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Pimping Ain’t Easy

cum filled cunt cleoThe other night I went to the club and there he was in all his glory. There was no denying that he was a full fledged PIMP. He wore all white, the hat and coat were fur, he had the cane, the the shades, the strut, His pours oozed PIMP. I had to get a picture of him just to share with the girls and he posed for me gladly. Then he followed me around the club all night long trying to get me to be one of his girls. He promised me the sun and the moon. His antics were very entertaining and he was persistent to say the least. There was no way in hell I was going to let him pimp me out, I am not giving any one a cut of my money. But he did drop a shit load of money on me that night so the next day I agreed to meet him and let him take a few snap shots of me. I should have known his apartment was done in all white too. He tried to impress me with his lavish life style. Funny PIMP, he doesn’t think I know that all this was bought by dumb bitches willing to work the streets and give him a cut? I let him take his pictures. When he asked me to suck his dick I couldn’t help get wet, I love sucking cock. And then I had an idea. I said yes and got on my knees. I gave him a blowjob like he has never had before. I brought him to the edge several times, teasing him with my mouth and making his knees buckle. When I finally let him blow his load, I stood up and smiled, holding out my hand and telling him the pictures were a thank you for last night but the blow job would cost him. The look on his face was priceless, but he paid up. Silly little PIMP….

Taking the Train

Anal Sex WhoreI had to work late at work supervising a bunch of construction workers. And after I drained each and everyone of there cocks It was time to go home. I took the train so I could sit and play with my pulsating cum filled pussy and relive all the fun I just had! I didn’t even care who was watching me. I was lost in my own world. My legs were spread wide with two fingers shoved in my waiting cunt. I was so close to cumming! It was building and building when I felt someone grab my hand and pull me up. It was some gang banger’s on the train. I didn’t even see them get on. They were all talking at once calling me a whore. A slut! I told them to shut the fuck up and fuck me! I don’t was being pulled every which way. My tits squeezed and my clothes ripped off! Then I felt all their cocks at once! My asshole, my mouth, my cunt all being filled! It was pure heaven! Right there on the train. Being treated like a dirty whore. I have never cum so much in my life! I am going to have to start taking the train home every night!

Working Late at the Office!

Anal Sex WhoreI had to work late at the library today! And that fucking sucks! We are opening a new exhibit and I Had to supervise some of the workers. I was really hoping it would be done early so I could go out and party! I was sitting upstairs watching all the workers. There sweaty body’s working hard. I got so turned on I raised up my skirt and starting playing with my pussy! I knew they could easily see me and I really done give a fuck! My cunt is pulsating! And I need to be fucked. So I started moaning louder. Just to get their attention. And it worked like a charm! The guys watched me for a few minutes. Then they made there way upstairs to me! When they finally showed up I told them it was about time! I turned around and bent all the way over. Showing off my ass and pussy lips. I looked back over my shoulder and said “Who gets to fuck me first!” I didn’t bother getting their names! I dont give a fuck who they are. One by one I took each and ever hard cock and when I knew they were close I would scream cum inside me baby! And they all did! I am such a fucking cum whore!

The Cum Dumpster In The Parking Lot

Cum Dumpster HadleyTruth is I was fucking bored waiting for him to show up when I saw the two black guys looking at me like I was a cum dumpster. This bar was full of black men and I found my cunt wet, so wet, each time I realized I was being watched. I saw the two get up from their table as I entered the ladies room. I dumped a small pile of white powder on the rim of the toilet and almost fell on my ass trying to snort it. The thought of dirty cunt on that toilet seat made me even wetter as I choked the bitter drain down my throat and pinched my nipples hard as I felt the meth hit my bloodstream. When I opened the door they were waiting for me and I told them $100 each for my services, and found myself dragged into their car.

They pulled my shirt up and my shorts off. One sucked and bit my tits hard and the other rammed his fist inside my pussy so hard I yelled out in surprise. They slapped my face and told me to open my mouth only to take their black cock. Soon that was shoved down my throat hard. Fucking from both ends I felt my cunt quiver with each orgasm BBC Phone Sex Hadleyand they were not stopping any time soon. I could feel my holes being stretched so wide and they said the first load would not be the last. These two loved calling me a whore and before I knew it, I was being pounded hard from behind. Draped over the front seat with my legs stretched I saw the car door open and a new guy entered. I was unable to object since my mouth was being fucked pretty dam hard with more than one cock. I was just a white trash cum dumpster in this bar parking lot and the more they fucked me the more I wanted. Cock after cock took turns on all my stretched out holes. And by the time I was done I believe I had fucked the whole bar! They laughed at just how much I looked like a slut with all that cum dripping from my face and hair. In the end I made almost a grand, and they drove off leaving me in the parking lot. I looked up and noticed a few guys smoking outside the bar next door. “Time to make some money” I thought, as they approached grabbing their cocks through their pants.Crack Whore Anal Hadley

Horny Hump Day with a Trailer Trash Whore

trailer park whore sexy cougarsWell it is Wednesday and that means Horny Hump Day to a trailer park whore like myself. A few of my fellow cougar whores were over this morning and we had COCK on the brain. We put on some slutty clothes and trolled the trailer park for dick. We lucked out that it was Spring Break, so lots of young strapping boys were home. And what school boy doesn’t want to fuck 3 hot horny old broads? Derek was likely way younger than we thought, but I’m not a bar, I don’t need to check ID. I just need a hard working cock.

We molested that boy! We shoved our ample boobs in his face, smothered him with tits. Got his attention all right. His young cock was bulging in his jeans, so of course I let it out. Nice and thick too. We took turns sucking his shaft. We had to show him mature women know their way around a cock. Three seasoned whores on your shaft, you would lose your shit quick too. He came in my mouth pretty quickly, but I assured him our first names were Whore, our middle names were Hoover. We could bring him back to life in no time. While he was recuperating, I taught him the fine art of eating pussy. Every young stud needs to know his way around a woman’s clit better than her gynecologist. If a girl is getting her snatch licked well, chances are she has a cougar to thank.

trasy milf cougar cum dumpsGetting that glazed donut look, made our young stud hard again, just like I knew it would. I eat my share of pussy when cock can’t be found, and a cougar cunt is like fine wine, get’s better with age. And wetter! We all squirted his face with our old nectar. Since we were all so horny and needed to hump, we fought over who got his stiff pecker up their old snatch first. Age before beauty. Since I was the oldest whore, I got to hump him first. I rode him like an old cowgirl. My girlfriends sucked on my titties as I bounced on his throbbing cock. I could feel my clit getting engorged from the stimulation of his dick up my puss. I was reverse cowgirl so I could play with his balls too. Even slipped a cunt juice covered finger up his ass, which drove him wild.

I got another load of fresh boy batter up my snatch this time. I received two cums, my friends zero. But I assured them, with a young stud full of cum, he has an endless supply of cream for us greedy cum cougars. I licked his sweaty taint, slid another finger up his butt hole, and got him hard for my friends. I can make a dead man cum, so don’t think for a moment I won’t resuscitate your cock too. Young or old, on horny hump day, when I want fucked, I make it happen, again and again and again.

“Take you daughter to work” day

cum filled cunt freidaI just finished another shift swinging on the pole. I was gathering up my gear to head home and I couldn’t find that little brat anywhere. She typically waits in a small room back stage. I heard her giggling out by the pole so I went to check it out.

There she was wiggling her tiny little ass and rubbing up against the pole while someone in the audience was tossing dollar bills at her. She giggled as she hopped up and down to try and catch them. “Look mommy! I can do it just like you!”

I couldn’t see who the man was. It was dark in the sitting area and the stage was lit so bright that you can’t see anything else when you’re on it. I thought the place was empty. Hell, we closed over an hour ago.

I called out to see who it was but no one answered. Then he threw his neck tie at me.

“What do you want me to do with this?”

He tells me to tie her to the pole. I must have been high as fuck cus I agreed to do it. As I tied her soft little body to the pole I whispered in her ear that we were gonna play a game. She just squeeled with excitement. The voice ordered me to lick my daughters innocent little pussy. It was so smooth….so soft. I was getting so fucking wet.

She was just giggling. “Mommy, that tickles funny.”

The voice told me to keep her quiet or he would fill her mouth so she couldn’t talk but I didn’t hear him. I was really enjoying her tin little cunt. It has been a long time since mine was that fresh and tight.

Then I heard his pants unzip and drop to the floor.

I turned and tried to see him but I just heard his footsteps getting closer.

“What do you want?” I asked him.

“Just tell me what you want.”

Need A Little Irish In Me

cum filled cunt cleoIt’s St Patty’s Day! I am not Irish and really don’t need an excuse to go out and get trashed. But I love that tonight the guys are going to be out in full force, in the beginning of the week, drunk as fuck and looking for trouble. I am going to find me a hot Irish man, light skinned, red headed, freckled and ready to fuck a hot and trashy Latina bitch. When I say I need a little Irish in me I am not talking about a little dick, oh no. I want a big white Irish cock to fuck all my brown holes. I need to be stuffed full all night long. My tight brown ass and pussy are waiting to be filled of Irish cream tonight. I want to taste the luck of the Irish deep in my throat, I want to feel it all over my body silky and smooth. I have a nice and slutty green mini skirt picked out and a pair of thigh high boots that are fuck me fabulous. Ready or not boys, here I cum and you will be cumming to, I assure you!cum filled cunt cleo2

Fuck Me Already

I’ve been sitting out on the lawn all day, in my chair soaking up some rays. I am so sick of all the guy going by just hooting and hollering but never having the balls to come over and take a piece of my hot ass. Apparently my barley-there bikini is not enough – I am gonna have to bump it up for these fuckers so that they take a chance trying to fuck me – a chance I will easily give them. I don’t care how old or disgusting they are, as long as they have a cock and a tongue to satisfy this slutty little clit of mine.

I take off my bikini top and stick my tits out. It wasn’t long before one of the cars going by slowed down for a better peek. And what a lucky girl I am – it wasn’t just one guy, it was two… I pulled my bikini bottom to the side and spread my legs to make sure they got the message. They pulled right into the yard, bouncing up over the curb. I knew their cocks would be hard before they could get their doors open. I also knew my daddy was watching from inside the house, and thats always an extra turn on.

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The two guys got out of the car and walked over, cocks raging in their jeans. They were dirty and sweaty, just the way I like my men. Before I could get up out of my chair, one grabbed me by the hair and shoved his cock right in my mouth. I sucked away like a good little tramp, and the other guy took his place behind me and grabbed my bare ass with his grimy hands. He yanked my ass up as I choked on the cock in my mouth, and plunged his cock deep inside. I couldn’t help but wish I had removed my top earlier in the day – I mean what does it really take for men to get the message that this pussy is here for them to take?

Selfie For You

Is she gone yet? God damn that frigid bitch wife of yours sure does get in the way. I think I just saw her car head out – hopefully long enough for you to cum and pay me a visit. I need that big cock of yours. If that isnt enough, here’s a picture of me to get your dick hard and your ass over here to fuck my tight horny pussy. I know you want to shove your fuckstick in my tight young cunt, and not that dried up old bitch who spends all your money.

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I am naked and waiting, rubbing one out on my bed. The front door is open, and daddy is gone, so just let yourself in. I don;t even want you to say my name, just take off your clothes and grab me like the cum whore I am. Fuck my mouth and I will suck your balls and lick your ass – everything you think about all day long and you know you can’t get anywhere else. Look at my pink nipples – just waiting for you to pinch them and abuse them.

My pussy is so wet and I want to feel your hot cum squirt deep inside of me. I know it makes you nervous – fucking a neighborhood tramp like me – but I also know you can’t get enough of the dirty kinky things I do for you. I know how to please a man and am always as horny as fuck. I know you keep my pictures in your phone and hide them from her. It turns me on knowing your stroke your cock while you look at them. I love taking naked pics for you, baby, the only thing thats more fun is getting your cock buried deep inside me.