Earning My Nickname

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Gangbang whore, that’s what they call me and I earned that name long ago when I used to fuck all the guys on the baseball and football teams in middle and high school. I couldn’t get enough of sex. If I wasn’t thinking about getting high, I was thinking about sex. I wanted cock in my mouth, pussy or ass at all times. I’d sit in class and daydream about all of the guys fucking me, dripping with sweat and pounding my pussy like their fucking lives depended on it.  My pussy would just throb and get soaking wet daydreaming about being the center of attention in a gang bang. I’d get high and be SO ready to fuck, I’d fuck just about anybody just to feel a hard cock between my legs. It’s like I fucking NEED it. I wake up wanting to get high and fuck, and nothing will stop me until I am able to do both.

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