Sunday Night Fun

dirty phone sexHey baby? Want to end your weekend with some hot dirty phone sex? Don’t even try to pretend you want to get a good night’s sleep. Your dirty little desire is on the other line waiting to play with you. I mean, because seriously, who doesn’t want to get off before preparing for the new work week. Let me relax you baby. I want to be your special little nighttime drug.

Come to me while we talk about just how dirty and kinky you can be. Grab my hair and force me to my knees. I obediently open my mouth and suck you off, looking up at you as you ram your cock deep down my throat. I gag and choke, but you don’t stop. You don’t let go until you are shooting warm streams of your cum in my mouth. Then lay me back and taste my sweet juicy cunt. My juices enticing you into another raging hard-on. You climb up to my face and I kiss you, tasting my juices on your tongue. It is so hot baby, and I ache for your cock. You spread my legs and ram your dick inside of me. Fucking me hard and fast, releasing all of your frustrations inside of me.

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