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I want to Sweat

White trash phone sex


I’d love a chance to just get out of control I’m talking about getting dirty and wet with the body heat of strangers all over me. My friend Kelly and I are going to go looking for horny guys who can’t wait to pump out cunts with major amounts of hot slimy cum. I can just taste a big hard cum guzzling throbbing cock in my mouth I really need a few shots of hot cream oozing down my throat feeding my body and soul. I can’t shake the need to be choked while I’m getting banged in by a massive cock monster. I know I’m not a good girl in fact I’m far from a good girl unless you count really good fuck sluts because if nothing else I can fuck with the best sluts.

Give Me Tasty Cock Now

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I need some cock so bad I don’t know what to do I think I might fuck any guy tonight I will and I can’t wait. I love big fat fucking cocks in my ass then I want to stuff a filthy dirty sock wearing bad ass fat fuck cock in my mouth to feed me his fart smelling cock rod. I love a nasty more than naughty dirt bag fucker with a shitty attitude and a forceful fuck. I need it I want it I am fucking aching for a bad guy with a big dirty dick. MMM I can’t get enough of what I want so bad and I am a nasty girl myself I have been fucking for so long that my grandpa said I was shot out with a dick in my mouth and I just have not changed for what I got a taste for. 

Beat Him Good

Trailer trash whore

I had fun last night with my trick Sam and I am doing it again tonight. He likes me to beat him like a fucking little pain freak bitch and I have no problem whipping that sissy candy ass until he squeals like a pig. I call him my little pork chop panty boy I dress him up in red white and blue panties and star bra tops and I call him wonder sissy lol, he’s a super she-hero. He likes to be denigrated and when I try to be nice it does no good for that little pee pee cock. I have to treat him bad because he loves it. 

Sweet Caroline’s Hay Ride on Hard Dicks


Sorority girls fucking

I like a nasty motherfucking country boy who will let me suck and fuck his hard cornbread fed cock all night long in a hay barn. That’s right I like it wild and outside even with a whole bunch of strapping cowboys. I love cowboy cock it’s the best there is as far as I’m concerned and cowboy cock loves my sweet pink pussy too.  Cowboys are fucking stallions they will pound my pussy until I beg for mercy and I don’t beg for mercy I beg for more. Sweet Caroline that’s what the guys  all call me when they see me walking by. The girls aint so nice buy who cares about these whores when I have all the dick I want whenever I want it. I do all the tricks I make all their toes curl up and their cocks spray cum like water hoses when I get a hold of them. I can make your cock blow like a geyser. 

I’m All Coked Up


Taboo phonesex

I like to get high it makes me feel some kind of sexy way where I lose control and become a slutty freak. I also love fucking married men they have best cocks. I like to suck and slurp on a fucking whore’s husbands big dick. I will fuck your man the one you love so much, yes tramp I will fuck and suck his dick right in your stupid face. I love your bed and your sweet smelling silk sheets. Whenever I am squirting my delicious pussy juices all over your sheets it causes your husband to unload so much cum. I called your house lastnight, I wanted to thank you for being such a prude fucking stick in the mud. You make your husband leave you running faster than Jessie Owens in a race because you are a fucking mess. You are not sexy anymore you goddamn cow you are a moo cow and you should thank me for giving your man what you can’t. I am ashamed of you I hate the face of these fat cow wives. That is why I will always give your man great fucking head and a super gushy wet tasty pussy. Your husbands love to get me all coked up that’s what is going on, Coke makes my boby do magical things.

I Imagine Harry Fucks Hard

Crack whore anal


My lawn man is a stud his body is amazing and he really does aim to please me when he works on my garden. I have got to say that I want to call him into the house for a tall glass of lemonade. I have always had a thing for Harry, that’s his name he has always turned me on. Today I’m wearing this see through sundress with my pretty little pink thong panties and I feel just a little horny and slutty. I need some real sexy ideas to get Harry to fuck me because I feel like Harry fucks hard and I want some so bad. I can’t wait until I get brave enough to tell Harry how I feel then we can get down to business. I want to suck his cock so bad my mouth waters watching him while he’s out in the yard. I want Harry.

We are going to do it at the Movie Theater

Fisting whore

Call me what you want I love my boyfriend Jeff, he is a major fucking freak. My boyfriend Jeff he loves to do nasty things all over the place, what should we do tonight while I’m thinking very nasty bright I’m ready to get fucked hard but we’ve got to find a place that’s perfect. I heard that a new movie was coming out tonight and everyone is going well that’s the perfect place we are going to get some action in tonight. I want to fuck him like a stallion ride his dick hard that’s my fucking baby I’ll do whatever he wants I love him and the movie theater is waiting. Yep we are going to make our own little fucking porno we’re going to do it in the movies I’m going to ride as fucking cock in a packed and sold-out show.

On The Hunt 

BBC phone sex



Most girls call me a secret slut they say that I sneak around with their boyfriends. Guess what most girls are correct about me I will take your fucking man away from you I don’t give a fuck about your feelings. No one gave a fuck about my feelings when I was in love a good girl doing nothing wrong telling the truth all the fucking time where did it get me nowhere I was the loser. Now I am convinced that I am not going to be a loser any longer so you bitches better watch your men. I don’t have morals I don’t need them for what I’m going to be doing to your boyfriends. And don’t worry girls I believe in total satisfaction I also believe in total compensation so all those pretty little trinkets that you used to get from your hubby’s I’ll be getting those things now. I want those nice fucking negligees I want those beautiful red bottoms I want all of that fancy shit and you rich bitches better really watch out cuz I do want a new Mercedes Benz and that is not a joke.

The Kitty Cat Monster 

Creampie sex stories


Paul is a nasty motherfucker, he is always taking his dick out in public places like parks and beaches and public bathrooms. Paul says that he likes to make women’s pussies wet with his huge 12-inch cock, he calls it the kitty cat monster. One-night Paul and I were walking in the park when all of a sudden, a woman was coming towards us jogging Paul gave her direct eye contact I knew what he wanted to do she gave him eye contact too. Paul said to me when she passed by, she wants to see my cock she wants me to pull it out, I laughed I told him he better not. Although I did get kind of wet thinking about him doing it right there in front of me and her, it’s amazing how big his cock is too. The woman ran past us again this time as she was approaching he grabbed his crotch her eyes went instantly down she looked back up and smiled. Paul said to me that woman wants to see my cock, she really wants to see my hard cock and that’s not all I responded to him if she runs around again show it to her. The woman ran around again as she was approaching he stopped her way and he grabbed his cock and unzipped his pants and slung it out. The woman stopped She licked her lips you could see her nipples getting rock hard I was getting so horny too. The lady asked Paul could she touch it he said sure So she touched his big hard cock. The lady said let’s go behind the bushes and I’ll suck your cock for you Paul agreed I walked over with him do you want to know what else happened.


Albert Loves Doms 

Black girl phone sex

Milly is this Dom who is teaching me the ropes, she’s a boss fucking bitch who doesn’t take any fucked up antics from her peter pet’s, that’s what she calls them. Milly envited me to a session she was doing with one of her peter pet’s, named Albert. Now Albert is a portly little short man who loves to be dominated in every way, he sucks toes, eat’s ass crack dirty, takes whippings he basiclly does and takes it all. On this day we tied him up and tickled tortured him until he was crying and begging out loud. We shoved dildos in his face forcing him to kiss them and he did it without any issue s. We dressed Albert up in pantyhose and a hott pink fuck me dress with fire red lipstick on then we forced strap-ons down his throat and tore the pantyhose while drilling his ass with ten inch strap-on. There is a funny thing about Albert he never says enough so there is so much more that went on.


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