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We are going to do it at the Movie Theater

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Call me what you want I love my boyfriend Jeff, he is a major fucking freak. My boyfriend Jeff he loves to do nasty things all over the place, what should we do tonight while I’m thinking very nasty bright I’m ready to get fucked hard but we’ve got to find a place that’s perfect. I heard that a new movie was coming out tonight and everyone is going well that’s the perfect place we are going to get some action in tonight. I want to fuck him like a stallion ride his dick hard that’s my fucking baby I’ll do whatever he wants I love him and the movie theater is waiting. Yep we are going to make our own little fucking porno we’re going to do it in the movies I’m going to ride as fucking cock in a packed and sold-out show.

On The Hunt 

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Most girls call me a secret slut they say that I sneak around with their boyfriends. Guess what most girls are correct about me I will take your fucking man away from you I don’t give a fuck about your feelings. No one gave a fuck about my feelings when I was in love a good girl doing nothing wrong telling the truth all the fucking time where did it get me nowhere I was the loser. Now I am convinced that I am not going to be a loser any longer so you bitches better watch your men. I don’t have morals I don’t need them for what I’m going to be doing to your boyfriends. And don’t worry girls I believe in total satisfaction I also believe in total compensation so all those pretty little trinkets that you used to get from your hubby’s I’ll be getting those things now. I want those nice fucking negligees I want those beautiful red bottoms I want all of that fancy shit and you rich bitches better really watch out cuz I do want a new Mercedes Benz and that is not a joke.

The Kitty Cat Monster 

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Paul is a nasty motherfucker, he is always taking his dick out in public places like parks and beaches and public bathrooms. Paul says that he likes to make women’s pussies wet with his huge 12-inch cock, he calls it the kitty cat monster. One-night Paul and I were walking in the park when all of a sudden, a woman was coming towards us jogging Paul gave her direct eye contact I knew what he wanted to do she gave him eye contact too. Paul said to me when she passed by, she wants to see my cock she wants me to pull it out, I laughed I told him he better not. Although I did get kind of wet thinking about him doing it right there in front of me and her, it’s amazing how big his cock is too. The woman ran past us again this time as she was approaching he grabbed his crotch her eyes went instantly down she looked back up and smiled. Paul said to me that woman wants to see my cock, she really wants to see my hard cock and that’s not all I responded to him if she runs around again show it to her. The woman ran around again as she was approaching he stopped her way and he grabbed his cock and unzipped his pants and slung it out. The woman stopped She licked her lips you could see her nipples getting rock hard I was getting so horny too. The lady asked Paul could she touch it he said sure So she touched his big hard cock. The lady said let’s go behind the bushes and I’ll suck your cock for you Paul agreed I walked over with him do you want to know what else happened.


Albert Loves Doms 

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Milly is this Dom who is teaching me the ropes, she’s a boss fucking bitch who doesn’t take any fucked up antics from her peter pet’s, that’s what she calls them. Milly envited me to a session she was doing with one of her peter pet’s, named Albert. Now Albert is a portly little short man who loves to be dominated in every way, he sucks toes, eat’s ass crack dirty, takes whippings he basiclly does and takes it all. On this day we tied him up and tickled tortured him until he was crying and begging out loud. We shoved dildos in his face forcing him to kiss them and he did it without any issue s. We dressed Albert up in pantyhose and a hott pink fuck me dress with fire red lipstick on then we forced strap-ons down his throat and tore the pantyhose while drilling his ass with ten inch strap-on. There is a funny thing about Albert he never says enough so there is so much more that went on.


I Sucked His Cock so Hard

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I want to know something, I am very concerned because I did something the other night that was disturbing to say the least. There is this guy who I’ve been having let’s say consensual sex with we’ve been fucking and it’s been good. The other night I wanted to do more than just fuck him because he fucks me so well that I thought I would give him some of my A1 special edition blowjob action. I invited him over to the house when no one was here but this time I didn’t want to have sex. I laid him down in my bed and I started to suck his cock. I closed my eyes and I got out of control a bit you see I sucked his cock to the balls and I sucked so hard that my gums started bleeding. I think that I scared him because even though he came so big I know that he saw the blood and probably thought that I sucked blood from his cock. Guys I’m lost I wonder can someone tell me even though he was exhausted afterwards do you think that he doesn’t want me to do it again.?

Walking in the Streets

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I woke up last night my pussy was so wet I had to go outside and get a bit of air. My cunt was on a search, I really needed dick. I started walking down the road in my trailer park, it had to be around 2 in the morning. I ran into Dale and he was drunk and ready to fucking rail in my cunt like a tire swing. Dale said to me, “What are you doing out here at two in the morning sugar pussy” and I responded, “Trying to give you some sugar honey.” I needed to be rammed so bad that I bent over right where we were which was between two trailers and I opened my ass cheeks and let him force his fuck rod so deeply into me. He fucked me like an animal and I loved it.

Bedtime Betty

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Charles has a blow up doll that he calls Bedtime Betty and Charles does very nasty shit to that plastic sex goddess and he thinks he’s not a gotdamn freak lol. One thing Charles loves to do is dress the doll up in pantyhose and he puts his own pair of pantyhose also. It’s all so funny because he wants me to laugh at him while he’s doing his thing with her. Charles likes to be called vulgar names by me too. He tells me ha can’t get enough. We have a great time for hours, he stabs Betty with his little tiny tinkle monster that gets too funny. He dances with her and cums in all of her holes. When Charles gets done he does something different than any other man I know yes when Charles has used Bedtime Betty to the fullest he curls up in a ball, sucks his thumb and begs to be burped. I don’t know why but he has to do it or he says he feels incomplete. Bedtime Betty and I together are the best combination for Charles. Happy Valentines Day Charlie, I love you

Fuck Me With Your Big Old Cock

I want you so bad it makes me crazy inside.  I’m going insane and I’m looking forward to riding your big old big old cock. I know your wife thinks that it’s her cock, but that bitch doesn’t know it’s both of ours she should share it baby and since she won’t voluntarily I guess I’m going to have to make her. You know she’s boring you know she doesn’t fuck with rhythm when she rides your cock and she can’t take it she’s always complaining. Your cock was meant for me to suck. Your balls were meant for my tongue to lick and I love it and I can’t wait to do it. I worship you she doesn’t know the meaning of appreciation, why are you still spending your money with that bitch she’s nothing let that fucking whore be your maid and let me move in and fuck you right in front of her face. I want you to stuff your cock in my ass and fuck me hard we are going to video tape it for her. That selfish tramp can clean up after us that’s what she can do. You know I love being your slut I’ll let you fuck me however you want there are no rules for me you do it deeply and I’m going to let you do anything you choose. And you can spank me when I’m naughty hell you can spank me when I’m good I like that hot spicy sting on my ass whenever you give me a nice hit shot.

Feast on this Orgy

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I’m going with Janice tonight and Janice goes places that are so weird and strange and sexy at the same time but I’ve always been afraid to hang with her. And Janice is beautiful she’s so fucking hot big triple D tits that are just so fucking great and that candy bubble ass is so fucking fire hot. Not to mention those big bold blue eyes and that sexy bald pussy that she waxes all the time. And Janice knows she’s such a nasty cunt and she doesn’t give a fuck. So anyway, tonight we’re going out to a special feast indeed and it’s going to be exciting and that’s exactly what she told me. Oh, what a nasty girl what a fucking alley cat slut I thought she was bad, but I didn’t know I had no idea just how bad she was, she is a devilish little fuck fairy and she took me with her. And she’s going to make me whip cream cum everywhere too. Janice told me when we were at this place she said, girl you’ve got to be hot and I was scared, and Janice said don’t be because it’s okay I’ll protect you she started to suck on my nipples to calm me down. Then Janice bit my nipple started to suck good told me she wanted to taste me I told her that she could she ate my pussy royally she drove her tongue and so damn deep and then she took me out with everyone else. And everyone Feasted on me they did things you can’t believe. Call me if you want to know all about what they did to me.


Treat Me like I Deserve to be Treated

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I got this guy he loves me like nobody loves me he just pays attention to my needs he doesn’t care about the things that other guys lose their minds over at all. David wants to make me happy make me really happy and he satisfies me he does what I need all the time he is my everything and I need him, and I love him, and I truly appreciate what he does for me. He does everything he does everything David it is my dream he is and when he tells me that he loves the way I behave he loves the real me the me the nobody else I want David to always be by my side I am his number one and he is my prize. He has a fireplace and a Texas ranch and it’s so great to be under him and I love when his cock is hard because it makes me feel so damn good. He really gets raunchy to he really gets so damn raunchy he’s nasty or the most but he’s good you know what I mean. David is a joy because he knows I am going to be there for him I want to fuck him I want to suck him I want to let him pierce my pussy can be so wet he loves to smell it. He loves to smell under my tits and that just turns me on. I Can’t Get Enough this man is the real deal he’s amazing. Every time I say yes makes me want to say yes

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