Young Hookers for Hire

hookers for hireHookers for hire are still for hire even doing a national shut down. It has been more challenging to arrange clients throughout this, but not impossible. We have adapted. We have become more creative like streaming family sex shows for money from the safety of our home. The problem has been most of our regular clients are fat cats overseas and with the travel ban, they cannot get to the US like normal. My husband created a chat room on the dark net. He is a computer genius. He met a few California men happy to pay a lot of money to fuck young sexy prostitutes. He vetted them. He makes them send their driver’s licenses and bank account info. The driver’s licenses secures their identity and gives a layer of security that they are not cops and will not attempt to report us or extort money out of us. The bank info just ensures they have the money necessary to pay our fees. Took a few days to vet the two men my husband decided were legitimate rich perverts. They both came over last night to check out our talent. They were both interested in our two adopted daughters. One is a little Nubian princess and the other is a Russian doll baby. Both knee high and super tight and young. Normally, the girls that young are watching and learning, but you can never have enough money, right? Who knows when travel bands will be lifted, so we sold our two youngest slutkins to those horny P men. Daddy and I watched as these two pervs fucked the youngest holes we have in the house. They were a little rough, but daddy and I enjoyed the show. I am the trashy milf madam of this clan. I knew I could soothe their sore swollen cunnies and assholes. The money was just too good to pass up.

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