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I Get Even

Cum guzzling slut


I love being a fucking cunt bitch it’s like my favorite thing to do. I was looking at your husband, and he was looking at me, I must say he really enjoyed peeping at my tight plump little ass. Your husband is a pervert I need you to know that because he really keeps lusting after me and guess what I’m a pervert too, so that means your husband is going to get lucky, bitch. I could not ever stand you ever since you first moved into this apartment complex looking all high and mighty with your beautiful blonde hair and your big blue eyes and your nice tight gym body; honestly, it made me want to hurl. Your husband though he makes it all worth it because I know that you’re not that good in bed; otherwise, he would not have been lusting so fucking hard after me. Let me tell you what happened when you were away on your business trip last week. Your husband and his huge fat cum-filled cock came over to my house asking me for sugar, can you imagine sugar. It was hilarious to me I let him write in I excused myself I told him that I was going to the kitchen to get his sugar, I returned wearing a pair of pink lace panties and a little bitty matching pink lace bra. His cock your husband that is, his cock thought so fucking hard right then and there. I walked over to him. I told your husband to touch my body, and he did the next thing you know, we were fucking seriously on my living room floor. I’m sorry I’m such a nasty freaky fucking whore, but your husband isn’t sorry he loves it. I’m sure you’re upset, but I’ve got another secret to tell you I videotaped the whole thing and this is your present to look at over and over again. The moral of this story is don’t you ever be rude to me you dirty bitch if you love your man because I don’t get mad I get even, and I get fucked.

Fuck Me Hard


No taboo phone sex

I want you to fuck my pussy good, make me feel like I can feel the best in the world. My cunt is begging for your love I want your huge dick to fuck me so hard. Don’t you know I would do anything to get you in my arms and I don’t think that I would be wrong at all? My body is screaming for loving all night I want you to pierce my pounding purr-fluff and make my girly go crazy. When your warm lips are wrapped around my hard nipples, you drive me so insane, my panties always get soaked. I am a nasty little bitch with a strong desire, you set my slutty girl soul on fire, and you make me want even more. Bitches don’t even get the clue how badly I need you how much I need your long strokes inside of my hot cunt I love what you do to my pussy-cat. You mean the world to me you mean everything and I don’t care that you’re my brother. Bros like you make sisters feel lucky I know all the girls with Brothers like you they really get the best. Mommy said that you were a hunk even before you were able to reach the counter. Mommy said your cock was huge from long, long time ago she said your cop was like commands when you were only a little one. I like what you do to me, and Mommy said she likes you too she has so much fun with you. And when Daddy is videotaping everything he says that he’s impressed because you make him proud. Daddy likes to tell me you can fuck like a Trojan on a mission you’ve got ambition.

I’m a Dirty Girl


No taboo phone sex

I’m a whore I’m a motherfucking skank I need to be fucked better than a motherfucker, I don’t care about anyone’s feelings I’m just out for myself. If you want to fuck a nasty whore, then I suggest you fuck me for sure because I’m dirty as fuck. I can be a bad girl; I can be number one at being a slut I really like to act up; that’s why. Bitches like me don’t ever go home lonely we always get what we want big money guys to love us the most too. All I need is a big dick stallion he can run me up and down all over the place because I’m willing to take big fat cock bitch. I know that your boyfriend looks at me like he’s hungry. I’m going to let him eat me if he comes my way again. I don’t feel sorry for you because you’re boring you have no x-excitement in you-you’re just a stupid cunt to me. My pussy is wild and Untamed; I can do things other girls feel ashamed to do with ease. I bet you you’re worried about your man because he left in my car last night while you’re afraid and that’s right you should be. I sucked his cock; I made him feel so right. Your boyfriend he needs more than what you offer cuz you’re boring. You’re a piece of shit sweetheart he needs a nice big piece of fucking hot sex for his body. He wants a bitch who can take his cock and shove it all the way down her throat that’s me you’ve got it you’re right if you guessed my name. So do you think that you want to watch your boyfriend fuck me crazy? Come on, sweetheart, maybe you’ll learn something.

I Love Bad Boy Sex


Cum guzzling slut

My old man came around, and he wanted to fuck, but I think he is fucked up. My old man is a loser, and he won’t work he has no money at all, so I’m going to get me a sugar daddy, and he’s going to sweeten up my pot. I need to fuck hard and be a slut. I’m the one who wants it in my tight round ass, I want my ass caved in like a motherfucking freaky bitch. I can suck a cock all the way to the balls; it doesn’t matter how big it is I have trained my throat to work so well. I need a dick that is not like my old man’s dick because his cock is a nothing it’s only 4 inches long and it cannot satisfy me. I think I know what I have got to do. I’ve got to fuck his brother and give him a head job that he won’t forget forever. I’m a bitch; I am a fucking slut. I like a cock to be driven in me like a car going fast smash the gas make me feel all pressure. I’m horny. I’m always hot. I really love being fucked like a slut do your worst make me feel what I want. I like bad sex it’s the best where I’m treated like an object I want to be treated rudely I need it so give it to me. I want to lick your ass really well I stick my tongue right inside and out swirl it around until your cock goes crazy. You know you need me I’m the one who can make your cock cum hard I’ve got the gift, and I will use it on you tonight. So come get me good, make me feel like I’m in a porn. I’m begging I’m pleading I want it I need it please babe give me your big fat cum-filled cock.

Sexy Changes for fun

Cum guzzling slut


It’s been an eventful couple of weeks all in such a short time I have quit my job got into a new relationship and decided that I wanted to move to California. This new relationship that I’m in it is at the least extraordinarily passionate and amazing. I met David at the gym. I must say David is the most attractive guy ever been into. David is well-built definitely has a gym rats body. David was a little green he didn’t get into the Saucier Endeavors like myself. I thought that I would expose my new boyfriend to a nightlife that he had not ever known before me and in return, my stallion was going to be 100% more caring sharing and nasty with me. I took my lover; I grabbed his arm. I told him that I was going to take him somewhere that he had never been before and that he wasn’t going to forget it. Since we were in Vegas for the weekend I decided that we would go to the Bunny Ranch we’re all the girls were fun full of sexiness and willing to do everything for the right price. When we got to the ranch, I got two of the hottest girls that money could buy, and I told them to have their way with David. The first girl 5 ft 6 in a really nice candy apple ass 36 Double D cup long blond hair big blue eyes she was amazing she had David slobbering. The other was a tall Amazon with the longest legs and the cutest ass you ever seen on a brunette. Both of these girls ravish David they sucked his cock in front of me lick all over his body rode his cock he fucked them in their asses; it just got out of control. Do you want to know what else happened? Call me.


Phone sex line

Try Something Different

Dirty phone sex


Oh, Alex yes right there don’t stop”, I moaned as he pounded my pussy wetting the sheets with my juices. We have been fucking for five hours straight nonstop. Let’s try something different, Alex. My freaky ass was willing to do anything, so he flipped me over on top of him. “Now sit on my face ma, I want that pretty pussy on me,” Alex said while biting his lips. “I want you all in my mouth, I don’t want to miss any of your sweet pussy juices.” I was shocked. I laughed, but I was down for anything. Once I sat down, he snatched me instantly locking his arms around my legs so I couldn’t escape. I was screaming and moaning, “Alex, don’t stop. I’m so fucking wet. I love when you suck on my clit and stick your tongue in my pussy.” When he slid his tongue in my pussy, I started to ride his face. I was so aroused and soaking wet when I squirted one more time it was running down his face. I laid in the bed, exhausted while he got on top laughing “damn girl.” I grabbed his face and licked the rest of my juices of his lips. “anything for you big daddy.”

My Candy Pot


Big dick sucker

You’ve been here all night stalking me looking in my windows like a pervert. I see how you behave when my husband’s gone that’s why I invited you over I wanted to see what you would do if we were alone together. Do you like this outfit that I’ve put on it’s just for you. I know you like for me to wear very freaky things you like my powder as don’t you. You want to put your face inside of my asshole and lick me good don’t you? If I bend over in front of you, will you take your tongue and start to lick my ass and make my pussy drip? I need to know what you are willing to do? I am a horny girl right now. I need you to be my nasty man I am lusting after you. We can fuck like beasts you can eat my pussy like it’s so Wonderland. Dip your tongue inside of my candy pot you know my favorite spot I know this because I’ve been recording you. Your cock bust so fucking big whenever I’m sticking my vibrator inside of my pussy. You love to be my nasty motherfucker I know that you have dreams about me. I am your best friend’s wife, but you don’t care. Don’t look at me so shocked I know how you behave. I’ve seen you. I’ve watched you. I’ve paid attention. Come here and give me what you, I know you want to give me.

Naughty Cock Pimp


No taboo phone sex

I want to fuck you in the park when all of the lights are on that’s right in the middle of the night. I want to fuck you in a car at a drive-in movie theater. You can do all those naughty fucking things to me. I want to grab your fucking cock right in front of a group of old ladies. I want to take your cock out of your pants and make those old ladies get down on their knees, and they will do it with no problem as soon as they see your big fat dick. Your cock is fabulous, it’s, and I really thought that I should tell you. My mom said you’re the best fuck that she’s ever had. That’s why I know that old ladies are really going to love you because my mom and my grandma both love your cock. My grandma says she loves the taste of your cock she loves to suck it all the time she says it reminds her of the old days when guys had big fucking cocks. I know I want to be your pimp. I can sell you to all these old girls. I can make them feel young again. You know how to deal with geriatric whores you’re the best in the fucking game. Honestly, I think I’m in love with the money you’re going to make me. I don’t have feelings like those other bitches about their boyfriends not doing this, and that all I want is money, that means that my boyfriend is open for business. I will even sell you to a few hot guys that really want big dicks stuffed into their asses. You are amazing. I think I already told you that, but I want you to know for sure that I appreciate you. Come suck me give me a taste of what the rest of those bitches are going to be getting I want you so bad you make me horny as fuck. I love to watch you fuck those old girls those bitches are really insane; they love your cock so much. So come along we’ve got work to do. I’ve got to sell your cock.

Two Wives

Cum guzzling slut


Your dick is a miracle I love to slobber on it so much I want to worship you every single night. When you come home you make me want to fuck you right all I think about is making you feel just like a man. You’re a Raging Beast you’ve got a horribly huge cock your dick is thick it’s hard it’s so fucking heavy, and I love it. I think about you when you’re away I dream about you when I’m awake that’s the hold you have over me. You make me dream you make me wonder you make me want you so fucking bad I’m aching for your body right now. I know your fiance she has no idea that we are still together I don’t give a fuck at all. You’ve got to live, and as far as I am concerned, you have got two wives to because I am your wife and she is going to be. You can have what you want with me when you’re tired of her come and drive your cock inside of my wet pussy. I am better than her, and I’ll prove it I’ll suck your cock from the back I know that’s how you like it, but she has no idea how to do it. I know you’re only going to marry her because her father has so much cash, it’s okay. I support you because we are going to break the bank. I want you to choke me ever so gently when you fuck me as I climax you can squeeze because I love it. Don’t forget when you put that ring on her finger that before you go on your honeymoon, you need to come in fuck me for at least 4 hours.

My Sexy Daddy


No taboo phone sex

My sexy daddy, please get your cock wet in my mouth and then I want you to ram it inside of an itty bitty bald virgin pussy. Believe me, you can do whatever you wish to including fulfill all of your nasty rape fantasies. Daddy, I want you to have all of the satisfaction that you can bear. I miss you, and my cunt is so fucking wet right now thinking about you getting that you young sweet innocent virgin pussy. I want to witness you fucking a young cunt, hard fast and rough. I want you to explore all of your rape fantasies on her pussy. I love the way it looks when you fulfill all of your fantasies every one of them. You can do it, daddy, you can do whatever you want. I need you. I’m lusting for you. I want you to take all the young cunts and fuck them. I’ll bring you more and more you can fuck them whenever you want. I want you to power drive your big fat cock deep inside of each and every one of their hot creamy wet cunt bunnies. Oh yeah, daddy be the pussy reaper, and I love helping you daddy get your cock off. I love helping you Daddy I love when you get your cock all filled with joy. Daddy, you are a nasty, nasty fucker, you’re a real sadistic piece of work, and I love it. I can’t wait to watch you, you’re so good. I’m going to bring you all the little bitches you can take. I’ll bring them to you one at a time and let you fuck them stuff your cock inside of their mouths slap their faces with your cock meat fuck their mouths and fucking make them feel like they’re supposed to do whatever you say. You are the boss; you are the master cock everything you say is all that matters you’re terrific.

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