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Cum slut phone sex with Caroline

cum slut phone sex with caroline

Went to the gym today to keep this sexy body nice and firm. There was this sexy girl in the showers along with me. I had to taste her pussy. I slammed her against the wall and started licking that pussy right away. She grabbed my hair and smashed my face all the way inside. I licked her swollen cunt until she creamed all over my face. Her juices were so sweet! I stuck my fingers in deep as my tongue swirled around her clit. She pulled my hair even more. I love my hair pulled, makes me feel like such a dirty slut. She lays me down and sticks her head between my thighs. She sticks her fingers in and fucks me hard. I cum almost instantly. Suddenly she stops, she climbs on top of me and sticks her tongue in my mouth. We are really going at it as she rubs her pussy against mine. I really like this. We fuck each other in unison as we cum at the same time. That was the best time I’ve ever had at the gym.

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Fun at the doctors office

I’m at the doctors office with my brats and of course they are taking forever. I step out of the room  to see what’s going on and I hear giggles from the bathroom. When I open the door, I see the doctor butt-ass naked with a young nurse. They instantly start getting dressed and beg me not to tell anyone. I tell them that the only way I wouldn’t tell is if they let me join, oh and not to have to pay this time. Without a word, they walk over to me and both start taking my clothes off; pawing at me like a play toy. She starts to kiss me and it quickly gets steamy, we’re really going at it. I bend down and start to lick her sweet, young cunt.

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She starts to moan so loud that the doctor puts his hands over her mouth to keep her quiet. I’m licking her clit, shoving my fingers inside her tight hole.  I pull her the floor and the doctor stands over her and put his cock in her mouth, she sucks on it greedily. I want some of his hard cock too, I gently put his engorged balls in my mouth. We take turns shoving his hard cock down our throats. He says that he can’t take it anymore..He fucks me first. Shoving his rod inside deep, he flicks his thumb on my clit. I erupt with such pleasure, covering his cock in my thick cum. She hurries over to lick it all off. She buries her head in my pussy. Licking my clit, sticking her fingers inside, fucking me with them. He sucks on my titties, pinching my hard nipples. He picks her ass up in the air and fucks her while she’s still eating my wet cunt. As we all rock back and forth to a rhythm, the door flings open! Standing in the doorway is all of the other doctors and nurses as well as the patients.  

Trip to the toy store

Dirty phone sex

I found out that there’s a new sex shop open near me. I got so excited that I had to change my panties. Inside there was a huge selection of toys, outfits, movies, I was like a kid in a candy store. I tried on various outfits in all kinds of colors. I even bought me a new pair of ass-less chaps. I can’t wait to try them out.  And that’s not the only thing I bought! I can’t wait to try out my new vibrating anal plug. Oh, it’s going to feel so good in my tight ass. Maybe I’ll put my chaps on and play with my new toy and act like a naughty cowgirl. That sounds like so much fun, doesn’t? I think I might have to put on my sexy high heels and have some rough fun with my big black dildo. Squeeze it  into my tight, wet cunt. Making my pussy stretch to the max. Riding that cock , shoving it in and out, making my butt plug vibrate my insides. Why don’t you call so I can tell you all about my new toys.

No taboo phone sex with hot momma Caroline

No taboo phone sex

I woke up from a short nap to see my brat was flirting with the pool boy. I walk up to them and take off my tight little bikini. I make the pool boy take off my slut’s bikini. I bend down and start sucking his cock. I make my tight teen rub his engorged balls. I shove her wet mouth on his hard dick. I spread my legs wide and teach him how to eat pussy the right way. Oh my clit is so swollen! My sweet girl starts to lick my twat. She knows what she’s doing. I  make her get on her knees and I spread her ass wide. Her asshole is so tight. He fills her tight cunt with his huge cock. She screams, I shove my fingers down her throat and make her gag. He fucks her while she starts to lick my twat again. I’m so wet! She rubs my clit until I squirt all over her face. He yells that he’s going to cum, we sit on our knees waiting urgently. He stroaks his cock until he blows a huge load all over our faces. Oh it’s so hot, i lick the salty goodness off her lips and she licks mine

Looking For A Cheap Fuck?

dirty phone sexIf you are looking for a deal, use one of our calling specials. Yes, we have specials. You can get some cheap rates and still talk to the nastiest, trashiest whores, the internet has to offer. I know because I am one of the trashiest ones here. I would love to talk to you during one of our specials. I don’t care if you are looking for pissing sex, a gang bang, a bukkake, fisting, or any other dirty little taboo subject. My sloppy wet pussy is ready for it. I will be fingering and toying with my hot cunt all through out the call.

Right now my pussy is dripping, just thinking about your nice hard cock fucking me deep in the ass, while another fucks my pussy. Being airtight is one of my favorite fantasies, so maybe you have a third friend who can fuck my throat? All these fantasies keep me just on the edge. Fucking is all I can think about. My cunt needs action. I’m a do anything slut and ready for anything you can throw at me.

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Fortune Cookie GangBang

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My daughter’s face was contorted in pleasure. She flashed  a brief smile before another cock was presented to her to be sucked. A simple dinner out had turned into this double gang bang. It had all started with simple flirting with the waiter. He told us the restaurant made their own fortune cookies. Mine said “you will find happiness on a pole” and my daughter’s read “miso horny for U. When I asked to meet the baker of the cookies, our waiter lead us to the kitchen. The wait staff surrounded us, with their cocks erect. We both dropped to our knees and began servicing cock after cock. Soon we were being used by the entire restaurant staff. I had never seen my daughter happier than the moment she was first filled in every hole. I didn’t have long to watch before another cock was presented to my mouth to suck. My cunt and ass both full, my mouth now went back to work. It seemed I had been fucked by more men than were employed by the place and I realized the kitchen door had been left open. Customers were now coming in to fuck the gang bang whores. For the first time, I had a fortune cookie that was true. I had found happiness on not one, but many poles tonight.

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Becoming An Anal Whore

Anal sex whoreI couldn’t blame you for wanting a piece of her tight ass. She was such a hot little thing. Her body language says she wants it. She needs to be fucked nice and hard. Her ass needs to be taken by a big thick cock like yours. You come in and both of us are ready for you. She is nervous, but knows she needs to do exactly what Mommy says. I tell her I am going to show her how much she will love anal sex and proceed to straddle you  reverse cowgirl style. I begin to lower myself onto your hard cock, my ass stretching around you. I love the feeling of you filling my hole. I notice her breath on my back. She is straddling your face, your tongue exploring all her crevices. I ride you to orgasm. You maintain your erection and are ready for more. She’s too nervous to try to take your cock the same way I did, so she bends over the couch, baring herself to you. She’s begging for it. I hold her sweet little cheeks open and place your cock at her opening. She groans loudly at the intrusion, begging for it to stop. She says it is too big for her ass. I assure her it will fit but she will have to relax. Unable to relax, she remains stiff, which is fine with you, because it just makes that little ass that much tighter. Slamming it in deep, she screams, but finally quits protesting. You have taken her anal cherry. Her screams and whimpers finally turn to groans of pleasure. You fuck her ass hard and fast, before emptying yourself into her, making her your nasty cum dumpster. You are turning her into your little anal whore, and Mommy is only too happy to help.

Hot Pissing Sex

Pissing sexThere is something very erotic about pissing sex. Whether it is doing the pissing or receiving, that warm yellow liquid just makes things so much hotter. I love it when you want me to piss on you. The feeling of letting loose a stream of urine around a cock in indescribable. When your pussy is sloppy and wet during pissing sex everything moves and glides so well. Even the smells during  pissing sex turn me on. The smell is loud and pungent. Mixing the smells of urine and sex is amazingly sexy.

Put the cock of yours right here on my pussy, baby. Aim a big stream of that golden nectar at my clit. The feeling is unreal. Hold a little and let loose inside me. Let that urine flow deep inside my pussy. It is so warm and sexy. You know what I want next, don’t you? I want to bend over right here and spread my ass cheeks for you. Put that dick in me and give me a piss enema. Oh yeah baby, make me come from your piss.

Fisting Myself

trailer trash whoreEver since I had experienced fisting for the first time, I had been hooked. There are no words to describe the feeling of having your pussy stretched to the max and filled so completely. You can feel a little pop when those knuckles push into place and you know you have the whole hand inside you.  You can feel your pussy stretching and stretching as you take more and more until maybe the whole forearm is buried inside you. I was daydreaming about this very thing when I saw that mannequin. His hand was shaped perfectly to fist with. I had to have it! Waiting until nobody was paying attention, I went right up to that dummy and dislocated the hand, slipping it into my purse.

I rushed home, excited with the knowledge of what was in my purse. No longer would I have to wait for someone to be around to experience being fisted. I had my own special fist! I was stripping my clothes off before I was in the door good. Soon, I was on  my back, my legs spread wide, stuffing that wonderful hard first deep inside. It stretched my pussy so well. I knew I had found a new favorite toy!

Trashy Milf Hosts Rush Week

White trash phone sexI haven’t always been a trashy whore. Once upon a time I was a respectable college girl. When I became an Ci Delta Hoe sorority girl all that changed. We partied and fucked all the frat guys. It was expected. I partied my way all the way through my time in college. I became one of Ci Delta Hoe’s biggest hoes and eventually fucked my way through a whole fraternity. To this day I am a legend in both the frat house and sorority house. Nobody had broken my record of fucking their way through the entire frat house in one semester. If they have, they aren’t quite trashy enough to brag about it.

Teen sluts fuckingEvery year at pledge time, I get invited back to the Sorority house to enjoy pledge week. Not everyone enjoys pledge week, but I certainly love watching all that young naked flesh. There is always a lot of shrieking and noise during pledge week, so it is moved off campus to a sorority camping trip. It is a camping trip like no other considering it is actually glamour camping at a gorgeous resort with hot college girls everywhere. I was assigned several girls to “rush”. After one day, I had narrowed it down to Nyla and Summer. These two hotties endured me riding both their faces for over an hour each. They endured the brutal treatment of having clothespins clipped to their cunt lips, clitoris, and nipples. They endured me fucking them both with a 10 inch strap on, while having a rather large butt plug shoved up their sweet young assholes. Best of all, they begged for more.

Sorority girls fuckingIt was a fun week with these two little sluts. They had my seal of approval for being voted into the Sorority at the end of Rush Week. Both beautiful girls made the cut. Tonight we are hosting a rush party for the guys who survived Hell Week at the Frat House. After a week of constant pussy, I am more than ready to get the party started and get some young frat cock in the this hot pussy!

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