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Fuck Me Hard


Cum guzzling slut

I like to get fucked, and I want to fuck now I want my pretty pussy licked I want my ass licked too. I love to get drilled, and I want you to drill me you can fuck me in the back of your car it really Thrills me. I’m a nasty whore I’m a cunt whore bitch I like to be nasty I can’t wait to get fucking out of control. You can do whatever you want you can bring your brother along I need to fill both of my holes up and I’ve got my father here too I’ll suck his cock in front of your face and make you feel so hot. Do you like it really wild I’m asking you because I can make it come true? What are your fantasies what are your dreams are your joys for me so fucking hot? I’m a cum guzzling slut I like orgies you can put some fucking Dick’s sausages inside of my cunt. Nasty bitches like me we never worried about girlfriends I’ll fuck you in front of your girl I don’t give a fuck. You can fuck me real hard in front of my boyfriend because he’s a wimp I made sure of that so do you want to do more than just be a bystander. I don’t have a lot of love because love is for weak bitches I’ve got a lot of cum because I’m a cum guzzling whore. My cunt is always trying to satisfy you if you’re nasty as fuck then I like that because I’m nasty too.
Like I said I like to get fucked I love to suck dick I want and I desire to be fucked really hard. Kiss my ass suck my booty do whatever makes me feel good I promise you I’m going to do the same. Would you like a rimshot I can give you the best one I’ll have you shaking and twitching and begging for more? Who’s the sluttiest whore in the fucking place I would think that that was me I can get fucked in the morning I can get fucked in the evening. I’ll fuck you right in front of my grandpa why he jacks his old wrinkly dick because he knows exactly who I am he took part in making me this. Do you want to make me moan and groan I can suck your dick to the balls you can shoot cum down my throat I’ll let you do it all night long. Get nasty with me I don’t have any taboos whatsoever. With me, you’re going to have the time of your life you’re definitely going to bust a big fat fucking load, and you’ll be coming back for more I guarantee.

Cum filled cunt

I Love to Fuck


Cum dumpster

I love to fuck I like to get high and I love to be a bad girl. If you can be with me, I promise you I’m going to give you what you need. I want to be all of your desires I want to shove your big fat rock hard cock deep into my mouth and suck it all the way to the balls. I worship your throbbing cock I love the way it feels when it’s inside of any one of my holes. I really love to last night when we fucked at the club in the bathroom. All the pretentious girls act like they don’t do nasty things but me I don’t give a fuck about that shit I love being who I am and I appreciate that you want to fuck me all the time. I knew when I first met you that you like nasty chicks with big tits and hot wet pussies. There is no doubt in the world that I have the hottest most soaked cum filled pussy that you could ever get a hold of, and I don’t have any fucking problems handing it out like advertisements especially to you. I love when you let me fuck your friends, in fact, they pay excellent amounts money to shove their big fat football cocks inside of me. I’m a horny whore I know it and the day that I care about what someone thinks about that will be the day that the world caves in and falls from the sky. All of your friend’s lust after me they love fucking me they love videotaping they love posting me on all the social networks, and I don’t care what other bitches think I like the attention. I’m a sizzling hot slut I’m the best at what I do hell I’m better than the hookers on the fucking Street because I look like a daddy’s girl really innocent until you get me in the bedroom that is. Babe, I just have to tell you your father he’s been looking at me real raunchy lately like he wants to shove his old man cock deep inside of my hot wet young pussy and I think that we should let him after all he does have a lot of fucking cash. You’re hot that means your father could be just as fucking spicy and I want to find out. So why don’t you make that happen soon?

Cum guzzling slut


Ass Fetish


No taboo phone sex

Give me your delicious milk filled cock I want you to feed it to me Daddy. Feed me your sweet asshole too daddy because you know I need it. I’m going to lick between your butthole, and I mean I’m going to eat your beautiful burro clean I love it, I completely love the taste of your rimshots my love. I also have the absolute need to suck your large savory ballsack from the back. I want you to feel my soft wet tongue licking up and down your sizzling hot ass for you. I can make you feel right when I slurp on those meat bullets for you and dip your big fat dick into my mouth. All I keep thinking about is making you cum until your completely dry. I have a nasty fetish to make you feel, so ass sucking good because you make me feel so fucking slutty good. I love the way your long hard rock solid cock drives into my anal cavity abusively. I get instantly weak when I imagine giving you a rim job in your sweet tight asshole. Give it to me and don’t hold back push that brown round into my tongue, come on baby push that ass into my lapping tongue Daddy boy. Papa, you keep me knowing you are so great and you remarkably secure my heart. I love munching on your ripe butthole, and I require a whole bunch of big titty girls around you feeding you their tits while I’m eating your ass and sucking your cock. Every one of the sexy cum guzzling whores will do nothing less than the best to make you happy believe me, that’s all we want. Daddy, you can be sure your satisfaction comes before anything else. You need this, and you have been so good to us that you deserve to be treated like a sex star and spoiled. Wouldn’t you agree that my sexy slutty little playmates and I can get the job done? Daddy, it feels so good to please your whole strong body. Remember when I said to dream big when you have your naughty dreams, I said that because I have always had big ideas. I”ve got ten hot nasty fucktoy cum-dumpster bitches surrounding you all with big double D and triple Ds tits. I’m so excited to please you and give you a time that you .wont forget. We all want your dick cream to spray us down.


Cum guzzling slut

This is Your Year

Anal sex whore

Do you want to fuck my tight puckered ass this morning and make me feel so damn good? I want to let you take control this new year you can do whatever you want there are no hang-ups or taboos as far as I’m concerned. And this year you can have cum guzzling creamy sex just how you truly desire it, and I don’t want you to hold back at all not one bit. Whatever you’re nasty cravings are I want your cock to drizzle from making them come true. Your body needs the fantasy that it craves for you to get out of control and feel the very best you can, after all, this is not the year of subpar satisfaction this is the year of complete sexual freedom. You know that your fully loaded cock is special you know that you deserve to feel just like a man exhausted from pleasure. Don’t cheat yourself any longer you deserve to be treated like a sexual star. I believe in complete joy I believe in Ultimate satisfaction I believe in more than fun I believe in fantastic fanatical fun. This is a new year it’s your time become who you are a cum unloading dick pleased satisfied man. You need hot nasty freaky lot lizard cum dumpsters for 2019, bitches that will have you shooting sperm everywhere. I am definitely one of those cum dumpster whores who is sure to please call me now. I can show you just how good life is on the wild side. I will bet you good money that I will be your best fuck for the new year. My pussy is always wet and steaming hot, and you can be sure that I am still in the mood. I love eating a dick and swallowing loads of cum. The best part of me is I can’t wait for you to spray me down with your Jimmy Juice.

Cum guzzling slut


The Sex Show

Orgy phone sex

I am a slutty cum dumpster and I want my brother to lick me stick me and penetrate me with great force. I just want your cock, you can do whatever you desire, and you don’t have even to have a thought to stop. I was thinking maybe that you and my brother could come on over and have some sexy fun with me. I am so tremendously aroused my body is shaking to be disturbed by your big fat throbbing cock. I need everything all of the sex that I can handle. I want to be trapped in your arms and in your dick grip. You can make of it whatever you want in fact you can call me a slut, a whore, a bitch, a tramp whatever makes you happy because I will be that. I do trashy sexual shit all of the time, and I love to be that way no one can stop me either. This is me, in a nutshell, I’m wild, and I’m always all over the place, whoever has a problem with it they can eat my cum filled cunt. I hate sorry motherfucking bitches that stop my brother from being my sex pet. I hate motherfuckers that hate for us to have orgies, I say so what that I fuck my brother and all of his friends it’s okay with me so it should be okay with the world. My brother and his friends are sexy to me, and I’m a nymphomaniac that means I need to be pleased sexually every day all day long and only they can do it right. My brother and his friends and myself we put on a show sometimes, sex shows so that everyone who can appreciate us gets a chance to see us in action and tonight we plan to do one of our best shows so get you a seat and Let’s Get It On.

no taboo phone sex

I’m Fucking him Tonight


Cum dumpster

I really like this man, I’m super interested in him but I love playing hard to get, and he knows it the thing about him is he’s patient, and that turns me on to. On this particular day, he had waited so long, and I decided Within Myself I wasn’t going to make him wait any longer, but he didn’t know about that in case I changed my mind because I’m that kind of shifty girl. His eyes brown are amazing, his lips are shaped like hearts with his profile in full view. He is so sexy and his feet oh my God the way that he wears shoes excites me, they hug his feet like a fucking wrapper on a piece of candy. I lust for him, but that’s not the point I don’t want to make it easy just because of my weakness I get turned on by his lust I like the way he spoils me. I crave how he treats me, and I still play hard to get, but something was different on this day everything was working in his favor. I was super horny he was super horny he had waited so long he gave me the best present for my birthday, and I still said no to him. He’s a flower guy he loves giving me roses it does make my nipples hard. I get crazy horny but I always fight it, and I know that’s kind of disturbing to him but that only makes me feel like I’ve got the edge. I had a dream that we were fucking and I decided that I was going to make that dream come true at any cost. I wasn’t the one who was going to initiate or at least I didn’t want him to think I was starting anything instead, I would let him toy with me and tease himself just a little bit until I was ready to give in. Finally, I couldn’t help myself I open my legs as we watched a movie and I allowed him to go past my thighs for the first time he took full advantage. I felt Sam’s warm, strong hands running up my thighs until he reached my bald shaved cunt covered by my lace white panties. Being that I had never allowed Sam to go that far, he became over excited and pulled my panties to the side and thrust his thumb into my cunt hole. I shivered in pleasure as he entered into my soft dripping wet cum dumpster. Sam took his thumb out of my cunt and put it in his mouth before smiling and diving his tongue into my pussy. I screamed in pleasure which made him even more aggressive and tantalized. That was the beginning.

My Cunt is so Wet

Cum filled cunt


My cum filled cunt is wetter than ever and I am so very fucking horny today. It’s a beautiful day outside the sun is shining the wind is blowing Softly and Jeremy is coming over to visit me. Jeremy is a sexy blue-eyed 6 ft 4 tall, gorgeous guy with broad shoulders and huge hands and feet. Jeremy is going to fuck me out of control, and I relish the moment he knocks at my door. In fact, I think I’m going to answer my door on my knees and start unzipping his pants and taking his substantial rigid cock out I’ll suck it like a mad woman all the way to the balls because this man turns me on. My nipples are hard as bricks, and my pussy is dripping wet, I’m so fucking horny I can’t contain myself. Jeremy used to be shy before me, but now he is an absolute freak ready to do anything at any time. I also need to say I’m leaving all of my windows open so everyone who looks into my apartment can see me boning that fucking cock. I love Jeremy’s cock it’s enormous 10 and a half inches of meaty monster cock, and he can fuck for hours. I love when Jeremy fucks me he doesn’t hold back since I taught him how to do it right. The most significant part of it all is that Jeremy has no idea he’s such a fucking hot cock monster because he was a virgin when I got ahold of him. Happy fucking Christmas to me.


Cum guzzling slut

I want that fucking recipe


Creampie slut

Well, it’s the fucking holidays, and all the bitches that come out of their stuffy holes get on my nerves. It’s time to get these whores back, my aunt gets on my goddamn nerves because she won’t give me her secret recipe that I need so much for that special super delicious rum cake she makes all the guys cocks hard with. She loves to keep her fucking secrets, well guess what I’ve got a secret of my own auntie’s husband is going to steal the recipe for me. I told him I would give a sweet taste of my hot wet pussy if he gets me what I want. I promised my aunts hubby that I would give him the full satisfaction sexual experience, I want that goddamn recipe so badly. I know I’m Petty, but I don’t give a fuck because I asked that bitch like 14 times for her recipe and she just laughs at me and says, it’s a secret. Guess what whore your husband is a secret too, he’s my secret fucking Santa and I put high Expressions on fucking. I got to that bitches house and didn’t waste any time at all everyone was at the table downstairs mingling drinking having a good time. I was upstairs I had to excuse myself to go to the bathroom. Conveniently my auntie’s hubby also found his way to get out of the crowd. Joshua, my aunt’s husband met me upstairs in their bedroom of all places. I was already wearing no panties, I pulled my dress up and leaned on her bed and let him force his throbbing cock head into my tight wanting asshole. Joshua sure can beat a fucking asshole and a pussy like a boxer. I think this won’t be the last time that I’m fucking him. Everybody was all gleeful downstairs while I was full of glee in my auntie’s bed except for my happiness was squirting out of my sultry dripping wet cunt hole. Before I even could say anything auntie’s husband’s rock hard nine-inch cock rammed inside of my pussy doggy style, he started fucking me viciously, and I loved every minute of it. Joshua is a maniac in bed I almost didn’t even care about the recipe, but I did want it. After we fucked, he stood on his deal and gave me the recipe now I’m the one who’s going to make the best rum cake for Christmas. Happy holidays auntie. I guess next time you’ll be a smart girl and share instead of making me get what I want my own way.

Cuck Fucks are Much Better


Trashy milf

I want to be your fuck toy, and I’ve been thinking about you all night ever since you walked in this bar. You grab my ass the other night, and you squeeze my tight little-puckered bubble ass. When I got home to check I still had your fingerprints in my ass. I know I’ve got an old man, and he gets jealous, but I decided that I want to fuck you in front of him. Can you get down with that I love your big massive black cock so much you’re a crazy guy, and that turns me on. My husband, he’s such a fucking square he doesn’t know anything about having a good time I’m just done with his little bitty cock, it’s shameful. Last night my husband cried he told me that my pussy was too deep, I pushed him off of me I was grossed the fuck out at that point. I want you to show him how to make me feel like a woman because he can’t do it he’s got 3 inches of nothing. My sorry no cock husband is always so damn stupid the only reason I stay with him is because he spends money but that’s why I’m always at the bar, and I think I found the right guy to do the job. I’ll give you a significant blow job I know your cock is super huge because when you took my hand and forced me to put it on your crotch, I felt that large dick print. I can’t stop thinking about you I want you to show him what satisfies me he will never be able to do it but I could get him to pay you. I could also get him to clean us up after you spray your big fat load in my pussy he is such a wimpy, weak fuck her anyway. I know he’ll do anything for me, that’s why I want you to come over to my house tonight. I’m going to give you the key so you can walk in like the man of the house. My husband will be there making dinner for us, he will be wearing an apron I think that’s so fucking stupid but I allow him to be my maid because he sure can’t be my cock. You could even sleep in the bed with me we’ll put him on the couch I want you to fuck me, in my bed you don’t have to worry about anything. My husband is a submissive piece of shit he doesn’t have a strong bone in his body at all.

Talk Box

Cum guzzling slut

Let’s fuck in a place of worship we can get nasty if you want to I don’t have any taboos at all I’ll do anything for a thrill. I have a confession to make why don’t you take me and put me in that talk box so you can hear every single word I say I’ve always had a perfect time I never cared what anyone else thought I never thought anything else was important at all. I like having a good time fun is my middle name so why would I pay attention to stop signs and blaming and shame. I’m a hot bitch, and hot bitches like me always think of ourselves we don’t give a fuck about you so get it through your thick head. I spend guys money because they give it to me they like my type puckered bubble ass they love the way I can swallow cum without any need to gag. I need to be the center of attention I like when all eyes are on me. If you’ve got a problem with that, don’t come around me bitch if you’re jealous that your own fucking problem you could join in and not be jealous but look at you-you’re stupid as fuck. You’re never going to have fun you’re always going to be a boob and not a big pretty one. I can’t stand a jealous bitch who seems to hate my guts what the fuck am I supposed to say I like her no that’s okay she can go somewhere and bury your face in the sand. If a jealous bitch makes me mad I will fuck her father I will fuck her boyfriend, or I will fuck her Grandpa I don’t give a fuck. Bitch I want to make you cry I want to make you feel the truth about me I’m not to be played with so you better keep your jealousy all to yourself, or you’re going to pay. I don’t give a shit about your feelings bitch put those things in a condom and fuck yourself with them cuz they’re making you real hard anyway. I like all of the really fucked up shit don’t be nice guys get wild I’ll let you have your way with me especially if you have a girlfriend I like those kinds of guys.

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