Surprise Party with Henrietta

Shemale phone sex

I was asked to take the virginity of a 35 year old man. His friends approached me with a lot of cash. They told me he was turning 35 and they were not sure if he liked cock or pussy! So they thought they would get him a sexy shemale prostitute! I was honored that they picked me to take his virginity. I got all dressed up for his big surprise party! They wanted him to know I was a tranny whore. They wanted him to know that they paid for the party and for this tranny bitch to fuck him! I love getting a man hooked on anal sex. Who would not want to lose their virginity by fucking a tranny in the ass and making her suck your cock after?  I bet he has always wanted to rub his cock up and down a nice big set of titties. I would love to suck your virgin cock! Make your body shake as I suck you close to the point where you are going to blow your load! Let me slow down and let you suck on these nipples. I would love to slide my asshole up and down that cock while you suck my titties! I love fucking virgins! 

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