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New Recruit

Trailer Trash WhoreI am always looking for new little whores to recruit for the truck stop. And just the other day in our trailer park I seen a sassy little red head tramping around. I asked her if she was busy and told her to come on down and apply for a job. Once she arrived I already had a few truckers lined up ready for the fresh meat. I don’t think she quite had this position in mind but boy is she a natural. A little red head reminded me much of myself. A mini fire bush! I explained to her what her duties would be and she began to perform them right there on the spot giving me an example of what a good little whore she is going to be. Sucking both men off at the same time she did not skip a beat. At one point she had both cocks crammed in her mouth at once. She then bent over the counter and guided one dick in her pink little pussy and another into her tiny tight ass. These men pounded her like no tomorrow and she took it better than some of my seasoned whores. Once they broke in her little fuck holes she hopped down off that counter and finished them off by sucking them each deep into her throat one at a time. Milking those cocks with her sweet lips until they creamed all over her face and in her mouth. She is a good little cum dumpster and I hired her on the spot.

Stripper sex stories : A Girl’s Night Out

stripper sex storiesDo you love stripper sex stories? Well have I got one for you! It was girl’s night last night and Constance, Cassandra and I had a fucking blast! We’re all nasty sluts and you know as well as I do that sluts like us are never going to have fun just having a couple drinks at a regular club. No, we had to go where our people were so we headed to the local strip club where they were having amateur night! None of us have any kind of problem taking our clothes off… in fact we kinda prefer it if we get the chance to be naked so we were really excited about stripping for all those horny guys. We figured that even if we didn’t win any money, we could still win us some nice hard dicks to play with.

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The strip club was packed when we got there, man I have never seen it that full of horny men before! Still though, none of us were nervous while we were waiting our turns, we were just really turned on by the idea of stripping naked! First up was Cassandra, she started off dancing on the stripper pole but very quickly ended up doing a lap dance instead and riding an entirely different kind of pole, if you know what I mean. *wink wink* Constance lasted a little longer on stage but soon she too was riding a flesh pole instead, what can I say, sluts always like lap dances way better than pole dancing! As for me, I didn’t even get on stage at all. How could I when there were two of my favorite sluts right there in my face getting fucked?? I was too horny to strip so I just found me a cock to dance on instead. We may not have won the prize but damn we sure did have a lotta fun anyway!!

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Hookers for hire this Easter

Hookers for hire

Are you looking for Hookers for hire? I am a dirty hooker, who loves to be covered in your piss and shit. I will do anything for your money. My last client, he wanted me to dress up as the Easter bunny! He has always wanted to fuck the Easter bunny, he wanted her to hop on his cock! I could not help but laugh at this guy. I had to be fucked up to dress up at a Easter bunny with a furry butt plug up my ass and hop around for this sick fucker. He took his ring off, but I can see the tan line around his left finger.

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This guy is married and he comes to me with his sick fantasy. I love making these men pay me to do their naughty fantasies, no matter how gross it is. When their wives could do it. Now this guy had a tiny cock that he painted to look like a fucking Easter egg! I was laughing so hard I started to piss myself and he begged me to piss in his mouth. As I let my warm golden stream of piss flow I could see his little Easter Egg cock get harder! He wanted to hide his Easter Egg dick inside of my warm wet Easter basket! I hopped on his cock till his Easter Egg cracked and his gooey yoke was in my pussy.

Surprise Party with Henrietta

Shemale phone sex

I was asked to take the virginity of a 35 year old man. His friends approached me with a lot of cash. They told me he was turning 35 and they were not sure if he liked cock or pussy! So they thought they would get him a sexy shemale prostitute! I was honored that they picked me to take his virginity. I got all dressed up for his big surprise party! They wanted him to know I was a tranny whore. They wanted him to know that they paid for the party and for this tranny bitch to fuck him! I love getting a man hooked on anal sex. Who would not want to lose their virginity by fucking a tranny in the ass and making her suck your cock after?  I bet he has always wanted to rub his cock up and down a nice big set of titties. I would love to suck your virgin cock! Make your body shake as I suck you close to the point where you are going to blow your load! Let me slow down and let you suck on these nipples. I would love to slide my asshole up and down that cock while you suck my titties! I love fucking virgins! 

A Cum Filled Cunt is a Whore’s Badge of Honor

cum filled cuntI love a cum filled cunt. You know who also likes cream filled pussies? My brats. They saw that when my old cougar fuck holes are running over with cum, that is my whore badge. It makes them proud to have a slutty mommy who likes to fuck. My mother was a prostitute. The oldest profession in the world was how she supported me and my brother because my dad was stingy with his money. When I was knee high, I would spy on her fucking strangers in the same bed she slept in with my daddy when he was home from the road. He was a truck driver, so he was rarely home, but she got use out of that bed several times a day. As I got a bit older, she had me help her with certain clients. Some men wanted a hot young thing sucking their cocks, along with a seasoned whore. I became the anal sex whore I am today because one of my mom’s johns paid her $1000 extra to fuck my virgin ass. It hurt like hell the first time. I cried and I bled, but I just focused on the money. I grew to love anal sex. It is my favorite way to fuck now. My mother made more money with her jailbait daughter than she ever did solo. I didn’t become a hooker like my mom, but I did grow up to be a dirty old whore who plays with her brats and never says no to cock. I raised my son and daughter in an open family dynamic. They watched me fuck men when they were wee ones. My daughter often joined in on the fun. My son almost always watched and waited patiently for his sloppy seconds. I just believe a family that plays together, stays together. My brats are legal age now, but we still have dirty fun together.

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Lot lizzard lessons

Big dick sucker

Tonight at the truck stop I decided to hold a little meet with all my hoes. Seems that business is down a bit lately and I must get to the bottom of it. If there is punishment to be had you best believe I will be giving them out.
I had a recent complaint that some of my little lot lizards are not going down far enough while giving head. This is not how they were trained and I must put them to the test once again. They cannot be costing this bitch money. I made sure to have with me the biggest rubber cock I could get my hands on. I had plans on making these bitches line up one by one as they took this monster in their mouths and if they needed help I would be there to push their heads down on it making sure they knew how to suck some cock the right way. This would never be a complaint again from any of my Johns.

Jessica was first up and I must say she did quite well swallowing that cock down her throat. I knew she wasn’t doing our clientele wrong. Next was Ashley and she had a bit of a struggle. No worries though I grabbed her by that pretty little blonde ponytail and made sure she got it down to the point of her nearly puking on this over sized dong. I don’t think we will be having any cock sucking issues with Ashley. I could see Anna trembling as she walked up to our little test prick. I knew she was going to need a great deal of guidance. I lifted this limp rubber dick up and gave her lips a thud with it. She was hesitant on opening up so I grabbed her tit and gave it a little twist. Oh yes just as she squealed out I shoved that prick down her throat. This will be the last time she refuses to slob on a knob. Bringing tears down her cheeks as I slide this rod in and out of her mouth she finally gave in and took it like the nasty little lot lizard she is.

All girls passed after seeing Anna’s struggle and for that I gave them the reward of eating my pussy. After all my cunt was nice and primed up after I watched all my whores suck this cock. What better way to take care of my wet mess than to have them lick me clean. It’s nice having my little clan of whores, not only are they at my truckers beck and call more importantly they service me well when I need it.

Dirty phone sex with Henrietta

Dirty phone sex

I am sure the first thing you see when you look at me is my long sexy legs. You look them up and down like you want to lick them. My big titties makes your cock twitch. My dick sucking lips makes you hard. I noticed the way you were staring at me. I know you want me, my body makes your cock hard. You want to wrap my hair around your fingers and throat fuck me. Oh honey, I love getting my big cock sucked too. Your cock is throbbing, you want to stick that cock inside of me don’t you? Then stick that thick cock of yours right up my tranny asshole! Please fuck my ass until you blow your chunky load in my ass! 

Freaky phone sex with Ellen

I am the dirty whore you pick up after your drop off your bitch on Valentines Day. Your girl can’t take your big hard cock like I can. My used up pussy and ass wants you to fuck hard. I do not want some cute and sweet sex for Valentines day. I want my pussy and ass pounded. I want to feel your big thick cock deep inside all of my holes. I am a trashy nasty fucking whore.

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I want a man who gets angry when he fucks. I’m sure you had to eat your girlfriend’s pussy, and fuck her soft. Now its time to make me your bitch. Throat fuck me, make me choke on your cock and balls. Make me take every inch of your cock in my pussy. Make my asshole gape with your big thick cock. I am your dirty whore this Valentines Day! 

A “special” kind of worthless.

druggy phone sex

I called my daddy today. “Go away, you druggie slut. I have a good life with my new wife. Call your whore mama for help.” he said and hung up. So I called Mama and she said, “I cleaned my life up and I’m going to church now. Go away.” and another click. So I called one of my connections. “Aurora, my dear, come on over. I have plenty of what you need.”
So I went over. The place was buzzing with action. Skip was a pimp and a dealer. He sent me to a back room where a client was waiting. He was masked and his cock was already hard. I had serviced him before. He was an evil man who got off on inflicting pain. He pinched and pummeled. He pulled out clumps of hair. He left bruises. He liked his sex rough. Driving his cock into a dry asshole got him off. So did ramming his cock down your throat until you puked. It took him hours to cum but when he did, as soon as his cock started pulsing, he liked to punch a girl repeatedly until he shot every drop of his load. He did pay well for the service though.
I smiled at him and said, “Bring it.” I am a woman without feelings, unwanted, empty, higher than a kite on drugs, and most of all, I just love being a human punching bag and a cum dumpster. It really gets me off. At least this way I have a purpose in life. Make me feel, lover, even if it’s just pain.

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Shemale phone sex with Henrietta

Shemale phone sex

Shemale phone sex with me is hot as fuck. I am a dirty cum whore who sells her shemale body for drugs and money. I bet you have seen me walking down the street. You noticed my tight and very short skirt. I make you crazy don’t I? You want to shove that good guy image deep down inside of you and bring out the bad boy so fucking bad. I know you want to pull over and get me into your car. You have all that cash you were going to use on Christmas gifts for your family. But then again you could just buy yourself a night with a tranny whore like me. Give yourself a very Merry Christmas. Get your cock sucked, fuck me in the ass. Empty your balls all over me. I want all of your cum and I want all of your money. I am a dirty tranny cum slut and I want all of yours.