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Taboo Phonesex Fun

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Carmel’s Sexy Prostitutes

Sexy ProstitutesHaving fantasies about fucking  a sexy prostitute. Or even better how about fucking two at the same time. Me and my friends are the dream team of sluts, we will bang you at the same time and suck your dick. We’ll let you fuck both of our holes. No limits to these hood hoes. I don’t mind getting down and dirty for my customers. Let me be the girl you call tonight. I have some other prostitute friends who are hot too. I met them in the strip clubs and they love getting a chance to perform at parties and make extra cash. That’s why we are so popular we will come and add some sexy fun to any hotel party. I like to get fucked doggy style while my friends give your other guests some head. We like orgies and never shy away from fucking multiple guys. If you are a prostitute you have to be a freak and give them what they want. Sexy young girl who loves to fuck. That’s me baby and you know you can call me, I’m down for whatever.

Prostitution Porn – Glory Holes

Prostitution Porn

Prostitution Porn is a great way to make a living now that JC, my manager, got me a new job.  I am going to work in an adult bookstore that has a glory hole room.  The men go into a room where there is a solid wall with a cut out and semi-circle hole in the wall.  There is a table behind the wall where I am laying down and just my pussy, ass and legs stick through the hole in the wall.  My legs will be bound and held up and apart.  Imagine a gynecologist’s exam table where you only see the good stuff.  There about 4 girls in each room.  We make a lot of money and all I must do is lie there and get fucked over and over, filling me up with lots of cum.  There must be 100 guys come thru my room every night.  What could be more fun?  The management does not mind if your wasted while you get fucked, they even give you some weed.  It is so much fun!  I have the best job in the world.

Breaking Whores

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I made it. I’m top bitch with my Pimp Daddy.  You can now call me a Lady Pimp.  Yes I’m running shit.  I know all the tricks you bitches think you can run game on us you can’t.  You think you can steal from us you can’t.  You fucking for free you better not.  we had this one dumb ass hoe, who thought she could run game on us thought she can out smart slick.  Nope not ever out smart me and Daddy. This Bitch got broke down.  We caught not turning in her funds and fucking for free.  Now when I wasn’t top Bitch Daddy broke me.  That Big Nigger fucked me all the way up.  beat the holy shit out of me. So we had something new for this dumb bitch.  Fucking for free is not what we do here.  Daddy had her first for two hours he put his Nine mm Glock up her pussy and told this bitch if I bust you dead hoe.  I like that shit. he shot one shot near her head to show this bitch he means it. Fully loaded shoved that hot glock right back up in her cunt. with his hand on the trigger.  Safety was on because this bitch was about to learn bring us the money or die.  When your life is just a click away you try to learn fast.  After he finished with the glock  He got the Louisville Slugger and rammed it up her ass.  I held her down down run bitch you like fucking for free.  Get this bat up that ass. this went on for hours. Once we got tired we handcuffed the hoe and made her watch us fuck freely in her face.  Daddy wanted me to show how money is to be made in our house.  These hoes will learn one way or the other.  Bet she will kill herself before she fuck for free again.

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Phone sex slutsI am little phone sex slut. You call me and I am a very good girl and give you exactly what you want. It is my job to make sure you blow your load and feel good. I am just a fucking druggy whore that needs money for my drugs. I want you to keep calling me and the sound of you blowing your load to me makes my pink teen pussy drip. Making you feel good is my purpose in life. That hot cum load is what I live and breath for master. So let me make you feel really good tonight. Maybe we can do a two girl call with another sexy teen. I think that would be phone don’t you think baby?

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I found a way to make more money is to suck cock behind my strip club. After my long shift I will go stand behind there in one of my little bikinis from work and they guys start lining up. I get the money and stick in my little panties and get on my knees and open wide. These guys are super rock hard from watching me dance for them.
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