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All of my beautiful my girlfriend’s rented a motel room for my birthday. They told me they had a big surprise for me, I was uber excited I didn’t have any idea what it was my girlfriends were up to. My girls are so fucking fun they love to do the most where ever we go, and I really like them for that. We drank Moet and got drunk in the room, we were licking each other’s honey cunts while getting fucked up off of coke. Oh my God, it was amazing we ate marijuana brownies it was great. Then at 12 midnight, we got a knock at the door, and oh my goodness that’s when the party started. 15 guys walked into a room, and they were going to fuck me first because my girlfriends were fluffers for them. I feel so special the top slut I get as much cock as I want for me, of course, I love it cuz I’m a stupid slut inside. Gangbang Central I’m getting my cunt banged in fucking and getting fucked so hard. I must have got fucked by all of those guys at least twice. I got that birthday dick special 15 big hard dicks pulsating for me, the guys they were white and Spanish and black wow was all I could say. My girlfriends said they were specially chosen for me, they said they picked them all special for me, no cock was under 10 inches that was astounding. Cock for my birthday cock in my mouth cum all over the place I loved it.

Mr. New Sponsor

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Mr. Bradly is a wealthy guy with a lot of pull; he’s not a regular dude Mr. Bradly is a high roller with a great deal of clout in his field. I get to go on trips at the expense of Mr. Bradly; we travel to places that are beyond beautiful. I feel like a princess when I am with Mr. Bradly because he spoils me. This month I received a gorgeous Kate Spade handbag with five thousand dollars inside. I couldn’t get over the fact that he remembered my birthday. Mr. Bradly loves to suck my pussy and dig his tongue deep inside of my creamy cunt. We make love in such fabulous positions for hours until the both of us fall out. Whenever I am laid out on the bed exhausted from hot sweaty lovemaking I grab a joint and we get high together. Mr. Bradly likes to be completely discrete, and I respect his wishes, but I still had to tell you a little story about him. I can’t tell you too much about him, but I want you to know he sure is a winner.

Jelly Me No Taboo

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Fuck me in my ass I like it that way I’m a sexual monster, and I can’t help myself. So today is one of those days when I’m feeling really raunchy, and when girls like me feel really raunchy, we get cum guzzling nasty. I want to fuck your face and paint you with all of my juices. Then you can dump cum all over me like the cheap fucking slut that I am. Call me nasty whore it’s okay with me I can be a dirty bitch, and I love it too. We can be wild I mean out of control, it’s okay sweetheart you know that I’m more than good I’m the best. You know I’m really fucking horny right now I could fuck you extraordinarily hard I love being passionately beaten up with a cock in my mouth and my ass and my cunt. I’m selling everything this time and at a great deal. I’ll give you head and toss your salad for the right price of course. Do you want to fuck a pro and offensive whore, the one who’ll be the nastiness of all of them well that’s me, you can do it all as long as you pay the right price. I like the big money I love fast cars I love rich men, and I savor big dicks if you have got that then you’re the one. Get in touch with me so we can fucking make some fierce love. I wonder, do you like to be a Trick Daddy because you can be my Trick Daddy and you can fuck me you can tie me up too if you want. Whatever you pay for is what you get, and we can be as ruthless as you fucking want I do not have limits. I left my taboos somewhere down the road when I was fucking out in public in front of like 40 people. My girlfriend was Instagramming me giving head to this random guy, I must say that I was perfect. I looked at the playback, and I was so proud of myself. That’s what kind of nasty little salacious tramp bitch that I am so let’s have a good time now.

My Ex is Back to Join in


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My ex-boyfriend called me and asked me could he come over to my house and like a fucking dumbass I told him it was okay. My ex-boyfriend is a goddamn maniac, in fact, he’s a certified sex maniac I think there’s another therapeutic name for it, but I don’t respect him enough to think about it deeply. Maybe it’s a sex addict, maybe his therapist calls him a sex addict. Anyway, this mother fucker has been chasing me and stalking me and getting on my fucking nerves every since I left him alone. Don’t get me wrong, I love sex, but I just hate the way he behaves he’s so greedy and eats my cunt for at least 2 hours he sticks his big fat thick long tongue into my gushing pussy so profoundly. My ex-boyfriend makes me cry when he’s inside of me because his dick is 11 inches and it’s so fucking fat. I know he’s great in bed it’s just that he wears my body completely out, I mean he cannot get enough of my fat wet cunt. He tells me that he has to have it at least five times a day and there is where the problem is. You see, I can’t lay and fuck him all damn day long and he doesn’t work anywhere. Since he doesn’t work, it makes me have to go out and fuck other guys for money, and since I have to do that, I don’t want to be so fucking tired. He told me he had an idea and wanted to talk to me about it, maybe it would help us. That’s why I’m going to let him come to my house, and I hoped that he was serious. Well, when he got to my house, he was looking scrumptious so fucking gorgeous. I had to keep my mind together, so I asked him what is your bright idea to make us money and solve the problem of fucking all the time too? He told me that he wanted to join in and do work also when I’m prostituting. I smiled, you want to help me I think that’s the best thing I’ve heard all fucking day. We celebrated with some hot steamy fucking sex and guess what, we invited one of my clients and had a great time. Would you like to join in too? 11 inches of hard cock is waiting for you.

Community Pussy is Good


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I have a secret lover Named Sam, we go out together and have such a great time, last weekend we went to Cancun. My secret lover is the buck of my dreams he really knows how to fuck me surprisingly good. I let him stuff his cock in every hole in my body, I don’t worry I love it. The reason why he’s my secret lover is that he has a wife and she is super fucking jealous. I love the way he makes me feel, and I don’t give a fuck about his wife. I’m a whore, a cum guzzling slut. All of the wives call me a predicament in the community, they say that I am an uncontrollable skank who cannot keep my legs closed. Guess what, they’re right I can’t keep these fucking hot legs shut for 10 minutes I always want cock stuffed inside of my hot wet fat pussy. If you ever know a whore who loves to dress sexy and go to all of the picnics and outings without a boyfriend, you have better worry about her. The girl at the picnic without a boyfriend is definitely going to fuck your boyfriend, your husband, your cock machine. I know cuz that’s me a top-class score and I play the game to win all the time. I like the money, I love the gifts and my sugar daddies they always supply me with everything I need. I get all the fancy Shoes I get all the fancy clothes, and I get all the elegant perfumes I want. My sugar daddies like for me to smell good they wish for me to look good and they love for me to taste good. If you can top that, then you can join in with me, but if you can’t beat that, sister stand aside, your man is about to be taken away from you.

Nigger Gangbang Me

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I got together with a few of my homeboys last night, and we got nasty as fuck. I love those gangbanging niggers who substantial big dicks and love to fuck all night long. They ran a train on my pussy. I’m the nasty, sleazy little fucking slut that your grandpa told you about. I gave every one of them the best fucking head too. I sucked dicks, big fucking black dicks all night long, cum was guzzling into my mother fucking face. I kept begging for dick, I kept pleading with those motherfuckers to fuck me harder bang me with those bone-hard cocks. I even had two cocks in my ass at one time, that is the kind of bitch that I am. They fucked me over the railings of their apartment balcony. They held my ankles, and I caught the rail, and my ass got banged in hard. Those motherfucking niggers were insane with me last night, and I fucking loved it too. I can’t wait to do it again. I especially enjoyed the way they stuffed my head in the pillows and pulled my hair while treating me like a piece of lot lizard trash. Are you a watcher, or do you want to join in? Whatever you want let’s do it.

Orgy Gangster Style

2 Girl phone sexOrgy with all my friends I was invited to a party at my friend’s Ranch. Paul, my eccentric wealthy buddy, was having his 5th annual themed sex bash. This year the theme was Italian gangsters and hot Lolita’s. Paul decked out the ranch he spent a pretty penny to make it look good. The rooms in the main house were really nice, they were 1960s grandiose gangster Style. This was a big shindig about 50 or 60 people, so it was going to be wild as fuck. I wore a sexy black and red negligee. I had a pair of sexy six-inch heels on they were devil red and spiked. My pantyhose where super fucking slutty fishnets with nice slut cuts in them. I wore a feather headband also. All of my slutty girlfriends were there it was so good to see them and get a chance to play with their hot wet cunts. I am a cum guzzling slut whore, and I’m so proud of myself I love being the way that I am. My horny nasty cum guzzling freak friends all were in cahoots with me this was the best party ever. We fucked we sucked cock we ate each other’s hot wet cunts. I am a nasty trashy whore, and all of my friends are just like me we can’t help ourselves. Everyone was dressed up like gangsters or sexy slutty lolitas. We did ecstasy pills and cocaine off of each other’s cocks and cunts, that was amazing. I must have sucked over forty cocks and Munch done at least 30 hot pussy sluts. I got fucked in my ass, and in my cunt, there was even a guy who jizzed in my ear. We partied until 7 the next morning full-blown sex orgy fantasy going on. I have always liked the fast life the fast life it has ever still captured me.

These parties that my friend Paul throws they’re amazing I get to experience my full sexual deviant self, and I don’t hold back. I dress up as slutty whores sometimes. I wear slave chains on my neck, it’s hot for me. I get so turned on thinking about multiple cocks diving into my hot wet cum guzzling pussy. The more dick, the better and I will suck any guy. I have even had fun on the red rocket side of things. Nothing surprises me sexually I’m like a gangster of wild, uninhibited sex. I don’t have any taboos maybe that’s what makes me so much fun to fuck.

I’m his only girl just like he likes it

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I am his only girl just like he likes it, I’m a southern belle and he loves that because he’s a country boy with a whole lot of land and financial standing to take care of a real woman if you know what I mean. He loves a real woman a woman like The smell of sweaty leather turns him on and so I don’t mind smelling like the musk that turns him into a monster. We sit around all day long sometimes buck naked by the fireplace kissing, hugging and loving on each other completely indulging in each other’s love and desires. He even loves my stretch marks they aren’t even inperfections to him that is perfect designs, he knows how to appreciate a woman so my stretch marks turn him on. A sexual desire, I’m a simple girl just like he is a simple man he likes to come home to the same woman he likes to spoil his woman and treat me like I deserves to be treated and I want the same man someone who’s accepting someone who knows what to do and willing to get to know me the same woman. I’m thinking about it right now this southern belle misses her Southern bow I’m yearning for him I hope he’s there and answers me too.



Let’s Make America Great Again


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I’m a nasty little trollop a tramp who can’t get enough of the hard black cocks that I see jogging all around my neighborhood. I’m always on the hunt I need me a big bunch of strong Nigger bucks so I can be their mistress and own them and they can do whatever the fuck I tell them to. I don’t feel sorry for wanting me some black hard pulsating nigger cocks. I don’t feel bad for wanting to own them and rule over them and make them fuck me whenever I want. Look at this we had slaves in my great grandfather’s days he used to fulfill all of his rape fantasies without a doubt and believe me my grandfather told me stories that would make a white man and woman fall in love with how it used to be when it was great. My grandfather said that his grandfather had those nigger sluts and bucks in line and they did not play any stupid talking back games to my great-grandfather and that’s what my grandfather said he knows. I love the thought of a cum guzzling slutty slave whore bitch taking big white cocks in her black nigger cunt. I love the way my grandfather used to tell me that they would scream and beg for Master to stop torturing their cunts. I guess that’s where I get my love for black cock from being a ruler. And guess what in the great old days we got the chance and no one can take that away from us. Make America great again bitches.

I will be the Best Whore in Town


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I’m about to break some records in my trailer park and be the biggest whore ever, you see all these whores don’t know that I have been waiting to go super slut wild on all their husbands and boyfriends. If cared about anything about what these stupid tramp bitches thought I guess I wouldn’t be out to fuck and suck their men so I guess that means I’m sure I only care about my nasty sex driven desires. Girls all summer long your man is in trouble his cock is destined for my mouth and he’s going to be slappin my pretty slut face with his big bold beautiful cock rod. Ladies better believe I love to ride a cock like I’m riding a bull so it’s going to get too obscene, I will make sure to make videos and sell them at the corner store.

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