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Cum Dumpster Preperation

cum dumpster evonneI know what a man likes and I know how to be the ultimate cum dumpster for him. Hearing him moan and watching him jerk his cock while he watches us perform for him makes me just as hot as knowing that his load is going to fill me up and that there will be many loads to cum after him. My ass is high in the air facing him and she is finger fucking my pussy, getting it ready for all the dick that will fill it tonight. By morning my pussy will be so full of cum that it will be oozing out of me. I will be covered in sweet sticky goodness from all the cocks that will jizz all over me because another cock is inside me and they need relief. The life of a cum dumpster is perfect for me. I wouldn’t have it any other way and neither would you, I suspect.

Random acts of kindness for a whole week!

cum dumpsterWell apparently some day this week was random acts of kindness day…I personally am not the nicest girl in the world but I am feeling extra generous with my blowjobs! Only because I am extending random acts of kindness day into random acts of kindness week! It’ll do. I’ll be able to get in tons and tons of blowjobs in since I am making this last a whole week. I picture lots and lots of gangbangs, cum facials and of course lots and lots of ‘other’ juices too! My sex drive is limitless. I literally just keep going and going. I am constantly craving that rock hard cock to be in any one of my holes. I’m always thinking about all the taboo and nasty things I could be doing, which of course keeps me constantly wet… I am always horny and ready to fuck. I am addicted little slut! Addicted to the messier side of fucking that is…! So if you are like me and don’t mind getting dirty…and I mean completely fucking filthy then I would LOVE to talk to you. I would love to tell you how much I love shitting on you, pissing on you and being covering in your hot sticky cum. I can’t wait to be the one begging you to drop your load on me…mixing out shit and rubbing it everywhere. Allowing you to drink me sweet piss… I know I can even make you beg for it. I hope I’ve made it clear now that I am nothing like most girls, and I obviously don’t mind taking things to a more extreme level. All for this silly week of kindness!

Slutty Druggy Porn

druggy porn

Honestly I am almost always fucked up. I am always high on something and drinking too. I like the way it makes me feel. I like the way it makes those big black cocks hurt a little less and how it relaxes me to take it like a slut. Like a total BBC loving whore. We know I love big black cock and we know my good new friend loves it too. He loves to get nice and fucked up with me. He loves to watch all these big black dicks sliding in and out of my holes. My ass and my pussy of course but my throat takes it all too. Anything for that cum! One after the other I keep going, a girl like me is a total gangbang whore now and I know that I am going to have my body covered in that hot sticky load in no time. How can I say no anyway? I might just be too high…ha! Just kidding that’s not possibly, it just means I can take more black thick dicks!

Trashy MILF Threesome

trashy MILFTrashy MILF is a moniker I embrace. I am proud to be a whore because it means I am having fun. It means I am not denying myself any sexual pleasure like your wife who probably hasn’t sucked your dick since Bill Clinton fucked a young gal with his stogie. Yesterday my girlfriend and I went shopping for sexy lingerie. We had decided it was a girl’s day, but that was before this sexy guy saw us in the parking lot struggling with all our bags and offered us help. We have to pay kindness back the best way we know how. We invited him back to my trailer. Kelly and I love sharing cock. Still a girl date, just we added a random cock for fun.

cum guzzling slutTim didn’t mind crashing our girl time. In fact he always fantasized about two sexy mature whores fighting over his big dick. Kelly and I don’t fight, however, we share. I was laying on my bed so my bestie could play with my hard nipples. My head was tilted back so I could demonstrate my cock sucking abilities on our third wheel. His dick was oozing pre cum watching Kelly play with my tits and finger bang my cunt. Although I am a cum guzzling slut, I switched positions so I could take his dick up my cunt while I ate my best friend’s pussy. He nailed me hard which pushed my tongue deeper into Kelly’s twat with every thrust. Her juices coated my face. Tim was throbbing, about ready to blow from his fantasy cum true, when he pulled out of my cougar cunt. He want to spray us with his cum. Kelly and I love to share spunk. We kneeled before him as he jacked his shaft over our faces. He gave us a load big enough to share. We were cum dumpster sisters for a moment snowballing his seed. Best girl’s date ever.

Hot Cock Sucking For Random Acts Of Kindness Day

Cum guzzling slutTomorrow is Random Acts of Kindness Day. All the do-gooders will be out buying each others meal or coffee. Like a coffee really means shit? I’m not sure what I will be doing for the day. It will be hard to top last year. Last year we had this homeless guy who always ended up sleeping in our parking lot. I felt sorry for him as he seemed like a nice guy. On Random Acts of Kindness Day. I went in to work before the club actually opened and invited him in. I showed him to where our showers were, offered to wash his clothes for him, and cook him a meal. He was really grateful for the attention. I left him to his shower and dumped his stinking clothes in the machine. I fired up the grill, made him a burger and fries, and I poured him a draft. He peeked out of the shower room wearing nothing but the boxers I had handed him. I told him it was fine to come out as we were the only ones in the club. He came up to the bar and guzzled the food and drink quickly. I noticed, after he cleaned up, he was really an attractive man. I offered him a lap dance to which he happily accepted. As I was grinding on his lap, I could feel his cock begin to respond and he felt huge! In another moment , his boner had managed to pop out of the boxers. I couldn’t resist. I turned around, dropped to my knees, and began to give this homeless drifter a blowjob he would never forget. I took his 8 inches all the way down my throat several times. It wasn’t long before he was shooting a huge load of cum right down my throat and this cum guzzling slut swallowed up every single drop.

Dirty phone sex

dirty phone sex

Valentine’s is just a day with no meaning or passion. I haven’t had a man that really makes it memorable for me since I just have flings and not a real relationships since I’m not that kind of girl. Some women want Diamonds and others want to get fat on chocolate me on the other hand I want a cock deep inside me . So I’ll head over to the casino since I like to gamble and I’ll just wait at the bar for some man to offer his services. As I’m waiting a horse Jockey sits next to me and begins to order a bunch of drinks he smiles at me and buys me a couple of shots.Normally  I’m not into umplumpa’s but chivalry goes a long way especially when he has coke in his pocket. He invites me over to his room and we begin to party snorting and dancing and kissing like if we have known each other for years this man knows how to party.

Before you know it I’m butt naked handcuffed to a bed and getting my pussy fucked as this man snorts coke off my tits. As he slides his cock in and out of me he can’t help but scream at me since he is fucken high telling me that he is gonna leave my pussy sore! Before you know it I’m having a orgasim’s and cumming  all over his cock since he knows how to get in that pussy deep and fast. He turns me over on to my side rearranging my cuffs so I can go on all fours and he begins to fuck my shit hole as he calls me a dirty nasty bitch. He smacks my ass until it’s super red and bruised telling me that I’m just a fuck pig and to snort like a pig since I’m a useless cunt.

As I begin to repeat what he says he slaps me in the face repetitively and begins to piss in my face telling me to open my eyes and mouth since I’m just a nasty fucken whore and that  I’m only good for getting my cunt fucked. He then begins to fuck my ass hole again until he cums in my pussy until it begins to seep out , this man begins to eat his cum out of my asshole licking and sucking his juices. I took a gamble this Valentine’s day and it paid of since I got my cunt fucked just like what I wanted

The More The Merrier

phone sex line evonneWhen she called and asked if we could all get together my cunt began to flow hot sweet juices. We have gotten together before. They have the best fucking cocks and have the stamina of men half their age. And she knows how to lick pussy like no body’s business, They love watching us together, they love sucking our cunts side by side and then swapping, they love when we get on our knees and suck their cocks at the same time. We won’t leave my room until tomorrow, maybe longer. We never get enough of each other. This time I am filming he entire thing. My own home porn, something that I will enjoy when they are gone. I will have hours of fun with it.

Freaky phone sex with Ellen

I am the dirty whore you pick up after your drop off your bitch on Valentines Day. Your girl can’t take your big hard cock like I can. My used up pussy and ass wants you to fuck hard. I do not want some cute and sweet sex for Valentines day. I want my pussy and ass pounded. I want to feel your big thick cock deep inside all of my holes. I am a trashy nasty fucking whore.

Freaky phone sex

I want a man who gets angry when he fucks. I’m sure you had to eat your girlfriend’s pussy, and fuck her soft. Now its time to make me your bitch. Throat fuck me, make me choke on your cock and balls. Make me take every inch of your cock in my pussy. Make my asshole gape with your big thick cock. I am your dirty whore this Valentines Day! 

BBC Sex Stories: The Biggest Blackest Cock I Ever Sucked

bbc sex storiesBBC sex stories get my cougar cunt wet; especially mine! I love telling about the biggest dick I ever sucked. My daughter was a black cock whore, but up until the time I discovered that she loved dark dicks, I had never had black cock before. One guy she was fucking was older and black as night. She told me he had a mother daughter fantasy and begged me to help her make it come true for him. She was a slave to his cock. She was my baby girl, how could I tell her no, right? I had met Sean before. He was handsome, tall, very articulate and to be honest out of a trailer trash whore’s league. But he liked my daughter and she liked him. I trained her to be a big dick sucker, so I knew that was part of the attraction. This tiny white teen could handle his monster cock. I guess he wanted to see if she inherited her freak of nature cock skills from her mommy.

big dick sucker bbcI drank a shit ton of wine, did a few lines of coke so I could be prepared. Now I knew he had a big thick dick from my daughter. Did I think he had 14 inches of cock? No. I didn’t think cocks came that big. When he whipped it out, I swear my eyes popped out. I thought I was being punked like it was some prosthetic dick. But when I started to swallow that super sized shaft, I realized it was all real. My drunk high ass really struggled, but I got most of it in my mouth. My daughter was playing with her bald beaver watching her trashy MILF momma swallow her first nigger dick. I’m not sure what was hotter. Watching her or getting skull fucked by the hugest dick of my life. The real fun came when he fucked me. He wanted my ass but I knew better than that. My ass would have been forever ruined. Turns out that big black mamba snake ruined my pussy. Ruined it for small dicks. There is a reason that chicks say once you go black you don’t go back. Thanks to my daughter and her very well hung black boyfriend, I am a nigger loving whore too.

Big Dick Sucker

big dick sucker

I’ve seen a lot of cock in my day – some white, some black and some in-between but everyone knows black cock is the biggest cock and I came across the biggest and fattest dick I’d ever laid my eyes on just a couple hours ago. He even made me call him Daddy – what’s hotter than that? I was his little slut that needed to be punished. He made me gag so hard on his cock that I puked everywhere even. But he was far from done with his stupid little slut! He called me a whore and pushed my legs past my head as I took his cock deep into my cunt. He slammed it in and suddenly his friend was sliding his cock down my throat too. It ended with me getting my ass fucked and my face covered in cum as he finished his load in my ass and went for round two on my horny pussy. He was high and that massive huge cock of his the biggest one I’d ever seen was far from done with me.