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Anal Cum Dumpster

anal cum dumpster

My name is Alyssa but all guys in my hood Call me D-Nice. They call me D-nice because this little honey pot do dick nice. I been hanging in the block and in the trap for years and if you don’t know D-Nice you ain’t nobody. When it’s the 1st of the month when the block is booming and all the hustlers is getting paid we have a big party in the trap and the theme be D-Nice and all the dope boys get a piece of me I like to suck them all off first before I get fucked . Sometimes 3 or 4 dicks at a time . It makes me feel so sexual and alive all these men rock hard and ready for me . And when I’m ready I let them all have there way with me .Do you think you can handle some of D-Nice.

Blacker the Berry

druggy porn

I don’t wanna brag or too my own horn but Nothing is better than this blackberry over here. When they say the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice They aren’t lying. No white snowflake got anything on this tight juicy pussy. Black girls also suck the best dick and we know how to swallow it whole just like a good slut and You haven’t lived until a sexy Carmel skin hottie has her big Fat juicy lips wrapped around your dick And I don’t know about any other girls but I do everything am willing to try it all you will see just come spend some time with be and you will get what you are looking for in a sexy slave like me.

Hump day fun

live phone sexI was such a tramp last night. I went out and got gangbanged by a whole crew of guys. I think there were like 15 of them. They all had these huge massive throbbing black cocks. I felt like I had hit the lottery with this group. It was unbelievable the way they filled me with cum. This one guy was so huge I wasn’t sure he would fit. But I spit on it and it slid right up into my wet cunt. I loved being gagged by one that’s fucking my face while being pounded from behind by another. My jaws might be sore now but it was worth all of the cum they shot all over my body.

Fuck my bloody cunt

Period phone sexI’m really in the mood for some disgusting fun and I just started my period so I decided to post up an advertisement online to have some gross and depraved perverts come and play with my bloody cunt. I’ve already gotten so many responses, I love it! I’m on my heaviest days of flow right now so it’s perfect timing for me to smother a cock in my red river of gooey goodness. I know a motherfucker is really a sick fuck when he’s more than willing to suck and fuck my menstruating pussy. To be honest, I love getting fucked while mother nature is taking it’s course with me, it eases my cramps plus i’m always so much fuckin hornier in general! I don’t know what it is, I guess the fact that i’m wetter than ever and bleeding out my bodily fluids and tissues is what really has me fiending for long dick in my fuck hole! Why don’t you give me a call and let’s have some super filthy period phone sex, I wanna paint your face red, baby! Fill me up with cum so I can squirt it out and cause a big ole bloody mess.

I want to hear you too

phone sex lineThere is something sexy about watching a man when I am sucking on his cock. The way their eyes rolls back into their heads. Hands wrapped up in hair pushing me further and further down on their cock. I love the sounds too. I know guys love to hear a woman moan but I think it’s hot as hell when I can hear how much the guy enjoys what I am doing to him. It’s part of why I love giving head. Knowing that the man I’m with is happy makes my pussy wet. I can reach between my legs playing with myself and as I am cumming it feels like I am humming on your dick. Which is almost always when the man cannot stand it anymore and busts his load of hot creaminess into my mouth.

Trashy MILF Blackmail

trashy milfThis trashy milf had to go to school yesterday to get her daughter out of trouble. She got caught with drugs in her locker. It was just a joint. A joint I gave her. She had an exam. She gets anxiety with tests. A drug sniffing dog went to her locker and the joint was found. In comparison to what was found in other lockers, her little joint was nothing. Schools have these silly zero tolerance policies for drugs and violence. I didn’t want her expelled or forced into home schooling. I know the principal of the school personally. He has a certain fetish for young boys that would ruin his career in public schools if it got out. I don’t think he knew I had a daughter in his school when he paid for my son’s young hairless cock. He looked like he saw a ghost when he saw me coming towards his office. I think he thought I was there to expose him as a P principal. I would have if he didn’t figure a way out of my daughter’s troubles. When you could lose your job, family and spend many years in prison, you get creative. He got my daughter out of trouble with the school police. As a reward, and assurance that if she was to get in trouble again in the future, he would get her out of trouble quickly, I had him over to play with my boys. A free play date. He has a weakness for young cock. He likes them before they grow hair. I filmed him blowing my youngest boy’s cock while my middle boy’s dick was up his ass. My daughter is going to get into trouble again. I have no doubt about that. She is a party whore like her mother. I know a lot of peoples’ dirty little secrets. Knowledge comes in handy when you need a favour.

Dirty bitches

Anal sex whore


  My ass hole was gaped so wide from that big daddy cock I got early this morning right home from the club. I’m just their favorite Anal phone sex whore. I love to take pictures my ass hole and pussy to show how sexy it is and how I just go right back to normal. I am still drunk, but i don’t care after my shift last night I brought some of my girls over and some guys we work with and they had talked about gang bangs and just having strippers lick their balls oh damn it finally happened. Big cocks, sweet pussy, drinks it was so much fun. I am the nastiest, most kinky dancer, lover, and fuck they have met. I tried to tell them so many times I have no limits you can wrap me like a pretzel fuck me any way you want. Cream pie me, tie me, hurt me choke me. Pain is pleasure I took so many big dicks last night I can barley stand. If you have no limits and enjoy being in charge come fuck with me.

My Naughty Phone Sex Line

phone sex lineMy phone sex line is just what you are looking for if you enjoy a dirty mom and a party girl. I don’t need to work. I do phone sex because I enjoy getting high and talking dirty. My husband and I went to an Alice Cooper show the other night. He got us VIP seats. Cooper shows are enjoyed more when doing lines of coke. A couple roadies were trying to get my attention from the VIP pit. My husband knew it too, but he likes it that other men want his wife. He told me to go see what they wanted. They took me back stage. They saw me doing coke off my compact mirror. They had some pure coke they wanted to share with a trashy milf. I was happy to do coke with two roadies while I listened to Alice Cooper jam to Feed My Frankenstein. I was about to feed two Frankensteins with my wet cunt. I was setting on some huge ass speaker that vibrated. My horny roadies shoved their dicks in my pussy at the same time. Guys were walking around back stage giving high fives to the boys for picking up a hot milf. I just wanted more of their blow. We have access to good coke, but I guess rock stars and their entourages get better dope than wealthy Californians. I told them they could gang bang my ass if I could take a little blow back to my husband. They had no problem with that. They fucked me good. A few other guys joined in. I fucked about a dozen roadies. I am no groupie though. I am just a whore. I went back to the pit to catch the last few songs of Alice Cooper’s set with cum dripping down my thighs. My husband knew what I had been doing. He kissed my forehead and told me I was the best trailer trash whore he has ever known.

A Shitty Experience

dirty phone sex

I fucking love the taste of shit. Nothing turns me on more than men feeding me there delicious brown moist shit. One day I was at the park and I could hear a man taking the biggest shit in the restroom so I sneaked in and begged him to unleash on me. I toke off my clothes and got on my hands and knees begging him to just shit all over my chest and when he was done he pissed all over my face. I couldn’t help but moan as I cumed for him so he yanked me up and pushed me against the bathroom stall and fucked the hell out of me. I am really into anything though. I just love how dirty I get for you

Need A Hoe

White trash phone sexI hear you need a hoe. A dirty skanky old pro hoe. Come on down if you do. My address is plastered all over my website. My door is unlocked 24/7. and so are all three of my wet warm holes. I am already soaking wet thinking of your cock sliding into any one of my fuckable holes. Feeling the friction as you push all the way in. I can feel you pounding at my walls before you pull back out. I need all three of my holes filled, so if you have a couple of friends who aren’t shy about showing their thang in front of each other. Maybe it can turn into an orgy. I would love to suck your dick after it has been in a guys ass.

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