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Cum Dumpster Jonesing For a Fix

I am such a cum dumpster. I went out last night looking for some drugs. I needed a fix last night, but I had no cash. When you look like me and have a tight tiny cunt, well you don’t need cash to get party supplies. I went to this biker bar and announced I was down to fuck if anyone wanted to share their coke with me. I was not surprised at how many men jumped at the chance to fuck my tiny whore holes. I was doing blow off the bar and off cocks. Every guy in that place from the just 21 to the old perverts were lining up to take a turn at fucking me. The ones that didn’t have any magic powder, laid down cash. I was a gangbang whore in a biker bar. Turned out, bikers are great fucks. I mean holy shit they had hammers for dicks. Many of them were well over 8 inches too. I couldn’t keep up with all the horny old fucks, so I let some just circle jerk on me. Damn, what a total little fuck slut I was, but I got enough blow to last me the week. And bonus, I made enough money to pay the rent too. When you look like me, it is very easy to get what you want.

Cum dumpster

We tried something new

live phone sexI love erotic role-playing. I had a freaky Friday event at the cat house tonight.  I had three of my best whores dress in Armani Suits and Three of my best Customers wear skirts and heels. We were going on a field trip to the Mall. The twist was my sexy sluts were packing a thick strap-on and they were in charge of my men.  They were paying good money so after being humiliated in the mall my three sexy sluts took them to the park and it was dark. My Hoes raised those skirts to find hard cocks without any panties or underwear. My Boys were turned into sissy faggots with those asses being fucked hard and slobbering all over those huge strap cocks. I know because I have footage of the whole event. A slutty whore knows how to turn the tables, what I didn’t count on was that they would spread those pussy lips so easy for mouths and cocks.  Ass fucking and pussy drilling were so rampant that all my girls came home covered in dirt and cum. Well, I guess I cannot blame them when you send a big cocked man to do a sissy job it just doesn’t work. Next time I will send a couple millimeter peters into the world to be humiliated. I think you would be perfect Fagboy, let’s play.

Dirty Little Whore

gangbang whoreI can’t really tell you when my lust for the married man next door started, I know it’s been weeks and he is in all my fantasies. At night when I feel the urge to pleasure myself wash over me it’s him I’m thinking about. I think about him pushing me up hard against his kitchen counter as we kiss passionately knowing any minute his wife could walk in. I think about him bending me over and fucking me from behind next to the pool as I watch our reflections off the water. Just the idea of his big strong arms wrapped around me gets me wet. I know it wouldn’t be hard to seduce him, his wife doesn’t hold a candle to me. The only thing holding me back is I’m worried I won’t be able to stop once I get a little taste. I must have him soon though my mouth waters at the thought of sucking his cock showing him what a real loving woman can do for him. Almost every time I shut my eyes I see myself bouncing up and down on top of him, with my tits jumping in his face. I feel like I’m losing it, is this obsession?


Wrong Side Of The Tracks

Dirty phone sex

People can be such douches. Yes I dress slutty, yes I am very promiscuous, but fucking hell do not judge me.  A few doors down from me lives this old pain in the ass couple.  They saw me a few days ago and told me that they were going to call the cops.  They did too.  I wasn’t even doing anything, I was just walking home.  That old bitch was saying that people like me only brought drugs, crime, and scum into their neighborhood, well yeah, but at that moment I was doing none of those things.  The cops rolled up, called me over to their car; yes they know my name; I went over there and told them that I was just walking home.  They sent me on my way while they went to have a talk with Mr. and Mrs. Bitchy.

That wasn’t the only time they called the cops on me.  Five fucking times, Five! For walking down the damn side walk.  At first I was going to let it go, they are old, crazy old, you can’t fight crazy.  That fifth time though, that pissed me right off.  I decided that something needed to be done.  No, I wasn’t going to fuck the old man, he is really old, I mean reaaaally old!  No thank you.  Turns out they have a lot of grands.  As a matter of fact one of them are just a little bit older than me.  I remember seeing him and his basic bitch wife at the old bat’s house.

They are there every Thursday evening for a family dinner.  There have to be at least thirteen cars there.  I waited until the one that I was targeting showed up.  As I was walking by I stared right at him, he kept looking at me and I smiled.  He smiled back so I blew him a kiss.  He looked nervous, then he helped his wifey into the house.  I stood across the street watching every one through the bay window.  The grand that I blew the kiss too, kept looking out the window at me, I would lift my skirt up to show my pussy, or open my jacket to show him one of my tits.  This went on for a pretty long time.

I was ready to leave, I was thinking that this wasn’t going to work, then I saw him come out the door.  He waved to me to move away from where I was standing, so I did.  I started to walk toward the house, his eyes got really big, I sat on the hood of his car and spread my legs.  He came toward me, I laid back, spread my legs wider then started to finger myself.  He was walking much faster now.  When he got to me I quickly grabbed him and pulled him onto me.  He was hard, but his pants were still on. I could see the front door start to open, I grabbed him by his hair and roughly shoved his head down between my legs, he was just about to start licking and his wife yelled.

I jumped off the hood of the car, and smoothed down my skirt.  I winked at him, then kissed him.  Now most of the family was on the porch watching, the old bitch made her way to the front then started to come toward us, yelling that he should get away “from the slut from the wrong side of the tracks”.  Lady doesn’t realize that we live on the same damn street.  When she got to us she pulled him away from me.  She told me to get off her property, I told her that if she ever called the cops on me again, I would fuck her whole family, one by one, male, female, young, old, and then I would make sure there were pictures taken of each fuck session and I would post them all over our street.  She looked like I kicked her in the gut.

I walked away singing.  She walked way looking mortified.  I wonder how that ride home was for that guy and his wife.

Trashy milf Donna, that’s me!

trashy milf Trashy milf Donna that’s me! I grew up in a trailer and I love to party and fuck and if that makes me a trashy bitch, well, then so be it! I know for sure that I am never gonna change, I am just having way too much fun the way I am. The guys sure do love me too, I was at my house just chillin in the back yard barely dressed when like four of my neighbors came over. They were offering me all kinds of party favors so you know I jumped all over that shit. I got high as fuck and took off what little I was wearing. They were like damn baby you so fine, so I was like if I’m so fine why you ain’t fuckin me yet??? That was all it took y’all, they was all over me like animals! They were stuffing their cocks in every fuck hole and I was loving it! I was so high that I let them do whatever they wanted… and when they invited more guys over to use me I was down with that too! What can I say? I’m one nasty slut!

Pissing story time

Freaky phone sex  Ever wanted freaky phone sex? I know I have. Last night I was dancing on my pole like I do best when a man came in and got a private dance with me. When he took me back it was an unexpected evening. He let me know right off hand he loves golden showers. So we both gave each other one. Right after I took his cock in my pussy and ass hole. He then pissed all over my feet making me lick it up.  I did willingly and lovingly. I pissed all over his legs, cock, and feet. Golden showers are hot. I know his money was very well spent. Being a skanky stripping whore I really will just do about anything for money. Do you have dirty fantasies? Come and spill it all to me. 

Many Cocks

Sloppy wet pussy I love having two dicks shoved inside my cunt! I love feeling them rub up against each other when they are pounding deep inside of me. I am so lucky my cunt is so fucking loose. I try to get three dicks in my cunt at once but have not been able to yet. But once I can I will try for four dicks in my cunt at once. I want to see if I can fit ten dicks in my cunt. Imagine ten fucking dicks all in my cunt at the same time pounding away at my cunt. I practice by shoving shampoo bottles, baseball bats, and 2-liter bottles in my cunt. I make a lot of money off my snatch and if I can fit several dicks at once in me my profit margin will triple.

My BFF Crystal

Fucking on meth is the absolute best feeling in the world. A good high will give you so much energy, you won’t even know what to do with yourself. It’s so much easier to concentrate, and you feel things crazy vividly. Also, men on meth, their cocks stay hard forever, and they never cum. Which means, you can fuck for hours and hours, it is fucking incredible! Anyways, a while ago I had a gangbang with a few priests in a church, and one of them reached out to me last night. He said he had a fuck ton of crystal, and was looking to score. Without hesitation, I rushed to meet him at the church. It was tough to convince him to smoke it with me, but at the end of the day there was 2 people smoking out of my little tin foil boat. We fucked on every pew in the biggest church in town. I screamed forgive me father for I have sinned so many times that I’m pretty sure, when I finally do crash, I will be saying it in my sleep. Crystal is my best friend!

phone sex line

Dirty Phone Sex MILF


dirty phone sexI have a hot dirty phone sex story for you. A guy my husband knows, hired me to dominate his teen daughter. I would have done that for free but if he wanted to pay, I would take the money. There was no reason for me to take charge of his daughter. She was not unruly. She was not being disobedient or insolent either. He just wanted to watch. The idea of a mother type breaking a young girl was his fetish fantasy.  I understood why it was erotic and I was happy to make it cum true for him. I dressed in my bad ass latex cat suit, assembled a bunch of sex toys and headed to his place to meet his baby girl. The first thing I did was make her get on her knees and worship my pussy. A good cunt licker is taught how to be a good cunt licker. She had some natural ability, but I had to smother her. She fought me at first. She didn’t want any part of daddy’s fantasy. I felt for her, but girls need to be broken in and honestly, I think it is easier on their holes when a woman is in charge. I gave her soft kisses in between spankings and fucking her fuck holes with my strap-on. She was a feisty one, but I whispered in her ear to act like she loved it. Daddy would be satisfied, and she could go back to her life. She didn’t seem like a natural submissive. Not all girls are and then you can be submissive as a young girl like I was and grow up to be an in charge trashy milf. She ended up relaxing and just enjoying the sexual pleasure. Daddy got off, I got paid and afterwards, I found the girl on social media. I think we will be having more time together without daddy. She had a sweet little pussy.

Fun in Vegas

cum guzzling slut

I was so fucking high last night. I swear I sucked at least 10 cocks last night. Not at the same time. Or at least I don’t think so anyway.  I did a ball of coke before I ever even left my hotel room to gamble. Did I mention I’m in Vegas on vacation? These guys love the way I blow on their dice before I blow their cocks. Sometimes I have done it right there at the craps table. There is such a crowd around the table nobody notices me drop to my knees and crawl in front of you. You didn’t even fuck up your roll when I wrapped my lips around that mushroom head. You started rolling with one hand and guiding my head with the other. Once I made you cum making sure not to spill one drop you hand me a few chips from your stack and I walk away.

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