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I want to fuck you in the park when all of the lights are on that’s right in the middle of the night. I want to fuck you in a car at a drive-in movie theater. You can do all those naughty fucking things to me. I want to grab your fucking cock right in front of a group of old ladies. I want to take your cock out of your pants and make those old ladies get down on their knees, and they will do it with no problem as soon as they see your big fat dick. Your cock is fabulous, it’s, and I really thought that I should tell you. My mom said you’re the best fuck that she’s ever had. That’s why I know that old ladies are really going to love you because my mom and my grandma both love your cock. My grandma says she loves the taste of your cock she loves to suck it all the time she says it reminds her of the old days when guys had big fucking cocks. I know I want to be your pimp. I can sell you to all these old girls. I can make them feel young again. You know how to deal with geriatric whores you’re the best in the fucking game. Honestly, I think I’m in love with the money you’re going to make me. I don’t have feelings like those other bitches about their boyfriends not doing this, and that all I want is money, that means that my boyfriend is open for business. I will even sell you to a few hot guys that really want big dicks stuffed into their asses. You are amazing. I think I already told you that, but I want you to know for sure that I appreciate you. Come suck me give me a taste of what the rest of those bitches are going to be getting I want you so bad you make me horny as fuck. I love to watch you fuck those old girls those bitches are really insane; they love your cock so much. So come along we’ve got work to do. I’ve got to sell your cock.

Two Wives

Cum guzzling slut


Your dick is a miracle I love to slobber on it so much I want to worship you every single night. When you come home you make me want to fuck you right all I think about is making you feel just like a man. You’re a Raging Beast you’ve got a horribly huge cock your dick is thick it’s hard it’s so fucking heavy, and I love it. I think about you when you’re away I dream about you when I’m awake that’s the hold you have over me. You make me dream you make me wonder you make me want you so fucking bad I’m aching for your body right now. I know your fiance she has no idea that we are still together I don’t give a fuck at all. You’ve got to live, and as far as I am concerned, you have got two wives to because I am your wife and she is going to be. You can have what you want with me when you’re tired of her come and drive your cock inside of my wet pussy. I am better than her, and I’ll prove it I’ll suck your cock from the back I know that’s how you like it, but she has no idea how to do it. I know you’re only going to marry her because her father has so much cash, it’s okay. I support you because we are going to break the bank. I want you to choke me ever so gently when you fuck me as I climax you can squeeze because I love it. Don’t forget when you put that ring on her finger that before you go on your honeymoon, you need to come in fuck me for at least 4 hours.

My Sexy Daddy


No taboo phone sex

My sexy daddy, please get your cock wet in my mouth and then I want you to ram it inside of an itty bitty bald virgin pussy. Believe me, you can do whatever you wish to including fulfill all of your nasty rape fantasies. Daddy, I want you to have all of the satisfaction that you can bear. I miss you, and my cunt is so fucking wet right now thinking about you getting that you young sweet innocent virgin pussy. I want to witness you fucking a young cunt, hard fast and rough. I want you to explore all of your rape fantasies on her pussy. I love the way it looks when you fulfill all of your fantasies every one of them. You can do it, daddy, you can do whatever you want. I need you. I’m lusting for you. I want you to take all the young cunts and fuck them. I’ll bring you more and more you can fuck them whenever you want. I want you to power drive your big fat cock deep inside of each and every one of their hot creamy wet cunt bunnies. Oh yeah, daddy be the pussy reaper, and I love helping you daddy get your cock off. I love helping you Daddy I love when you get your cock all filled with joy. Daddy, you are a nasty, nasty fucker, you’re a real sadistic piece of work, and I love it. I can’t wait to watch you, you’re so good. I’m going to bring you all the little bitches you can take. I’ll bring them to you one at a time and let you fuck them stuff your cock inside of their mouths slap their faces with your cock meat fuck their mouths and fucking make them feel like they’re supposed to do whatever you say. You are the boss; you are the master cock everything you say is all that matters you’re terrific.

Fuck me Daddy


Cum filled cunt

My body is landing after last night we were flying alone. I am your cum guzzling slut, and I miss you already why don’t you come and lay back down and miss work? I really want an answer tell me something sexy as fuck, tell me now, tell me now. I’m so engaged by what you do how you stick your tongue deep inside of my pussy hole you make me feel like I’m going to explode. I’m so turned on by what you do when that cock gets super viciously hard it’s so thick I’m in love. I love when you fuck me like you do you get mad and monstrous I’m just overtaken by you. Your cock is so fucking dangerously huge it makes me feel like I am just a weak little girl you know what you do to me. I am just your innocent little girl, and I’m only what you want in this whole entire world. I want to call you Daddy Daddy will you make love to me I want you to teach me everything all that I should know. Daddy, I don’t care what anyone thinks I don’t want to be the girl for you. I know what no one else knows. We are special together all of my dreams and Fantasies come true. You and I father we hold nothing back from each other; we give our entire self, and that is beautiful indeed. I’m always thinking of you. I love you so much you’re like a symphony of sexual ecstasy. No one knows our secret no one can understand our bond we are united you and I father Dearest.

My New Master

Cum dumpster


I had a sex session with a guy named Peter Cocker and he was terrific, on our first session Peter did things to me that brought my mind to a total standstill. Peter told me right away that he was my master and my sole owner. As my master, Peter informed me that I must do everything he told me to without question. I assured my new owner that he could be confident that I would follow every direction he told me to because I wanted nothing more than to please him. As far as I’m concerned if my new master wants me to fuck a room full of horny slackers all at once, then that is what I will gladly do. I am forever grateful for my owner, and I will do whatever he wants to the maximum like a perfect whore should. My master Peter wanted me to fuck so many nasty bastards last night, and I did it. A huge cock fucker was pounding my asshole while another horny cockwad was fucking my cum guzzling cunt so hard. The third motherfucker was making me swallow his thick cum erupting dick, and I love it all.

Dirty Cunt


No taboo phone sex

I am a fierce bitch, and I like to get really erratic. You don’t have to treat me like royalty because I am a prostitute. I require cock so much more than all the other fucking whores I know. I’m the most ruthless fucking cunt in my town. I want to fuck your mom and dad I want to suck your cunt mommy’s smelly pussy. I aspire to make your whole family feel like a heard of fucking freaks. My big cum filled cock brother used to fuck me every night until he move out of the house. Fortunately, my dad has taken the position, and I fuck his cock like a porn star. I’m so fucking dirty I can’t stop myself I want to be hot I want to be free I want to be the freakiest cunt bitch you could ever meet. Please let me fuck you and suck your dick I will also eat your ass hole too. I eat my dad’s ass, and he truly loves it so much.

Incest with the Fam is so much Fun

Cum guzzling slut


I slept with my sister and my brother last night, and they were so fucking hot. Every time I fuck my family, we have a good time for sure. Anyone that wants to can call me what they wish, but I won’t stop having family incest sex. My brother his cock is 10 inches long, and he knows how to drive it in my fucking cunt better than any guy I know because he’s so passionate. My sister sucks my pussy better than the other bitches I know because she’s really fucking good her tongue is long and thick. I love that the most I can’t help myself. I am a nasty cunt bitch I love it hard and fucked up I am the girl next door that you have been dreaming about. Would you like to watch me and my family get hot and fucking sexy together? My mom is the worst because she taught us everything she knew and she sure does know a lot. My daddy, he fucks two like a stallion his cock is always full of cum. We like to go out in the woods and do nasty fucking things we’re always horny, and we have no shame. If you like family fun, then you would love my family and me because we don’t hold back. Come on Inn and experienced a better world than the boring places you’re usually going to in bed. My body needs to have my family all over me.


Phone sex line

I smell like Sweaty Leather

Anal sex whore


My man likes big saggy boobs like the ones that I have oh, he loves stretch marks too and I am here to please. My man is a rich motherfucker he lives on a ranch he’s got plenty of land to spoil me with. I am so fucking needy for his love and affection. I need him all the time, and now it’s just not an exception. Kiss me you fool you know you make me crazy I’ve got a little one, and she’s so hot we’re going to have a good time with her. Let’s do some cocaine we can even do some meth I love to get high and fuck all day and all night. Call me fucked up the man likes that for sure he loves to be with me. My man loves bold actions no taboos he really wants to fuck me rude, and it doesn’t matter what anyone says I’m still going to get my fucking pussy wrecked. I love my man because he only loves me and no one else he likes the way I satisfy him because I’m always willing to do anything. I am such a skank or and it’s okay with my boo hey really makes me feel so good better than anyone I’ve ever known. My man is a country boy he really likes to get wild he doesn’t have any rules in the bed he doesn’t have any rules at all. So I can’t wait for him to call me up and tell me to come his way so he can spray me down with his dick juice he knows I love it so much. If you’ve ever had a man like mine, you’re lucky indeed you are missing out if you’ve never been with a stud like him. Call me baby I’m missing you now don’t you know how you’re making me want you just thinking about you makes my pussy throb.

Boy Cunt Bitch

Shemale phone sex

Hear me out bitch you were never worth anything in this whole fucking world. I know that you think you’re worth something but you’re a liar I want you to know that you’re nothing you don’t mean anything at all tramp. I am going to break you down until you’re on the ground you’re not going to get up bitch your just going to take my fucking abuse. You are a dusty cum guzzling lot lizard slut, and you deserve to be treated like one for sure. I want you to be my slave forever that means I’m going to sell you to my sleazy guy friends. You’re worth only 20 bucks, and you’re not going to get a dime of it; I just want you to be nasty. You better call me master because I am your fucking Master bitch I want you to know. I think you’re such a drag so I’m going to let whoever wants to run a fucking train on you do it and they will have fun tossing you around over and over every night. You’re my fucking slave slut and you are a fuck up, everything you do is nothing, you’re worthless don’t you know. I’m your master I am your fucking Queen you better listen to what I say. Your little boy pussy is going to pay the price you’re going to get busted open all the time. I want you to dress like a fucking whore I want you to dress like a skank bitch. I want you to know that you’re ugly until I put lipstick on your lips and blush on your fucking cheeks you are a silly little fucking faggot a dirt bitch and I’m going to treat you just like you deserve to be treated. All the sleaze bag guys I know we’re going to stuff their big fat dicks inside of your boy pussy all night every night all the time. If you ever say no I’m going to strap on my big 12-inch cock and fuck you Like a Hurricane. You will pay for being so insignificant and I think you like that. I think you love being treated like a nothing whore I think you really get off on being my slave. I’m ready to teach you how to behave boy cunt bitch.

Pussy Boy


Tranny phone sex

I like to be a tramp I’m really fucking hot. I’m looking in the mirror, and I like what I see. I want to dress you up just like a fucking girl and make you dance around for me twirl. You are my little girl I’ll dress you up I will put barrettes in your hair and make you wear panties I like pink I hope you like pink too you’re going to have a good time with me. Don’t you think that you should get out of being such a boring piece of ass I’ve got some friends who want to fuck you and they think that your butt is hot. My college friends they love to be real nasty they want a cum guzzling boy whore. You can be that boy whore if you really want to you want to fuck my frat friends they’re very crazy they get really drunk they’re going to fuck you and make you scream. I really think that you are hot. I think you really turn me on don’t you want to be a nasty boy? You’re a sissy you’re a faggot your mother fucking queer you don’t know how bad I need to treat you like a fucking hot piece of faggot. I’ve got this cute tube dress that I want you too and these high heels babe. I want you to put on this lipstick and this fucking blush I make you look so good, and you’re gonna get fucked yeah babe. I can’t wait to bring you to the party I’m bringing you today. I told you-you were a hot piece of queer boy pussy, and now you’re going to find out.

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