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Hear me out bitch you were never worth anything in this whole fucking world. I know that you think you’re worth something but you’re a liar I want you to know that you’re nothing you don’t mean anything at all tramp. I am going to break you down until you’re on the ground you’re not going to get up bitch your just going to take my fucking abuse. You are a dusty cum guzzling lot lizard slut, and you deserve to be treated like one for sure. I want you to be my slave forever that means I’m going to sell you to my sleazy guy friends. You’re worth only 20 bucks, and you’re not going to get a dime of it; I just want you to be nasty. You better call me master because I am your fucking Master bitch I want you to know. I think you’re such a drag so I’m going to let whoever wants to run a fucking train on you do it and they will have fun tossing you around over and over every night. You’re my fucking slave slut and you are a fuck up, everything you do is nothing, you’re worthless don’t you know. I’m your master I am your fucking Queen you better listen to what I say. Your little boy pussy is going to pay the price you’re going to get busted open all the time. I want you to dress like a fucking whore I want you to dress like a skank bitch. I want you to know that you’re ugly until I put lipstick on your lips and blush on your fucking cheeks you are a silly little fucking faggot a dirt bitch and I’m going to treat you just like you deserve to be treated. All the sleaze bag guys I know we’re going to stuff their big fat dicks inside of your boy pussy all night every night all the time. If you ever say no I’m going to strap on my big 12-inch cock and fuck you Like a Hurricane. You will pay for being so insignificant and I think you like that. I think you love being treated like a nothing whore I think you really get off on being my slave. I’m ready to teach you how to behave boy cunt bitch.

Pussy Boy


Tranny phone sex

I like to be a tramp I’m really fucking hot. I’m looking in the mirror, and I like what I see. I want to dress you up just like a fucking girl and make you dance around for me twirl. You are my little girl I’ll dress you up I will put barrettes in your hair and make you wear panties I like pink I hope you like pink too you’re going to have a good time with me. Don’t you think that you should get out of being such a boring piece of ass I’ve got some friends who want to fuck you and they think that your butt is hot. My college friends they love to be real nasty they want a cum guzzling boy whore. You can be that boy whore if you really want to you want to fuck my frat friends they’re very crazy they get really drunk they’re going to fuck you and make you scream. I really think that you are hot. I think you really turn me on don’t you want to be a nasty boy? You’re a sissy you’re a faggot your mother fucking queer you don’t know how bad I need to treat you like a fucking hot piece of faggot. I’ve got this cute tube dress that I want you too and these high heels babe. I want you to put on this lipstick and this fucking blush I make you look so good, and you’re gonna get fucked yeah babe. I can’t wait to bring you to the party I’m bringing you today. I told you-you were a hot piece of queer boy pussy, and now you’re going to find out.

Mr. New Neighbor


Extreme phone sex

Mr. New Neighbor will let my little ones come and swim in his swimming pool, and that would be so nice, and they can come over whenever they want to because two of my little girls like to go swimming at night time. My neighbors before him used to do that even at night time. My little one’s swim in their little two-piece bathing suits I hope that is not going to bother him. I am so glad my new neighbor is such a nice man. I have 5 girls by different babies fathers, and I have one little boy, and that’s the only the boy but I since the rest of them are girls I make my little girls play with their little brother, after all, he’s the only boy, and they love to have a lot of fun with him. When they are by themselves I asked my neighbor could he come over and look after them. When I am late coming from work he can come over or maybe they can even come to his house my girls are really obedient they do whatever they are told to do, and they do not act out. I trained my little ones very well; I make sure that they are very respectable. They don’t question grown-ups one bit, and they can sure keep secrets. I can respect that my new neighbor is a nudist. I can appreciate that he doesn’t like to wear clothes. I should let him know that my little ones don’t like to wear clothes either they just do because they don’t want to be rude but if he doesn’t have a problem with them being nude then maybe they can be nude around him. I will make sure to ask him if that okay with him. I think he will be okay with my little naked ones and me; I love it because I am a nudist myself. I don’t like to wear clothes, and he is such a nice man, I am so glad that he is my neighbor. I’m sure that he will teach my babes so much about the body and its beautiful functions. I wonder if he thinks so, I just know that my new neighbor can show them how to be good girls and how to be very very smart with men because after all, they have to learn sooner better than later. My little girls have their little brother, but they need for a man to show them how to satisfy a man. I have been very afraid since I am a single mother that my girls won’t learn how to deal with men and then they won’t know what to do to satisfy them but I think my new neighbor can teach them and I will really appreciate him.


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Sissy Boy Treatment

Tranny phone sex


Is it okay for me to bend your ass over and make you my sissy boy? I want to take my nice fucking dildo and shove it in your sissy ass. Your a little fucking sissy boy to me, your little boy pussy is wet too. I am going to punish you because you are a fucking faggot whore, aren’t you? I know that you deserve to be fucked in your asshole and if you don’t do what I ask, I will tell your sister that you have been in her bedroom trying on her clothes. I will let her know that you have been wearing her panties and twisting around in the mirror in them. I have this picture of you’re little sissy ass and don’t you see that you’re a fucking punk, aren’t you? You are a fucking sissy faggot, and you love this don’t you. Say it now, tell me you’re a fucking whore and a nasty little tramp because you’re dressing up in your sister’s clothing. Now I’ve to fuck you like the fucking trashy sissy that you are. Believe me, you deserve to have a cock in your ass all day and all night long you fucking trashy tramp sissy. Bend the fuck over and take this fucking cock like a good cunt boy. Just like that your a good little fucking pussy boy you and your boy pussy are in for it. You are a fucking whore, and Mommy’s going to sell your boy pussy to all of the men that want you. Every one of the guys I find is going to know what time it is for real.

Sissy Skank Training

Shemale phone sex


I want to dress you up just like a girl. I want to put you in pantyhose, lipstick, and blush, it’s so much of a sexy look for you. I want to dress you up like a hot bitch you can be adorable I want to put high heel shoes on your feet and make you walk in the streets. I want to take you down to the road where all of the bitches sell their pussies, we can make some money it’s true. I just had an epiphany I can be your pimp, and you can work for me you can do everything like sell that boy pussy. I Want That Boy Pussy on the market I want the men to drill you hard I need them to make you feel just like a sissy whore. Your ass is going to feel like a gaping hole, they’re going to make sure I have that. I want your ass whole to be a place where the rape fantasies come to get satisfied; I want them to be fed well. I need some guys to give you cock they’re going to fuck you well you’re going to beg me to stop it now, but I’ll tell them to fuck on. You’ve got to be the fucking skankiest piece of shit sack I know everything about you is gross until you get naked. Your ass looks like a girl you’ve got three inches of cock you are an embarrassment to the world you fucking Sissy. I’m going to make you take so much dick in your mouth; I will make sure you’re choking on it because you deserve to be treated just like a punk. Now get down on your knees, and I will walk over to you right now I want you to lick my pussy, and then I’m going to get you to suck my friend’s cock. You are a girl in disguise; you only look like a boy that means that you’re an ugly bitch. I will make sure that the guys who love to fuck guys as you get them a good time. You can call me mean if you want to you can call me vicious if it pleases you, but I swear you’re still going to get fucked in your ass over and over again. You are just a silly little bitch to me everything you say is so absurd. I want cock to block off your words by stuffing in your mouth you stupid skank. You are a fag you’re a fucking boy cunt

I will make you Cum Hard


Fisting phone sex

Lick my pussy eat my ass and treat me like a slut I can’t wait to get fucked in my ass. You’re a bad boy, I love bad boys I’ll fuck your brother’s I’ll even fuck your sisters. Do you want to fuck me? Would you like to make me feel good? I’m the one for you, and you should know that babe I am so damn excited and I love to fuck, and you won’t ever hear no from me. Do you see the things that I wear I wear this shit for everyone out in the clear I am a whore and I love being a slutty bitch ass, tramp? Fuck everybody if they’re trying to judge me because I don’t give a fuck about anyone’s feelings fuck you if you don’t respect that. I can’t wait to be one of the sluts on Skid Row fucking every guy that I don’t know and saying yes all the fucking time that’s me I can’t help it. Yes, I like it spicy I like a motherfucker to eat my ass up eat my mother fucking cunt and do it well. I will fuck your grandfather I will ride his old shriveled up dick right in front of your face believe it because it’s true. Do you want a fucking nasty cunt like me? Would you like to get your dick sucked right now? I can be your sex slave too if that’s what turns you on. And I would love to Peg you, yes my love I will be the one to strap-on a big dick and fuck you in your gaping asshole. I know you want me even though you want it to be a secret I know what you truly want, and I can give it to you 10-fold. I don’t have any taboos I don’t have any drawbacks I just don’t give a fuck I’m a wild girl. Come on babe let’s get wild together don’t hold back on me because I’m the real thing and I can truly make that cock soak cum everywhere. I will even swallow your drizzle juice I want you to feed me your creamy cum please babe I’m waiting. Your dick is going to be so glad that it got a hold to me so you should really give yourself a chance, I mean aren’t you tired of the boring old bitch that sleeps in bed with you every night?



I’m a Cum Dumpster


Cum dumpster

Fuck me in my ass drill me with your cock I don’t give a fuck if you don’t ever stop. All I need is a big dick to ram my asshole. I’ve been needing cock all day and all night in fact for about a week now it’s too long to be waiting I need it bad I’m boiling. I’m begging is there anyone out there who can fuck me like a slut a cum guzzling slut? If you’re out there and you want a good time, please call me; I’m ready to wrap these dick sucking lips all over your cock. I will suck you to the balls I’ll suck all of your cream out of your dick head, with me babe we’re going to have a salacious good time. Do you want to be my daddy would you like to be my Papi? I want to fuck right now my body needs some dick, and that means a big dick maybe two or three big dicks. Fuck the world when I’m hungry for some cock in my mouth and in my cunt I just want to get fucked, and that’s all that matters to me. I’m a dirty fucking cunt whore what I need is a nasty bastard to dick me down until I cannot move. I want my hair pulled while I’m being fucked from the back I want to be treated like a wild buck. Don’t you want to fuck something warm and wet hot pussy like mine resists nothing I want you to submit to your urges instead? If you submit to your sexual urges than I can submit to you-you, know you need it just as much as I do please I’m begging. My body needs cocaine and cock all night long until I cannot move. Why don’t you come and butter my booty up and fuck me in my ass hole pierce me with your stiff, solid thick cock? You can slap me on my ass while you’re ramming me in the hole I love that it makes me feel so fucking great. What are you waiting for Big Daddy come and get me now.

Hot Whores


No taboo phone sex

My pussy is popping, and it’s so fucking good it will make you scream in pleasure. My pussy is ready, I mean, always ready I never say no I’m still prepared to go. If you need a skank a nasty bitch a whore who’s going to do it all then look for me I aim to please I’m the best one that you’ll ever get. I like fucking in the dark I love fucking in the light of day I like fucking in the park in front of crowds I get off on that type of shit. I am a nasty bitch, and I can’t wait to fuck your man; I’ll take him away from you sweetheart, and you will wish that you could get him back. I will take all your husband’s money, so you better hide him away from me because I’m always ready to get horny nasty and out of fucking control. I am a cock sucking cum filled slut who loves it. I can’t wait to get off in front of you fucking your son and your husband at the same time. That’s me the one who’s ready to please all the dicks. My nipples are rock hard right now just thinking about all the fucked-up vulgar shit I will be doing this whole weekend. My boyfriend is my pimp, and he loves to watch me get fucked he says I make him major dollars. As long as I am the center of attention, I will be satisfied, and I’ll do anything to get to be the center of attention. Fuck me and my asshole hard as you can drill me with your big fat fix solid cock. I want you I will swallow all of your cum with no questions at all you’ll be dazzled by my skills. Do you want me to bring along my little sister she’s hot as fuck too and barely legal? I work the bars I work the streets I work wherever the money and the meat is. Try Me, Babe, I am not going to disappoint you.

Hey Sexy Guy Let’s Fuck


Cum filled cunt

Hey, sexy babe, I saw you over there looking so delicious, and I’ve been horny all day long. I know you don’t know me that well but I hope you think that I’m sexy enough to pay attention to, after all, you sure are sexy enough to make me approach you and I don’t usually approach guys. My pussy is soaking wet right now I mean I’m so fucking hot that I can let you drive your cock inside of my pussy and ran me over and over again. My girlfriend’s call me a cum guzzling slut bitch because I will fuck all their men, I hope you like those type of things and those type of girls because if you do you’re going to have a really fucking good time with me. You don’t have to hold back either because I am an anything-goes type of girl I will go past your limits to satisfy myself and you, you’re going to be so happy when your cock explodes and joy juice all over the place. I can teach you some tricks too I know so many I know the tricks that whores would go crazy to learn. Don’t you want a nasty bitch for once I mean you’re over here looking like a really hot piece of meat, don’t you want to just feel the inside of my warm wet spicy cum filled cunt? I am ready I am more than willing, I mean I would fuck you right here on this beach if you wanted to we can have a crowd around us and it wouldn’t even bother me one single bit. But if you don’t want to fuck on the beach in front of everyone I’ve got a lovely Hideaway that we can go to and get busy we can have a real cum guzzling slut Fest. I see that ring on your finger, and that means that you’re married but believe me I won’t be telling your wife one single thing she will have no idea that your dick feels so good when you come home to give her the leftovers. Come on Big Daddy I’m begging you fuck me please give me a rock-solid hard dick I can see that print growing inside of your shorts and it looks incredible. Feed my wet pussy right now Big Daddy I’m waiting for you don’t you want to?

I can Teach your Sister Well

Fly me out for that party I’m ready to be a party girl I’m expensive, and you can afford me. I know that you are a big man on campus and you got that money I love it and I do anything to get it and I’m a money hungry, cum-guzzling whore and I can’t wait to get really fucking nasty. I love to be all that girl I like to be that girl who loves to get really wild. I just cannot help myself I can’t be no one else I’ve got to be my own brutally honest self, and I’m nasty. I’ll fuck girls right in your face I’ll put my strap-on and fuck them hard that’s what I like to do I love to take control. I cannot stop myself I tried before, and it really makes me angry I’m left hungry for cock and cunt. I want to go to this party I want to dance around and fuck every guy that wants to fuck me. All of the parties I go to the guys they like the crowd around me because they love the way I suck cock after cock in a line. I bring all the boys to the back of the yard so they can all get sucked off very fucking good like I know how to do it the only way it is in fact. Let me teach your little sister how to be a fucking slut like me she’ll make all the fucking money in the world. Your sister is so cute with her little fucking blonde hair and her big blue eyes and her nice puckered ass. I know your sister wants to be hot just like me because she’s always asking me these fucking questions. Your sister asked me how does it feel to have so much attention from all of the guys I say to her it feels so fucking tremendous. Your sister likes to laugh, she likes to joke around and hang with me I could tell that she wants to get really fucking out of control. Your sisters tired of you she’s cuz you’re very dull but I know how to show her how to be exciting that’s what she said. So let me take your sister to this party I’m going to teach her everything she’s going to learn just how to satisfy a man and a woman even you may be. Tell me yes that I can take her don’t tell me no.

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