BBC Sex Stories : The Blossom Train

BBC Sex Stories

I love it when I get cat called out on the street, I often use it as an opportunity to get my cunt filled with cum! I remember one time I was walking to work from my trailer park and I heard a group of black guys laughing loudly and talking as they were waiting for the bus, as soon as I walked by they stopped, all of their heads turned and I heard one of them say “Damn her ass is phat!” Thinking of all the hot BBC Sex Stories I’ve ever heard, I tuned to face them giving them my sexiest look, it bent over a little so they could see my ass better and they all started staring. I let them follow me to the nearest motel and I knew it was dangerous to let them all fuck me but I couldn’t control my thirst for cock. I first told them to take their Big Black Cocks out, they immediately started surrounding me and getting hard. I keeled and let them all take turns slapping my face with their fat dicks. I was getting wet as I began to feel the length of their cocks with my hands, I couldn’t wait to get my holes stretched out! I didn’t have any lube so I had to get their cocks wet with all my spit, I slurped and sucked each cock before they began probing my holes. The first cock slid into my wet pussy and filled me completely, I looked up at this dark skinned sexy man and I almost creamed instantly as he began fucking me. I let the others put a cock in my hand and In my mouth, my eyes rolling back as they fucked me. Soon enough I felt a fat dick pushing at my asshole and I almost screamed as he ripped my ass open to fuck me even more. Feeling two BBC’s thrusting together as they double penetrated me was the most amazing feeling I have ever had, so full of cock I could have died right then but instead I squirted, My little cunt and open asshole began pulsating like I’ve never felt before! I blacked out from how hard I came! When I woke up alone I knew I had to miss work because I couldn’t even walk.

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