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A Cum Guzzling Slut and Her Daughters

cum guzzling slut

I am a cum guzzling slut. My daughters are too. Their father and I have raised them on a daily diet of protein. Girls need to have a healthy appreciation for jizz as soon as they are crawling around. I have been a jizz junkie since I can remember. When I was my parents’ cash cow living in a dingy trailer, I was chugging back cum like it was beer. I never once spit it out. I may not have liked being pimped out by my parents, but I learned early that making a man feel like his cum is the only thing you ever want to drink for the rest of your life, is an important skill to possess. It was how I snagged my wealthy sugar daddy husband. He was one of the clients that paid my parents for my jailbait pussy. I was young, but wise beyond my years. I set my sites on my husband and I manipulated him into rescuing me from the backwoods of West Virginia. I am teaching my daughters the same skills. Having a cum filled cunt and belly full of semen, yet begging for more, makes men putty in a girl’s hands. Men are not as complex as they like to think they are. My girls drain daddy’s balls daily. They also drain the balls of daddy’s paying clients. My girls don’t want for anything. They will never want for anything if they are cum guzzlers. So many women could be like me and my girls, living high on the hog, if they just loved cum. What is not to love anyway? It is full of protein and swallowing it makes money and things magically appear. If you have some sluts in your house that need cum trained, let me know. I have trained my girls to be the best cum whores around. Well, second best to me of course.

cum filled cunt

They thought I didn’t want it, but I did

gangbang whoreI was out walking all by myself late last night cus my car ran out of gas. I thought that I could just walk to a gas station real quick but all the ones close by were closed so I ended up in a kind of a rough area. I was a little nervous but not scared… until I saw a big group of guys all coming towards me. They started talking about how sexy I was, and all the filthy things they wanted to do to me, I know I should have been scared but my panties were soaked and I was so horny I felt like I was gonna die! I didn’t want them to know that tho, they seemed to want me unwilling so I just played along and begged them to just leave me alone. They threw me in their car and took me back to some deserted house where they stripped me and tied me up, that’s when they noticed that my pussy was soaking wet. They called me a whore and started fucking me in all my fuck holes and all I could do was beg for more! I was cumming all over the place and I couldn’t stop… no matter how rough they were! I even gave them my address so they could come and fuck me anytime they wanted!

Big dick sucker

big dick suckerMy mouth is a gaping hole for a couple of fat cocks to slide up inside. I am running around the track up at the school today. I spot a bunch of hot football players that I can tell are in need of going to the locker room. I go ahead and find my way in there first and get completely naked. I act like I am going to hop in the showers.

They all see me and get throbbing hard. I drop to my knees and ask “who is first?” Three dicks pop out of their pants and find their way to my mouth. Boy, these boys are big! I open wide and take turns sucking all three eleven inch cocks into my throat. I am making them sloppy wet while my cunt makes a puddle under my knees. Guess I will need another hole filled while I am here.

I’m such an addiction

Freaky phone sexLet’s be honest here, i’m like an addictive drug that these nasty perverts can’t fucking quit. I love when a dirty man is permanently devising ways of effectuating his next fix of my delicious cunt. I’m a playful ass bitch and I need someone who knows how to maintain and handle my devious ways and sexual behavior. My messy lips are always drenched in cum as it oozes out of these horny cocks. There’s a whole lot of naughty shit rolling around in this pretty little head of mine. My swollen cunt lips hug on to that thick shaft with each stroke and deep thrust. Bite on my inner thighs and make me fucking soak! We lay together in the sheets butt ass naked while we roll up some yummy blunts. I need a bastard who isn’t gonna be shy with me, just fantasize all night and enjoy my nasty ride! Freaky phone sex makes my pussy gush for some throbbing dick. You’re gonna be addicted in ways that you never even fucking knew were possible!

I want To Suck On This Glass Dick

Dirty phone sexBring me that crack rock so I can suck on the glass dick. And you can have these holes too. The only problem is hun you may have to wait in line if you don’t like to share. I got the biggest reputation in the area of being a complete no limit hoe. Everybody knows I will fuck and dick that comes my way. If you show up and you see a few men fuckng me already. Come join in the more the merrier! If you like to have this hoe all to yourself, Then you will have to sit back and enjoy the show. While waiting for your turn. Of course my daughters and sons are always available for you. Don’t forget there is a price for those holes too. But just like mommy hoe, They are good little hoes too.

Drunk sex porn

drunk sex pornI met up with a bunch of guys in a parking lot. They had a bunch of booze and I decided I wanted to have a good time hanging out with them. I opened up all my holes for them. They pumped their cocks into me while I guzzled drinks down my throat. I would even chaise the strong drinks with a wad of cum that I sucked out of a fat cock.

They took out their cameras and began to video tape me being a sick and twisted whore. I was fucking those cocks down my throat and in my ass and pussy while that camera taped me. I was going to take all their cum and their booze tonight. I crave to be such a naughty little walking fuck whole for fat cum filled men.

Bring That Crack

Does that cunt look good to you? Mm great sweetie come on down and bring that crack! I need a good throbbing cock. With that yummy jizz squirting out. And I know you will bring a very nice size crack rock especially for your favorite little drug whore. This guy rocked my world. He totally finger blasted my cunt. Making me a sloppy wet fucking mess. Before shoving his pecker in my ass. Gaping my ass, spreading my ass cheeks wide. Digging his nails into my bare flesh. Howling as he emptied his ball sack into me. He pushed me away from him when he was done. I stumbled before I got my balance and then I made my way over for another hit on that glass dick.

He wanted me so he got me!

live phone sexI ran into an old friend the other day and he was just blown away by how good I looked. I was so young the last time he had seen me, I hadn’t really filled out yet but now I have a perfect ass and pretty titties so he was just falling all over himself to ask me out. I thought it was cute so I asked him if he’d like to come back to my place and have a little fun… and of course he accepted real quick. Once we were there I pulled out his nice big cock and sucked it deep down my throat, he was so turned on that he was like a wild man! He was fucking my throat like a man possessed and all I could do was hang on tight! By the time he got to fucking my pussy I was dripping wet and oh so ready for it, I was a shameless slut just begging for him to make me cum. It was the hottest fuck I’ve had in a while, we will definitely have to do it again!


Live phone sexI was smoking on the glass dick today, and there was absolutely no dick around. When I smoke my crack I get horny as a fucking dog in heat. I pulled out my toys and went to town fucking myself. I had my vibe and my 10 inch dildo. I was slamming my cunt hard. Plunging that dildo in and out. I got the vibe on high jammed against my clit. I start squirting hard and howling my cum squirting here and there. I kept going and going my body trembling, another squirt of my cum shooting out. And I couldn’t stop fucking myself I couldn’t get satisfied. I took the drenched dildo out of my cunt and shoved it into my ass. Still keeping the vibe at my clit. I sat up and was grinding deep down on the dildo. Pushing hard down with my ass. My body clenching harder and harder each time my cunt squirts.

Stripper sex porn

stripper sex pornI was partying with some friends at the strip club tonight. I got so horny back in the VIP room watching a horny girl grind on one of the guys. I decided to be part of the fun. Some of the guys whipped out their phone cameras to watch us get filthy. I got on my hands and knees and pulled out a fat cock and started jerking it in my face.

I bent over with my skirt all the way up showing my holes from behind. I invited some others to come get balls deep in me. I was having such a good time showing off for the camera and jerking those fat cocks in all of my holes. I was slurping on that cock in my mouth so hard that I started feeling it about to rupture. I took it out of my mouth and choked that cock in my hand.

I need a pretty facial all over. Give me that hot cum boys.

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