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Fake Love

Hooker phone sex

I was looking for love and he was looking to drill his next cum dumpster and spill his load in. I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with me I always seem to give up my fat steaming hot juicy pussy to a guy who will never need me deeper than dropping his cock load into my cunt hole. Just like Frank of whom I was wishing that I could slobber all over his cabbage head stroke monster and swallow his cum and somehow it was going to turn out him loving me and not treating like the slut trash my momma raised me up to be. I rode his cock reverse cowgirl my wet pussy was sliding up and down his man meat and his toes were curling and twisting everyway. He even fucked my asshole raw and hard as fuck. I couldn’t stand up after he was finished ramming all of my wasted holes. I told him I would do whatever he asked me to because he was the love of my life and he told me he was going to stop the wedding that he and my best friend were supposed to be in today but like everything in my life it was a fucking lie. So that’s why I am about to fuck these 10 guys in a gangbang I don’t give a shit anymore.

Fuck Me in My Ass

Cum eating phone sex


I have been searching for the right guy to drive his fuck stick deep into my pouty asshole and make me scream out in pure pleasure. I want him to be a dirty fucking cock slut and I yearn for him to slam his donkey gun into my pulsating fuck hole. I need it I’m a ticking time bomb ready to burst into cum sparkles all over the fucking bed. I’m here on all fours bent over ready to be an anal cum dumpster trash whore you can drill me with your cock rod like your drilling for oil. Dig in my ass so deep and so hard that I can’t stand up when you are taking your first break. I just need my toasty cock feeder filled up with a load of jizz juice. I will even gladly take two thick girthy big blaster cocks at once in my slut hole I mean I love the feeling of being gang banged like the cunt trap ass gaping lot lizard I am. When your all finished I want you to know I need a nice helping of cum to drink up.


Nasty Ho Jamie

Cum Filled Cunt

I caught that fucking busted up cum guzzling cock twat whore Jamie in bed with my uncle Pete last night. I told that jizz drinking bitch if I caught her fucking my gottdamn uncle I was going to ride her daddy’s musty old dick like a gushy cum cunt slut on steroids. Well I guess that whore Jamie wanted me to get after daddy. Come in here Mr. Jamie’s daddy I have got a surprise for your old wrinkly wiener. I am about wake that monster up with my pussy juices sprinkled all over it. I want to be your cum dumpster whore. I love the way that old cock stands up when I dance on you. Your dick sucking slut of a daughter is fucking my uncle Pete and I’ve been fucking my uncle Pete for a whole fucking year. I seen that skank slopping all over his huge hard cum filled cock stick trying to get sprayed with his wonderful jizz load.

Uncle Don and Daddy

Every since I was a little cutie pie uncle Don has been putting his cream on me he tells me I’m his little cream pie and uncle Don told me not to tell anyone especially daddy or we would have to stop having so much fun together. I loved the way uncle Don used to wait until everybody was gone and call me in the back room he would slowly take off all my clothes at first I was scared but after the first few times I liked it and after even more times I loved it. The places uncle Don would touch me I could never forget, his long fat fingers were so forceful when he would push them deeply into my tiny pond cunt. He would look me in my eyes until he got weak he’d say I made his erect penis spray yummy slimy juice and he would tell me to drink it and kiss him. Daddy left one day and me and uncle Don were alone this time he spread my skinny long bony legs apart right there on the living room floor and went for my pouty fat cunt lips I was dripping wet already uncle Don started sliding his tongue into my warm pussy it felt so good all I could hear was slurping and myself moaning so I couldn’t have heard daddy at all but he was there. Daddy had come back to the house for some reason and he was right there watching until he decided to do something my uncle couldn’t believe.


Sassy Little Fuck Slut


This little blonde ditzy whore in my trailer park is the worst kind of trash known to humanity. This piss ass cock sucking lot lizard tramp fucks everyone’s old man. If that dirty sleaze bag even attempts to fuck my old man I’m going to show her how I punish slutty cum buckets like her. My old man is always looking at her too I catch him all of the time, all standing at the front door when that cunt whore passes by. I have got a good mind to run outside and snatch her long blonde locks and drag that bitch to town, at least in my wildest fantasies. I have a real reason why I’m telling you about this skank whore and it is because I think she would be a go for some hard rude rough sex with you and all I need is a few bucks to set that up for you and I’m sure she’ll do anything you want her to.


It makes my sweet tasty hot pussy wet when I think of the things we are going to do to that fucking cunt slut and her revolving door pussy. I want to watch you take full advantage and control when you get her. I mean I long to film you ramming that slut’s cunt until she screams she can’t take anymore of your throbbing, bone hard killer cock in her worn torn fuck hole. When she cries out that’s when I want you to rip that pulsating rod out of her pussy and truck drive it into her shithole like a rampaging Viking. Can your pre-cum dripping dick feel that gaping shithole..

Getting Rough with Rover

furry friends phone sex

My nasty sadistic pops is a motherfuking Shameless degenerate. My father the fucked-up individual in the head he’s also the sexiest man that I’ve ever known. Poppy I’m going to need you to mount my juicy spicy caliente cunt today but first round belongs to Rover or should I say second round. You should know I woke up this morning pussy throbbing wet so I gave the neighbor Jessie a pretty piece of slut slit. He was astonished by my no gag dick drag lol…

Anyway I’m all filled up with cum and I want Rover to mount me and drive that pink pulsating veiny fuckstick into my cum dumpster jizz filled fuckhole. I want him to hit my sluthole fast and strong while daddy watches and chokes his mad meat getting it ready for my used up stretched out alley cat cunt. Oh yes! I moan out in pure ecstasy, Rover is having his pawrrific way with my whorish skank twat.

My daddy loves to see his lot lizard furr freak take pink slimy big dicks. Daddy likes me to oink oink when the county popo’s alpo takes my fat beat up purr furr and drive fists and fucksticks deep inside. Daddy says I’m the smuttiest whore in the entire County daddy says that I could win a prize at the fair.

Now that Rover has had his turn with me and drained his wild cock juices inside of my already cum filled cunt I’m ready. It’s Daddy’s turn he’s got to get his girl ready Daddy has got to fill me up with his disturbingly huge cabbage head 10 inch mommy making jizz monster. I’m wide open and I want Daddy to feel every single one of my slut holes up with his madman juices.

Cum slut phone sex with Caroline

cum slut phone sex with caroline

Went to the gym today to keep this sexy body nice and firm. There was this sexy girl in the showers along with me. I had to taste her pussy. I slammed her against the wall and started licking that pussy right away. She grabbed my hair and smashed my face all the way inside. I licked her swollen cunt until she creamed all over my face. Her juices were so sweet! I stuck my fingers in deep as my tongue swirled around her clit. She pulled my hair even more. I love my hair pulled, makes me feel like such a dirty slut. She lays me down and sticks her head between my thighs. She sticks her fingers in and fucks me hard. I cum almost instantly. Suddenly she stops, she climbs on top of me and sticks her tongue in my mouth. We are really going at it as she rubs her pussy against mine. I really like this. We fuck each other in unison as we cum at the same time. That was the best time I’ve ever had at the gym.

 blonde fucking

Fun at the doctors office

I’m at the doctors office with my brats and of course they are taking forever. I step out of the room  to see what’s going on and I hear giggles from the bathroom. When I open the door, I see the doctor butt-ass naked with a young nurse. They instantly start getting dressed and beg me not to tell anyone. I tell them that the only way I wouldn’t tell is if they let me join, oh and not to have to pay this time. Without a word, they walk over to me and both start taking my clothes off; pawing at me like a play toy. She starts to kiss me and it quickly gets steamy, we’re really going at it. I bend down and start to lick her sweet, young cunt.

Dirty phone sex

She starts to moan so loud that the doctor puts his hands over her mouth to keep her quiet. I’m licking her clit, shoving my fingers inside her tight hole.  I pull her the floor and the doctor stands over her and put his cock in her mouth, she sucks on it greedily. I want some of his hard cock too, I gently put his engorged balls in my mouth. We take turns shoving his hard cock down our throats. He says that he can’t take it anymore..He fucks me first. Shoving his rod inside deep, he flicks his thumb on my clit. I erupt with such pleasure, covering his cock in my thick cum. She hurries over to lick it all off. She buries her head in my pussy. Licking my clit, sticking her fingers inside, fucking me with them. He sucks on my titties, pinching my hard nipples. He picks her ass up in the air and fucks her while she’s still eating my wet cunt. As we all rock back and forth to a rhythm, the door flings open! Standing in the doorway is all of the other doctors and nurses as well as the patients.  

Trip to the toy store

Dirty phone sex

I found out that there’s a new sex shop open near me. I got so excited that I had to change my panties. Inside there was a huge selection of toys, outfits, movies, I was like a kid in a candy store. I tried on various outfits in all kinds of colors. I even bought me a new pair of ass-less chaps. I can’t wait to try them out.  And that’s not the only thing I bought! I can’t wait to try out my new vibrating anal plug. Oh, it’s going to feel so good in my tight ass. Maybe I’ll put my chaps on and play with my new toy and act like a naughty cowgirl. That sounds like so much fun, doesn’t? I think I might have to put on my sexy high heels and have some rough fun with my big black dildo. Squeeze it  into my tight, wet cunt. Making my pussy stretch to the max. Riding that cock , shoving it in and out, making my butt plug vibrate my insides. Why don’t you call so I can tell you all about my new toys.

No taboo phone sex with hot momma Caroline

No taboo phone sex

I woke up from a short nap to see my brat was flirting with the pool boy. I walk up to them and take off my tight little bikini. I make the pool boy take off my slut’s bikini. I bend down and start sucking his cock. I make my tight teen rub his engorged balls. I shove her wet mouth on his hard dick. I spread my legs wide and teach him how to eat pussy the right way. Oh my clit is so swollen! My sweet girl starts to lick my twat. She knows what she’s doing. I  make her get on her knees and I spread her ass wide. Her asshole is so tight. He fills her tight cunt with his huge cock. She screams, I shove my fingers down her throat and make her gag. He fucks her while she starts to lick my twat again. I’m so wet! She rubs my clit until I squirt all over her face. He yells that he’s going to cum, we sit on our knees waiting urgently. He stroaks his cock until he blows a huge load all over our faces. Oh it’s so hot, i lick the salty goodness off her lips and she licks mine

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