My Sexline Doesn’t Slowdown Because of Football

sexlineEven though my sexline slows down on football days, there are still plenty of perverts who want to talk about young pussies and cocks even when a game is on. Today is the Super Bowl, and I live in California. You might think I would be rooting for the 49ers. Well, I am. But do not tell my daughters that. They all are Swifties. So, they are rooting for the team her boyfriend plays on.

Personally, I do not understand why so many men hate this popstar. Think about it from a pervert’s view like my husband and me. This is the first football season ever that the girls wanted to watch football. I am not a big sports girl myself. I would rather be fucking or talking dirty than watching any kind of game on TV. But my husband gets to finger bald little pussies anytime the star’s boyfriend’s team played.

When It Comes to Pigskins or Pussies, Pussy Wins Every Time

And my husband made up a little game. That every time the camera panned on her, one of the girls had to suck daddy’s dick. He turned a football game into a hardcore orgy porn with our daughters. Now, I think they will watch football with daddy every Sunday even when Taylor dumps this man like she does all her boyfriends because they like daddy’s naughty games. I am too old to like her music. But if she can give my husband some more quality girl time with our daughters, I am all for it.

My girls from the youngest to the oldest are all ready for the Super Bowl. They have on T-shirts that say Team Taylor in Chief colors. No panties so daddy and I can finger little holes whenever we want. I will be doing double duty during the Super Bowl. Talking dirty on my phone sex line and playing with little pussies. I think if more daddies realize that can turn an over exposed popstar into a way to get closer to their baby girls, they might not complain about her so much.

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