to me about everything that you want to do to me and that you want me to do to you, just tell me about it, let me imagine how good it will feel to have you puling my head to your groin while you watch your cock go down my throat. I want you to tell me about you sickest desires and I will tell you mine. Tell me how where and when you want to fuck me, you will make my legs weak and I will have to lay down for you and spread my legs so you can get in. Tell me how you wanna fuck might tight pussy until I am crying and screaming but you will not let me up until you cum. I will be dripping wet when you tell me that you want to cum all over me. I will lay there and touch every inch of my body imagining having your warmth spraying onto me. You can talk about doing anything with anyone with me and all it is going to do is make me reach over and grab a very special toy and fuck myself to the teasing nasty phone sex that you are giving me, you will hear me cumming to the things people run from. I will tell you what you want to hear no matter if you want to be my bitch or I want to be yours. You can coach me through what you want to do to my body. I will do it all.

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