Taboo Phonesex Fun

taboo phonesexI love taboo phonesex. I have a confession. I like blood play. Not necessarily slicing and dicing. I am taking period and virgin blood play. My youngest biological daughter just got her first period. In our home that is something to celebrate. We celebrate each first period because that is when a girl becomes fertile. We also celebrate popping cherries because that is when a girl becomes a woman. Since my baby girl is now fertile, we had some fun to celebrate. The entire family ate her young count. Period blood in a young girl is sticky sweet. Like vampire blood if we believed in vampires. I enjoy period phone sex play. We all took turns licking her little fertile pussy. We looked like vampires when we came up for air. Sort of perfect for the approaching Halloween season. We licked her little bald pussy clean. After we shared her period blood like we share cum, each boy in the family fucked her fertile cunt. Daddy fucked her first. He always gets first dibs when it comes to impregnating our little whores. Her brothers went next. She got a lot of cum dumped into her little fertile womb on her special day. She felt like the belle of the ball. She was the belle of the ball. All attention was on her and her bloody pussy. Maybe it sounds gross to you, but period blood is natural. It is the sign that a young girl is ready to be a woman. It means we can charge “Johns” a lot more money for the chance of impregnating a little whore. Unless you want to get to that fertile womb first?

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