Truck Stop Bathroom Becomes My Little Corner

Prostitution pornSo they got these new restrictions and I didn’t feel like waiting in a line outside my local beverage store just to grab some booze. So I went to one of those run-down gas stations that all the truckers stop at. Cause it’s got the essentials perfect for overnight parking and got a supply of booze, not high end but it will give you the booze you need. Well, I was only smoking near the bathroom and getting a lot of looks from these truckers coming in and out. Then it hit me there is one essential service this truck stop wasn’t offering. There weren’t any truck stop hookers anywhere. By the looks of these men they desperately need one. I was just in sweats and a baggy shirt but they still had raging boners. So the next guy who came along I offered him a quickie if he’d pay a good price. He pulled out a few twenties and while I stuffed them in my bag I pulled him into the bathroom. The smell of piss and sticky floors didn’t stop me from getting on my knees and sucking on his hard cock. He was already leaking precum before I had a chance to get him in my mouth. It tasted good though licking it off the tip and using my tongue to rub it all over this head. It’s a small bathroom so after sucking him off, I just bent over that gross toilet and let him fuck me from behind until he blew his load inside me. As he was leaving I told him to get the word out that there was a new truck stop whore setting up shop during these troubled times to take care of our horny truckers.

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