Throw em Back Fresh From the Sack

Anal Cum Dumpster

I keep nut on tap like a fountain drink machine. All different flavors to suit ones palate. My whores love to get their tight little assholes filled and serve that warm sticky drink to some of our best customers. We even have a special package where you can watch your beverage being brewed, from start to finish. If watching a big dick thrust a tight spider until it bursts inside of her makes your cock twitch and grow then you surely would want to purchase this delight. Nothing like watching it being made from farm to mouth. Watching that creamy white goodness begin to leak out of that tiny pink asshole…you’ll be certain to drink it fresh from the spout. Making your mouth water as you get in position wedging your face beneath the source, mouth hanging wide open just waiting for that first drop to hit your tongue. If you want something different….give our fuck hole fermented package a try.  You must order this particular package deal ahead of time. Able to pick the cock of your delight right down to that chosen barrel it is going to lay and ferment in. Oh yeah having that hot nut sit inside her tight warm sweaty backside for a couple hours up to a couple days….just bubbling and churning to a nice tang so that when it hits your mouth you can feel the fizz and taste the jizz which at this point has curdled. It no longer leaks a steady stream…. oh no this is for a special kind as it is a nice lumpy gooey consistency ready to plop into your pie hole. Come on down and make your own con”cock”tion. I think we’re on to something here. Be the first to throw back a couple loads, fresh from our fine brown barrels.

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