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Trashy MILF Talent Recruiter


trashy milfThis trashy milf hit the goldmine by chance. I went to this dingy massage parlor. I go to scout out the talent. I am always recruiting ethnic beauties because sometimes my husband gets a client who wants an Asian or black girl. It is good business to have a variety of girls on retainer. There was a new girl working there who was half black and half Asian. Barely legal and so gorgeous. I don’t know if you know this but must girls who work in happy ending salons are working off their passage into America. They are part of the sex trade industry and live in squalor until their debt is paid in hours of work. This girl was clearly just off the boat meaning she had years of debt to fuck off. She was younger than most of the girls that have worked in the club. I made an impulsive decision. I bought out her contract. My husband is wealthy. Michael Jackson had giraffe money. We have sex slave money. She was scared at first, so I ate her pussy. Damn she tasted sweeter than watermelon on a hot day. She finally relaxed enough to let me give her pleasure. Her world was about to change. She is still a hooker for hire, but she will not be living in squalor and she can keep 90% of the money she earns. I told her she just needs to stay with us for at least a year, but she can come and go as she pleases because she is not a prisoner. She is now a member of my family. She is exotic. She will be a money maker and my sons will love her. She was the first human I bought, but I more or less leased her for a year. I think she will love being part of my family of sexy prostitutes, so she will never want to leave. I am going to make her addicted to my pussy eating skills.

Sexy prostitutes for your birthday party

Sexy prostitutesSexy prostitutes are so much fun to have at your wild birthday party, especially when it’s me and my girlfriends that you hire as your hookers for the night! Nothing is off limits for us, we are down for absolutely anything! We have a kinky reputation for being filthy as fuck, it’s no wonder you want us to give you some hot and naughty fun for your special day! It’s your birthday so you just tell us exactly how the fuck you want us to show up baby. Should we be dressed all nice in our sexiest lingerie or do you want us butt ass naked with every inch of our hott bodies exposed? I am the queen bee ring leader of my army of skanks and they know that their fuck holes are up for grabs for anyone who wants to have fun with them! It feels sooo good to get used up like a sex doll while getting paid for it. There’s nothing better than a room full of horny men with thick dicks that are just dying to sink their teeth into our cunts!

Anal Sex Whore

anal sex whoreBeing an anal sex whore is dirty work! Literally, dirty work. My husband had a client who wanted to fuck a very young girl in the ass. There were a few stipulations. One, she had to be an anal virgin. Second, he wanted her cleaned out beforehand, which meant an enema. I have no virgins in my brood, but I knew where to find one. I have befriended a few trailer park women. The kind of women who prefer heroin over their daughters. I can rent their daughters for clients in exchange for drug money or the lot fee. I tell my P callers, if they want some young pussy, befriend a smack addict mommy. They will sell their soul to the devil for a fix. I am not exactly the devil; however, if I can make money off your daughter’s virgin holes, I will. Carlie was strung out when I paid her a visit which was perfect. I gave her a few hundred dollars and I took her daughter for the night. Her little angel was getting turned into a teen anal whore. Now, I am not evil like my parents. I just want to please my husband’s clients and indulge their naughty desires. I got Katie cleaned up, gave her an enema beforehand, as specified. I explained to Katie that I would give her most of the money which was $3,000. She just had to hide the money from her smack whore mommy and get fucked in the ass by a dirty old man. That kind of money was like gold to a girl from a trailer park.  I was taking less than half the money. The girl does all the work and we don’t need it. I gave her a Valium to relax and that little girl engaged in hardcore anal sex with a man old enough to be her grandfather. After he shot his old spunk up her baby butthole, she told me if I ever needed her again, to please text her. I think she has discovered that her ticket out of the trailer park is with her jailbait ass and cunt. It was my ticket too. Smart thinking.

Been a Big Dick Sucker Since I was Young

big dick suckerBeing a big dick sucker is something I am good at. I have a mouth built for sin. I remember being a very oral girl. My mom tried to keep me away from her hooker life, but I was a natural. When a john offered my mom three times her fee to put his dick in my mouth, a star was born. I was a natural cocksucker. After that, I often sucked my mother’s johns for extra money. Once that happened, it wasn’t long before I started fucking her clients too. Mom felt bad about whoring out her daughter initially until she realized how much I loved it. I did. I remember enjoying it. I have been fucking and sucking most of my life. I ran into a guy and his son at this dive bar last night. The man was older than me, but the son was around my age. He thought he knew me. Once we got to talking, we realized that he was the first cock I ever sucked. I look just like my mother. He said to this day, it was one of the hottest experiences of his life enjoying my sweet young virgin mouth. I was down to fuck for old time sake. I had a kinky threesome with a father and his son. Not my typical father son hook up either. This was a 72-year-old man who was the first cock I ever sucked. It was just as hot as it was when I was a young school girl decades ago.  I let the old pervert fuck me and I let his son fuck me too. The sun couldn’t believe that I got my first head from his dead and now they were both fucking me. They say a woman never forgets her first. I think the guy never forgets when he is a girl’s first either.

Dirty Phone Sex Tales

dirty phone sexDirty phone sex is the only kind. I have callers like I have clients who just want to share in my dirty life. John is a john lol. He has been paying for my body for over a decade now. He has never wanted my brats. John is my husband’s age, so he is like 25 years my senior. His dick doesn’t work like it used too. He enjoys as foreplay listening to some of the shit that happened to me as a young girl. He doesn’t want to fuck a young girl, but he does enjoy hearing about how they have been mistreated. We don’t mistreat our brats. Sure, they are our sexy prostitutes, but they have agency to decide who they want to fuck. I had no agency. My life was a Lifetime movie. My youngest memory was being chained inside a little trailer behind a double-wide trailer. I didn’t even live in the same trailer with my folks. I never went to school. I barely talked. I lived in squalor in a fucking shack. I just waited until a man came in and fucked me. My mother brought me food and I would do my business in a coffee can. I don’t think neighbors knew I even existed. There was no love. There were no holidays or family celebrations. I was a prisoner. I was a cash cow. I was a sex slave. The more I talked about my sad upbringing, the harder John’s dick became. He felt bad about being aroused by my experiences, but I have been telling my stories to men like him and my husband for decades. The only thing that is the same about me is that I still like to fuck for money and I still like to get high.  I like a man who likes a dirty trailer trash whore.

Phone Sex Line with a Cowgirl

phone sex line

Revenge is a dish best served with a hard cock in my soft little mouth. I have always gone for the cowboys, but honestly how could a girl resist? They have those strong rough hands that a girl loves to feel roaming all over her soft body. This cowboy was no different, he was absolutely irresistible to me. I never really do relationships, but he was different. He was such a good time! We would get high together, and when we needed the money for more drugs he would even find a guy for me to fuck for the money. If I had to fuck men for the money, he would stay and watch to make sure that I was alright. He was my dream man, or so I thought. One day he came home late and there was lipstick on his collar that was not my shade of red, and there was a red wine stain on his shirt. The 2 of us only drink beer and whiskey. I knew then he was seeing another girl behind my back, so I devised a plan. When he was asleep I stole his precious truck and me up with his best friend. I put a camera on the dash board and his best friend climbed into the truck. In no time I had his pants off, and his hard cock in my mouth I made sure to keep eye contact with the camera the whole time. Then when he was good and wet, I climbed into his lap facing the camera. My eyes never left the camera while I slipped his best friends cock into my tight little ass hole. I let his friend cum in my ass, and invited all of his other friends. You can pretty much piece together what happened the rest of the night. I went home and let him eat my ass, and then I showed him the video of his best friend shooting his load into it. I can’t count how many times he brushed his teeth.

Toilet Play

live phone sexFor some odd reason I never thought of becoming a sugar baby. I always just slept with Randoms for my drug money. And the best part is I would even have to have an old man as my sugar daddy because I am willing to do literally anything. So, I found this guy online, and I was exactly what he was looking for. He sent me $10,000 just to go to lunch with him. I was amazed, this is exactly what I needed! We met up at a Mexican food place, and he was a very attractive Dominican man. Honestly, I was confused why he was paying me for this when he was so hot I would have fucked him for free. After eating as much as I could like he told me to, he asked he to go to the bathroom with him. Of course I assumed it was for a quickie, but boy was I wrong. Once in the bathroom together he locked the door behind us. He set $50,000 cash down on the sink my jaw dropped. He asked how far I was willing to go for that money, and I told him anything he wanted! He explained he was very into scat, and I had no clue what that meant. He told me he would show me. He picked me up and set me on the sink, and removed my pants and panties. He began flicking his tongue against my clit, and then he would blow on it. Then I asked him to stop so I can use the toilet and he explained that was the point, he wanted my warm wet piss to slide down his throat. He continued licking and blowing until my urine trickled down his throat, and to be honest it felt incredible. Once I peed all that I could, he bent me over the sink. He pushed my stomach into the sink while licking my ass. I had to stop him and ask if he wanted me to shit in his mouth, and he groaned fuck yes.  So, I shit in his mouth as instructed, and he loved every second of it. When done he fucked me like an animal, and came in my tight ass. I walked away with $50,000, and a date next week.

Family of Hookers for Hire

hookers for hireAnyone who knows me, knows I have hookers for hire. An entire family of young meat and me of course. Some clients want a young girl or a young boy or both, but many just want me. They want an experienced whore with no limits. Tony requested me solo for a 6-hour date last night. Normally, the clients come to the house, but he got us a suite at one of the fancy hotels in town. When I arrived at his room, I felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.  I was all gussied up at his request. I thought he might be taking me somewhere, but we never left his hotel suite. He had a big bag of coke and his teen son waiting for me. Tony likes the fantasy of a high-class woman being nothing but a trashy milf when she gets high. The joke was on him because that is me to a tee. I clean up well and can hob knob with the high society crowd, but once I do a few lines, I am nothing but a dirty whore. Tony’s’ son was a virgin and he thought he was too old to still be one, so he hired him a dirty milf to make him a man. I do love a teen boy. What woman my age doesn’t want a teen cock? Those are some of the hardest dicks around. I did a few lines, got high and seduced him. I started with head. Of course, he didn’t last long in my mouth. I gave him a hit of coke and that teen cock was rock hard again in ten minutes. Even his father was envious of how little downtime he needed. Tony Jr. banged the shit out of me for a solid hour. I felt bad taking daddy’s money. I will always do a teen boy for free.

Crack Whore Anal w/a Trashy Tranny

I’m a good crack whore anal loving tranny that will take whatever you got to give me. I’m such a femme cock sucking addict that can’t get enough of that hard ass fucking and my special package is a throbbing meat log that I am more than happy to share. I love to slip some sausage in a hot hole and speaking of holes, glory holes are such a fucking hot time for me.

I was in a glory hole the other night and I love to give and receive and boy did I receive… I had about five big cocks that wee morning and they had this shemale slut moaning like the whore I am. I took a hot ass or two but I was more about taking all that big stranger cock myself and boy was I a cum filled sleaze when I left that place.

Crack Whore Anal

I Love College


druggy porn

College parties are the shit! There’s always hot muscular guys that are willing to give free drugs to slutty girls like me. I make sure to wear a super short jean skirt and a see through pink tank top, and I’m ready to party it up. I went to the closest college party, which wasn’t hard to find on a Friday, and was ready to score some free drugs. When I walked in I walked to the kitchen first to get some booze. Once I downed a few cups it was time to start opening doors until I found the room with the drugs in it. When I finally found the room it was 7 or 8 guys passing around a mirror with little white lines on it. I asked if I could join them they said sure for $15. When I told them I could offer them something better than money I knew I really had their attention. I went back downstairs and found 2 random girls that were dirty druggie sluts like me. I led the girls to the room, and told them to sit in the middle of the circle. Of course payment before the show, so I snorted 2 lines. Then I instructed the girls to undress and start making out. While they were making out I began licking one of the girls’ pussy and playing with the others, and then switching. Next, I taught the girls how to scissor each other while I made out with them both. Most of the guys were touching themselves and going crazy, except one who looked unimpressed. So, I grabbed his hand and pulled him to the side with me. I got completely naked and spread my legs and pussy lips wide open for him. I could tell he was a football player by the way his strong arms held me while he destroyed my cunt. I’ve never came so hard in my like. I love college parties.

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