Anal cum dumpster Memphis

Anal cum dumpster

They bought me for a good price, $20 and a bag of dope, so I’m theirs to do with as they wish. That’s what I keep telling myself. But my heart still races with a touch of fear. A lot of the whores on the street talk about them, and what they’ve supposedly done to other girlies. But I stay still, face down, with a warning of if I don’t scream I’ll be fine. I can do that, easy, right? Right…

He’s in a chair, she crawls on the bed with me, I don’t dare look. Then a fingernail, long and unforgiving scratches a deep line down my back from my neck, painfully slowly to the top of my ass crack. Oh but it hurts so fucking good. My legs are being spread, then a tongue. A hot, delicious tongue, probing my ass, spitting on it, going inside, and back again. Then something cold, and huge, sitting up against my asshole. No warning, BAM! My asshole gets filled and nearly split in two by what feels like a huge, massive, rubber dick. She’s drilling me with her strap-on for all she’s worth. Holding my hips and fucking me hard and fast like it’s all she wants in the world.

She stops and moves. Next, something hard, and warm, and even bigger presses against me. There’s no way I can  take that dick as big and heavy as it feels. But I bite the pillow and hold on for dear life. Again, there was no mercy as he buried his shaft to the hilt in what once was my puckered little asshole.Over and over again he surges with all his might into me, holding my hair with one hand and my throat with the other. I can’t help it, I squirt all over us both as he surges the biggest load of man gravy deep into my ass I’ve ever had. It’s running down my leg and he is still surging into me! He pulls out and I slump over. Then I hear this lady’s amused voice, “Hehe now we can get started and have some fun!”

Oh, Fuck!

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