Pissy Pool Party

Golden Showers Sex

I went to a pool party hosted by one of the frat houses. When I got there I found out I was the only one invited- looks like its more dick for me! I gave all of them killer head, sucking their dicks off like a professional whore. Then I got in the pool for a little bit of a break. Each and every one of the guys stood at the edge and started pissing. I swam under their golden shower with glee. I love piss so much! Then one by one they got in the pool with me and let me suck the piss out of their dicks while I enjoyed the water. Splashing in the water and their urine having a wonderful time. Then they turned my pussy and ass out, fucking the shit out of my holes and filling me up with their cum. What a great pool party! When is the next? 😉

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