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phone sex line evonneBJ and I are two whores from the trailer park. She has been fucking her slumlord for a long time for that piece of shit place she has and I have been fucking every Tom, Dick and Harry that I can get my hands on to pay rent in this crappy ass recycled Budweiser can. I was driving downtown in my beat up car when I saw this place with a for rent sign. Two stories, fancy as fuck and the perfect place to start my own slutty ass business. I wrote down the number with a plan in mind. I wasn’t sure it would work but what the hell it was worth a try. I called the number and set up a meeting with the owner of the property and then called BJ. I told her to meet me there 30 minutes early, dress nice and I would explain once we got there. She was right on time and I explained the plan. I wanted to try to seduce the property owner and work out a trade for rent. We would both live there and we would set up several rooms for a web cam business. We would have our little crack whores come in and work for us for their drugs. The property owner would have his fill of fucking and sucking from any of us and free access to our web site. BJ and I could live large if this worked out and leave our crappy ass life behind. Of course you can take the girl out of the trailer park but you can’t take the trailer park out of the phone sex bj

Live Phone Sex Druggy Glitter Party

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AIN’T NO PARTY LIKE A LIVE PHONE SEX PARTY CAUSE A PHONE SEX PARTY DON’T STOP! That is what me and the White Girl Twerk Team chanted during out drugged out wild and crazy fucking party. There was glitter and cocaine flying all over the place. Has to cost to get into a party this fucking sexy! 100 bucks gets ya in the door and 10 minuets with one of these whores! You do not know a good time till you get a coked out trailer trash slut to slob on your knob! I got picked by one guy, he gave me five HUNDRED dollars! For that I will do anything you want. What am I saying, I will do anything for twenty! Anyway he said he wanted to have more then some phone sex line fun and called a few guys into the room. The three of the coated me in loads of sparkly glitter! I looked like a fucking xxx trashy fairy! I sniffed a line of coke up my nose and the three of them went at it, stuffing every hole I had! My blonde ass hole was stretched wide when the two of them who were DPin’ me decided to both stuff my rear cavity together. The came inside me filling me up! Cum dripped out of my ass and onto the floor. That shit looked like some thick ass glitter glue! I licked it up off the ground, no fucking questions asked! It came in handy when I shit glitter poop on this guys chest a few days later! WOO HOO!

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Happy Acres Prostitute

phone sex line evonneI can’t remember when I wasn’t a whore that wanted her pussy full of fucking cum all the time. I married Randy when I was very young and he thought he could turn a hoe into a housewife. Poor thing would come home from working and find me smelling of sex, lipstick smeared, drunk and high from the money I made and not giving a shit about anything. When I got pregnant I didn’t know if it was his brat or one of the many cocks that I let fill me up with cum. Finally the dumb ass decided he would leave his job and just pimp my ass out like the hoe I was. He has been long gone and is doing well from what I hear. Has a good job and a pretty little wife with a white picket fence and all the shit. Every now and then he gets an itch for the slutty ways of this worn out pussy and he comes around for a good blow job and some tight brown ass hole. He always sends me something special the next day. Last night I was real fucking raunchy and not only did he fuck my ass real damned good but I sucked all that ass juice off him and he pissed in my mouth at the end. Today I got a bouquet of roses with hundos mixed in. I am going to have to drink his warm piss more often!live phone sex specials

I am a naughty slut!

dirty phone sex blossomI am a naughty slut and I don’t care who knows. Actually, I really want you to know what I am. If you got it baby, I need it. I am a nasty whore who loves getting my brains fucked. I really can’t help my deep cravings for cock all day and all night. My body aches to have every hole of mine filled! I want sticky gooey cum in all of my holes and on every inch of my body, I want to take a bath in it. I want this pussy stretched out. Do you think you can satisfy my deep cravings for your shaft? I can’t stop thinking about when I get to suck you until you burst. I need every hole of mine filled, and you have a very busy job ahead of you. You can stick that delicious sausage of yours wherever you want. I will take it like the naughty nasty whore slut that I am!

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Nothin Better then a good whore
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It’s time you to call me for some Dominant Tranny phone sex where I make you my whore! I am in a bad ass mood with a badass attitude. I will not sit back and take it any longer. I need someone to take all my stress and frustration out on. I pick you BITCH. I know that is what you are a cheating fucking bitch. Your wife called me and she knows all about you and your love for Big Dick Shemales like myself. I will be taking my anger out on you with her permission. She has tried to be nice and caring about it all.

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However she has had enough. It made her sick knowing that her husband is a cock sucking whore. It is time for you to be punished for your actions BITCH. Time for me to show you how a wanna be cock whore should be treated. I have it all planned out and ready for you. No games just straight to fucking business. Time to let out all stops no more secrets or lies. Just a Woman with Big tits and a Fat UNCUT cock. I want to shove this dick inside of you while your wife is watching. She is going to giggle as you choke on my cock. You are a worthless cock whore! 

Money, money, money!

hookers for hireDo you know what hookers for hire like me love most? Money, money, money! Money buys my drugs, it pays my bills and it keeps me happy and you know what? I will do absolutely anything to get it! I will suck dicks, drink piss, eat shit, you name it if you have the cash I need, I will do it no matter how degrading or humiliating it is. Shit I am a nasty bitch from way back so I like it better the nastier you get! Just today I have already been with 6 guys and that was all before lunch! They put me on my knees and circled around me, all of them covered me in their hot piss before shoving their cocks down my throat, I swallowed every drop of piss and cum like a good whore should too. As soon as they left, I called my dealer, I didn’t even clean myself up first but it’s all good my dealer knows I’m a total skank and he don’t give a fuck.

Sexy Prostitutes: Brats for Sale

sexy prosititutes dirty mommyI once saw a little homemade movie called “Brats for Sale.” It was sort of like that old movie “Pretty Baby” where a young girl born into a brothel has her virginity sold to the highest bidder, but this was real and the girls were way younger. My hubby and I live well beyond our means, and let’s face it, there is a huge market for young flesh. Taboo meat is a cash cow all over the world. I know men who go to Thailand for young girls and boys because the age of consent there is much younger. But what if you didn’t have to travel that far? What if you could have your first time with a sweet young boy or girl forever preserved on film for you? When folks get married in Vegas they can get a little keepsake video of their ceremony. I think most men would like a special homemade memory of their first time popping a young cherry.

I turned my home into a little jailbait porn studio after being introduced to that kind of extreme porn. For $1,000 cash, a man can fuck any of my brats, a boy or a girl while I film it for his spank bank. For $1700, he can fuck two of them at once. And for the high rolling taboo loving men, $5,000 cash gets you the cherry of your choice to pop. You can pop a baby girl pussy or ass cherry or even a baby boy ass. But this is a limited time offer of course! Within hours of advertising on some underground P sites, the request for pics of my selection were rolling in and studio time was being booked.trashy MILF dirty prostituteMy son’s anal cherry was the first to be bought. I have three very lovely daughters, but some man paid top dollar to sodomize my baby’s boy ass for the first time before any of my daughters. In preparation, I gave my boy a roofie to relax him. I even prepared him the night before with an enema so his butt would be all clean and ready to use. I was so excited to film his first hardcore ass fucking. Why go to Thailand when you can fuck young brats in my place! My son whimpered and squirmed. Big Daddy T made my son suck his cock before cramming it up his little virgin butthole. Big Daddy T grunted like a horny animal. He rode my son’s ass good too. Even made my son suck his cherry juice off his cock. I couldn’t help but finger bang my cunt watching that big load of red tinged spunk leak out my baby boy’s ass.

no taboo phone sex young prostititutes Only been in operation a few weeks, but I have a huge bag of money piling up. This is just the endeavor I need to keep me in the lifestyle I am accustomed too. My brats came out of my pussy; therefore, I own them and can do what I want with them. They need to contribute to the household more, anyway. I am clearly going to need to expand to keep up with requests I am getting. Maybe you would like to help me procure some fresh young talent? If you do, I promise you a free sample! I have 3 boys and 3 girls for you to try out, of various ages, plus think of all the brats we can borrow and steal!

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I love lot lizard sex cus I’m a nasty whore!

lot lizard sexThere is one thing I had never tried before and that was lot lizard sex. I’ve been paid for my pussy before, just never in a truck stop and for a white trash hooker like me, that is practically a crime! I got all dolled up and went to the big truck stop a few miles from my house, there were always a lot of truckers parked there so I was sure I could find a willing customer with no problem. I wasn’t sure exactly what to do, I kept thinking do I stand here and wait to be noticed or start knocking on truck doors but the problem resolved itself because I was only there for 5 minutes before a guy approached me. He told me I was beautiful and asked if I was a working girl and as soon as I said yes, he led me back to his truck and gave me a hundred dollars to bend over and let him fuck me doggy style. That was the easiest 100 bucks I have ever made!! I will definitely be doing this again!

Big Daddy Daycare and Ellen

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Big Daddy Daycare is my pimp. He loves to wear purple and sing songs, Kinda like Barney. He takes real good care of his hoes, as long as we bring in the money he is happy. Our relationship is not the best. I tend to skim some money off the top. He gets crazy! But he doesn’t like to hurt his hoes too bad. Before we can go out and make him money he wife’s us up for a month or two. He beats the pussy up and us up.

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He breaks us down and then builds us up. He showed me the meaning of nose candy and I fucking love it. I will suck a dick that is green and smells like shit for some coke. My first client Bid Daddy Daycare was in the room with me. The John wanted to piss all over me. I didn’t want anything to do with it. I thought it was nasty as fuck. BDD took me to the bathroom. He smashed my face into the counter and told me I was gonna drink piss if I was fucking told to do it.

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I was crying and upset and BDD made it all better with a kiss on the forehead and some  blow up my nose. After I was pissed on and cum on My first John was done. I didn’t have a chance to shower before my next john but he didn’t fucking care. I was high, covered in cum and piss and making money for BDD.